A Week in Paradise

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Can survivors get along and get rescued?

I’m 18 years old and flying for my first time as my family and I are going to Japan. On the plane a mom asks to trade seats with me and I end up sitting next to her daughter, a hot girl about my age. We talked some and I learned that she’s also 18. She’s white but tanned, has hazel eyes, her ass is nice, her tits are large yet modest and she has her brown hair dyed blonde.

Halfway through our flight the plane was struck by lightning and it shut off. I blacked out. I wake up still strapped to my seat and I see that most people didn’t survive. My new friend Haley survived.

“Holy shit are you alright!” I say getting out of my seat.

“Yeah, I’m good! What about everyone else?” She says getting up. We both grab our carry ons and look for survivors. After an hour we survivors regroup on the beach. There’s me, Haley, an asian business man, a flight attendant, a fat man, an old lady, and our leader Drake. The asian business man “for sure lose his job.” The flight attendant is pretty shaken but helpful. The fat man is right away perverted and almost useless in our survival efforts. The old lady isn’t actually that old, she’s 39 and looks slightly younger because of her firm large breasts. Drake is our dashing hero with a heart of gold. We’re trapped on an uncharted island in the pacific.

We loot what’s left of the the fuselage and bury our loved ones. I took my parents’ wedding rings. I wore my dad’s as a promise ring and kept my mother’s around my neck. Mrs Kyle kept her husband’s ring too. The business man helped us bury our dead and Drake mourned for his son.

“Alright guys, we should form into pairs so as not to get lost but if we do at least we’re not lost alone. I will be the odd one out but what that means is that I’ll go pair to pair every now and then. Dean and Haley will be a pair. Kim and Stacy are a pair. Nick and Mrs Kyle will be the last pair. Never be out of sight of each other.”

“Even if we have to crap and pee?” Stacy asks.

“Yeah I’m going to need some privacy time eventually.” Nick says looking around for confirmation.

“Everything we do will be done as pairs. It’s not like we’re going to shower often anyways since we’re trying to survive. We’re in pairs so that we can trust each other.”

“This Casibom work with you?” I ask Haley.

“It’ll have too. We have bigger things to worry about instead of our privacy.” She says shivering.

Each pair is tasked with making their own shelter while Drake goes pair to pair helping. Each shelter has to fit three people at least. We used the plane’s metal sheets, lighter than expected, to create makeshift tents which we roofed with palm leaves. We then went fruit picking and Drake told us which are good to eat and which are not. The first night felt the coldest and everyone snuggled their partners for dear life. The wind was loud but Haley and I talked while we spooned.

“I don’t really mind this part of survival.” I joke to her.

“You ass!” She playfully remarks.

“Poor Mrs Kyle right?”

“What do you mean? I’m sure Nick is keeping her really warm.” We both break into laughter.

“You kids going to be like this the whole time?” Drake says with his back against mine.

In the morning we start working on our camp then Drake made his announcement.

“We need to make an SOS sign and keep a smoke fire up the whole time. The pairs will now have roles. Nick and Mrs Kyle will pick fruit. Kim and Stacy will collect fire wood and brush. Haley and Dean will keep the fire burning. We do this after making the SOS sign. We made the sign out of rock then went on to fulfill our roles.

Drake built the fire and told us how to keep it going. He then told us the shelters are going to be torn down and moved to accommodate our different jobs. “You guys will keep a tiny fire burning at all times in a shelter so that we can restart the large one incase it rains.” And we obeyed to the letter. I managed the larger and she the smaller. We mostly slept during the day so that we can take care of the fire when it matters. The smoke lasts through the day anyways. Haley and I became unofficial boyfriend and girlfriend. Drake tells us that Kim and Stacy are getting along well but that Nick is problematic.

Drake was delivering our share of fruit to us on day three when we heard Mrs Kyle scream. We all ran to assist. We were going through the forest following screams and cries and we finally find her, bent over a fallen tree while Nick anal rapes her. Casibom Giriş He’s actually just finishing up when we arrived. He has a makeshift knife on her neck. His cum is oozing out of her ass while he holds her hostage.

