A Fantasy of Your Return

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The day is Thursday February 13th, 2004. I wake up with an almost depressed sigh. It looks like I’ll be spending my birthday alone, I think to myself. You might or might not still be over in Iraq. It’s been a month since your mom and I have heard from you, and all we really know is that by some strange turn of events, that you’ll be home sometime within the first three months of 2004.

Hugging the pictures of you close to my heart, I send up a silent prayer for your quick and safe return. I put the pictures back and stand up, slipping out of my long light blue silk nightgown. I look at my naked form in the full-length mirror as I brush out my hair. I’ve lost weight since we met back in March of last year, and although still big, I look healthier and happier. My pussy is smooth and pink, just like you like it and I remember how it felt the first time you ate me out. At the memory of it I feel myself get wet and my nipples harden up a bit. Setting down my brush I slide my hands from my hair to my breasts, gently kneading them and twisting the nipples. I close my eyes and let my hand reenact the pleasure you gave me upon our first sexual encounter. It feels so real, as if you are really there, touching and kissing me, wanting to give me all the pleasure you can. One hand dips down, cupping my increasingly wet pussy, the fingers going up and down my slit and teasing my clit. I moan in pleasure as one finger slides easily into my juicy cunt. I ache for more as the finger moves in and out, but I keep it slow and steady, teasing myself, as I know you would.

My nipples are rock hard and are getting as much attention as my one hand can give them while a second finger slips itself into my pussy with the first. My breathing quickens as the pleasure builds inside me. Moving my fingers faster, in and out of my drenched pussy, I slip a third finger inside. Light but it feels so wonderful! It’s as if you are there with me, teasing me, and sliding your delicious seven inches in and out of me, making me squirm and moan loudly with pleasure. My orgasm rises quickly within me as I slide my fingers in and out, imagining that it is you. The orgasm washes over me, a tsunami of immense proportions. I cry out as my juices flow from my pussy and coat my hand as my body shudders in reaction to the intense pleasure. As the orgasm subsides and my breathing returns too normal, I sigh with happiness and open my eyes. There is a truly satisfied glow about me and I feel much less depressed than when I first woke up. Although you were not physically there, you were still in my heart, mind and soul.

Realizing that I had better get ready for class, I hurry about my morning routine. About 20 minutes before class starts I grab my books and leave the dorm, heading to my first class. You, the sneaky little devil that you are, follow me, wearing normal clothes and carrying https://bursali.org a pack like all the other students. No one knows that you aren’t a student, no one questions you, and I’m practically oblivious to everything but what is in front of me.

I walk into the building and up the stairs to the third floor. At the end of the hall is my classroom and you watch me go in. To make certain I don’t notice you, you blend yourself into the small group of guys that are in the class and then sit in the back, completely out of my range of vision.

The teacher begins his lecture and the class goes by rather quickly. I put my notebook back in my bag and head out. Although the campus is fairly empty this time in the morning I decide that I am hungry enough that I’ll take my short cut to the dinning hall. You see me walk between two buildings and know that this is your chance. It has been so long since you’ve seen or been with me that you can’t stand to wait another moment. You come up behind me quickly and silently. Then in one quick motion you put one hand over my mouth and the other arm around my neck. Instantly I panic, thinking and fearing the worst. I start to struggle but you hold tight and pull me over to the side of one of the buildings. I’ve yet to see your face and am still highly panicked as you move your arm from around my throat to cover my eyes.

“Don’t move,” you say to me, after pushing me firmly against the bricks of the building.

Yourself pressed tightly against me, you keep one hand over my eyes while the other leaves my mouth. I barely get out a yelp before your hand is replaced with your lips. You kiss me tenderly, yet passionately and I get confused. Attackers and rapists don’t kiss like this, I think to myself. After a minute you break the kiss, me too confused to even think about shouting for help.

You whisper in my ear, your voice sounding strangely familiar to me, “It’s good to see you again my love. I’ve missed you so much.”

I think to myself that there is only one person you could be and when you lower your hand from my eyes, my suspicions are proven true. “John? You’re really here? I’m not dreaming?” I ask still a bit shocked.

You give me that devilish grin that I love and take me in your arms, hugging me tight. “No, my little mouse. You’re not dreaming. I’ve thought about you constantly since March and even more so since they sent me over. All I wanted was to be here with you and now here I am.”

Tears trickle down my face, the happiness and joy that I am feeling is so intense. Finally you’ve come home. Safe, well, and in my arms, I feel as if all my dreams have finally come true.

Happier than I’ve been in months, I can’t resist but to kiss you, my lips demanding your own. I knew I would see you again one day, but I had never imagined meeting you bursa escort kız again in a way such as this. As hungry for me, as I am for you, you slip your hands under the warm cotton fabric that is my sweater. Your cold hands make me gasp in surprise, yet they quickly warm up as you reach into my bra and fondle my luscious breasts.

