A Love Story Pt. 05


“Olive, I won’t talk nasty or sexual words to you over dinner,” Jay stated.

“I know that. When you talk like that over dinner, I get sexually aroused with you, and I am going to fuck you over the dinner table. Tonight I want you to take my virgin ass and make me a real woman.” Olive smiled back at Jay.

Looking at Oliva, he smiled back, speaking directly to her, “It will take some doing in fucking your ass.”

“Yes, know that, and you know how tight it is. I want it to understand; I did nothing but think about my ass and using my fingers to play with it. I want you to be my first man inside my rosebud opening.” Olive replied.

Smiling back at Olive, Jay responded joking, “So I guess you want more than me in your ass?”

“No, no, I do not! I only want you to fuck anal opening anytime you want to. Sorry, It came out that way. Jay, I am falling in love with you. So, please take care of my virgin anal opening, and fuck me.” Olive replied.

“Olive, I knew that you were falling in love when we first got together, and I knew I was falling in love with you too.” Jay smiled at Olive, adding, “When we get to my place, I want us to smoke some marijuana and enjoy a good glass of wine before we go to our bedroom. I want you to lay on your stomach as I insert a pillow underneath your belly, and it raises your ass a little so that I can lick your rosebud opening. Then I can gradually insert my large lube finger past the rosebud open and your tight sphincter and letting it slowly slid into your anal canal. If it feels painful, let me know, and I will take it out. Remember that my dick is much large when it enters you, and you might not like it because of pain.”

“I know about how painful it will get in my ass. I have read about anal fucking for the first time. The first time you fuck my pussy, it hurt a little bit, but I love the feeling of your cock in me.” Olive replied to Jay.

“Ok, so you understand what your ass fucking is. I will insert a medium size but fuck, making it easier to put my large, uncut cock into your smooth lube ass canal. I thought before I take your virgin ass, I want you to try on a strap-on cock so you can fuck me in my ass.” Jay responded.

Olive eye drop with Jay’s remark, asking, “Where did you come up with a strap-on cock so I can fuck you? I have never thought of fucking a man in his ass!”

“I did. You see, I like getting my ass fuck by a man or woman.” Jay comment.

“Jay, I never thought of you getting your ass fuck by a woman or even a man. You never told me about it before!” Olive looks at Jay in amazement.

“Olive, you do not know about my sexual experience and that I like it a lot. Now the first time was with a woman, and she wanted to fuck me in my ass with a strap-on. The third time I asked a gay friend of mine if he would fuck me in my ass with his large cock. Both experiences were incredible, but I like it better with the women. I want you to know what ass fucking is all about, how it feels, and if you feel good afterward.” Jay responded to Olive’s comments, continuing, “You have not had a lot of experience with sex? I do not think that you have been in a sexual relationship with a lesbian? Also, I realize that you had some sexual experience with me, but I know that you have not had some of the things we will do.”

Taking several bites of food, Olive looked at Jay, speaking, “Jay, all I wanted from you is to fuck my pussy with your large uncut cock, and it unbelievable in my ass. On having a lesbian relationship, I have not done that, but I have thought about it when alone, playing with myself. Sex with a man is something I never thought you would do it. Do you still get together with men for sex!

“No, I do not have sex with men anymore. It was fun, but not something I wanted again.” Jay stated it.

“Oh, Jay, I never thought I would have all this sexual interest come up. I mean that I have thought about swinger parties and what goes on. I do believe I would not have sex with anyone but you. I love you, Jay. What are we going do about all this sexual material?”

Jay took a sip of coffee after eating his dinner; finally, he looked at Olive, responding as he took hold of her warm hand, “Olive, I love you too, but you might understand the depth of sex between us. If you want to explore swinging sex clubs that are purely your interest, you must tell me what you want. Lesbian sex is purely in your mind, but if you want to have lesbian sex, then go for it. I can make it happen. You mention that ‘all the sex material.’ We can talk sex material between A to Z, so you know about sex. Does that answer your questions?”

“Jay, I think it does. If things come up, I will ask you or show me what sex means. I want you, and the way we make love is excellent. I am sure anal sex will be exceptional. So when are you going to fuck in my pussy or my ass?” Olive grinned back at Jay.

“Olive, you surprise me. Let go. We have finish dinner.” porno Jay spoke it.

