A Replacement for Susan

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Ever had a live changing moment? I had one a few months ago when my mom told me I should stop seeing my girlfriend, Susan. Now my mom by any stretch of the imagination could not be labelled as laid back. She always has her eye on the ball to the extent that she never seems to be able to sit back and relax, always on the go. She’s never made any secret of the fact that she has high hopes for me, here she is a little vague, as long as I end up with a profession, she’s not too fussed between me being a doctor a lawyer or at a push something in politics.

Susan on the other hand has a family possibly too laid back, true both her parents work but neither were what anyone would call professional; they’re both employed by the towns canning factory. Susan attended the same college as me but was doing courses revolving around fashion and beauty care. She was up for anything in the sack and her parents were ok for us to hang out at their house, her mom liked me and I guess they hoped that Susan and I would eventually get hitched.

It’s when my mom got wind of this fact that she told me I should stop seeing Susan. Needless to say I thought she was joking at first, but it soon became apparent she was deadly serious. She told me I should find a girl with ambition preferably with professional parents.

I was adamant that I was going to carry on seeing Susan, but once my mom sets her mind to an idea there is just no living with her until she gets her way. But in this instance I was determined to win.

A week or so later she mentioned it a second time. ‘What do you see in her’ she asked me.

‘Apart from the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous and that I enjoy her company?’

‘But can’t you see, she and her family probably see you as a meal ticket for her and most likely them too?’

‘What on earth are you talking about?’ I asked incredulously.

‘I’ve seen the same thing countless times. She’ll get pregnant and you’ll drop out of college to find a job or if she’s clever she’ll wait until you’re about to graduate before getting pregnant and once you’re married her folks will be struck down with one thing or another and be unable to work… People like that are parasites.’

I just looked at her open mouthed, unable to formulate a coherent response I just walked out. The trouble was, moms words were like a virus which almost instantly began to grown in my head. Over the next week or so I began to look at Susan and her parents with new eyes. In all honesty I couldn’t be sure mom was as far off the mark as I’d originally thought.

At about that time mom raised the subject a third time.

‘Paul.’ She said as we sat alone in the kitchen one evening. ‘Have you thought about what I said about Susan and her family?’

I told her that I had and that she was way out of line and completely wrong. To this day I’ve no idea why I said that, a sense of perversion maybe! Expecting her to go off on a rant again I began to get up from the table.

‘Paul, before you shoot off, there’s something I’d like to put to you.’

‘I’m listening, but if you’re going to go one like last time I’ll leave.’

‘I promise I wont. I know a young man your age has needs that a girl like Susan is happy to accommodate. But you’ve got to see that in a few years time when you’ve been to university, you’ll be a completely different person with as much in common with her and her family as you have with a family from china.’

‘I’m sure you’re right mother, but who’s to say Susan won’t change too.’

‘I’m sorry to say this but she won’t and before you take that as me bad mouthing her, I don’t mean it like that. People only change through education and ambition. Now please think hard about what I’ve said.’

‘Okay mom, you find me a girl you deem suitable and I’ll happily check her out but she’s got to be good looking, good company and have a sex drive to match mine!’

My mother paled somewhat at my requests but to her credit didn’t runaway screaming, in fact she surprised me a little by asking if I had any peculiar tastes where sex was concerned!

Now my mom as well as being ambitious could be described as a bit of a prude. As far as I knew she and dad had stopped sleeping together years ago. I can’t remember ever seeing her anything less than fully dressed, not even in a swimming costume. So I took great pleasure in being a little more explicit that I could have been when I replied.

‘I like girls with a submissive streak who are very broad minded. I like playing with ropes and stuff so she’ll need to be ok about that. I’ll expect her to dress how I like so she needs to be a bit of an exhibitionist and I like to give and receive oral.’

Mom had paled significantly as I’d been speaking but to her credit didn’t create like I thought she might, she even made notes in pad she keeps in her purse.

Man it was weird hearing her read it back to me! She asked if there was anything else so for good measure I told her I liked anal too! When she asked if that was giving or receiving we both shared bursa eskort a very rare moment of merriment together!

‘Leave it with me.’ Mom said when we’d stopped laughing.

Dad came in about then and I noticed she quickly slipped her notepad back into her purse.

