A Curious Roommate Ch. 02


“What am I going to say to him?” Camille pondered. “How am I to face him after what we just did?”

She took one step towards the bathroom door and placed her left ear against it, trying to hear if Patrick was still outside the bathroom door waiting for her. She couldn’t hear anything. Her right hand trembled as she reached for the doorknob and slowly unlocked the door. No reaction from outside. Camille took a deep breath before turning the doorknob and swinging the bathroom door open. She was relieved to see that Patrick was not there. She quickly retreated to her bedroom.

Patrick got scared after hearing Camille crying in her bathroom. He had tried to get her to open the door so that he could see if she was OK. But she didn’t respond. Patrick then realized that he was standing outside Camille’s bathroom, with his boxers down to his knees and cum still dripping from his semi-hard cock. Though concerned about Camille, he decided to clean up before Shelly got home and found him walking around the house with his boxers down and his dick hanging out. He pulled his boxers up and retired to Shelly’s bedroom.

“I’m screwed,” Patrick told himself. “She’s going to tell Shelly, and Shelly’s going to fucking kill me! What was I thinking?”

He looked inside his bag for some clean underwear, and headed for Shelly’s bathroom. He undressed and stepped into the shower. His body shivered as he felt the cold water hit his chest. He turned around and let the stream of water run down his strong-muscled back, as he continued to contemplate on how to get out of the predicament he had put himself in.

“Hopefully she’ll be scared, and won’t mention anything to Shelly,” he thought attempting to assure himself that everything would be alright.

After getting out of the shower, he decided to get a bite to eat. Opening the bedroom door, he was surprised to find Shelly in the kitchen.

“Hey stud,” Shelly greeted, walking over to give him a kiss.

“Hey babe,” Patrick replied giving her a peck on the lips.

“Sorry I took so long at work,” Shelly continued. “It was busier than I had expected.”

“It’s OK,” Patrick said. “I’m hungry, what are you making?”

“Tuna,” Shelly replied. “Want a sandwich?”


“So were you waiting for me to return to take care of what we started earlier this morning?” Shelly grinned grabbing his crotch before returning to the can of tuna on the counter.

“I did at first, but after a while I decided to go for a jog,” he lied.

“Well, we’ll finish that later,” Shelly smiled. “We’ll have to do it in the bedroom though, because I think Camille is home early from school.”

“Too bad,” Patrick sighed.

“Unless you want do it in front of her in the living-room,” Shelly joked.

“Very funny,” Patrick said, laughing along awkwardly. “If you only knew,” he thought to himself.

The rest of the day went by pretty normal. Shelly and Patrick watched a movie, and later on retired to her bedroom to continue the activities started earlier on that day. As Camille lay in her bed reading, she could hear Patrick’s cries of pleasure as Shelly licked and sucked his nuts dry. Camille closed her eyes and pictured Patrick’s big cock, with its veins bulging along the sides of the thick shaft. She pictured the swollen cockhead oozing precum, and she imagined herself licking it off, while she played with his tight balls full of cum ready to burst. It turned her on so much that she had to get out of the house. She decided to go outside for a jog to clear her head. The house was quiet when she returned, and Camille spent the rest of the day in her bedroom avoiding any contact with her roommate and her boyfriend. She was too ashamed to face either of them.

That night Camille lay in her bed, once again fantasizing about the cock she had held earlier that day. It felt so surreal. She had actually held a cock in her hand. She remembered how hard, warm and thick it felt between her fingers. How she could feel his pulse through his erection. How in a weird way the musky scent of his cock turned her on. She recalled how turned on she got while fondling his big bloated balls and jerking his thick distended shaft with her tiny hands. The thought of her having so much power over Patrick and his reactions to her hand ministrations was making her pussy damp. She closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out, imagining that she was licking up the side of Patrick’s rigid cock, trailing the large purple veins protruding out along the side of his large cock. She remembered how his cock jerked between her fingers when she let her tongue touch the tip of his cockhead.