Home is where they both wanted to be. Jay lit up the pipe of marijuana, and Olive brought each a glass of wine. Jay handed the marijuana pipe to Olive and shared it several times between them. Lit a cigarette, turned to Olive, smiling at her, caressed her legs, expressing his affection for her. Looking at Jay, after listening to him, express her affection for him. Olive took several more hit of marijuana and handed to Jay, who smoke some too. Both of them drank the last wine glasses. Jay looked at her, affectionately kissed her, saying, “Let go to bed, get naked so that we can fuck each other. I get us some more wine?”

“That would be excellent cause I want to be naked for you, Jay,” Olive said, got up, and went to the bedroom.

Jay walked into the bedroom, say how gorgeous she looks, “Oh, Olive, you look fabulous. Just let me get naked so that I can devour your body.”

“Come here, Jay. I want to feel your hard cock in my pussy! I want you so bad. Fuck me, Jay.” Olive suddenly pressed her lips against Jay’s glowing lips.

After rolling over on the bed, kissing deeply, clutching each other bodies, then Jay enters Olive’s soaking wet pussy. Jay whispers to Olive, “I love you, Olive.”

“Oh, I love you too. Fuck me, Jay. I want to cum all over your passionate, tender, hard uncut cock. Put all of cock deep into my cunt, so it rides against my cervix! Oh, yes, just like that, Jay.” Olive utters it to Jay.

Jay lifter legs up over his shoulder, ramming his cock deep into Olive, and let ride against Olive’s cervix, declaring, “Olive, your cunt is so flooding with wet juices! Fuck me, Olive. Take my hard, stiff uncut cock into you deeper. Olive, cum all over my cock.”

“You fucking son of bitch, you are making me cum. Oh, Fuck. Keep fucking me, Jay. Yes, exactly like that. Oh, Fuck.” Olive screamed out loudly, gripped his shoulder, and let her legs tighten down on Jay’s shoulder, and she lost control of her body. Eventually, let her cunt juices squeeze down on Jay’s strong, thick cock.

With thick cock buried into Olive pussy, Jay nuzzled up to Olive, uttering, “Are you alright, Olive?”

“Yes, I am. I am trying to catch my breath. That was unimaginable, Jay. Lay next to me, and get me my glass of wine.” Olive mumble some words.

Jay got up, got Olive’s glass of wine. Jay brought the marijuana pipe back to bed, lay down, took a sip of wine, saying, “This was so exciting when you scream out all those nasty words. Especially when you call me motherfuck or baster and call me a cocksucker. Oh, wee!”

“I see you lit up the pipe, and I want some too. Now fucker, show me all your devices that you use on yourself or other women. I require good sexual lust, consider I have been with you from or inception. Don’t play around with by asking, are you sure. Yes, I am positive. I want to know all about anal sex.” Olive looked at Jay smiling.

“Ok, you will need to get up while I get us a white robe. I store all devices in my sex room.” Jay said it and escorted Olive to a new room in his house.

Jay opened the door, let Olive go into a low-lit room, turned to Jay, “What is this room? I don’t remember you mentioning it when we got together. I am curious!”

“It is my sexual lust room. I used it on rare, rare occasions. Do not worry. I am not going to use it on you yet. If it overwhelmed you, then let me know. Now, on the walls are cabinets that hold a lot of devices and playthings. I will open them up for you. You can look, pick up the devices, take one or two back to our bedroom.” Jay looked at Olive as he opened all the cabinet doors.

“Oh, my god!” Olive looked with amazement, resume talking, “Tell me about all of the sexual devices?”

“Opposite the open door is a different cocks, from minor to huge ones. One can use them on themselves; either put in their pussy or ass, and men like it. I have one for women who want to put on a leather strap-on and select the different sizes of cocks. In the second cabinet, it tittie pullers. I mean that both men and women use them on their nipples and make them larger in pullers, that when they played with them, your nipples head is painful and sensitive. I have various sizes for your breasts and nipple clamps attached to both nipples while the other partner pulls on them.

‘Further down is pussy clit vacuum, and it will make your clit even more prominent than you can expect. When a partner takes off the devices and goes down on clit with his mouth, it will drive you to cum a lot.

‘Now in the third cabinet is devices for your anal play. These on top shelve is but plugs in different sizes—some for beginner and some for more experienced men or women. Women like that narrow one to enter their anal opening while the larger cock penetrates their pussy. On the lower shelves. Oh, these devices of cock are inflatable. I mean that small one inserted in you your pussy or anas, it becomes large inside you.

‘The fourth cabinet is leather whips in different sizes, paddles with holes in them, balls clamp so one can pull on them, and leather bonding ropes so one can be tied them down on the bed either face up or down. Did I surprise you?”

