A Necessary Seduction

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Carl learned to only react to things that might be life-threatening. He hardly looked away from the ballgame when the seven-year-old ran by making jet noises with his arms extended like wings and the terrier barking at his heels. He ignored the 4-year-old behind the coffee table, pretending to swim in goggles, flippers and a snorkel, but nothing else. Carl didn’t react until Evy, in her sleek one-piece swimsuit, snatched the naked boy and tucked him under her arm. Evy paused on her way out to ask “Are you about ready?” Carl lifted his tee shirt to show her his swim trunks, then stood and clicked the television off.

“Get Kyle covered and I’ll make sure Donny lands safely.” They were going down the street to a pool party and it was time to leave.

Aaron heard himself sigh at the ceiling and realized that Mindy might have heard it too. He swung his legs off the bed to sit up and watched his wife. In her mental state Mindy could overreact to the smallest things, but she was preoccupied with her hair and with her makeup and with the irresistible need to touch herself. Aaron did everything he could for his wife, but he couldn’t do it constantly. Something had to give.

“Let me get a shower, then we can go.” Aaron groaned, and dragged his exhausted body off the bed. Taking Mindy to the neighborhood party risked an embarrassment, but it seemed to Aaron like his best chance to recover.

The house was open when Carl and Evy got to the party. They let the kids lead them through the house to the patio where Aaron waited under an umbrella. Carl and Aaron had an unspoken pact to support each other’s ideas and objections at the neighborhood meetings. To Carl, Aaron didn’t look well, or maybe like he hadn’t slept. Carl looked around after they shook hands and asked “Where’s Mindy?”

“Don’t know. It’s hard to keep her in one place these days.” Aaron shrugged. “Maybe the little girls room, maybe somewhere else. I’m sure she’ll be back.” Evy found a place beside the pool while they talked.

The afternoon sun had set low enough to shade the patio, but the tiles by the pool still radiated heat. Carl stretched his legs out in front of the pool-side chair and watched the kids in the water. Evy settled into the chair next to him and rested her hand on his thigh. “Oh look.” She said, motioning across the pool. “There’s Mindy. She’s pretty, but that little white sun dress is risky, don’t you think? Does it look like she’s lost weight?”

“Aahh… I don’t know.” was Carl’s best answer. He didn’t like to answer those sorts of questions. “I don’t see much difference, but you always notice things that I don’t.” Something about Mindy was very attractive. Maybe it was the sun dress with its hem swirling lightly at mid-thigh, or maybe it was something in her manner. Aaron pointed across the pool to where Carl sat with Evy, and Mindy waved to them. Carl waved back then kept a furtive eye on Mindy. When she worked her way around the pool to where the caterers were setting up the buffet table Carl decided to get a closer look. He announced “I’m going to see what they have in the buffet” and pulled himself out of the patio chair. “Is there anything you want?”

“A cola or something is all for now.” Evy answered. “I’ll look later.” There wasn’t a lot on the table yet to chose from. Carl was sampling the dips when he overheard Mindy talking with two women at the end of the table.

“A swimsuit under this?” Mindy asked, plucking at her dress. She giggled. “Oh no. All I’m wearing under this is a thong. The invitation said that the kids could have the pool until 8:30 and the grown-ups after that, but I want to be home fucking my hubby before that happens.” Carl looked up in surprise and found Mindy grinning back at him, her dark hair framing bright eyes and red lips.

One of the caterers tried to squeeze through the door and dropped a jar of mayonnaise that she was juggling. Carl scrambled to scoop up the jar before it rolled under the table and helped her into the kitchen. When he turned around he found Mindy behind him, so close so that she startled him. She pulled her pony tail over her shoulder and combed her fingers through it while she talked, oblivious of the caterers bustling about them.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you out there, sex izle but then you shouldn’t be listening in on other people’s conversations. Now you know what I’m wearing and what I’m not wearing. Maybe you should tell me a secret to make us even.” Carl gestured but couldn’t come up with anything to say before Mindy snatched his hand. She worked her thumbs into the palm, then looked into his eyes. “You have big, strong hands.” She wrapped her hand around his first two fingers and went on. “Your wife is that beautiful Eveline, right? I bet she loves what you can do with these hands.”

“Excuse me,” The caterer interrupted. “but I need to get to that counter behind you.” Carl sidestepped and pulled Mindy along with his hand on her elbow. Mindy touched herself where Carl had tugged on her arm and balanced uneasily on the balls of her feet, wavering between stepping closer to him and stepping back.

“Everyone but her Mom calls her Evy.” Carl answered. He wasn’t comfortable with the way things were going. Mindy stepped closer and he needed to deflect the conversation, so he held his hands up. “The hands built a tree house last week, but Evy didn’t love that as much as the boys did.” He glanced through the glass doors that separated the kitchen from the patio and asked. “I think Evy is looking for me.” Carl held the kitchen door open for Mindy and she brushed her body against him as she left. He had to stop by the buffet table and gather his thoughts before he remembered to get Evy’s cola out of the ice.

