A New Type of Morning

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She entered the house to his usual greeting and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. They talked for a few minutes but she sensed that he was impatient today for some reason, although, she was sure that the fact that they hadn’t been together for three weeks had nothing to do with it. Able to wait no longer, he took her half finished coffee and led her to the bedroom.

She only had a few seconds to see that he had already prepared the bed for their day of fun. He took her head in his hands and kissed her mouth deeply. Even though she was slightly taller than him he was able to pull her completely into him with the kiss. He broke the kiss but only after he filled her mouth with his insistently searching tongue. Before she could even react he had grabbed a blindfold from the bedside table and slipped it over her head. She was always willing to play both the sub and the dom when they played and today, was more than ready to be subjected to his will.

He slowly began to undress her and gently caress her body. He knew all the right places to touch and how she liked to be touched. He softly played with her breasts through the soft lace bra she wore, finding her nipples and pinching them lightly. He knew what effect that had on her and relished her squirming as he did so. He knelt before her and began undoing her skirt. He loved her just long enough skirt that showed her stockings when she sat and had noticed when she arrived that she had dressed to please today. He let his hands glide up and down her stocking covered legs and slowly worked them up until he reached the very top where her stockings were clipped to garter belt. He breathed heavily into the front of her skirt and inhaled her scent as hie fingers toyed with the soft skin on the backs of her legs up to the crease her they met her soft ass. He was hoping for crotchless panties or a thong and found that the thong was what he got today. Perfect for what I have planned today he though. His hands returned to the waistband of her skirt and he quickly had it pulled down over her full hips. He again buried his face into her crotch as she stepped out of the skirt.

He stood so he could admire her for a minute. He loved that she dressed just for him when they got to be together. She knew what he liked better than he did sometimes. Lacy bra that barely had enough material to hold cover her. Lacy garter belt over a lace thong, that appeared very damp in front, and silky stockings that felt so soft and smooth. He was tempted to scrap his plans for the morning and just take her right then but he really wanted to drive her over the edge with pleasure today.

He sat her on the very edge of the bed on a wedge pillow that he had placed there. It helped lift her hips even higher in the air as he helped her lay back on the bed. He needed to work quickly to make sure that she got comfortable in this position. He moved up between her legs and pulled her hips up to the very edge of the bed then reaching down to the side of the bed grabbed on of the cuffs from the restraint belt under the mattress. He fastened it around her wrist and tightened it enough to keep her arm close to the bed then just as quickly secured her other arm as well. He then lifted her legs up and held them to his chest while pressing his hips into her, feeling her warmth through his pants.

Reaching down beside her, he grabbed the soft sokkan.org rope that was attached to the restraint on the other side of the bed and fastened it around her ankle then did the same to the other side. He tightened the rope just enough to keep her legs supported in the air then secured another rope between her legs so that they would only spread so far apart. Unable to resist any longer, he pressed his hot mouth against the small strip of fabric that covered her sopping wet opening. She was drenched with her excitement and he let his tongue slide in around the side of the lacy patch and dipped it into her hot wet hole. He lingered there until he heard her softly moaning then stopped and went back to the chore at hand. He moved around to the other side of the bed and adjusted the restraints so that her legs were secure enough that she could relax and let the ropes hold her in place.

When finished, he paused to admire his work. Her ass was positioned just slightly over the edge of the bed and with her legs spread wide in the air, it allowed full access between her legs. He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned down to give her a kiss and gently caress her. He made sure that she was comfortable and was ready for him to begin. Her voice quivered with anticipation of what was to come.

He returned to the other side of the bed and knelt before her. Her juices were almost pouring out of her. He once again pressed his mouth against the mound of her pussy and let his tongue trace along the edges of the narrow strip of fabric. His fingers traced along the edges of her ass and teased along the outer sides of her vulva. He pulled the thin strip of the thong aside just enough to run his tongue from her clit, through her red engorged lips and on back to her sensitive pink anus. She writhed on the bed begging to be penetrated somewhere. He reached over to the table and grabbed a nice medium sized plug and bottle of lube. He poured lube onto her puckering anus and then the plug. He slowly pressed the plug into her ass and gently held it in place as she reacted to getting her ass filled. He then grabbed a very large vibrator and switched it on. He knew how much she loved the buzzy things and teased her body with it, playing extra attention to all the places that he knew would make her jump with pleasure. Finally he began to move it closer and closer to her wet hungry pussy. He teased the opening of her pussy with the tip of the vibrator and moved her thong over so he could suck on her clit before filling her with the dildo.

Her clit was so hard and swollen that he didn’t think he had ever seen it so big. After teasing her for several minutes, he positioned the eight inch vibrator and filled her eager pussy with it, working it in and out several times, got her opened enough to put it almost all the way inside her. He then used her tight thong to hold them inside her while he moved on to his next step in bringing her pleasure.