Olive, in disbelief, looked at Jay and all the devices finely replied with excitement, “Oh, Jay, I cannot believe all the devices you have! Perhaps someday, we may enjoy all the things here, but for now, I want you to pick up a strap-on with a good size cock that you would like in your ass and any butt plugs for my ass.”

“Olive, why don’t you take a show while gathering all devices for us, and I will join you. I would like us to wash each other.” Jay answered it, watch Olive leaves and gather a lot of devices for their ass playing.

Olive looked over her shoulder, letting the heated water cascade Olive’s body, and only see Jay there smiling and entering the shower. Jay kissed her, grasped some soap washed Olive over her body, and primarily her exposed anal with Jay’s fingers. Olive moaned out, took his other hand, place his fingers against her cunt opening, and told him to wash her there too.

“You like being washed like this?” Jay stated it.

“Yes, you fucking tease. Let me wash you too?” Olive proclaim it, grabbed the soap, and wash Jay everywhere, including his anal canal.

After they dried off, Olive drying her hair, and Jay walked into the bedroom. Jay looked over the material and selected the leather strap-on, place a large, nine inches cock, thinking, this will be great for me and something new for Olive.

Olive waked in, look at the bed, speaking to Jay, “I can see you laid out the strap-on with a large cock on it. You want me to fuck your ass first?”

“Yes, but I want to put in your ass a medium size butt plug. It will make it more comfortable when I fuck your ass. Come here, Olive, laid down while lube up your anal open for this medium-size butt plug. It will go in easier, plus it will open your anal canal. I want you to lube up my anal canal and your strap-on cock before you fuck my tight ass.” Jay expressed it.

Olive laid flat on her stomach, put her hands back on her ass cheeks, pulling them open, stating, “I want you to be careful when you insert that butt plug. Remember, I trust you, Jay.”

Jay heard what she said, rubbing his index lubed finger into her open rosebud, expressing, “I put my index finger into you. It will lube your anal canal for the butt plug. Do you feel any pain?”

Olive turned her head over her shoulder, smiled at Jay, saying, “It feels fine. If you want to put in two or may three-fingers so that I get used to it before insert the butt plug.”

While Olve was speaking, Jay already had three-finers in Olive’s anal canal. Jay worked them slowly in and out of her anal canal and spread Olive rosebud opening. It gives room for the butt plug. Jay looked at Olive, speaking softly, “How do you feel now? Is it painful? While you were taking, I work three-finger into you.”

“God, Jay, you are very good working on my ass. I can feel your fingers sliding in and out of my ass. Did you lube my anal canal?” Olive smiled back a Jay.

“Your anal canal is well lubed up. Now I am going to insert well lube up butt plug. If it is painful, tell me.” Jay said it as he lubes up the butt plug, inserted about halfway, adding, “Is ok, or do you want me to take it out?”

“No, it is ok. Put more in me. I want to squeeze all of it in me.” Olive moans out sexually.

Jay inserted all of into her anal opening, watch her rosebud tighten around it, responded to her, “Oh, Olive, it looks lovely in you.”

Olive released her hands from her ass cheeks, look at Jay, grinning, saying, “Oh Jay, it feels great in me. Jay, I will be great when you fuck my tight ass. Now come here and kiss me, you slut man.”

Jay looked at Olive, bent down, and kissed Olive’s with desire; pulling away, Jay spoke, “Now put on that strap-on cock, walk around, and look in the mirror how good you will look.”

Jay gripped it and held it out so Olive could slide her right leg, then her left leg, and raised it to her waist. He had her turn around and buckled the leather strap-on around her waist, brought up strap dangle down, and brought it up between Olive’s ass cheeks and locked in place, asking, “Is strap-on alright, or do need to sinch it up?”

“No, you did an excellent job in sinch it up. Now that you are on knees suck my big, fucking cock.” Olive grip Jay’s hair and guided him to her cock, adding, “Come on, suck it, you slut. Take it deeper into your mouth. Now you can feel like a woman. You are making my cunt wet.”

Jay looked up at Olive only to see the lust in her eyes and opened his mouth, saying, “I have done this before,” but Jay could not say anymore as Olive inserted her big cock into Jay’s mouth.

“Yeah, take more of my cock. It looks so hot seeing you go down on my big cock. I love the way it looks in the mirror, with you sucking my cock.” Olive cried out loudly. She could feel his hand on her ass cheeks as they kept massage them, only to drive her crazy.

