A little boy’s fascination…an older brother’s teachings.

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When I was young, my brother lived with his mom in Arizona. He’d come in every summer to visit us, and he used to torment the hell out of me. The summer I turned 8 years old, he came in to visit.

One day while our dad was at work, he was babysitting me, and he left me in front of the TV and went back to our dad’s room where the computer was. I remember walking back there to see what he was doing, and I walked in and he had his huge (to me at the time) 6 inch cock in his hand, watching a porn video on the computer.

“Jason, what are you doing with your willie in your hand?” I asked innocently. I had no idea what masturbation was at the time. He quickly closed the browser window and tried to stuff his cock back in his pants, but I had already seen too much. I repeated my question.

“I was trying to make myself feel good.” He told me. I asked him how holding his willie made him feel good, and he went on to tell me about masturbation, and how, when you masturbated, your dick got hard and it felt amazing. I asked him to show me how to do it, and at first, he was reluctant, but, even then, I was very persuasive. He pulled his cock back out of his pants and turned on another porno. His dick, which had gone soft while he was telling me about masturbation, quickly sprang back to life. I walked over to get a closer look, and pulled my small cock out of my pants. My dad had a king sized bed and a laptop, so, we moved over Sex hikayeleri to the bed.

He took my little dick in his hand and started jerking up and down, and I had to admit, he was right, it felt amazing. Small moans were coming from the back of my throat, and he chuckled.

“That feels good Jason!” I said excitedly.
“Haha, I told you. Why don’t you do me?” I reached over and took his cock in my hand. IT WAS HUGE! I couldn’t even fit my hand all the way around it! I saw the girl on the porno start sucking the guy’s cock, and I asked Jason why she was doing that.

“Cuz, Kevin, having your willie sucked feels even better than masturbation.” He explained to me.
“I wanna try that!” I didn’t really have a concept of homosexuality back then, but, even now, I don’t look at what we were doing as gay. It was just a brother teaching his little bro about sex.

He chuckled again and told me that he would suck my cock for a few minutes to show me how to do it, and then he’d let me do him. I stopped stroking his cock and he moved down between my legs and took my little cock in his mouth. I was in heaven. He bobbed up and down a little, sucking like crazy, and I had my first orgasm. Nothing came out, but it was the best sensation I’ve ever felt.

I switched positions with him, and his huge cock was staring me in the face. It was leaking pre-cum, and I tentatively licked the tip. It tasted better Sikiş hikayeleri than I thought it would. I put the tip in my mouth and licked around it a little. He moaned in pleasure, so, I figured I was doing it right. I lowered my mouth further down on his cock applying suction like I’d felt him do. I took as much of him in my mouth until I felt the tip of his cock at the back of my throat. Then I bobbed up and down on his cock like a wild man. After a few minutes, I heard him say something about he was gonna come, but, I didn’t know what he meant, so, I kept sucking. Suddenly, I felt his cock contract in my mouth, and jets of warm liquid hit the back of my throat. I didn’t know what else to do, so, I swallowed…and swallowed…and swallowed. After about 30 seconds, he finished cumming, and I let his cock fall from my mouth. I looked up at him, and he looked at me with such a look of love in his eyes, I practically glowed.

A few days later, I went back to my dad’s room while he was at work and Jason was on the computer again. This time, he had a porno with two guys sucking each other’s cocks on it. I walked up to him and started jacking him off and watching the porno, feeling my dick get hard in my pants. The guys in the video switched to fucking each other, and I asked him why the one guy had his weenie in the other guy’s butt, and Jason told me that sometimes, guy’s put their cocks in girl’s butts or other Erotik hikaye guy’s butts. I asked him if he liked to do that too, and he told me he had never tried it. I asked him if he wanted to try it on me, and he said only if I wanted to. I agreed, and he took me in the bathroom and gave me an enema to clean me out. Once he was sure I was clean, he took me back in our dad’s room and reached in dad’s bedside table and pulled out a bottle of lube he had found the day before. He put the lube on his finger and slowly put it in my butt. I whimpered, and he kissed my back, telling me that it would be okay. He started moving his finger in and out, and added another. He scissored his fingers, stretching my ass for something much bigger. Once he thought I was properly stretched, he lubed up his cock and slowly pushed it in me.

“OH, Kevin! It feels so good!” He practically yelled in pleasure.

Once I got used to the feeling, it sterted to feel pretty good to me too. I pushed my butt back towards him, and he started fucking me hard. He sped up his thrusts, and reached around and started jacking my little dick off. After about ten minutes, he grunted, and thrust in hard before I felt his warm cum filling my little hole. About two seconds later, I had another dry orgasm. He pulled out, and turned me over. He kissed me on the cheek, and told me he loved me. I gave him a hug, and we both curled up and fell asleep.

This happened several times that summer, and the summer after. I’ll never forget my brother introducing me to masturbation, and sex.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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