As Camille fantasized about licking Patrick’s cock, she slid her left hand inside her damp cotton panties, and let her middle-finger rub against her wet pussy lips. She played around with her finger, slowly moving it to her clit. She felt goose-bumps all over her body as her finger touched her engorged clit. Grinding her pelvis around, she proceeded to slip her finger inside her gaziantep olgun escort tight pussy. She could feel her juices, as her finger slowly invaded her pussy. Her pussy walls wrapped around her tiny finger as her body grew tense. She used her right hand to pinch her erect nipples through the soft fabric of her nightie. Her breathing became heavy as she twirled her finger around inside her ever-increasing wet pussy. As Camille laid there masturbating, she imagined what Patrick’s hard cock would feel like inside her wet pussy. She thought about all the times she heard Shelly moan out loud about how good his cock felt. Camille felt so guilty about the thoughts circulating inside her head, but she could not help finding herself growing envious of Shelly at that moment. How she wished it was her young pussy that Patrick would gore his big cock into. From the way Patrick’s cock felt in her hand today, she assumed that it would feel pretty tight if lodged inside her virgin pussy. Her pussy suddenly twitched as she experienced a small orgasm while imagining what his cock would feel like lodged deep inside it. Her middle-finger twirling inside her slick pussy was soon joined by two more fingers, as she fingered herself into a sexual frenzy.

“Ooooh,” she moaned sliding three fingers at a time inside her wet pussy.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” she muttered picking up the pace as her breaths became shorter and quicker. She reached around and bit on a pillow. Groaning into the pillow, she raised her buttocks off the bed as her whole body stiffened while she reached her second orgasm of the night.

“Oh my god,” Camille sighed as she let her body fall back onto the mattress. Her heart still racing, she used the pillow she was biting on to wipe the sweat off her forehead. She felt light-headed. With a satisfied look on her face, she closed her eyes and fell asleep with her fingers still inside her wet pussy.

A ray of sun light pierced through the blinds of the bedroom window, falling across Camille’s cheek. Camille opened her eyes, turning around to look at the alarm clock on her nightstand. It read 10:15 a.m. As she curled around in the bed sheets she noticed that her panties were still down by her ankles. She then remembered how she had fallen asleep the previous night, fantasizing about Patrick. Slipping her panties back on, she got up out of bed. She slowly opened her bedroom door. The house seemed quiet. She stepped outside and walked towards the kitchen. As she walked passed Shelly’s bedroom door she noticed that it was closed.

“Are they still asleep or did they go out?” she asked herself. “Today is Saturday. They probably went to her intramural soccer game.”

As she poured herself some cereal, Camille peered out the kitchen window and noticed that Shelly’s car was not parked in front of the apartment.

“They’re gone,” she said returning to her bedroom with the bowl of cereal.

Shelly had gotten up earlier that morning to go to her weekly intramural soccer game. Patrick would usually join her on weekends when he was in town. But today they had the early game, which meant that she had to be at the field at 8:30 a.m. She told Patrick the previous night that it would be OK if he wanted to stay and sleep in. Though he said that he would not mind waking up early to go with her, she had insisted that he stay and sleep in.

“I know you are supportive of me stud,” she smiled. “Don’t need to prove it by waking up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning to come out and support me at a stupid intramural soccer game.”

“Well, since you insist,” Patrick replied jokingly.

Patrick woke up to find himself alone in bed. He rolled around the bed looking for his cellphone. Rubbing his eyes he looked at the time. The bright blue screen of his cellphone read 10:30 a.m. Patrick lay there in bed, his mind flashing back to yesterday’s episode with Camille. He couldn’t believe that Shelly’s virgin roommate had knelt down in front of him and given him a handjob. Her tiny fingers wrapped around his thick shaft felt so fucking good, and he thoroughly enjoyed the way she stroked his cock. For a girl who had never seen a cock before, Camille sure knew how to give one hell of a handjob! And the way she was staring at his cock while playing with it was such a turn on.

As he lay there in bed thinking about Camille stroking his cock, Patrick felt the urgent need to relieve himself. He had woken up with a morning wood that had now grown to massive stature, and he desperately needed to release the load building up in his balls.

He got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom, his cock protruding out obscenely in front of his shorts. Good thing that Shelly had the master bedroom in the apartment, which meant that she had a private bathroom connected to her bedroom.

Once in the bathroom he slid down his shorts and took a seat on the toilet. As he wrapped one hand around his erection he noticed that he had forgotten gaziantep oral yapan escort to close the bathroom door.