Olive looked down, saying, “Jay, get up because I want you on our bed, with your ass in the air. I want to fuck from behind. You are mine, you fucking slut!”

Jay had never heard from Olive before, but he likes it. He got on the bed face down and raised his ass in the air, waited for Olive. Suddenly he heard several smacks on his ass cheek from the paddle he brought in and yelled out loudly.

“You like being spanked like that,” adding, “I wanted to spank you so you would get used to your Mistress. Now grab your ass cheeks, so I lube up your anal canal for my long, thick, big cock!”

Jay turned around to look at Olive, smiling to himself, thinking, this bitch doesn’t know I like what she is doing. The nastier she is, the better I feel inside my body. I don’t think she thought of the other room and what I can do to her. It will change her deep into her sexual essence. Jay hollered out, “Olive, I love the way you are playing with my rosebud opening. Smooth me out so you could penetrate my anal canal with that large long cock. When are you going to fuck me, you obscene whore?”

She smacked Jay’s ass numerous times, saying, “You slut. I can hear you scream out. Now my cock is lubed up and ready to fuck your fucking hole. Feel my cock; it is at your rosebud as it crimping opening for my cock. Come slut scream some more, you fucking whore.”

Jay kept screaming, enjoy each sensation she applied to his but cheeks, shouting, “Oh, fuck me, you fuck whore.’ Suddenly Jay felt her large, long cock enter his ass and screamed out loudly, ‘Yes, just like that. Put more of it in me. I want to feel your large, thick cock thrust deeply into my anal canal. Make me cum, you slut.”

Olive cries out loudly, “You like my cock in your ass! I only inserted half of it into your anal canal. See if you can enjoy it more as I thrust the rest of my cock into you till my hips are resting against ass cheeks, you slut.”

Jay gripped the sheets and felt her cock go all the way into his smooth anal canal, screaming out loudly, “Oh, Olive, fuck, that is enjoyable. Fuck me the way you want to. Fuck! Come on fuck me, Olive!”

“I want you to turn over onto your back. I like to watch your face as enter your ass. I want to feel you play with my breasts and pinch my nipples when I put all of my large, thick cock deep in your ass,” Olive stated and pull out her large cock, and help Jay turn over. Jay is on his back, and she put a pillow under his ass cheeks, looks at Jay, saying, “Now raise your legs for me, and put them on my shoulders. I am going to enjoy fucking you.”

Jay lay there with his legs over Olive shoulders, said, “Come here, Olive, I want to kiss you as you enter my ass again.”

Olive leaned down, kissing Jay passionately as she put cock into Jay’s ass, saying it after kissing, “Jay, I like this ass fucking. It drives me crazy fucking you from behind. You know I am in you all the way. Does it feel good?”

“It feels terrific getting fuck by you, Olive. Right now, my body responds to me every time you thrust that big cock deep into me. Now kiss me, Olive.” Jay said it, wrapping his arm around her body and heave up to feel more of Olive cock invade his ass.

Olive leaned into Jay’s ass, loudly saying, “Play with my titties. Pinch my nipples areola till they hurt. Oh, yes, just like that, Jay.” Olive felt Jay pinch her nipples, thrusting into Jay’s ass deeper, adding, “Jay, your cock is hard. I can feel it against my stomach. Play with it as I fuck you.”

Jay took his right hand off her back, reach down to his large, thick, uncut cock, going up and down, murmur loudly to Olive, “I want you to watch me make my cock cums. Look at it as it gets stiffer in my hand. My cock head is thick with blood and enthusiasm, and I can feel my cum is building up. Oh, fuck! I am cumming. Do not stop fuck me, Baby. Yeah, just like that. Go deep into me.” Jay kept shooting his cum about half a dozen times before collapsing on the bed, exhausted.

Olive leaned into Jay, kissed him, feeling his cum on her stomach, saying, “Oh, Jay, I love you,” kissing Jay lovingly on his warm wet lips, adding, “Do you want me to take out the big cock from your ass?”

Laying there, Jay said it softly, “Take it is fine with me but take it out slowly. I want to feel all of your cock leave my anal canal.”

Olive eased it out slowly, watch Jay smile with the removal of her cock, smiled to herself, looking at Jay, saying, “You seem very please.”

Jay looked up at Olive, smiling at her, said, “Yes, I am satisfied when you fuck me in my ass. Your the only woman that can fuck me in my ass. It feels incredible. You can do me again anytime. Kiss me, Olive. I want to hold you next to me.”

They both fell asleep.

Wait for the rest of this story.

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