The next few weeks slipped along like they do. I saw Susan two or three times, but already I could feel the void between us. Maybe it was for the best if we parted, but I wasn’t going to until I had to, if only to avoid my mother thinking she had instigated the separation.

Over dinner one evening, mom casually told me she’d found a girl for me, she even had a photo and I have to say I was fairly impressed by it. Her name was Anna. She was studying to be a doctor and both her parents were also doctors of medicine. When I asked about my sexual requirements mom went a bright shade of red as she said that she had spoken to Anna’s mother and she believed the mother had spoken to Anna.

It all looked promising but I was careful not to seem too keen. But eventually mom ‘persuaded’ me to meet Anna the following evening.

And so as I pulled up outside Anna’s I was more than a little intrigued as to what the evening might have in stall. Anna I’ve got to say looked stunning in a short light dress. Her parents had made themselves scarce so she invited me in for a coffee.

At first our conversation was a little awkward but we soon relaxed and found mutual interests to talk about. After an hour or so I casually asked her if her mother had said anything to her about me.

‘You mean your sexual tastes?’

Wow I thought! ‘Yes.’

‘She said you like submissive women who have an exhibitionist streak and like to give and receive oral. You also like light bondage and anal.’

‘That more or less covers it.’ Adopting an almost interview like attitude I asked her if she had any comments or ‘needs’ of her own.

‘I’ve had a few boyfriends but they were only boys. I’m looking for a man who can take control, make me do what he wants me to do. I’ve never tried bondage, anal or had anyone go down on me. But I intuitively know I’ll enjoy them.’

Wow again, I thought to myself. Time for a little fun.

‘Anna, stand up and take off your dress for me.’

Would you believe it, she did just that. A few moments later she was standing before me wearing just a skimpy pair of panties and matching bra. Not bad I thought to myself, slim but tits which looked to be about a C cup, nice hips and a tummy with just a hint of a bulge.

‘Now your underwear.’

Seconds later she was naked before my hungry eyes. Her pubes were neatly trimmed and she had nicely defined nipples, close to perfection.

‘Wow Anna, you look gorgeous.’ I told her making her blush from head to toe. ‘Lie back on the couch and open your legs.’

When she had, I stood up and removed my clothes, it wasn’t hard to see the hunger in her eyes as she watched me as avidly as I had watched her. Once I was naked I sat between her legs and touched her, when she began to moan softly I lowered my face to nuzzle her clit. When her hands grabbed my hair I stopped and told her to put her hands behind her head. This only made her moan even louder. Her orgasm when it came was very powerful, her whole back arched up and I had trouble keeping her clit near my mouth.

As she lay on the couch panting I fondled her boobs, occasionally tweaking her nipples to gauge her response.

‘Oh Paul that was fantastic. Thank you.’

‘I thought you’d enjoy it, your pussy is very tasty by the way.’

‘I’m relieved to hear you say that, my friends are always saying their boyfriends think the taste is horrible.’

‘Well your’s isn’t! I’m trying to decide whether to fuck you or get you to blow me.’

‘Paul I know you didn’t ask and that sent a shiver down my spin. I will do what ever you want me to.’

Fuck me. That was one erotic line! ‘Are you on the pill?’

‘I’m not! I’m sure there aren’t any condoms in the house either. Do you have one?’

‘I didn’t for the life of me expect to need one this evening. Blow job it is then.’

And just like that Anna sucked me off in a very satisfactory manner. Once I’d cum we lay together on her couch quite comfortable making small talk in the nude. It wasn’t long before we realised Anna didn’t actually have a lot of room in her life for a full time boyfriend, but she was quick to reassure me that she was more than happy to be fuck buddies as she so eloquently put it. Although she’d only had sex a few times she knew it was something she needed as much as wanted.

We chatted intimately for another hour or so before I made her cum with my fingers and she got me off again using her hands and mouth, almost as good as sex! Afterwards I got dressed and Anna casually slipped her dress over her naked form. As we parted I assured her we were going to have a lot of fun together. I told her that in future she would not wear underwear when we met and she told me she would be going on the pill A.S.A.P. As I was leaving, bursa otele gelen escort the surrealness of our ‘date’ hit me like a brick as our lips met and we shared our first kiss!

Needless to say my mother was waiting to hear how things had gone. On an impulse I told her I didn’t think it’d work out so well.

