A Woman’s Job is Never Done Ch. 02

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Big Tits

My name is Veronica and I’m a senior in high school. I turned 18 today, which means that I’m finally a woman. I’m not that tall (just a little over 5 feet), with long brown hair and brown eyes. I’m slim but slightly athletic. My boobs are bigger than some of the other girls my age—milky white with puffy pink nipples. As it turns out, I have long, slender fingers and plump lips that like to wrap around hard cocks. Well, at least one cock so far…

I started my first morning as a woman by sucking Daddy’s big dick. My throat was still a little tender and my voice was a bit husky from the abuse it took taking Daddy’s cock deep in my throat. Oh, but it was worth it! Daddy’s dick was beautiful! I loved the way it felt when he pounded the head against the back of my throat—and how my cheeks sucked in and puffed out as he thrust his baby-maker in my mouth. My nipples hardened just thinking about it. My virgin pussy quivered. Oh, boy. I can’t wait to take on more womanly responsibility!

I couldn’t wait for the school day to be over so I could see if my daddy needed anything else. My mom always said it was a woman’s responsibility to fulfill a man’s needs. Keep their bellies full and their balls empty. That’s how to keep a man happy, she used to explain. And if they ask you for anything—ANYTHING—it is your responsibility to obey. So, I learned how to cook and bake from an early age. Now, I’m old enough for part 2.

My pussy ached thinking about Daddy. I just couldn’t focus in math class. It was the last class of the day, so I was just counting the minutes until I could go home. Mr. Martin, my math teacher, was a tall, heavy man. His frumpy brown slacks, big in the waist, sagged loosely around his legs. His blue dress shirt was only partially tucked in and showed the remnants of his lunch. His large-framed glasses kept sliding down his face and he repeatedly pushed them up with his pudgy fingers. While his somewhat shaggy brown hair was kept neat, it was obvious that he wasn’t particularly well groomed. I imagined that there were no women fulfilling his needs. I felt sorry for him. I thought about how full his balls must be. I thought about how his fat sausage fingers longed to grope young, supple breasts and how his dick would grow wrapped with warm, obedient fingers. I thought about how his hard cock would stretch a small, wet mouth and how his hot his cum would feel against soft, milky skin. I bit my lip and squirmed in my seat. I thought about how much poor neglected Mr. Martin needed a real woman to make him happy—if even for just the afternoon.

He was rambling on about variables and axis, but all I heard was, “Blow me, Veronica. My fat dick needs you. Milk it good. I’m a man and you’re a woman. Do your job, dammit! My ball sack is waiting for your soft mouth. I want to shoot my load all over those puffy pink nipples.”

The bell rang and everyone filed out of the classroom. The only thing I had accomplished the whole time I was in math class was drawing a dick in my notebook and getting very, very horny. Mr. Martin was standing at the blackboard erasing the example equations. I walked up beside him.

“Mr. Martin, I’m having trouble with these equations. I just can’t seem to grasp what you’re teaching,” I said. Mr. Martin cleared his throat and shifted his weight from foot to foot. I knew by the way Mr. Martin licked his lips and stared at my breasts that I had been right: he Bayan Escort was definitely in need. And as a woman, it was my job to comply. I took a step closer. I knew the teacher-student relationship was frowned upon, but I was an adult and Mr. Martin’s needs must come first. “Mr. Martin. I might not be able to grasp what we’re learning in class,” I said, hooking a finger into the waist of my teacher’s slacks, “But I think there’s something else you need me to grasp. Am I right, Mr. Martin?”

I looked up, coyly, into Mr. Martin’s dark eyes. He looked nervous and wild. “Wh-what are you doing, Veronica? This is, uh, inappropriate.” Mr. Martin’s rolled his tongue in his mouth.

“Mr. Martin, I’m 18 now. It’s okay. I’m a woman and it’s my job to make sure you’re taken care of. Now, relax,” I said, as I rubbed the bulge in his pants. He moaned and closed his eyes, loosing himself for a second while my fingers ran up and down his package.

