A Strange Affair


The Affair
The Meeting

My company had selected me to attend a conference in Atlanta. Seeking to further my position in the company I had agreed to go. It wasn’t what you would call a vacation, much less a picnic, as it meant long hours of boring lectures and taking notes and nothing to do in the evening Being single I had hopped I might find a lovely young lady to spend some time with.
I had been in town for two days now and nothing had caught my fancy. I was having a late dinner and as I looked up this beautiful female came in the restaurant. I felt like I had found the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with not just the next few days. She appeared to be about 5’ 6 or 7, medium size breast, a lovely small waist, and legs that reached all the way up to her hips. They looked like Leonard himself had sculptured them. Actually, the whole woman looked like Leonard had done all the work.
Then I noticed two small girls with her. I felt devastated and immediately realized she was most likely married. My ego went to the floor and my hopes faded faster than they had risen. How can she be so beautiful and so married at the same time?
My first thought was to try anyway but the prospects seemed very dim and did I want to have a couple of little girls hanging around. How much fun could be when all I wanted to do was stay in bed with this lovely woman and do what a man and women do, for enjoyment?
I decided it wasn’t worth it, no matter how beautiful she was. I also thought I must be losing my mind. I looked back towards the door, saw the waiter walking in front of her, and decided she must be meeting someone.
I had picked up the menu and as l was looking at it, this very erotic, sexist voice I had ever heard, said, “I’m sorry we’re late dear but we had a bit of an emergency. Sara lost her book and it took a while for us to find it.”
One of the girls slide in beside me and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Hi Dad. Love you.”
The other girl blew me a kiss and said, “Good to see you pop.”
The woman and the other girl slide into the opposite side of the booth. I was bewildered to say the least. First, I had no idea what could be going on and second I assumed they had made a mistake but that wasn’t likely as she would have known her husband and the girls would have diffidently known their dad.
As I looked at her, she smiled and said, “I hope you don’t mind us sitting with you, the girls and I have a proposition for you. That is if you’re game and would like some time with three women?”
I wasn’t exactly not interested but I looked at the two girls and figured they were between eleven and thirteen or there about. The first thought I had was, this must be some kind of setup, and they were out to blackmail some unsuspecting male. I didn’t know what to think or do. It could turn out to be a very fruitful week but I had no intentions of being in jail or pay someone blackmail money.
I sat, not answering or making any indication, I was willing,
She leaned over to tell me something when I felt the young girl sitting next to me put her hand on my leg. I looked at her and was about to move her hand when I saw this lovely smile on her face and she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder as she moved her hand to my dick. I knew I was already hooked and it was going to be very “hard” to pass this up.
The woman got up and motioned for her daughter to move. The girl moved out of the booth and asked if she could sit on the other side of me. I got out, she slide in, her mom asked me to slide in and she slide in beside me. As soon as I was seated the little girls hand was back on my dick, and as soon as “Mom” slide in her hand was on my other leg and I could feel the girls barefoot against my leg under the table.
If this was a setup, they really knew how to make it “Hard.” I could feel my dick as it stretched the fabric of my pants trying to let someone hold it and make it happy.
The woman put her mouth up next to my ear and whispered, “My husband passed away a week ago and I have just found that before he died he had been having sex with our daughter. This went on for several months I was told. Sara told me about how much Sex hikayeleri she had enjoyed her dad fucking her and then I found Rena had spent a few times with them but she had been too young for her dad to fuck. Now she wants to know what it would have been like to have had sex with her father.”
“You are a handsome man, and I assume you’re here attending the lectures and I hope you’re not married but then that doesn’t matter either and it is your choice if you are interested in taking their dads place for a few days.”
She reached into her purse and took out a business card. As she handed it to me she said, “This is the number of the funeral home so you can check my story as I know you’re worried about the consequences of such an arrangement. Quite frankly, I am too. I know it is hard to believe and it involves a lot of moral issues.”
I took the card and motioned for them to let me out. I went to the phone booth and dialed the number on the card.
The voice at the other end said the is “Garden Funeral Home, how may I help you,”
First, I asked for their address, I thought if this was a scam that would be hard for them to come up with on such short notice. Much to my surprise, they immediately gave me the same address as on the card. Then I asked if Mr. John Waverly’s funeral was being held there.
“Yes it is and the showing is from 10 A.M. until 3 P.M.; and the funeral is for 6 P.M. Thursday.”
