A Notch in My Belt Ch. 02

Bending Over

The next notch in my belt came at the latter part of the school year. I had caught the eye of one of my teachers. Mr. Smith was not as common as his name. He was very handsome, and came across as a straight up kind of gentleman. (It was sort of like the girl was with Professor Indiana Jones.) I have an obsession with smells. I like to smell good, have plenty of perfume, and I love the smell of a man. (The best reference for that is when the coach gets Kim Cattrall into the boy’s locker room in the movie ‘Porky’s.’)

Anyhow, Mr. Smith was walking around the classroom one day assisting the class with a project he had directed us to complete by the end of the period. He walked casually by my desk, and my nostrils were filled with his cologne. It wasn’t one that I ever recall before that day. I inhaled only loud enough for him to hear. He paused, spun around and looked at me. I was needless to say, embarrassed. He politely smiled, and continued on his rounds. When he made it back to the front of the classroom, he kept glancing in my general direction. I squirmed in my seat. It was the last class of the day, and I was anxious to leave. The dismissal bell rings, and we all head for the door.

Whew! I made it out unscathed. I had been so worried I was going to have to explain myself to Mr. Smith. Throughout the following week, if Mr. Smith ever passed my desk, I made sure to inhale quietly. Now that I had had sex, and saw what it could do, there were feelings and emotions that started to make themselves known. I had never, looked at a man and think “Damn, I would love to fuck that!” Yes, that one was rearing its ugly head. All of my friends were older than me, which led to my attraction to older men. All of the guys I went to school with were too immature, watching them perform stupid little pranks that they thought warranted a standing ovation, was a put off to me.

A week or so goes by, and at the end of class one day, Mr. Smith summons me to stay. I continue to sit at my desk as everyone else leaves. Shutting the door, he ventures back towards my direction. He sits his ass down on the desk, with his feet in the seat and rests his elbows on his knees. I could see the outline of his bulge in his black slacks. His heavy starched white dress shirt billowed out from his chest to where I could see his chest hair lying against his tanned skin. Again, his cologne filled the air, and supplied a full complement into my nostrils. He was more than handsome, he was stunning. All I could think about as my sex started to moisten and awaken, was that ‘I bet he knew what to do.’ Imagining my nose close to his neck, breathing in his sensuous aroma, feeling his arms around me until I suffocate, made dying seem worth while. I would have gone to heaven.

“Chase,……..Chase? Did you hear me?” he demanded.

“Uh, I’m sorry. I kind of drifted off.”

“That’s what I am talking about Chase. You are a very smart girl,…..mature, gifted athletically, you have a great potential to do anything you want. You’re being scouted right now for a scholarship, but you went from an A to a C. What’s going on with you?”

“I, I uh it’s nothing.”

“Chase, look I’m not trying to invade your life, I think that you are special and I would hate to see you fuck up for whatever reason, if I can help, then please tell me.”

“I need to get to practice” as I left in a hurry.

How could I tell him? My loins were aching because of the thoughts that I had just flashed about Mr. Smith. I had never had such a desire, a craving before. This all stemmed from sex I told myself. I had watched movies, ones with elaborate sex scenes. I craved for the passion that was emulated by watching them. I was beginning to feel some of that passion when I would look at or be near Mr. Smith. He exuded passion in his teaching, it spilled from his mouth as he would lecture on great writers and poetry. I knew that this man would be able to bring me to another plateau in my sexuality.

After practice, dinner and a shower, I went into my room and finished my homework. I spent the following hour before going to sleep thinking of Mr. Smith. I slid my hand down under my panties and masturbated to the thought of being with him, his hands on my body, his tongue in my mouth, my fingers wisping in his chest hair. The orgasm I brought myself to was the most intense I had ever experienced.

School the following day was as any other day, except that as last period grew near, my stomach became filled with butterflies. In the lunchroom as I sat to enjoy my left over chinese food, Mr. Smith appeared. He sat down beside me.

