A Story To Make Her Cum

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** This story is written after receiving some really positive feedback recently, the idea was so hot I had to give it a try! – I hope you enjoy it xx **

I lay back on the bed, the soft blanket beneath me had warmed in the sunshine falling in through the window, my naked skin, smooth and cool in comparison. Mark sits at the end of the bed watching me stretch out and get comfortable. I was feeling a little sleepy from the wine we had had in the garden with lunch and could have easily drifted off into a lovely afternoon nap however I knew he had other plans, what, I wasn’t sure, but I knew I was going to enjoy it.

“I have something for you,” He whispered with a glint in his eyes, “Something I found earlier that I think you will enjoy.” I prop myself up on one elbow, my hair falling over my shoulder and covering my breast right down to my nipple. “Now, firstly I want you to put this blindfold on.”

Oh this was new, we had used blindfolds before, but not for a while, and it was usually me covering his eyes! However I did as I was told and covered my eyes, turning my sunny view dark, instantly. As if the blind fold made me completely submissive, I lay back down and awaited further instructions. I felt him moving on the bed and lay down next to me, his body close enough to be able to feel him down the length of my body, without him actually touching any part of me. With my sight removed my other senses were heightened, it felt like every tiny hair on my skin was trying to reach out, to feel what was happening around it.

“Now open your legs slightly and begin touching yourself.” I did as I was told, it was all I could do to stop myself before I had been given the instruction. I ran my hands down my belly and to the top of my hip, skirting the curved bone and down to the top of my parted thighs. I let one finger run down my lips, smooth and hot, before bring in it back up parting them as I went. The slow action allowed me to feel, for the first time, just how turned on I was. Bringing the finger gently across my clit and up still further I left a wet trail behind. I lifted my hand and held it up towards where I believed he was. He took my hand and gently sucked arap porno the finger into his mouth, inhaling my scent and tasting my juices, before placing it back on my pussy and rubbing it back and forth. I drew a deep, long breath and sunk deeper onto the soft surface of the bed.

He removed his hand as I continued to play with myself. “I am going to read you a story I found earlier.” He said, so close to my ear I could feel his breath hot, on my skin. I paused the motion of my fingers as I listened, “Don’t stop!” He ordered, “I want to watch you cum as I read to you.” Read to me? Now that sounded hot! I started to move my fingers again, slowly the tip of one finger gently grazing the hood of my clit. I can feel my breathing deepen and I am aware of the rise and fall of my breasts even though I can’t see them. I hear him take a breath in as he begins to recite the words from the book…

“I work my fingers, gently around her nipple, not touching the very sensitive tip.” His words describing the actions of another man, touching another woman, was more of a turn on than I could have imagined. Instinctively I move my hand to my breast and begin gently circling my nipple.

“I close my finger and thumb around the nipple and tweak the firm skin, feeling it pucker and react to my touch,” I follow suit and match what is being said. “As I watch her delicate skin change colour with arousal I close my lips around the delicate tip and flick it with my tongue.” He pauses and I move my fingers slowly away from my nipple so he can take over. But he doesn’t, he carries on reading, leaving me aching in his absence. “I suck gently at first, drawing the tip into my hot mouth, then letting it go and blowing gently on the flesh before taking it back in my mouth and nibbling gently causing her to squirm and wriggle under me. But not enough to make me let go, I know she loves it!”

Mark also knows I love it, he has chosen this story well and I go back to touching myself. I pull the nipple gently, knowing he will be watching, wishing it was his mouth. I hear him take a slow intake of breath, before beginning again.

“I continue to suck hard on bedava porno her nipple as I trail my finger tips gently down her body, the touch is barely perceptible, I know she is distracted by the tongue flicking back and forth causing her breathing to deepen and the odd gasp as I change what I am doing to escape her gently parted lips. My fingers reach her sweet pussy and I gently ran a finger down her soft lips, and as I draw it back up I press a little harder, parting them and trailing my finger through her wetness.”

I dip my own finger between my lips and can not believe just how wet I am. Rubbing the silky juices around and over my clit I breath in sharply at the touch. I rub back and forth, spreading my silk around the area and allowing my hips to move as I ease into a steady rhythm.

“I slowly and intently insert a single finger all the way inside her, reaching as far in as I can, feeling her wetness draw me in, as my palm reaches her mound I allow my thumb to rest against her clit and use this as leverage to start slowly moving my hand back and forth, rubbing the pad of my finger against the front wall of her pussy.” I can hear the desire in his voice the further into the story we get, he wants to be that man, that hand. He wants to be touching me as I am, right now. But will not allow himself to do it, he is showing more restraint than I could right now, I couldn’t stop I wanted to!

“I can feel her skin heating beneath me as I insert a second finger and begin a circular motion on her clit. I hear her soft moans of desire as her fingers grip the sheet either side of her beautiful hips and I watch her face glow as she cums hard on my fingers.” I wonder if he is watching my face now, as I cum at my own touch, one hand at my nipple the other buried in my own pussy. I wonder if he watched my face as it happened or if he was watching me frantically working my fingers, selfishly taking myself over the edge. My own fingers are now still, resting, covering my damp skin, my breathing returning to normal. I am about to reach up and remove the blindfold when he continues reading.

“With my spare hand I reach behind me and locate cüce porno the waiting toy I had placed their earlier. Her favourite, pink rabbit, complete with fresh batteries! Without switching it on, I parted her lips with my fingers and gently inserted the tip. She gasped as she recognised the feel of it’s soft shaft slowly filling her.”

I felt something touch my leg and as I reached out I realised it was my very own white rabbit! I eagerly grasped the end and moved it between my legs rubbing the tip of the head against my already sensitive clit.

“I pushed the shaft in until the ears touched her super sensitive clit, before pulling its length all the way out. I loved how the shaft glistened with her juices, it reminded me of watching my own cock sliding in and out of her. I push it back in and allow the ears to rub up against her, even though they aren’t on yet, this causes her to groan.” I follow the instructions and hold the rabbit, now firmly within my body, up against my throbbing clit, my hips moving almost involuntarily as I listen to the pleasure of this other woman through the voice of my man. “I switch on the ears surprising her and causing her hips to buck.” I do the same and have to almost instantly move them away from my clit for the intense feeling I get, instead I move them side to side around the very sensitive area but not directly on it, I let out a breath as a wave of pleasure takes over, as I inhale again I can smell Mark close to me, but still not touching me.

“I increase the setting and begin thrusting the rabbit in and out of her, fucking her hard. Her hands have moved to her own breasts now as she searches for any sensation she can get to increase the pleasure.” Oh yes, I turn the setting up to maximum to match and begin fucking myself knowing he is watching. I feel the walls of my pussy almost pushing the rabbit out as it begins to contract around the shaft, I am moaning my head turned to the side, trying to reach him anyway I can. “I watch as her skin flushes and her back arches, holding onto the bed she growls as she cums.” I bite my lip and hold the rabbit hard against me as my hips move me frantically against the ears cumming so hard I can feel wetness running down the crack between my buttocks as the rabbit is finally forced out. I lay, breathing hard, heat rising off my body in a blissful glow as Mark removes my blindfold and kisses me, the urgency and desire tangible in his touch now he finally allows himself to do it.

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