‘Okay. No spark?’

‘More a case of too much on her plate already.’

‘That I can believe. Oh well, maybe Diane will suit you better.’

‘Diane?’ I asked as Mom fished a photo out of her hand bag of an attractive looking girl who was studying to become a flutist. Her father was a judge and her mother was a lecturer.

‘She’s been told about…’

‘I told her mother just like I did Anna’s.’

Needless to say I again reluctantly agreed to meet my mothers arranged date and meet we did the next evening, at a house again devoid of parents. We chatted for an hour or so about our lives. Diane didn’t seem to extrude sex in the way Anna did but it was still easy to see she had a fit body under the several layers of clothes she was wearing. And the unmistakable hungry look was easy to see in her eyes.

Knowing there was nothing to loose, I asked if her mother had said anything about, me. She was obviously embarrassed by my question but told me she had.

‘Paul.’ She said. ‘I’m not sure what our mothers have been cooking up between them but you should know I’ve never done anything like that, I’ve never even had a boyfriend.’

‘I see. Have you ever wanted one?’

Again she blushed before quietly telling me that she had very much wanted to have a boyfriend.

‘About what your mom may have said to you.’

More blushing. ‘I would like to go out with you and I’m sure I will enjoy, you know doing stuff with you.’

Clearly Diane wasn’t up for it in the same way as Anna had been, but there was something about her that caught my eye, hidden promise maybe! We spent the next hour or so chatting. As we were parting at the door Diane hugged me tightly and gave me a quick shy kiss, when the roof didn’t collapse on her head she seemed happy to kiss for longer and with more passion. As we parted I asked if she would like to go to a movie at the weekend and her face lit up. We kissed again and to test the waters so to speak I gave her tits a quick feel.

She pulled away from me a little as I fondled her, just to look at me.

‘No one has ever touched me like that before.’

I was still cupping her boob and asked if she enjoyed it. She said she most definitely did and we shared another passionate kiss.

‘Your breasts feel great even through your jumper.’

Proving that she could take a hint as well as the next girl she quickly removed her sweater. She stood close to me and I reached up and fondled her boobs again as she looked down at my hands.

‘Undo your blouse.’

When she had I took a moment to feast my eyes on her rather impressive rack.

‘Nice.’ I said. ‘After the movie we’ll go somewhere quiet. I’m looking forward to watching you strip completely.’

That news didn’t seem to phase her unduly which was a good sign.

‘I think I’ll enjoy stripping for you. I’ve never felt like this before. I get a buzz when I play a complicated piece on my flute, but I’ve never felt quite like this before.’

‘Well Diane, if it helps, kissing is like a starter at a restaurant, enjoyable and tasty but it is only an appetiser for the main course.’

‘Will I be your main course on Saturday?’

‘That is up to you.’

‘Paul, I want to be your main course. My parents will be out till late on Saturday, we could come back here.’

‘That sounds like a plan. I’ll pick you up at six. Don’t wear a bra and if you’re feeling brave wear a skirt with out any panties.’

‘I’ll be ready and dressed as you want me. Anything else?’

I kissed her again and gave her tits one last feel before telling her that would be just perfect. I left wondering if I was creating a monster but knew it was going to be great fun finding out just how fierce it became!

Again I didn’t give much away when I got home and made out she’d struck out a second time. Mom asked if I planned to see Anna again and I said we’d possibly meet up one day next week. She admitted to wondering if Diane might be a little timid for me but thought it was worth a shot as her mother seemed to think it might do her good to mix more. Little did she know I thought.

I told her about Saturdays cinema date which seemed to cheer her up. I spent most of the next day with Susan, but the magic was definitely going out of the relationship.

On Saturday at six I knocked on Diane’s door. Her mother opened it and I have to say she was very easy on the eye, obviously dressed ready to go out too.

‘Hello Paul won’t you come in, Diane won’t be a minute. What film are you going to see?’

I told her and she mentioned that she’d heard it was getting good reviews. About then Diane made an appearance, I was pleased nilüfer escort to see that she was wearing a skirt and by the way she hugged her short coat I figured, like she’d said, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She kissed her mother lightly on her cheek and said that she would see her later. Her mother made a point of saying that they wouldn’t be back before midnight. As she said this I swear she looked me in the eye and winked.