“Chase, I did not mean to upset you yesterday, I am just concerned. I’m here to help. Please, please, porno if you need to talk or answers, just ask.” He said with a look of concern.

I skipped the rest of the day and went home. I wanted this man, my heart was aching from never feeling like this. I was very confused. Later in the evening, I hopped on my bike and went for a ride to clear my head. Riding along the historic homes and businesses of my community, I headed out to one of the state routes to cruise the open road. Pedaling faster and harder to build my speed as I pushed to get my second wind. I love that feeling, it’s almost like an orgasm throwing you into a sea of bliss. About five miles out from my home, as I am returning, I notice a truck approach and honk its horn. I motion for the driver to come around. As the car approaches I look over and it’s Mr. Smith. I ride my bike onto the shoulder and he pulls in front of me.

“Hey Chase!” he welcomes as he exits his car.

“Hey Mr. Smith, what are you doing out this way?”

“I was just on my way to my parents’ cabin to get it ready for their arrival.”


“Say, would you like to see it? The drive way is just right there.” Pointing up the road.


He loaded my bike into the bed of his pick up truck and I entered the cab sitting on the cold leather of the passenger seat. We pulled into the driveway and proceeded down the wide path of forest trees. It was a half mile long drive, that opened up to a vast area that contained the cabin and a work shed. You could see all of the flowering shrubs, colors that blended against the green forest backdrop. As we got out of the truck, my nostrils were blasted with gardenia fragrance, she must have had at least ten bushes in the front yard. He instructs me to the front door, unlocks the lock, and invites me in. It was a quaint log cabin with the usual rustic look filled with collections that Mrs. Smith must have started collecting many years ago. He excused himself to the thermostat to cool the interior of the house, but it really was not that hot. He offered me a seat on one end of the black leather couch while he sat at the other. A few moments passed in silence.

“Look Mr. Smith, I’m sorry, I have been going through a rough patch. You see, I just had lost my virginity with one of my guy friends……..then I had a pregnancy scare, and I just freaked out. I could have fucked up my entire life if it had come up positive. It’s made me step back and think, not only would I have disappointed myself, my parents and grandparents would have been affected too. I couldn’t do that to them.”

“Oh. Are you serious with this guy?” he asks.

“No, not at all. I don’t have any feelings for him, but I have had some feelings present themselves towards this other person and I don’t know what to do.”

“Does this person know that?” he inquires.


“Well Chase, I know as you grow through life and it leads you down all these different paths, you have to go with what you feel is right. Whether you let your heart lead you or your head. You’ll know which one you should listen to” he offers.

I look at his hazel green eyes, and his light brown hair with highlights of gray that scatter and dream of running my fingers through it. I close my eyes, “It’s you” I confess. The only sound to be heard was that of a grandfather clock ticking.

“Oh Chase” he breathes.

He slides down to my side of the couch, smiles, and leans in to place his lips on mine. I melt. Parting my lips to let his tongue find mine, his mouth so wet and warm. I have never been kissed like that! His tongue was in total control, but it was so gentle. Our saliva was flowing, my tongue was matching his swirls and I was getting hot. He stopped for a moment, and sucked on my bottom lip. He then picks me up and pulls me onto him to straddle his lap. Again our mouths lock. I had never felt so much passion. I could feel his erection through my shorts. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled our bodies together. My entire body was stimulated. Every touch everywhere was tingling. He slides his hands up my thighs onto my hips, grasping firmly as our tongues continue to dance causing me to moisten. His firm manly hands start rocking my hips against his caged manhood. The erotic feeling between us building, he moves his hands to my breasts. Gently squeezing, with two fingers he pulls down my tank top and bra exposing my erect nipple. His mouth suckling on my hardened nipple sent a surge of electricity to my now dripping pussy. I leaned back and lifted my tank top off revealing the polka dot bra that I was wearing. I then reached up to unclasp the front to free my tingling breasts, as he sat there watching like he was about to receive the gift that he had always longed for. I reached for the buttons on his dress shirt, unbuttoning one by one, with each pause to look up at him. He leaned forward so I could slide it off of his broad shoulders and toss it to the floor. Immediately I ran my fingers through his soft chest hair with intensity. He pulled me back down to him, with our chests together, we kiss. Feeling his warm chest and hair rub against my nipples, I think of nothing but the feeling of passion that envelopes me.

