A Lucky Encounter Pt. 03


The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was black. I stretched languidly, arching my back and reluctantly left the silk bedsheets.

There was nobody in the room, but I could hear a shower running somewhere. I quickly checked my phone and— fuck. It was nine in the morning. I picked up my purse and heels, and heard the shower turn off. The stranger from the night before came out, deliciously naked. He looked completely unabashed as he reached for a towel, water glistening off his beautiful body. I momentarily lost my train of thought as he peered curiously at me.

‘Your keys fell out of your purse. They’re on my desk.’

I scrambled for them and quickly strapped my heels on. ‘Thanks for last night.’ I snaked my arms around his neck – who cares if he was wet? So was I – and went in for a passionate albeit short kiss. ‘I’ll see you near the Playhouse soon.’

That was not the last time I saw him.


As soon as I could, I made my way to my office. I kept two spare outfits in there just for situations like these. The ancient doorman let me in, and I busily made my way to my cabin, avoiding eye contact with anyone. This had happened too many times for me to keep count or care.

Just as I entered, letting out a sigh, a voice spoke up from my desk.

‘You’re late again!’

I jumped. ‘Jesus, mom!’

‘You’re an hour late. And what’s with your clothes? You look like you’re gallivanting off to some rave, not to your respectable job, thank you.’

‘I’m just changing. And I’m twenty three, please. I don’t need to be lectured about my wardrobe choices.’ I knew she had a point but I couldn’t resist arguing. ‘I’ll be out in five minutes.’

She humphed. ‘Everyone already treats you differently because you’re my daughter. I don’t need them getting ideas in their heads about any fictional preferential treatment that I’m doling out.’

‘Fuck them, mom.’ I called from the washroom, sliding into a pair of pants. I got this job as fairly as anyone. My mother was the biggest hardass I knew, but her firm offered far more prestige than any other in the city, and I had to begrudgingly admit, she was a pretty great boss.

‘My image actually matters to me, you know. Unlike some people.’

I came out, sighing. ‘Whatever. I’ll be finished with the pharmaceutical case briefs by two. I’ll hand them off before heading out for lunch.’

‘No, you’re staying here till we leave early at four. Did you forget?’


She kuşadası escort tutted. ‘There’s a party tonight, hosted by Nieto-Torro. Everyone worth knowing will be there, and you have to come.’

Delvin Nieto-Torro was a local politician, and one of the few people I got along with in high society. I nodded. ‘I’ll order something or ask one of the interns to fetch food for me.’

‘Good. Dress appropriately.’


I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat as the limo made its way to the party, the beads in my champagne coloured dress itching.

‘Stop moving so much.’ My mom chided. ‘You used to love going out like this.’

‘That was before I left.’ I mumbled.

‘And it’s been six years since then. You’ve changed too much for anyone to remember, and you’re much more tolerable now that you’re not trying to sneak in every night reeking of alcohol. Chin up.’

I resisted mentioning that I still did that every night, the only difference was that I didn’t have to sneak in because I’d moved out but I kept my mouth shut.

‘Schmooze and don’t say anything I wouldn’t. You’ll do just fine.’ She flashed me a rare smile, taking one of my hands. ‘You were always good at charming people.’


I sat on a couch on the sidelines, sipping my drink and chatting up a TV producer. He was too upbeat to be anything but new money, which is precisely why I’d chosen to talk to him. I got up to use the restroom, slightly buzzed. No more alcohol tonight.

As I left after finishing my business, I saw a familiar figure exit from the men’s washroom.


The stranger flinched imperceptibly, slowly turning towards me. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I could ask you the same thing.’ I was confounded. Although he did clean up nicely, in his deep blue suit. If I didn’t know him already, I’d have made him my target for tonight. Except that I didn’t sleep with anyone from this crowd; there were far too many complications.

‘Attending the party, obviously.’ He pulled out an invitation, unaddressed to anyone. ‘Was that you with Mrs. Smyrnov?’

‘That’s my mother.’

He raised an eyebrow. ‘I’m not surprised, although I am.’

‘Who are you?’ I still didn’t know his name.

He started to shake his head, except that an inordinately tipsy man came towards us, slinging an arm over his shoulder. ‘Brother!’

Nieto-Torro was smashed, his handsome features grinning at us. ‘I see you met the younger Smyrnov. She’s a delight, isn’t she?’

I smiled graciously at him. ‘You’re too sweet. I love the party, you’ve outdone yourself with the chocolate statues.’

