A Powerful Crave

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My scream would have disturbed every neighbour, if there were any still working at this hour. His tongue was doing wicked things to my clit and my whole cunt. One hand was titillating my boobs one after the other. He always said that my lower stomach was my second best feature; the top of the list being my boobs. I heard, rather than felt, my juices rushing out of my pussy in a fierce jet, and my legs trembled as if I were a malaria victim. I could not remember an orgasm as powerful as that one.

But he did not desist. He continued licking me all over my lips and delved into my hole once in a while. I could still feel his finger deep in my pussy touching places I never even knew existed before now. I felt my body climbing the ladder of desire all over again. His fingers pinched my ultra-sensitive left nipple, and pulled gently. Electric shocks raced through my body, seeming to end up right inside my pussy. The combination of his stimulation of my boobs, licking and sucking my pussy drove me as high as a kite. Then he pulled my clit between his lips, into the warmth of his mouth. Again I exploded into a knee-trembling climax that threatened to cause my brain to black out. But I was never this wanton kind of woman.

I was an even-tempered woman just a few days ago. When I started work at the restaurant less than two months ago, I would never have imagined that it’s name, Crave Kitchen, would have such a powerful effect on my desires.

I was in charge customer service, making sure that the waitresses were serving customers, and keeping them satisfied. It also meant that I would need to keep track of happenings in the kitchen so that orders flowed from there to customers smoothly. In time noticed a male customer, whose age became an enigma to me; he could be elderly, but I was never sure. He greeted me very warmly, introducing himself as Simon.

“I am so much a part of this place that I could be furniture!” he said. Every day he came in he would say something ridiculous about very normal things, drawing a chuckle from me. I found myself drawn to him in a way I had never quite understood.

Simon liked table number 25, which was on the corridor to the main operating store, where we kept fast moving items. So whenever I had to make a trip to oversee as staff drew items from the store, or sometimes when new stock came in, he would inevitably be eyeing me in ways I would have called lustful, yet which tickled me somewhere deep inside. I did not understand this behavior of my body, or why he had that effect on me.

One day he said, “I would love it if you came to work in a skirt.” I shrunk at the very idea. I have never thought my legs were good for display. When I replied that way, he said I never see them from the proper angle, like he would be. I had to move away before he said something even more frightful.

Another time as I passed him on the way to the store escort bayan he remarked that if that store door lock was a woman, she would be classed a prostitute, so many times it had a key inserted. I glared at him before the import of his comment dawned on me. I could not believe a man of his apparent age could be so free with his words, and to a woman, too! I dashed into the store, and as I left could only look sideways at him. Puzzlingly, my heart was beating faster than normal. What is this man turning me into? Such wicked cravings!

He went so far as to insist on ordering a double portion meal at lunchtimes so that he could “share it with” me. I found a special thrill in doing this with him, as it would be frowned upon if discovered. But I consoled myself that I never took anything from his plate, so no misdemeanor had actually been committed.

One evening he left at about 4pm, with a promise, which was uttered in a way as to sound like a threat. “I will be back!” It excited me in a crazy way to hear those words; my nipples tightened inside my bra. I thought I would not know what to do with myself if he failed to carry out his threat.

He did return and ordered a dinner for himself, which he chased down with a glass of red wine.

When I passed by his table he teased me, “Did you think I would not return?”

“I hoped with all my heart that you would.” I did not let him see what a catastrophe that would have been to me.

But Simon did not leave after his meals. Customers left one by one, until only he and a group of four at another table were left. Closing time came and it was as if he knew it was my duty to balance the stock books and lock up the store for the night. Still he did not leave. The four did not seem to be in a hurry to leave either, even after all the waitresses left. So now there were only the six of us. I should have asked them all to leave but I hesitated, since I was enjoying Simon’s company; he actually said he would drop me home. I was just finishing the last entries in the ledgers when the four left leaving me with Thomas. I followed them to the main door and locked it.

He left his seat and brazenly joined me in the store. He held my face between his palms, so tenderly I hesitated to move away. But when he looked into my eyes with so much love in them, I was completely taken over.

“I have wanted to hold you like this since the days of Noah and the ark,” he said in a low voice. I could not help a chuckle bubbling up.

Then he ran a thumb down my cheek, causing a tremor to race through me. His eyes held mine in a lock so that I could not look away. But I did not want to. “You are so beautiful and desirable, my darling.”

When he pulled me towards him, I could not resist the kiss he planted on my lips. A fire erupted in the pit of my stomach, seeming to burn a hole through my chest. It seemed to have gone altıparmak escort bayan down into my panties setting them ablaze too. His tongue played in my mouth and before I knew it, mine joined his in the dance. We kissed each other ravenously.