“No, Veronica, I could lose my job!” He cried.

“Not if we don’t get caught, Mr. Martin, now keep quiet!” I whispered. He tried to push me away, but I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. I reached in and pulled out my teacher’s cock. It was shorter than Daddy’s, but it was even thicker. It only took a few strokes to get hard. I gently squeezed his balls. He squealed and jerked. I giggled and shushed him. He really was in need!

“Really, Veronica, oh God, Mmhm, shit. This is wrong. You can’t just…ohhh, yeah…” He trailed off.

“Stop being so difficult and let me do my job!” I playfully scolded my math teacher. I lifted my shirt and pulled my boobs up out of my bra. My nipples were saluting Mr. Martin, waiting for some action. He groaned and his dick twitched in my hands. “Touch me,” I begged. Mr. Martin reached up and caressed my breast so softly I thought he was afraid he’d break it. Then, without any warning, he grabbed both breasts in his big, rough hands and clinched them in his fists. He pulled and squeezed, pinching and twisting my nipples until they hurt. He pawed at my breasts—rough and primal—leaning down quite a bit to rub his face into them. I had to reach now to stroke his dick, but I did my best while Mr. Martin sucked and bit my chest. His mouth was hot and his tongue was strong. He had quite a mouthful and he devoured my breasts like they were giving him life. He pulled and pinched my nipples with his teeth. A moan escaped him and thrust his dick in my hand. It was exhilarating giving him what he so desperately needed! I felt my pussy heating up with every passing second.

He pulled me close, pressing his mouth against mine. His breath was terrible and he forced his way between my lips. I sucked on his tongue as he increased his invasion—meeting his ferocity with my own desire to serve. I wrapped my arms around his chubby waist and pulled tightly against him. If there ever was a case for me to prove myself as a woman, it was with Mr. Martin. His need was palpable. He growled, panting, clumsily slipping his plump hand into my panties. I whimpered as his stout finger pushed open my folds. I was slick from longing and Mr. Martin knew it.

“Do you like that, Veronica? Do you like it when your dirty, old teacher touches your tight, young pussy?” He rubbed fiercely, making me tremble, “Do you want me to make you cum?”

“Oh, yes! Mr. Martin,” I cried out, “Oh, God! You’re too good to me!” I reached back down and stroked his cock with one hand and rubbed my breast with the other. My tongue met Mr. Martin’s stroke for stroke. He pinched my clit, making me even wetter. “I love when you touch my clit. It’s so fucking hot!” I cried. His short, fat finger poked my hole, teasing me. I was a virgin, but I had been touching myself for a long time.

“Mm, yes, touch deep inside me like no man ever has! My hot virgin pussy is so hungry!” I cried, rubbing my pussy hard against his chubby hand. I had needed this all day and I thought I’d have to wait to see Daddy before I could cum again. I never imagined that this clumsy, fat man would make me feel so good. But I could feel my orgasm building each time Mr. Martin plunged his thick finger into my tight, dripping pussy. “Oh, God, you’re going to make me cum, Mr. Martin! Fuck me, Mr. Martin! Fuck me with your fat fingers! Ah!” I cried out. He rubbed harder, pounding as deep as his short fingers could go. I moaned my approval. I had been on edge for the better part of the day, so it didn’t take much before ripples of pleasure traveled through my body. I shook and collapsed against his belly. Mr. Martin grunted and slipped his fingers into his mouth.

“Just like honey,” Mr. Martin said, sucking my pussy juice from each finger. God, it was so sexy! When I recovered from my orgasm, I looked him in the eyes and dropped down to my knees. I bit my lip and stroked his dick.

“Thank you, Mr. Martin. You’re the best teacher a student could have.”Mr. Martin looked down at me, ravenously licking his lips. I couldn’t reach my fingers all the way around his dick, but I twisted my hands around it. His need pulsed through his cock.

