A Quick Ride

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Michelle has been eyeing him all night. She knew he could give her what she wanted. Sitting across from him in the trendiest west coast bar, sipping a girlie cocktail, she couldn’t help but hope he was staring back. Deciding that she would regret inaction, she stared at him at waited until she would catch his eye. In a moment, she had his eyes locked on her and she threw the most devilish smile at him and then sipped her drink. The little maneuver worked; he was on his way over to her.

“Hi, mind if I sit?” he ask as he sat down next to her anyway. He was well dressed in some gray slacks and a matching blazer and a black silk button up shirt. Here was a guy who didn’t have a problem spending money on his wardrobe.

Michelle could appreciate that. She was wearing a saucy little skirt that open up in the front so when she crossed her legs u could get an eyeful of her smooth legs. She had an ultra low V-neck that was sleeveless and was made of a material that seems to breathe across her body. In this outfit, she could lure a vampire into the sun. She knew it too.

“My name is Vince. Could I buy you another one of those?” he asked her.

“Hi, I’m Michelle and you could buy me another one if you promise to take me somewhere happening when I finish it. This bar is getting dry tonight.”

“Ok, you have yourself a deal, ” Vince replied with his best suck-my-cock-tonight-smile. Michelle knew the smile very well.

While she finished her drink, they exchanged vibes and told little jokes. Michelle had been incredibly busy with her job and hadn’t had time to get laid for nearly a month. Vince was charming and had the body of guy who spent twenty plus hours a week in a gym. Not that Michelle was loosing her figure or anything like that. She had perky tits that were as firm eskort bayan bursa as ever and no one could look at them and not imagine sucking on her pencil eraser nipples. Her ass was the product of long hours on a treadmill and she had a glistening tan that looked like she laid nude in the sun all day long. Which was something she did on occasion. She knew she could land Vince without even having to reach into her bag of tricks.

As they walked out of the bar, she walked quickly over to her car. Vince couldn’t help himself to not stare as her ass as she walked over to her car. He could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties as he could see where her ass cheeks separated. His dick became hard at the idea of riding this saucy bitch. But he would play it cool.

“Cumming?” Michelle asked she opened the driver side door. Now that he was facing her Vince was almost positive that her outfit was see through. He tried not to stare as he walked over to her T- topped Camaro, but he could barely make out the outline of her pussy lips. He couldn’t help but wonder what he was getting himself into.

They drove for about ten minutes and Vince was trying to look as though he was watching the road, but with the wind racing through her top, he was trying to sneak peaks at her tits. Michelle noticed this immediately.

“Are you gonna gawk at them all night or do you think you’re gonna try make a move slick?” Michelle asked without so much as looking in his direction. Vince didn’t hesitate to slide his hand over left breast. He cupped it in his hand and gave it the slightest squeeze, thumbing her diamond hard nipples. When she made a sharp change in her breathing he leaned over and licked her earlobe while he massaged her breasts. She made slight moans and Vince became rock hard in his altıparmak escort slacks.

As he slid his hand lower and into her skirt, Michelle decided that it was time to pull over. Coming to a quick stop, she looks at Vince and thrusts her tongue into his mouth. This kiss lasts only a second as she climbs out of her car and he follows her onto the grassy earth. Michelle laid flat on her back, squirming in anticipation. Vince stood over her and pulled off his shirt and she immediately sat up. Without the slightest fumble, she undoes his belt and pulls out his cock. It leaps out at her and like a professional cock sucker she slides her lips around his seven and a half inch prick. Steadying herself with a hand on his hips, she caressed his balls with the other. As she took all of it him her mouth, she looked up and saw his eyes roll back in his head. Her nose touched his stomach as his cock went well down into her throat and she slurped hard as she slid it out and then back in. Vince bucked his hips and put his hands on her head as he neared orgasm. Michelle licked his balls, then guided her tongue up and down his shaft. Deciding that there had been enough foreplay she squeezed his dick hard and he looked down to see what she was doing.

As their eyes met, she rolled onto her hands and knees and hiked her skirt up over her ass as she pointed it up into the night sky. Closing her eyes, Michelle waited for that familiar feeling of a rock hard prick easing its way against her juicy lips.

Vince dropped to his knees and grabbed her hips as he prepared to mount her. Her shaven pussy glistened in the moonlight, as her juices reflected starlight. Had Vince, not been so anxious to fill this little trick up with his cum, he would have loved to suck her bursa türbanlı escort cunt dry. Her two cute lips that protruded slightly, with some delicious looking meat in the center, was completely irresistible to him. But he had to get his rocks off in the harshest way.

With a joyful first thrust he rammed Michelle’s pussy. His cock drove in with little resistance, but her inner walls hugged his prick so hard he would have thought her a virgin. She let out a cry of pleasure and excitement as his dick plunged into her. With a smooth rocking motion he fucked her like a little school girl. On her knees and elbows she ran her fingers through her own hair as she gulped and moaned in the night air. Vince’s breathe became even more rapid as he picked up some speed and adding some roughness to his thrusts. He was ramming his dick in her so fast that his balls slapped hard against her clit.

He licked his right index finger and reached around under her, searching for her little pink pearl of a clit. She gave him a hand and the second his finger applied the slightest pressure, she lost all control. Her hips bucked and she screamed with excitement. Her bucking and screaming did a real number on Vince’s cock, as her pussy contracted with every twist and turn.

“Oh, fuck me,” Michelle said in a way that Vince couldn’t tell if it had been a whisper or a scream.

He could feel his cum boiling up to the top of his dick, when Michelle reached back and grabbed his ass. She held him deep inside her as her body scrunched and folded with her climax. He could see her bite her lip and squinch her eyes and this was enough to make him cum. He started shooting his load into her and grabbed her ass in return. As he pumped his cum into her, he felt his body become drained of all energy. He quickly collapsed on top of her and let out a sigh as the last drops of cum spilled out her pussy.

Laying next to each other on the side of the road, sweating and streaming with one another’s juices, Vince and Michelle smiled knowing that this was only the beginning of some beautiful fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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