As we drove away from her house Diane visibly relaxed and apologised about her mother. I asked what she meant.

‘I already knew they would be out until midnight, so there was no need to tell me again! She gave me, the talk earlier!’

‘The talk?’

‘About boys and what you might expect from me.’

‘What was her advice?’ I could see that she’d hoped I wouldn’t ask but hey you wouldn’t?

‘She said I should relax and more or less close my eyes and think of England. She made me bring a pack of condoms out with me too. See!’ She said as she dug them out of her small purse.

‘Only three?’ I commented.

That broke the ice for her and we both laughed.

As I drove I slipped my hand onto her bare thigh and was pleased that she didn’t flinch. I resisted to urge to slid it up to her pussy but only just, figuring like a fine wine Diane would be best consumed slowly. The film was as good as I’d heard, not too much gore or too much romance! I had my hand on her thigh throughout the film, gently holding it, managing to resist but only just. To know that I could made meant that I didn’t need too!

On the drive back to hers we talked about the film and again I had my hand on her thigh for most of the time. Occasionally I looked across to see her boobs clearly defined under her thin but loose blouse. At nine we were walking up the path to her front door, I wasn’t surprised to see Diane’s hand shake a little as she slipped the key into the lock.

Once we were inside, Diane dropping her jacket onto a chair and stood in the middle of their lounge. It was obvious how nervous she was which I guess is understandable but I have to say she did look sexy standing in front of me in her loose skirt and thin blouse. Knowing she was mine to do with as I will, as they say, was extremely intoxicating. I looked at her for maybe a minute or so before I moved to stand close to her.

‘Diane, I know you’re nervous and if you’d rather wait, I’m cool with that. But I’ve got to tell you, you look good enough to eat’

‘Paul, thank you, no one has ever said that to me. I am nervous but I want to please you and I want to please you tonight. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.’

‘Show me your bedroom.’ Diane took my hand and led me to the stairs and then to her room.

‘Sorry if it’s a little childish.’

I didn’t say anything, as if I’d even notice! I sat on her bed while she stood in front of me looking even more unsure of herself. I looked at her and ran my hands up the out side of her legs and asked if she’d enjoyed going out wearing so little.

‘It had felt strange and exciting at the same time.’ She told me. ‘It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to leave my knickers off.’

‘You could have worn a thicker top and a longer skirt. I’m very impressed that you wore what you have.’

‘I almost did but I knew you’d want me to wear something like this.’

‘I couldn’t have picked out a better outfit for you myself. But you’ve spoilt my surprise telling me you’re naked under here!’ I said as I slid my hands up the outside of her thighs up to her hips, lifting her skirt but not enough to expose her. ‘But I’ll forgive you. There is still one mystery though, will you be shaved trimmed or natural?’

‘Most of my friends shave. They say their boyfriends like it.’

When I told her that I prefer trimmed to shaved a smile briefly touched her lips.

‘Why don’t you slip out of your skirt.’ I said and sat back to watch her do just that. Trimmed as I’d suspected. ‘And your blouse.’ A few moments later Diane was naked and happy to let me stare at her flawless body.

I slid my hands up her thighs to her hips and gentle pulled her closer to me. I leaned forward to briefly suck her nipples before telling her what was going to happen.

After I’d removed my clothes I was going to kiss her and run my hands over her body, she was free to do the same to me. After that I would push her to her knees and she was to take me into her mouth. I told her that I might stop her at some point or let her make me cum. I’d let her know if I was going to. I’d like to cum in her mouth, but wouldn’t be too fussed if she finished me with her hand.

‘Okay so far?’ I asked.

‘Perfect, then what?’

‘You’ll lie on the bed and I’ll eat you out.’

‘You have no idea how much the thought of you doing that is turning me on.’

‘I’m pleased to hear that. Hopefully I’ll be able to make you cum, once you have I’ll put on one of your condoms and fuck you as carefully as I can.’

‘Oh Paul I am ready now and knowing what you’re going to do, well you know it’s made me want to do it even more. Please undress and kiss me.’

And kiss we did as well as all the rest. She made me cum with her mouth and swallowed every drop of cum I gave her. She came with almost as much force as Anna had as I licked and sucked her virginal pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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