“Shit,” Patrick sighed. “At least the bedroom door is closed.”

He leaned back and closed his eyes, slowly starting to work his cock with his right hand.

After breakfast, Camille decided to take a shower and wash her hair. She walked over to her drawer, picking out a fresh pair of clean panties along with some shorts and a blouse. She looked at herself in the mirror, untying the band holding her pony-tail back. Her hair now loose, she leaned in closer inspecting her face for pimples. She let her fingers roam around her fore head then moving down to her soft cheeks, unable to find any pimples along the delicate skin of her face. Turning around, she grabbed the clothes she had just picked out, and walked out of the room humming.

In the bathroom she slipped her nightie and panties off, admiring her slim body in the mirror.

She walked over to the shower and slid the curtain open.

“Crap!” she noticed. “I don’t have any conditioner.”

She looked in the cabinet underneath the sink to check if she had another bottle.

“I guess I’ll have to do with just shampoo,” she said standing up. “Perhaps Shelly may have some?”

Grabbing her towel and wrapping it around her naked body, she opened the bathroom door and walked over to Shelly’s bedroom. She knocked gently on the door to make sure there wasn’t anybody in there. No response.

“Nobody home,” she said as she opened the door.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Camille, lick that cock,” Patrick moaned. He now had both hands wrapped around his massive erection, fantasizing about Camille sucking him off. He had his eyes closed and was leaning back on the toilet. His balls were bursting and ready to erupt.

As Camille walked into the bedroom she noticed that the bathroom door was ajar. Nearing the door she thought she heard someone mention her name. She took a few more steps before she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Oh my god!” she whispered in shock. She could see Patrick sitting on the toilet masturbating through the opening of the door. His cock looked so big. Her pussy grew moist at the sight of his erection.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s it Camille,” he groaned, as he increased the pace of his hands stroking his erection.

Camille’s knees grew weak as she realized that he was masturbating thinking about her. He obviously had not heard her knocking, nor heard her come in. She stepped back leaning against the wall, while keeping a good line of sight so she could continue watching him masturbate. His cockhead looked angrily swollen, and was oozing precum as he furiously jacked his cock off.

“Damn,” Patrick moaned opening his eyes and looking down at his swollen cock. He moved one hand down and cupped his balls as he continued working his cock up and down with the other hand. He then tugged his cock a couple of times before returning to stroking his cock up and down. He would do a couple of strokes and then pause for a little while tugging his distended rod, repeating the cycle over and over. During the pauses he would hold his gigantic cock at the base of the shaft, admiring the sheer length and thickness of his erection.

The way his cock would jerk around when he held it at the base was sending shivers through Camille’s pussy. She was pinching her erect nipples through the material of the towel. She brought one finger to her lips and licked it, and then slipped that finger underneath the towel to rub her left nipple. With each pause he took, she also took the time to marvel at his huge cock. Her mind flashed back to the previous day when she held it in her tiny hands and played around with it. She remembered how big it felt then.

Camille breaths grew heavier as she slid one hand underneath her towel. Her fingers were soaked with her own secretions as they reached her young pussy. She let her fingers roam around, spreading her pussy lips apart.

It was her heavy breathing that gave her away. As Patrick sat there rubbing his cock, he noticed Camille standing outside the bathroom door. He panicked at first at being caught masturbating, before he realized that she was not paying any attention to him, but was instead deeply engrossed with her own pleasures.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked.

Camille froze as she opened her eyes and realized that she had been discovered.

“I’m so sorry,” she pleaded. “I knocked and nobody answered, so I thought that there wasn’t anybody in here. I was just looking for some conditioner.”

“Well, I think there’s some conditioner over here in the shower,” Patrick replied.

Camille slowly gathered herself and walked over to the door. Pulling it open she now stood in the entrance, naked except for the towel wrapped around her slim figure. Patrick sat back admiring her figure, his cock still standing at full attention. gaziantep otele gelen escort

“I’m sorry,” Camille once again pleaded. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“It’s OK, it’s not like you haven’t seen it before,” Patrick joked looking down at his erection.

“Yes, but last time it wasn’t nearly as humungous as it looks right now,” Camille quickly replied looking away slightly embarrassed. She was now staring at Patrick’s erection as it bounced around against his belly. There was a steady stream of precum oozing out of the slit of the swollen cockhead, leaving a trail along his belly-button.