His hand slides down between our sexes, and he massages my pussy through my bike shorts. Feeling my steam and swollen lips he rubs his middle finger between them intentionally adding pressure when he reaches my clit. Wanting to feel my flesh, he raises me off his lap to stand up on the couch, he peels my bike shorts down my legs as he steadies me to step out of them. Standing completely naked with my sex at his eye level, he looks in admiration. I would normally have wanted to cover up, but not with him, he that made me feel special.

He glides his hands up my thighs and around to my taut ass pulling me back down into his lap. Again our mouths locked, this time his hand is touching the flesh of my sensitive pussy. OMG!! It felt like when I would masturbate, this man knows how to get me off. His movements were precise, he didn’t act fast, his fondness of the female sex brought me to orgasm. I came on his hand and it was more intense than when I did it to myself. Oh shit, I love this man! He licked his fingers clean all the while looking into my eyes. I was mesmerized.

I slide up his body with my buttocks on his chest and my head cradled between his thighs. He holds my thighs as they spread directly in his face, revealing my glistening sex. Gently, he licks the inside of my thighs working his way to my wanton pussy. This was the first time I had been oral sexed, and it was amazing. He kissed my lips, and parted them with his nose and tongue. I could hear him inhale my steamy scent. His tongue was swirling around and in and out of my opening. Lightly sucking on my clit, I came in his mouth, swallowing my sweet honey, made me feel that he wanted all of me. My inhibitions were gone and my guard was down.

I moved down his body, where we were face to face again, and with both of his hands around my head, he pulls me into his mouth. I feel his cock twitching underneath my dripping sex box, and I start to grind on it leaving my juice on his slacks.

“Sorry!” I said.

“Don’t be, these will be my new favorite pants!” he reassured me.

I started to undo his buckle, he was watching me the entire time. I got the button undone, and slid the zipper down. I could see his cockhead peeking from beneath the band on his boxers. He lifted his ass up so he could slide his pants down to his ankles, I looked down again, and there was his cock, between my lips. Oh I wanted it so bad! I started sliding my lips back and forth on his shaft, his cockhead was hitting my clit on each stroke. Suddenly I stopped.

“What about a condom?” I inquired.

“We don’t need one, I had a vasectomy.” He answered.

He reached down and pushed his cock up for me to sit on. When the head went in, I let a little yelp out, he had length and girth. I sat still for a minute, it felt like I was losing my virginity again. He held me still, and started to buck his hips up and down slowly, letting my juices coat his cock. He got about three quarters of the way in, and I didn’t think I could take the rest. We sat still for a moment again. It hurt, but it was a good hurt, then it turned into an aching hurt because I wanted to feel all of him. My sex was engorged with heat and sensations.

Again, he slowly, slightly gyrated his cock further into my pussy. Literally stuffing his hot meat into my womb. Finally, he was all the way in, and it felt good. I grinded and gyrated against him to feel every bit of him. I started rising and falling on to him, while he watched me enjoy impaling my tight lipped pussy onto his steel hard member. He encouraged me to ride him, and with that I did, I rode him for three orgasms, back to back to back. He was so big, and I was so sensitive, it was inevitable that I would have an orgasm. I wore myself out on his cock, all the while he was caressing and kissing my neck, chest, breast, and arms.

“I want to make you cum.” I pleaded.

“Are you sure you are done?” with inquisition in his voice. “I was just enjoying watching you, feeling you make love to me.”

Never had those words been used. Make love, uhm, so that is what this is.

He finally comes completely out of his pants, boxers, shoes, and socks. He picks me up, with my legs wrapped around his waist, carries me to the bedroom, and lies down on the bed still between my legs.

