A Night of Sex: Connected Forever


This is a true story. Names, professions and other details have been changed.

I was attracted to her right away. The other guys I worked with were attracted to her also. She was one of the hottest waitresses where I worked.

M. had a beautiful face, perfectly proportioned. Big eyes, lovely nose and an amazing mouth. Full lips stretching from one side of her face to the other.

She often smiled, and all of us who worked in the kitchen had a crush on her.

The rest of her was lovely as well. She was built sexy and solid. Full round hips, and a perky butt. Muscular arms, square shoulders. Blond hair framed her face.

I forget what excuse I made to hang out with M. but it worked. We had a few beers, it got late. Finally we ended up back at my place. In the guest room, lying on the bed next to each other. I had to show her some books she might like, and the only way to reach the bookcase was lying on your stomach on the bed.

I remember getting that butterfly feeling in my stomach wanting to kiss her. I wanted to so bad and I thought she wanted me to, so finally I just stopped talking and turned to look at her. She looked back at me and at the same time we leaned in and kissed. At first it was gentle and exploring.

But our hands began to wander over one others’ bodies and we heated up. Our kisses grew more intense. She sucked on my tongue and I bit her lip.

She unbuttoned my shirt and ran her fingers across my chest. I rubbed eskort bursa her breasts through her shirt and then began to rub her cunt through her jeans.

My cock was hard. So hard it hurt. When she unzipped my fly and her soft cool hands gripped it I moaned. What a feeling.

She jacked my cock and I rubbed her through her jeans. Her cunt was so wet it soaked through her pants.

I stopped to remove my clothes. As I pulled off my pants and shirt she peeled off her top layer. Then she looked at me and raised her hips. What a moment. I took her pants and pulled them down. The lust in her eyes as I pulled them off her feet made my cock pulse. She raised her hips again, this time so I could remove her panties. I peeled them down to reveal a closely trimmed bush. She lie before me naked, legs slightly spread. I roughly pushed them apart and began to lick her pussy.

She was already wet and her cunt swollen. I licked her from her clit down. The taste was wonderful. Sweet, slightly metallic, and richly unique. She gasped as I licked. I reached my hands up to hers and held them. My tongue worked around her swollen clit. I flicked it. I rubbed it hard. I moved up and down her labia. I thrust my tongue into her and fucked her with it. Her breathing quickened and she gripped my hands harder. I slowed down and began to tease her.

Suddenly she sat up, releasing my hands. I kissed my way up her body, pausing to suck on her small but firm breasts. She grabbed my head bursa yabancı escort and pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me hard. We stayed that way for a moment. Kneeling together naked, sucking each other’s tongues and explore each other’s mouths. I reached around and caressed her back and clutched her buttocks.

She broke the kiss and moved down to take my cock in her mouth. Never had I experienced a feeling like her full lips kissing my cock head and then engulfing the shaft. Her mouth was like silk—warm silk. She took me all the way in her mouth and began to suck on me, bobbing her head up and down. I was still kneeling, watching her suck my cock. I admired her body. The triangle of her shoulders, narrowing at the waist and curving out into that luscious ass. I wanted to fuck her.

Now it was my turn to pull her up and kiss her. Again we crushed our mouths together, almost driven mad with desire. I pushed her back and reached to the desk for a condom. As I rolled it down my cock slick with her saliva I looked into her eyes. She smiled lustily and spread her legs wide for me.

I knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet cunt. She closed her eyes and moaned. My cock throbbed, aching to enter her. I positioned it at her wet opening and leaned forward onto her. As my cock slid into her, I lay on her and looked into her eyes again. She returned my gaze as I filled her. We lay like that for a bursa merkez escort moment, too enraptured to move. We were one and we stared into each other.

I began to slowly fuck her and wrapped my arms around her. I buried my face in her neck and breathed her scent in. Her hips rose to meet my thrusts and she ground her clit against me.

Our pace quickened and we were fucking each other for all we were worth. Our mouths met again and we kissed more tenderly. Her cunt gripped my cock tightly and we clung to one another, eyes half closed, lost in the sensation and rhythm of the fuck.

I could feel my orgasm approach and asked her: “are you close? I want to come with you.”

She nodded and we quickened the pace. Her nails dug into my back and I moved my hands down her back to clutch her buttocks. I drove into her and she met me thrust for thrust.

“I’m coming,” she gasped.

I felt my balls contract and began to cum as I felt her cunt convulse around my cock. Together our orgasms seemed to melt into one another and we clutched one another as if to let go would mean the end of life itself. I emptied squirt after squirt of cum into the condom and I felt her juices soak my balls.

As the orgasm subsided we relaxed into one another. I felt my weight pressing her down and our mouths met again. Kisses flowed into one another. M. wrapped her legs around me tightly to keep me in her, and on her. We gazed at one another, drunk with what we had just done.

Of course we had to eventually let go. Of course real life began to intrude. But I will never forget the intensity of that sexual experience, nor the connection made between our mouths and between our eyes that evening. This connection links us still even though it was decades ago.

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