“Look at what I can do!” Kyle called to get his Dad’s attention, then jumped feet-first into the shallow end of the pool where Evy caught him and kept him from going under. Carl was having a hard time keeping his eyes off Mindy and Kyle distracted him for only a moment.

“Someone said that they have a game room.” Donny started. He was already bored with the pool. He leaned over the arm of Carl’s chair with his wet hair dripping. “Can I go inside and find something else to do?” Carl pushed Donny back so he wouldn’t drip on him and toweled his hair. Carl saw an opportunity to get his mind off Mindy. He stood up and motioned to Donny, but called to Evy.

“We’re going in to find the game room and make sure that it’s okay.” Donny ran on ahead and Carl followed. They found the game room in the basement, where two college kids hired for the party were in charge. Carl left Donny there and started back to the pool, but stopped when Mindy surprised him by stepping from a darkened alcove beside the stairs. Daylight from up the stairs lit half of Mindy’s face and left half in shadows.

“I need to touch you again.” Mindy whispered, embarrassed by her need. She put her hands on Carl’s biceps, then ran her fingers down his arms. She glanced to the game room, then touched her breast and tugged at her nipple. “And I need you to touch me.” Carl recoiled and nearly collided with a teenager who leaped down the stairs toward the game room, but then he stepped toward Mindy and pulled her back into the alcove and out of the way.

“What’s wrong with you?” He demanded. “I haven’t known you very long, but I’ve never seen you like this and the way you’re acting would be odd for anyone.” Mindy bit her lip and gathered her nerves.

“I’m bipolar.” She explained with tension in her voice. “Aside from my psychiatrist, no-one knows that but Aaron and I, and now you. It’s never been this bad before. My mood stabilizer isn’t working, so I’m high as a kite and it’s hard to think about anything but sex. I’ve worked Aaron in bed for the last day and a half, but I wore him out. Now I need you. I’ve needed you since you touched my arm in the kitchen.” She pushed herself closer to him. “You’ll do it, won’t you? Don’t say no. I don’t care where we do it — a closet, a bathroom, I don’t care – and I don’t much care what you do to me.”

“What about Aaron?” Carl argued. “And what about Evy? We both have commitments, people who could be hurt.”

“It’s going to be like forever before we get home again. I can’t wait that long, and Evy will never know.” A woman stopped on the stairs above them and called for her daughter. Aaron glanced up, then when he looked back at Mindy she had slipped one shoulder out of her sun dress to expose sikiş izle her breast. She pulled his hand to her and Carl touched Mindy’s soft skin and her hardened nipple before he jerked his hand away.

“No, no, I don’t know.” Carl stammered, confused by his own excitement. “I need time to think about it.” He spun away from Mindy so fast that he stumbled over his own feet.

The buffet was filled with snacks when Carl hurried by the people crowded around the table. The caterers were bustling, keeping things full and fresh. He found Evy standing by the pool talking to Aaron and walked up behind his wife to put his arm around her waist. Her touch calmed his rushing thoughts. Aaron glanced around and asked “Did Mindy find you? She wanted to talk to you about something.”

“She was going to the game room when I left Donny in there. We talked, but not for long.” Carl bent the truth only a little. Aaron nodded, but he knew that games wouldn’t keep his wife distracted for long. Kyle jumped up from where he had been kicking his feet in the pool and danced in front of his mother with an obvious need to pee. Evy touched Carl’s arm to get his attention.

“I know you haven’t had much time to sit down, but would you take him to the bathroom?” Carl found himself uneasy talking with Aaron, so he welcomed the opportunity. A woman waiting at the bathroom door laughed at Kyle’s dance and let him go in before her. Carl followed Kyle in to make sure that he hit the pot, then they traded places with the woman by the door. Kyle darted back past the buffet table and left Carl standing alone outside the bathroom.

A hand from behind him touched Carl’s shoulder. A second hand touched his hip and Mindy clutched his body to hers. Carl peeled Mindy’s hands off from his body and turned on her, demanding “Where did you come from?”

“Upstairs.” Mindy motioned to the stairwell behind her. “I watched you from a spare bedroom that overlooks the pool and when I saw you bring the kid in I came here to wait.”

Two girls raced for the bathroom, so Carl pulled Mindy around the corner onto the stairs. He stopped on the second step where they were out of sight and growled “You can’t do this to me.”

“I have to!” Mindy hissed in return, and pushed her hands down into Carl’s swim trunks. He flinched away, but Mindy held onto his cock. She used her hand-hold to pull them together and ground herself against his thigh. Carl pushed his hands against the wall to brace himself and groaned his surrender. He had to admit what he really wanted. He pulled the sun dress off Mindy’s shoulders, thrust one hand between her legs and hoisted her against the wall. Mindy gasped as much from excitement as surprise. She wrapped her arms around Carl’s head while he sucked mouthfuls of her tits.

Voices came around the corner from women waiting at the bathroom door and Mindy rasped in Carl’s ear. “Take me upstairs — left at the top of the stairs and straight ahead.”