The desire you feel, the urgent need to be deep inside of me, is made clear to me when you press yourself tightly to me and move one of my hands down, to feel just how hard you really are. Were we not out in possible public view, I would be more than happy to shed you of your clothes and give you what we both want.

Your hands leave my breasts and travel down my sides to the top of my jeans. Your fingers make quick work of the single button and zipper, followed by your hands, one of them cupping my ass, the other sliding down to my smoothly shaven pussy. Your fingers play with my ass while the others seek my clit and I moan with pleasure as you find all the right spots. Your breath is warm against my cold skin as you kiss and nibble on my ears and neck. My own hands, too eager for their own good, are fumbling awkwardly with your jeans, as I am very anxious to have your cock in my mouth once again after these past eleven months without it.

With a teasing chuckle you help me out, pulling you rigid seven inches out for me to have. My eyes open wide, my mouth watering in eager anticipation as I quickly look around to make sure none have spotted us. Satisfied that no one is around, I drop to my knees and inhale deeply the deliciously masculine scent of your sex. Gently I stroke the magnificent seven inches, licking the head like a lollipop while my other hand plays with your balls. I’m in awe of your hard cock and I desperately want to take it in my mouth, but I resist the temptation, as I want to worship it and give you the ultimate pleasure I can give, which you have not had for so long.

My tongue glides along the length of your shaft, up one side and down the other, savoring the tastes. My lips wrap softly around the head as I gently begin to suck, one hand stroking what my mouth does not at first cover, while my tongue dances around the head of your cock creating the intricate little patterns that only I can do. You groan in pleasure, running your fingers through my long silky brown hair as the sensations take you back to the memory of the very first time I ever sucked your cock.

You almost can’t believe how great it feels as I take more of your yummy cock into my mouth, sucking a little harder now. You’ve missed this so much, but you’ve missed just me even more. I’m really into the blowjob I’m giving you, as are you. We are so deeply into it that neither of us sees the campus police car drive by on its patrol. I moan to express to you my thanks and pleasure bursa anal yapan escort for letting me have your cock in my mouth. You’re into it as much as I am, as you have your hand on the back of my head, fucking my mouth as I suck as hard as I can. “Baby yes,” you groan as you feel like you are about to cum. I can sense it too and redouble my efforts, sucking harder and faster, taking your cock all the way in my mouth. Although you would not normally cum so quickly, it has been a long time and you crave this release.

As the campus police car pulls up to the curb you can take it no longer and shoot your delicious cum into my mouth. Happily I drink it down, greedy for more as I suck hard, wanting to milk your cock and balls of all they have. You groan in pleasure, your fingers twisting in my hair.

“Freeze you two!” the campus cop says, catching us in the act. He approaches us, as I reluctantly take my lips from your cock. You quickly stuff yourself back in as I hurry to stand and fix myself up. The cop is giving us a dirty look and barks,

“Id’s now!”

We both dig out our Id’s and hand them to him. He snatches them from us and looks at them and us critically.

“You’re not a student here are you?” he asks.

“No sir,” you respond and start to say more but close your mouth wisely when I give your hand a hard squeeze.

“Do you two realize what you were doing?”

I reply sweetly, “Yes sir. But you have to understand; he’s my fiancé and has been stationed over in Iraq since May. I didn’t even know he was home. He surprised me just a little while ago.”

The cop’s frown lessens a little as he hand our ids back to us, “You’re still in the wrong you know.”

He starts to pull out his ticket book to write us up. “Please, is that really necessary?” you ask.

“Afraid so.”

You move off to the side a little, motioning him to follow. He does, and when you two are a good distance away you say to him, “Haven’t you ever had a time when you’ve been away from your girl for so long, that when you finally were with her again, you just couldn’t hold back?”

The officer nods, “That’s what me and my girl over there have. I was overseas risking my life for our country and theirs and I never even go to talk to her. We couldn’t help ourselves. You know how it is when you’ve gone a long time without a luscious pair of lips around your cock.”

The officer adjusts himself in his pants. “Could you please just let us off the hook? We’ll keep it confined to her room, I promise you that much.”

He looks at you critically, then puts the ticket book away, “Alright. But only because I know how it is. Don’t let me catch the two of you at it again. I won’t let you off the hook next time.” You nod in understanding and the cop goes back to his car and drives off.

“Oh my god! How’d you do that?!” I ask in astonishment as I approach, carrying our things.

You take your own pack, kiss my forehead and give me a devilish wink. “Let’s just say that he and I understand each other.”

I chuckle softly and take your hand, “Come on. Let’s go get some breakfast. My treat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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