Within no time we had undressed each other. A part of my brain reflected that we were both so sex-starved that this was going to go all the way tonight. He spent so much time making love to my boobs that they became sensitive to the touch. His mouth then travelled south, stopping at my navel like an Arab at an oasis to water his camels. This stopover caused my pussy to get even wetter!

Then he was nuzzling my sparse pubic hair, which had never grown thicker than when I was a teenager. It has always remained soft. I felt his lips grazing among them, and his warm breath on the lips of my cunt. My hips lifted off the table at this provocation. Then I felt his tongue seeking my slit. And what a wicked tongue it was! One finger sunk into my pussy, followed by another, creating tectonic effects in my whole body.

One hand had been left on duty at my boobs and it was doing sterling work there stimulating me even more. His tongue met my juices of arousal very near the entrance. I could not believe I was so filled with lust. He spread them all over my lips, opening them more and more. I felt the fingers inside, like a miniature penis being pushed deeper into my hole. I heard his moan vibrating against my flesh. This licking champion had me right at the edge of orgasm. He pinched my left boob between two fingers and that sent me right over the top. A fierce fire started deep inside my pussy, spreading through my groin area into the stomach, and before I knew, it had spread to my whole body. I let loose a scream that would have disturbed any neighbours, but I think they had closed up by now and gone home. He gave me another powerful orgasm on the heels of that first one.

I had not finished with the stock figures for the next day but I felt I had to have his cock, which so far had remained hidden in his trousers. And not on a table either, but in a bed. So I stood up, pulled my clothes on without bothering with underwear. He also pulled his on in a great hurry, and without any decorum.

Locking the store we walked quickly, almost ran, to the front door after dousing all the lights save for the security ones. I locked it carefully, and threw the keys deep in my handbag, since it was my duty to open the doors for staff at 6am the next day. He grabbed hold of my hand as we crossed the road in front of Crave towards the Railway Station’s parking lot. He led me to a shiny black Volvo SUV with chrome on the mudguards. By the time we got to the passenger door he had unlocked, and he only needed to open the door for me. Having settled me, he went round to the driver’s side and got in.

He drove nilüfer eskort out of the parking towards the highway and my home. Though the car rode very well, and I was enjoying the smoothness of the ride, I could not wait to get home. When we got to the gate, the house, as usual was dark. I promised myself yet again to install a timing device to switch on some internal lights so that it was not always obvious to an onlooker that I got home so late.

I swung open the gate and the big car slid through so quietly that he could have switched off the engine. I should drive a car like this, I promised myself silently. I showed him to park as near to my bedroom window as possible. I unlocked the front door and threw the switch for both the external security light and the living room one. Locking the door, I pulled him into a big warm hug and kissed him hungrily, showing him how much I wanted him. He replied with equal vigour.

“Show me to the scene of the crime!” he said breathlessly.

I needed his cock in me urgently. I dragged him down the corridor to my room. Inside the door, we shed our clothes as untidily as we had pulled them on in the restaurant. Without preamble I threw myself on my back on the bed, holding my arms out invitingly. He needed no second bidding. In a flash his body was over me, his very hard cock nuzzling in my pussy hairs. I reached down to angle it between my hungry lips. Equally needy, he thrust his hips down splitting my lips insistently. I replied by lifting myself slightly letting him into my secret place. His hardness felt heavenly in me, filling me so completely as if pussy and cock had been designed in the same factory for each other. The fit was perfect. I clenched my Kegel muscles, gripping him tightly. He groaned like one in great pain.

He began his strokes gently at first. Every movement of his was so good; it felt like I was floating high up above the earth. He increased his pace causing my arms to fly to his neck and hold him tightly against me. The fire burning in my middle only increased in intensity as he fucked me firmly yet lovingly. Only a few minutes into this, I was overcome by the hot emotions coursing through me.

“I am cummmiiii-ing!” I screeched, my hips lifting myself and him off the mattress. My thigh muscles felt so stiff, and my hands around his neck so tight that I almost feared I was strangling him. I loosened them, while waves of indescribable pleasure raced through my entire being.

I only vaguely registered a deep groan from him, seeming to come from a long distance away. As my own legs released their pressure we slumped back onto the bed, I felt his own stiffen, relax and stiffen again.

“You are sucking me dry!” he growled near my ear. His body was twitching as if he had been electrocuted. Never had I felt a man reach such heights of orgasm. I felt inordinately proud that it was I who had flown him so high. Finally his body gave out and he slumped heavily onto me. My soft groan alerted him.

Sliding off to my side, he said, “Oh so sorry darling!” He still sounded breathless. Wound around each other we fell into deep contented slumber, as much of our bodies in contact as we could manage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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