I thanked him and hung up the phone. I was in a conundrum as to how to approach this and since I was totally willing to participate it was still a difficult decision to make.
As I returned to the booth, she slide out and let me slide in, then she slide in.
I asked if they would like to have dinner with me while I thought this though.
They agreed and I motioned for the waiter to bring some more menus.
After we had ordered and eaten, I asked if there as some place private we could talk.
She reached into her purse, took out a key, and told me to take the elevator to the penthouse and to let myself in.
She put her hand on my face, and then kissed me on the lips.
She got up and said, “I knew we could trust you and personally I am looking forward to having sex with you also.”
The two girls came over gave me a hug and a kiss, also on the lips and to my surprise, as if I needed any more, The youngest one stuck her tongue into my mouth and I almost came in my pants.
They smiled and waved goodbye and the woman said, “See you in about a half hour darling.” The response was loud enough for several people to hear it and it was like a family having dinner together and getting together later.
I went to the bar and was about to order a drink when I told myself “No, you want a clear head when you talk to her.”
I took the elevator up to the penthouse and as I looked at the big and very expensive door, my heart did a couple of flip-flops and I could feel my dick getting hard already.
As the thoughts ran though my mind about what was going to occur if I went in, my dick took over and nothing was going to stop me now. There was no way of backing out now that my dick was in control.
I walked in and looked around it was like a palace with all the trimmings. I heard the sexy voice call out and tell me they were in the living room.
I found it and as I entered, I saw three of the most gorgeous sites any man could ever ask for. They were all naked and waiting for me. Even if I didn’t get to make it with any of them the vision of them naked before me would be worth it.
The woman said, “My name is Marina and these are my daughters, Sara and Rena. I found out that John had started having sex with Sara while Rena and I were visiting my mother. John told me all this just before he passed away. He said they were watching some movies and one was a bit risqué and he noticed Sara was touching herself and was responding to the touch.
He had asked her what she was doing and she became very embarrassed. He had taken her in his arms to comfort her and told her is was only normal for her to feel that way from such a move as that.
He said one thing lead to another and she started asking about sex. Then out of the clear blue, she asked him to show Sikiş hikayeleri her. He had told her that it wasn’t right for her dad to do such things with his daughter but she insisted.
By now, he said is dick was so hard he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. He took and put on a porno movie that he and I had been watching and she got more excited and he was at a point he wanted her so badly he couldn’t stop himself.
As he talked and told me of how it felt to take her cherry and how it felt to have sex with her, I went from hating him to wanting and desiring to have been there to help him. The more he told me the more excited I got and I could feel my panties starting to get wet. The next thing I knew I was rubbing myself and I took his hand put it between my legs, kissed him as I ran my hand under the covers, and took hold of his dick.
We were still in that position when he died. The thought of someone fucking my daughter keeps running through my mind. I want to help someone take my other daughters cherry; would you like to be that person?
I sat flabbergasted. What a stupid question, would I want to be, of course I would and I couldn’t think of any man who wouldn’t, unless he was crazy.
The girls really like you and if you don’t mind they want to call you dad.
They sat there looking at me wondering if I was game. I smiled and motioned for the girls to come over. They both jumped up, ran over and jumped on my lap. Their mom came over and started giving me kisses.
I was in hog heaven as they say. Two, small, tiny girls on my lap, one a virgin and the other willing to have sex with me, and a beautiful, more than gorgeous woman kissing me. Whatever happened in my life it would never come close to this moment.
I began to feel the older ones pussy and touching the younger ones tits, little buds and looking at the tiny pussy with no hair.
Marina was unzipping my pants and then the younger one took her hand, reached into my pants, and grabbed my dick.
They both slide down on the floor in front of me. The next think I knew they were both licking my dick and one had taken it in her mouth. Marina was still kissing me but she was watching her daughters and smiling.
Her tongue found mine and my mind went completely into orbit. I felt someone undoing my belt and then someone pulling my pants down. Pretty soon I was naked like them. Sara had my dick in her mouth and I felt my dick starting to pulse and knew I was about to cum but it was already too late and I let my cum flood into the girls mouth. She took it all and then smiled at me and told me it taste good like her dad’s.
Her sister told me she wanted to taste it also that she had only got to suck her dad one time before he left. He had not cum in her mouth and the only thing he had done with her was eat her pussy and to rub his dick on her pussy and her ass.
Her mom got up and took my hand and we walked into this fantastic bedroom with a very large bed.
Her mom asked me to lie on my back. I obeyed and with my dick sticking straight up in the air, she told her youngest daughter to straddle me.
