A Girl Can Only Wait So Long


I’ve been waiting for you. But a girl can only wait so long.

I have decided to start with out you. I am lying naked on the bed.

I am caressing my breasts and tugging at my nipples with one hand, as the other moves down to my pussy.

I take a finger and circle over my clit.

I use two fingers to spread apart my freshly shaven lip and slide my middle finger inside to see how wet I am getting.

Umm it feels so good.

I continue to slide a finger in and out of my pussy.

My thumb is rubbing my clit. It is getting so hard.

My eyes are closed while I am thinking of you and how much I want you here with me.

I am thinking about how it feels when you caress my breasts.

I can almost feel you touching me.

I am thinking about how it feels when you are sliding your fingers in and out of my pussy.

I can almost feel you touching me. I want you so badly.

I continue to slide my finger in and out, and then add another finger.

“Umm, What a beautiful sight” I hear you say. “Just couldn’t wait, could you?”

I open my eyes; you are leaning against the bedroom door jam.

“I did wait for you. I’m just warming up. Wanna join me?”

“Yes I do, but I am enjoying the show.” You say as your hand starts to rub your cock thru your pants.

“Then I guess I’ll hav’ ta continue on without cha…” i say as I reach for the toy I have lying next to me.

I take my 7″ purple dildo toy in my hand and slide it over my lips, and just slide the tip of it in my mouth. I then take it out and slide it down my chin and neck then circle my right breast and nipple seks hikayeleri then my left.

I slide it down my belly an on to where my fingers are still sliding in and out of my pussy.

I remove my fingers and use them to spread my lips so you can see how wet I am.

I slide the head of my toy up and down my slit then slightly inside.

I pull it out so you can again see my wetness.

I slide it a bit further inside.

I look at you you are licking your lips and removing your shirt.

As I continue to slide my toy in and out of my wet pussy. You take off your pants. I can see your cock straining to get out of your tighty-whities.

I moan with pleasure as I have sunk all seven inches of my toy inside.

I look at you again and you are now stroking you naked cock.

I am rubbing my clit and trying to push it deeper inside. My hips are rising slightly off the bed.

I am now sliding it almost all the way out then pushing it back inside.

You have moved closer to the bed, still stroking your cock. I can see that it is glistening with pre-cum.

You can hear the wet sounds from my pussy as it hungrily devours my toy.

My fingers are rubbing my clit and my hips rising of the bed. I can feel that I am getting close to my climax.

“Can I join you now?” You ask.

“Yes” is all I can manage to say.

You climb on the bed between my knees and get close to me.

You slide your knees under my hips as they rise off the bed.

I start to pull my toy out so you can take its place.

But when I feel gaziantep şişman escort the head of your cock against my bum I can tell you have something else in mind.

You gently slide inside, knowing that we have not prepared for this and you don’t want to hurt me.

As I continue to raise my hips you slide in deeper.

I want you in my bum and I start to move my hips more to get you deeper. Soon you are fully inside me.

It is a great feeling, your cock in my bum and my toy in my pussy.

As you move your hips against me the motion is also pushing my toy deeper inside my pussy.

I continue to rub my clit and raise my hips to you.

You pick up the pace and start pushing deeper inside.

“Ahhh, harder, harder I am almost there!” I say. You comply.

“Ahhh, it feels so good… keep going…harder…” I start moaning louder, tossing my head from side to side.” Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Yes!! YES!! DON”T STOP.” You don’t.

I start to climax you can feel my pussy pulsate. And the muscles of my bum tighten around you. You can hold out any longer.

“I’M CUMMING” you say with your next stroke. I can feel your cock pulsating, shooting cum deep in my bum.

You continue to drive deep in my bum until you have finished filling it with your hot cum.

When you are done my muscles are so tight you can’t withdrawal.

After a few minutes your erection has relaxed enough so you can pull out and you lay next to me.

“WOW, maybe you should start without me more often” You say.

“Ummm, I thought this was just a warm gaziantep sınırsız escort up for the main event.”

“Well, give me a few minutes to recharge and clean up, and we’ll see what happens.” As you reach for the wipes to clean up.

“Ummm. Ok I wait for you. But then again maybe I start without you”. As I start sliding my toy in and out of my pussy.

You lean over and lick my clit. “Umm, mighty tasty treat”

“Umm that feels good.” I say.

You continue to lick my clit and pussy lips and take over sliding the toy in and out.

I start to raise my hips and I run my hands thru your hair.

You take my clit in your mouth and rub it between your lips and suck on it.

“Umm… Ummm…” I start moaning.

I can feel another climax start building as you continue sucking on my clit.

You reach up with one of you hands to caress and tug at my nipple.

“Gosh that feels so good.” I start bucking against your mouth.

You pull out the toy and lap up the juices from my pussy. You continue to go back and forth from sucking on my clit to licking the juices from my pussy.

“Oh my gosh. That feels so good. I’m getting so close.”

You start sucking harder on my clit and slide the toy back inside all the way.”

“Yes. YES” I grab your head and hold it tight to my pussy. I climax again as you continue sucking on my clit while working the toy in and out of my pussy.

When my body finally stops shuttering and I release my grip on your head, you gently remove the toy and give my pussy a few more licks.

“Ummm, Thank you.” I say.

“Thank you.” You tell me as you lean down and kiss me. “This is a wonderful way to be greeted after a long day at work.”

You lie next to me and wrap me in your arms. I lay my head on your chest and circle your nipples with my fingers.

“Umm, yes this is a nice way to forget about work, Isn’t it.” I say as you kiss the top of my head. I look up at you and you kiss me gently on the lips.

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