The bedroom she directed him to sweltered and the window open over the pool didn’t offer even a breath of air. Carl tossed Mindy on the bed and closed the door, then turned back to where she sprawled. He reached between her legs and pulled her thong to her ankles, then knelt with a knee on the bed beside Mindy and grasped her pony tail in one hand. He tipped her head back, then cupped the other hand over the naked flesh between her thighs and worked two fingers into her wet slit.

“Your hands!” Mindy moaned, writhing in Carl’s grip. Carl watched Mindy’s reactions and knew that he could give her what she had to have, but first he would extract a small price. Mindy begged “Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.” while he licked her nectar off his fingers. Carl twisted Mindy’s pony tail and freed his hard-on then thrust it between Mindy’s red lips. Mindy clutched both of her hands between her legs while she worked her tongue around the head of Carl’s cock, then when she took him to the back of her throat she forced animal noises from deep in Carl’s chest.

The sounds that drifted through the window – the squeals from kids in the pool and the laughter from their parents – reminded Carl that Evy was just outside the window. The thought excited Carl in some perverse way. He türk porno gasped “Stop!” and pushed Mindy away when he was about to unload in her mouth. Mindy sat down hard on the floor and giggled while Carl flopped onto his back and tried to calm down. Mindy didn’t help. She climbed back to her knees and toyed with his wet cock.

“You have a beautiful penis.” Mindy said, watching her own finger trace along his thick shaft and over the contours of its smooth head. She tugged at the tie that held her pony tail, then hooked the hair tie over Carl’s hard-on and under his balls to create a makeshift cock strap. Carl groaned as his cock surged, growing even thicker and more sensitive. Mindy climbed astride Carl’s hips then pulled off her sun dress and tossed it to the floor. Her hair fell down around her face when she leaned forward to rub her cunt along the length of his straining cock. Mindy babbled the whole time. “God, I can’t believe how much I need this. It’s only been three hours and I can’t think of anything else. I’m going crazy. No, I am crazy. I want you inside me. I want you inside me…”

Carl’s cock slipped into Mindy. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath, then settled down and took the whole length of his shaft inside her in one long stroke. The penetration sent thrills up Mindy’s spine that made her arch her back. Carl gritted his teeth, struggling again to keep himself calm. He put his hands on her hips to stop her and realized that Mindy was so excited already that she might climax almost immediately. He let Mindy go and she rose and fell on his cock, grinding herself against him at the bottom of each short stroke, harder each time. Carl was right. Mindy flattened herself on his chest and her hair fell across Carl’s face, then she gripped the tender flesh on his sides and writhed through her orgasm.

“That was good.” Mindy murmured into Carl’s chest while she caught her breath. He peeled her hands off his sides and gathered her hair to keep it off his face. Mindy was still excited, moving her body slowly against him with his cock deep inside her.

Carl felt sure that he could get Mindy to climax again. He rolled her onto the bed and turned her on her belly. Mindy squawked “What are you doing?” but she quickly realized what Carl wanted and pushed her butt up for him. He steadied her with one hand on her hip and plunged his cock into her slit. Mindy buried her face in the pillow, panting and squealing. “Fuck me! Oh Carl, faster! Fuck me.” His thrusts flattened Mindy on the mattress, then he trapped her wrists in his hands and spread her out under him. Mindy’s orgasm took her suddenly and Carl forced himself balls-deep and stayed there, working her until her spasms relaxed.

They fell to the sheets gasping for air. Clinks of plates and glassware drifted through the window – the sounds of the caterers moving the snacks off the buffet and replacing them with dinner. Carl knew they might be running out of time. He rose to his knees and turned Mindy on her back with her legs spread around him. It wouldn’t be long before he would go back to Evy and Mindy would have Aaron back in bed, but right now he had a job to finish. He pushed his arms under Mindy’s shoulders and hips and lifted her off the mattress. Mindy reached between them to guide his cock into her, then his first thrust forced her against the wall. Carl lifted her so she could lock her legs around his waist then he pushed into her again. Among the grunts and the gasps that he forced out of her, Carl could only make out “Don’t stop! Harder! Harder!.”

Excitement was everything that Mindy craved and Carl gave it to her. Her back thumped against the wall with an accelerating rhythm driven by each thrust deep between her thighs. Carl felt himself losing control. He pushed his hand down Mindy’s butt and under her to find her asshole, then at the point where he thought his cock would explode he shoved his finger into her, one knuckle deep, then two. The sudden intrusion crystallized Mindy’s orgasm. She buried her face against Carl’s chest and screamed while his essence gushed into her.

It was a wonder that no-one down by the pool heard them – or maybe they did. Carl fell back on the bed and Mindy collapsed beside him. He struggled to free his softening cock from Mindy’s hair tie then leaned over her sweat-slicked body to push the tie into her hand. Mindy turned her head and swept a lock of hair from the corner of her mouth, then smiled. “When I have to seduce you again we will need to be somewhere that isn’t this hot.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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