I watched as her mom told her to slowly sit down on my dick. She took her hand and guided my dick to her pussy then she leaned over and kissed her pussy and licked it to make it wet and easier to penetrate.
Then Rena slowly started to lower her body to my dick, It touched her opening and I watched as her mom continued to eat her pussy then her sister came over and started to kiss her on the lips and then went down to help her mom.
I could see her moms hand feeling her ass and from the look on her face she must have been putting a finger into her ass.
Her sister told her it was going to hurt a bit when I broke her cherry but to try to relax because it was going to be only for a short while then it was going to feel really good.
Her mom got up close to her pussy and put my dick into the opening and Rena’s face took on a frightened look but she continued to move slowly downward.
I felt the head of my dick as it slipped into her virgin pussy. It was so tight and warm I didn’t think I could go on without cumming all over her, her mom and sister.
It took a lot of will Erotik hikaye power to hold off but somehow I did.
Her mom saw what was happening to me and told her to slow down some.
She slowed a bit and then I felt my dick against her hymen and her body became ridge for a moment. Her sister saw this and told her this was the part just before she would feel the most wonderful thing she would ever feel in her life.
Her mom told her to sit down on me and when she did she gave out a loud yell, and froze in that position for a few moments.
Her mom and sister told her to raise herself up a bit then to slowly lower her body back onto my dick. As they watched she started moving faster and faster until her whole body started to shiver and we watched as she reached her first dick induced climax.
Her mom and her sister were now holding onto her and sharing the thrill she was experiencing. They hugged her and kissed her as she started to move up and down again. Her sister got down and started to suck her pussy and her mom was sucking her tits.
After she had reached her second climax and was completely exhausted, her sister and mom helped her to get off me.
As soon as she was lying beside me and I was holding her in my arms, I felt lips on my dick. I looked down Sara and Myrna were both sucking her juices off my dick. Sara was licking my dick head. I felt her small mouth as she took my dick into her mouth and she told me she wanted to suck me dry again.
Her mom was also working my dick. It didn’t take long for Sara to make it hard as a rock again and she did one great job on it as I came into her mouth again.
I told them I had to rest for a while.
Sara and her mom pulled themselves up on the other side of me and then Sara got on top of me and turned around so her pussy was in my face.
Marina got along side me and we started to suck her pussy together. It didn’t take too long for her to reach a climax and when she came she just feel down on me like she was exhausted. We moved her to the side while Marian and I watched the two girls sleeping soundly
Marian moved over an lay slightly on me and told me she wanted to thank me for doing this for her and the girls. She started kissing me and as our tongues found each other, I felt her hand on my dick. I didn’t think I could go another round but to my surprise it didn’t take very long for It to get hard again.
My mind was thinking how fortunate I had been to take this lecture and how wonderful the memories were going to be.
I rolled Marina over on her back as she spread her legs waiting for me to enter her.
As I pushed my dick into her pussy I found she was almost as tight as her daughters. We fucked for a long time and I felt her starting to climax and asked if she wanted me to pull out. In that sexy, erotic voice she told me she wanted to feel my cum inside her and as she said that I came and she came. Our bodies meshed together and it was like nothing I had ever felt.
I fell asleep and as I did I saw her smile as she took my dick into her mouth to suck her juices from my dick.
When I woke, I was alone. I thought they might have gone down to eat while I was sleeping.
I waited for a couple of hours and they did not return. I took a shower and got dressed and decided to go down to see if I could find them.
I looked all though the hotel but could not find them. I went to the front desk to ask about them.
“I was suppose to meet Mrs. Marina Waverly and her daughters for dinner but I don’t seem to be able to find them and there isn’t any answer at the penthouse.”
The desk clerk turned a bit pale and said, “Just a moment sir, I will call the manager to talk to you.”
I didn’t know whether to wait or run for it. What if she didn’t own the penthouse or she had stole the keys to use for her little party.
“Good afternoon Sir, I understand you had a dinner date with Mrs. Waverly.”
“That is correct. Is there a problem?”
“Not exactly. When did you meet Mrs. Waverly?”
“Last night, in the restaurant. She was with her daughters Sara and Rena. Why?”
“About a year ago her husband went insane and murdered all of them in the penthouse. It hasn’t been used since then. None of the family members want it and since there was a murder in it, it hasn’t moved in their attempt to sale it. As a matter of fact, last night was the anniversary of the murder, exactly one year ago.”

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