“Nick what the hell!” Drake says pulling his own knife.

“You try anything and Mrs Kyle will find herself bled like a pig.”

“What do you want Nick?”

“She wouldn’t have sex with me! She didn’t even let me jerk off! So now I take what I want and right now I want Haley’s tight ass!”

“That’s not going to happen Nick.” Drake says boldly. I step in between Haley and Nick.

“I’ll kill her if I have to!” Nick replies crazy like. Out of pure luck a coconut falls on Nick’s head and he’s knocked out. We help Mrs Kyle get dressed and we barely see Nick run away into the forest.

“Damn it! I should’ve known that he wouldn’t be down long. Tonight we sleep in shifts by the fire. He might come back.”

That night we sat by the signal fire and waited when it was Kim and Stacy’s turn to stay up we could hear that they were just having sex. Haley and I looked at each other then at Kim and Stacy. She was on her back while Kim was in between her legs. He came inside of her then they just both laid back looking at the stars. Haley eventually had our shift and we were dead silent. Everyone else was fast asleep before we started talking.

“Dean, you would never try anything like Nick or Kim right?”

“Well Kim was doing it right but yeah. I’m good just spooning you.”

“I really like you Dean. If we survive this I want to be with you. I want you to love me like Kim does Stacy.”

“When, we get out of here I’m going to marry you.” I say presenting my mother’s ring. She takes it and puts it on her wedding finger.

“I can’t wait for our wedding! I need you inside of me!” She says pushing me to my back.

“I love you Haley!” I say pulling my pants down. She slips out of her pants then jerks me until I’m at full hardness. I put my dick at her pussy lips and we began thrust into each other. Haley’s tightness made it hard to go all the way in but I endured. We were both virgins but I lasted a surprisingly long time. When I started cuming she hugged me and I thrusted as deep as I could. My strength waned as I unloaded Casibom Yeni Giriş in her pussy. We later changed shifts.

In the morning Drake makes his announcements. “You guys, pregnant survivors are poor survivors. Since you four are obviously sexually active I have to ask you not to get pregnant. Second order of business, Mrs Kyle and I are going to hunt Nick. We’re going to kill him so that we can get back to getting rescued. Kim and Stacy will stay to protect you two just in case he comes back. If we’re not back by tomorrow morning, look for us. We’ll leave a trail.”

We made spears and knives during the day and when they never returned the next morning, we went looking for them. Their trail was random markers and tracks but we soon found trouble. Their path led to the forest and it’s obvious that on their hunt Nick found them and followed them. We got to Nick’s new shelter. It was a little rock hole or cave in the ground. We entered and soon found Drake dead. A knife in his back. We could also hear Nick raping Mrs Kyle. We snuck through the cave and found them in a natural spotlight. Nick came inside her then started fucking her again.

“Haley, Stacy, you girls need to run back to the fire and stay on the look out for us or Nick. It’s him or us but if we lose I don’t want you girls ending up like Mrs Kyle.” I say looking around for confirmation which I received from Kim. The girls left so we began our attack. We ran at Nick in pincer formation but Nick threw his knife at Kim dropping him. I threw my spear at Nick but missed horribly. He tackled me but that’s when Mrs Kyle started to pull on him giving me room to get up. Kim pulled the knife out of his right shoulder and left handedly threw it at Nick hitting his left shoulder blade. I pulled the knife out and cut his throat out.

I gave the knife to Mrs Kyle who made sure he was dead thirty times. She had no clothes and his were ruined so we ran to our camp, her boobs bouncing and jiggling as we did. As we’re on out way to camp we see the girls and some rescue boats. They get Mrs Kyle some clothes and take us home.

I have no family except Haley now. With her father’s help we got married. I wrote a book, “A Week In Paradise,” about the events and made a lot of money. We lived comfortably on our own and working trying to be normal but that week on the Island was hell. Nancy Kyle returned to her husband traumatized. Kim and Stacy got married too and had a daughter which they named Nancy after Mrs Kyle. We had a son the same year and named him Drake after our hero.

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