( 7 )Joy gets paid this time for her fun


Grant was working away again, when Steve rung and asked if we wanted to meet up for more fun, I told him it would just be me, but yes I was keen to repeat my last lot of fun with the guys, some 20 hours of near content fucking by them all, I was told to arrive early Saturday afternoon and be horny.

I thought about telling Grant before I went, but knew he would wank himself silly while I was there, so I left a note for him when I took off, hot and ready for a fuck. I heard from one of the guys who went last time, Steve charges them for the group fucks, maybe I should ask for some money, seeing as it’s my body they use, but then I do like the fun.

Steve had around 15 cars there as I drove up, walking naked into the play room, it didn’t take long before I was lifted up and impaled one a big cock, my pussy full as another cock found my ass ready to use, I love the feeling as guy after guy waited, using my mouth to keep their cocks hard then taking turns to fill me with their cum. Steve as always used my ass to empty his balls, then fisted me helping to open my ass ready for his dogs.

I let all the guys cum at least once then asked to have one of the dogs fuck me, the new Sheppard walked over, his mouth open, he licked my cummy ass, within seconds he was up and fucking me hard, I love the way this dog pounds me, he is faster than the others, plus his knot is bigger, I just had to get all his cock in my ass, my orgasm going strong as he enjoyed my body, I knew it would be soon that I will once more Sex hikayeleri feel him shot me full of doggy cum.

I had to help him, pulling my ass cheeks apart his knot found my hole, and an extra 4 inches of cock went up deeper inside my body, I love the orgasm I have with him, each one bigger then before as we get into our own sex filled world, then all too soon, his cum flooded my bowels, gallons raced up, the heat was extreme he growled letting the guys know I was his bitch once more, no sooner had his knot pulled out, then several guys used my ass to dump more cum into, not sure if they could touch the sides after him, my hole stays open for awhile when his knots been in me.

The light faded as more guys turned up, I had been fucked by all 3 dogs now, and the guys were on seconds, it was time to really let loose, I told Steve to get one of the horses, my ass was ready, I was helped to the frame, he was brought up and quickly mounted me, his cock ready, he knew me now, with a good sniff of the amyl I got ready for his cock, inch by inch he pushed in, every thrust going further again, all the time Steve giving him more mare scent to urge him on, Steve knows the hornier the horse is the harder he pushes in me.

I was feeling great as he fucked my ass, now his whole cock buried deep inside me, as he built up ready to cum, with more amyl I got ready knowing his cum will put more pressure on my bowels and hurt a bit, that was all it took, one hard thrust and a gallon of horse cum filled my ass, Sikiş hikayeleri this time it didn’t hurt as a huge orgasm took control shaking the frame with me.

I knew when he pulled out more cum would shoot over me and the guys, a good reason to let them use me now to piss on and clean me off a bit, but my pussy was quickly filled by a cock as the horse pulled out, and a fist went up my ass to keep it open. Some 4 or 5 guys now unloaded cum into me, before I told them to try water sports over me, this time I wasn’t allowed up, they all just stood over me pissing on my body and face, washing of the horse cum I drank some replenishing my body with fluid, just as another horse was led up and started to fuck my abused ass.

The guys love seeing us take the dogs and horses, and now with the second one punishing my ass, my orgasm were louder and longer, cocks filled my mouth with cum another good orgasm and the horse finished by filling me again, this time I told a guy to fist me as soon as he pulled out, he did, another orgasm shot though me as they took turns fisting my ass and pussy.

I needed a rest, as they eased me off the frame, cum race from both holes, this time I got Steve and sat on his face, forcing him to eat it all, before pissing right in his mouth, causing him to gag somewhat, his fist quickly filled my ass and sent me into a wild orgasm once more.

The night went on, as guy after guy and dogs and horse’s had fun, I finally went to sleep late in the night, while a guy was still Porno Hikayeleri fucking me, like before, my body too tired to carry on, but my pussy and ass more than happy.

I was woken with a cock filling my pussy with cum, he grunted, saying how hot I looked covered in dry cum of all sorts, I needed to empty my bladder, and took guys out side, then swatted over two and pissed on them, a fist went up my ass to repay my cheek, the first orgasm of the day took me by surprise.

By lunch time all the guys that stayed had fucked me once more and the dogs were happy too, I was being fucked by one of the horses when Grant turned up mid day, his ass quickly filled with a cock and cum, before long we both had taken on all the guys and dogs, Steve more than happy when more guys turned up, whilst resting, I asked him how much he charged them, a shy look and a quite $100 was his reply, not bad, seeing as over 25 guys had used me and Grant.

By late afternoon, with every one now running out of cum, and our holes, especially my ass, getting a bite sore, we called it quits, as we were leaving, Steve handed me a envelope, kissing me and saying, let’s get together soon, we both said we wanted to meet in a couple of weeks, and make a long weekend of it.

Whilst Grant was empting his balls in my ass later I remembered the envelope, so pulling it out of my toy bag. out dropped around a $1000, not bad for a day’s fun, Grant asked about it, when I told him, he laughed saying, we both enjoyed it for free, but to get paid for letting the guys and animals fuck us was even better, he sent Steve a message saying we would be back in two weeks time from Friday to Sunday night, and no limit on the number of guys.

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