With her legs spread wide over her and her ass hanging off the side of the bed, he had the perfect target for one of her newly found favorite things. He found the rope cat o’ nine tails from the drawer and slowly drew it over her wide spread sex. She twitched as she felt the soft silk roping tickle her inner thighs. He drew back and laid the whip across her open legs three times with enough force to make it sting görükle escort just a little. Her quick intake of breath let him know that he had found just the thing that she had wanted today. He continued to lay the whip across her open legs until she was begging him to make her cum, but instead, he laid the whip aside and gently caressed her red thighs and ass with his hands using her juices to soothe the burn. He pulled the plug from her hungry ass and then the still buzzing vibrator from her sopping pussy. She was so wet that it was running down the side of the bed. He again knelt in front of her and gently kissed, licked and caressed her thighs, ass and pussy. When she was on the verge of climaxing again he stopped and started the next round.

He found the strop that he had made from a cloth belt. Before he started, he went around the bed and gently stroked her hair and gently kissed her face and neck, asking if she was okay. She responded to his kissing by shoving her tongue into his mouth and telling him that she wanted to suck his dick so hard that his balls would come through it. He just told her that when she was in charge that she could see if she could do that and went back around to the other side of the bed.

The redness from the silk whip was already beginning to fade. He stroked her with his fingers, spreading her wetness across her thighs and ass. she responded as he knew she would and was trying to grind her ass into his hand. He slid his two middle fingers into her pussy and quickly found her g-spot. Her pussy immediately responded to his fingers and her juices really started flowing. As she got into his stroking fingers and quickly built toward a release, he slapped her exposed ass with the strop. She jumped in surprise and moaned with pleasure. He continued to bring the strop to her ass with irregular timing and strength while he also continued to tease her g-spot with his other hand. She squirted juices all over his hand and her ass but he wouldn’t let her cum yet, bringing her closer and closer but then backing her away from it. Her ass was getting bright red and she squirted each time the strop came down on her. She begged him to let her cum but he wasn’t quite done yet. Each time she would get close he would change tempo and make her back down and start all over again.

His pleasure from her frustration was beginning to work on him. She was begging to cum but he knew that she needed a little more prep before she was going to finish. He found an egg vibrator and dropped it into hes hand so it was pressed against her clit. She jumped and bucked as much as she could being tied the way she was. The juices literally flowed from her as her pussy tried to reach climax. He knew that she had to be close to reaching her limit and he was ready to get in on some of the action too.

His cock was so hard and throbbing that he knew what he had to do with it. He couldn’t remember every being this hard before. He withdrew his hand from her and let the flood of juice flow from her pussy. Still wearing her stockings, garter belt and thong, he used his hands to soothe her bright red ass with the warm juice from her pussy. She struggled to direct his hands back to her pussy but he had other ideas. He softly stroked her outstretched legs from her feet to where they would normally meet at the thighs but avoided touching the spots she most wanted touched. He loosed his raging cock so it could brush against her ass as he played.

When he thought she was ready and knew that he was, he brought the buzzing egg back into contact with her clit and slowly slid his hard cock into her. Her pussy convulsed with finally being filled. The egg on her clit was driving her crazy as he wildly thrust into her. the egg finally left her clit and all she could feel was the hard throbbing cock filling her pussy. His hands found her tits and he started teasing and pinching her hard hungry nipples. He brought her right up to the edge and this time he let her go over. She felt him press himself into her as far as he could and then pulled her hips up into him as she burst forth with her climax. She screamed with her long withheld release. Cum flowed from her like a fountain while he held himself deep inside her. She twitched and twisted and writhed and came and came and came. He let her enjoy her climax while riding his rigid cock.

Once she began to calm herself down a little, he began to slowly withdraw, which only worked to get her going again. Slowly working back and forth, withdrawing a little more each time. His rock hard cock was ready to bring her to his final reward. Her pussy tried to hold on as he pulled it out from her hungry red lips. Her juices flowed from her now empty pussy, he held his dick against her and let it flow over him. He pressed his dick head against her puckered asshole. She knew what was coming and was more than ready for it. As he pressed against her tight anus she pushed out to make it easier for him to enter her.

He felt the head of his cock enter her tight hole and slide past the inner ring. She opened for him and he slid deep into her ass until he was buried balls deep. She tightened her asshole around his cock shaft and he started pumping in and out of her hot ass. He thrust in and out of her, letting her tightness bring him nearer the brink. She worked her ass against him as best she could and soon found herself getting close again as well. He pumped into her ass hard and fast loving the tightness and warmth. He felt his climax begin to climb from his toes. He sped up his thrusting bringing him closer and closer. She felt another climax building also, feeding on his. His balls drew up tight to his scrotum and he felt the cum churn from his balls. He drove hard into her ass and let loose with his hot jizz. The warm blast of cum in her ass drove her over the brink as well and they came together harder than either had ever come before.

His legs gave out about the same time his dick did and fell to his knees in front of her. He rested his mouth on her soft pussy mound and his tongue traced gently across her swollen and over sensitive pussy lips until she begged him to stop. He slowly stood and gently supported her legs while he quickly untied them. He held them close to himself while he untied her wrists, then helped her move up and lay on the bed. He removed the wedge pillow and gently rubbed the feeling back into her useless legs until she could begin to feel them again. He cuddled up to her and gently kissed her head and neck while whispering in the ear about how he loved the she reacted to what he had just done to her and how good it felt to take her that way. Sleep found them in each others arms and claimed his worn out prize.

He felt her move in his sleep but quickly rejoined the wet dream he was enjoying. He felt soft warm lips surround his still soft cock and realized that it wasn’t part of his dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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