“Yeah, it does look extra swollen this morning,” Patrick remarked. “Perhaps it’s because I have this big load that I need to release.”

There was a moment of silence as they both stared at each other. Where they going to go down this path once again?

“I apologize,” Patrick said breaking the silence. He reached down to grab his shorts.

“Oh no,” Camille interjected. “It’s my fault. Please do not let me interrupt.”

“It’s OK,” Patrick said.

“Please?” Camille pleaded.

Patrick looked up at her with a puzzled look.

“Would you please continue doing what you were doing?” Camille asked timidly. “It was really turning me on, and I’d like to see you do it.”

“Do what?” Patrick grinned.

“Uhm… Masturbate,” Camille responded shyly.

“On one condition,” he replied, now plotting a way to get the young virgin out of that towel. “While I masturbate for you, you will take off that towel and play with your pussy for me to watch. I show you mine, you show me yours,” he joked.

“Oh but I can’t,” Camille opposed.

“Then the show is over young lady,” Patrick said standing up.

“Hold on!” Camille interjected once more.

Patrick sat back down.

“I will do it as long as you promise that there will be no touching.”

“There won’t be any touching initiated from my side,” Patrick cleverly answered.

“Alright,” Camille replied. Her heart was racing as she prepared to expose her naked body to her roommate’s boyfriend. She bit her lip as she reached underneath her left arm and grabbed the end of the towel. She paused for a second. That pause seemed to take forever as her conscience attempted to retake control of her mind.

“Have you lost your mind?” she thought. “You’re about to undress in front of Shelly’s boyfriend.”

She looked up and stared into Patrick’s eyes as he eagerly anticipated admiring her naked body. His heart was racing as well, as this young virgin was about to undress in front of him.

Camille took one final deep breath, before letting the towel fall down to her feet. Patrick’s cock jumped as his eyes feasted at her young slender body standing gloriously naked in front of him. Her breasts, while not nearly as big as Shelly’s, looked so succulent topped with her nipples which stood proudly erect giving away her excitement. His eyes continued down admiring her sleek curves, and slender well-developed legs, meeting back up at her pelvis. It was then that he noticed her neatly trimmed pussy. Her swollen lips formed a perfect v-shape, and he noticed what looked to be the sign of her vaginal secretions soaking the insides of her thighs. He pussy looked so fragile, but yet so sexy.

“My goodness Camille, you are so damn beautiful,” he sighed.

At first timid, Camille was now getting turned on by the way Patrick was ogling her naked body. She even turned around to give him a better view of her backside, as she basked in his admiring gaze.

“Do you really think I’m pretty?” she asked.

“You’re a breathtakingly sexy,” Patrick responded.

Camille bit her lips trying not to blush. She felt so confident again, as she stood there in front of Patrick allowing him to ogle her naked body. And he had actually said that she was sexy. Did he think that she was even sexier than Shelly?

“So were you thinking of me when you were rubbing your cock earlier?” she asked.

“Yes I was,” he responded still staring at her. “I was imagining you sucking on my cock.”

Camille blushed. Should she tell him that she was fantasizing about the same thing last night while she fingered herself to sleep?

“Since our little incident in the living-room yesterday, I’ve been thinking about that a lot also,” she confided.

“Have you?” Patrick asked astonished.

“Yes I have. I masturbated while fantasizing about licking your big cock last night while I was in bed,” she continued as she now stared at his large cock. “I was so horny, so I slipped a finger inside my pussy and masturbated while I fantasized about your thick rod, and how I would lick it, and how hard it would feel as I stroked it, and how… “

She stopped before she could confess that she had fantasized about him sliding his huge cock inside her tight pussy. Patrick did not seem to have realized what she had meant to say, as he had closed his eyes and was now furiously stroking his hard cock. His cockhead looked so bloated, as he choked his distended rod while stroking it up and down.

“Please, show me how you masturbate thinking about my cock,” Patrick continued. “Do you slide your fingers up your tight pussy?”

Camille was getting so turned on by the display of him stroking his erection. She could not hold back any longer and slipped two fingers inside her own slick pussy.

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