He smiled. ‘Just a whimsical wish I wanted to make reality.’ He dropped his voice conspiratorially. ‘Can I tell you a secret?’

I peered at the other Torro, as I affirmed yes.

‘I’ve always found you a challenge, you know? Far more refreshing than any other stuffy people here, yet you’ve never batted an eye at anyone.’ He giggled. ‘Half the men here want to bed you, including me. I don’t think I should’ve said that. Oops.’ He let out a laugh again.

I glanced worriedly at the stranger. ‘Let’s get him upstairs before he embarrasses himself.’

‘Any more, you mean.’ He let out under his breath. ‘We’ll go.’

We made our way up the stairs, as Nieto-Torro mumbled some story about electric snakes, before slumping in one of the rooms and passing out. ‘I’ll have some words with him tomorrow,’ the stranger looked mildly disgusted. ‘Passing out at his own event.’

‘It’s no big deal.’ I said. ‘I want to do the same, honestly.’

He stared at me. ‘Although what he said wasn’t untrue. I’ve overheard your name in too many conversations tonight.’

‘I don’t get involved with anyone here.’

‘Are you sure that’s true?’ He looked me in the eye, his hand coming to rest on my thigh through the slit in my dress.

I kept my gaze levelled at him, although my breath hitched a little when his fingers went up my leg dangerously. ‘Yes, I’m sure.’

‘Then tell me to stop.’ With that, he parted the dress some more until his fingers made contact with my pussy. He looked at me questioningly.

‘I didn’t want any panty lines.’ I breathed out.

The only response I received was a small chuckle as he slid one finger leisurely inside me, brought it out and started rubbing my clit in indolent, lazy circles.

‘We shouldn’t be doing this.’ We were sitting on a couch outside the room where Nieto-Torro was currently sleeping the drinks off, in plain sight.

‘We shouldn’t.’ The fingers went slightly faster, forcing me to get wet as my breath slowed down and I closed my eyes. I should’ve asked him to stop, should’ve gotten up and walked away but all I could do was sink in that euphoric bliss he had put me in.

Abruptly the fingers disappeared and I almost voiced my disappointment before clamping my mouth shut. The respite was short lived as he bent down in front of me and buried his face between my legs.

Despite my best efforts I let out a low moan, and looked down as he made eye contact with me for a split second before going back to licking me in long, languorous strokes. The added humiliation of this was that I was a panting mess and he was watching me come undone right before his eyes.

‘Please don’t make me cum.’ I begged.

He stopped completely at that, and when I let out a small whimper he went back in earnest. I was so wet right now, and I tugged on his hair now, wordlessly trying to get him to get up and let go. My efforts were in vain, and when he stuck his tongue I came, screaming silently as my back arched.

He finally got up and took his seat back next to me.

I closed my eyes. ‘I hate you.’

‘Is that so?’ He grinned.

‘Yes, I can’t believe you did that to me, when my own mother could have walked pa-‘ My words were cut off as he slipped two fingers inside me, slowly fucking me.

I let out a small indignant sound. ‘Anyone can walk by.’

‘They can.’

He started alternating between finger-fucking me and making circles around my clit. ‘I don’t want to make a mess here, please don’t, what if someone sees us, I don’t want anyone to find us like this…’ I was babbling now but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him to stop.

‘No, no no…’

And as I could feel my second orgasm building, I decided to just fuck it and slipped my hand between my legs, rubbing myself as he fucked me on his fingers.

‘I want to feel you cum around my fingers.’ He sounded almost nonchalant, but I could sense arousal in his voice too. ‘I want to feel you squeeze around them, hold off until you can’t hold it back anymore.’

I’d closed my eyes at this point, losing myself in the sensation. My back was arching involuntarily, and I felt myself press onto his hand shamelessly, fucking myself on his digits.

The ‘no’s turned into a continuous litany of ‘please’s although I didn’t know what I was begging for anymore; if it was for him to cease or to continue. I couldn’t think rationally anymore, evidently, and just like he’d said I found myself staving off the orgasm until it crashed around me in a warm shuddering haze of pleasure and I jammed my hand in my mouth, biting on my wrist to not let any sound out. I arched myself even more until I couldn’t, and breathed heavily until I’d regained control of my senses.

I stood up unsteadily, and felt wetness slide down my legs down to my calves. I punched in a brief text to my mother about leaving early, and glared at the stranger.

Time for payback.

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