“Wait!” I pleaded. “I want to please you the way you have pleased me.”

I move down the bed as he rolls onto his back. This man is unselfish, and giving, I wanted to make him feel the way he made me feel. My heart was going to show me how. I leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock, and down the shaft. Licking back up from the base to the head I heard his moans, so I must have been doing something right. Wrapping my lips around the head, I eagerly began sucking up and down the length of his cock. With my head bobbing up and down, he wraps his fingers in my hair, his moans becoming more frequent. I loved having this man in my mouth, and I was going to show him. I cupped and gently massaged his balls as they began to tighten. I felt him load up, his cock twitching. “Chase, I’m going to cum, Chaaaase!” he yelled. He spewed his protein into my mouth, I immediately swallowed the sweet, salty nectar, another rope spurted, I could not get enough of his cum. Still sucking on him, he had to pull me off of his sensitive spent cock.

“Holy shit girl, I think you just sucked the life out of me.” He smiled.

I move forward to lie next to him, he rolls to his side and pulls me against him. Silence between us, he wraps his arm around me pulling me into him and we drift to sleep.

I wake before him with his arm still around me, reveling in the warm passion that this man, my teacher, has just let me experience. Listening to him breathe, feeling his warmth, I’m falling for this man. This can’t work. It won’t work. My heart has led me down a treacherous path. He is divorced and has kids. I’m not ready to be a step mom, shit I’m still in school. I looked at my watch it was close to midnight. I quietly moved his arm and got out of the bed. Dressed and left. The night air was cool as I rode back home on my bike. It was a little difficult to pedal with the quivering of my post orgasm legs. I arrived home, my mom asleep on the couch, and retreated to my room, crawled into my bed and slumbered.

The next day, Friday, at school I was antsy, no one could know. I had my lunch outside instead of the lunchroom hoping to avoid Mr. Smith. Then came last period. I entered the classroom and Mr. Smith was seated at his desk, his eyes locked onto me as I made my way to my desk and sat down. He didn’t look pissed, he looked hurt. He lectured through class and as I listened I faded into thoughts of the previous night. The rush of having my first orgasm with someone that was not induced by my own hand. The way he made me feel, uninhibited, thirsty for more. The dismissal bell sounded throwing me back to reality.

“Chase” he requested. “I need to see you.”

I lingered at his desk until the others had exited the classroom.

“I woke up and you were gone” he stated.

“It was close to midnight and I had to get home, otherwise my mom would have had a search party looking for me.”

“I just wished that I could have held you all night.”

“That would have been nice, but really how can this work? You’re a teacher and I’m a student, the consequences could be detrimental. I followed my heart last night and I woke up with it aching this morning.”

“No one will know, I think that we are both mature enough to handle a relationship like ours. I miss you when you’re gone, I come into work excited cause I get to see you. I have felt this way about you for a couple of months Chase. I cheer my heart out for you when you play at the school games. I’m 41 years old, and I feel like I’m back in high school and I have found my first love. I don’t know of any other way to tell you, I love you.”

My heart sank into my legs. I ached more now just wanting to fall into his arms, but I couldn’t.

“Meet me at my parents cabin again after practice will you?” he asked.

“Ok.” I smiled.

After practice, I rushed home, showered and changed. I drove my car down the path in the forest that led to his parents cabin. He was sitting on the front porch waiting, he approaches and opens my car door for me. He greets me with a loving hug and of course, his scent fills me with ecstasy. He retrieves my overnight bag, and we enter the cabin for a weekend of passionate, uninhibited love making. There were many more weekends together. No one from school ever found out. I graduated and did get a scholarship, he even moved to my college town so we could live together and he taught at the local high school. We stayed together for a couple of years until his parents got sick and he had to move back to take care of them.

That was Mr. Smith, not as common as his name, the most unselfish, caring man that I have ever had the privilege to know. The second notch is my belt is the most worn.

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