“I’ve been thinking about this dick all day. Mm,” I murmured, “You have a really nice cock.” I spit on it, stroking the length of him. The room smelled like sex and his moans gave me all the encouragement I needed. I slipped my lips around the tip of his cock, stroking the shaft with both hands. I licked down the side, rubbing the head across my cheek. “I love the way it feels on my face, Mr. Martin, the skin is so soft. Mmmm. Hm.” I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, twisting my tongue around inside my mouth, sucking just enough to so my cheeks sunk in when I pulled away. “Mm. I could suck this cock all day,” I groaned.

Mr. Martin was panting. He pulled away and sat down at his desk. I crawled over to him, my breasts jiggling, and I perched between his legs. Mr. Martin’s hot, thick cock poked out from under his fat belly.

“Your cock is so big! Licking it makes my pussy so wet, Mr. Martin.”I cooed. I sat up straighter and grabbed my breasts, shaking them for Mr. Martin. “Do you like my little tits?” I asked, grabbing his dick and rubbing the tip against my nipples, “My tits love your cock. See how hard it made my nipples? Mm. Oh, yeah, it’s so perfect. I love to feel it in my hand.” I stroked him, dragging my finger tips up the length of him and back down. He shuddered at the sensation.

“Look at that nice cock. I want to taste every inch of it,” I sucked and swirled like I was eating a lollipop—just the way my mom taught me. I squeezed his balls gently and sucked him in even deeper when I heard him moan. I took him all the way into my mouth. He wasn’t as long as Daddy, but he was wider and it was difficult to fit my small mouth around such a huge cock. I swallowed him—pressing the head of his dick against the back of my throat. I held him like that for as long as I could. I pulled him out with a pop and took a moment to catch my breath. I swallowed him up again, this time gagging a bit while I struggled not to breath. I did this several times and was rewarded with moans each time I took him all the way in. When I pulled him out, my spit hung in strands from the tip of his dick to my lips. I licked my lips eagerly, looking Mr. Martin in the eye, and panted. His cock pulsed.

“I just can’t resist sucking this perfect cock. You’re huge!” I said hungrily. I held the base with one hand while I sucked him in and out of my mouth. Then I playfully kissed down both sides of his thick shaft. My tongue played with his slit. “You make me feel so tingly. My pussy is dripping for you, Mr. Martin. Your cock makes me so horny. Do you like that? Do you like making my pussy beg for you?” I reached down and slipped a finger inside my panties. My pussy was swollen and soaking through the delicate cloth. I wanted to cum again. I started rubbing myself, moaning around Mr. Martin’s fat cock.

“Mmm,” I moaned, taking his dick all the way in my mouth. I held my face against his balls for a while before I pulled off, spitting and sputtering, trying to catch my breath. He grabbed my head and thrust inside me again. He wasn’t gentle, and I made a gurgling sound as he pounded my soft mouth with his hard dick. I slipped my fingers inside my cunt, rubbing in circles as Mr. Martin fucked my face. He wasn’t even looking at me anymore. His eyes were closed and his face was looking toward the ceiling. His mouth hung open and a little line of drool ran down his chin.

My pussy sucked my fingers in as ferociously as Mr. Martin fucked my face. I pinched and flicked my clit with my right hand and groped my breasts with my left. Mr. Martin held my head firmly while he rammed his thick cock down my throat. My body was on fire. I squealed and moaned on Mr. Martin’s cock as it plunged in and out. My pussy sloshed with its juices—screaming for release. It wasn’t long before my orgasm hit. I cried out around Mr. Martin’s dick. He seemed to speed up—if that was even at all possible. I shook with pleasure and Mr. Martin let out a howl. He jerked and I felt a thick, hot splash hit the back of my throat. Mr. Martin paused for a moment, thrust once more, and again, shot his spunk down my throat. He pulled out and shot one last thick load onto my breasts.

He was breathing hard and slumped back in his chair. I swiped my finger through the sticky mess and licked it off. It was thicker than Daddy’s and bitter and salty. Mr. Martin watched me, lust raging in his tired eyes. I wiped off the rest of his cum with my finger and sucked it all down. Mr. Martin growled once again. His dick was soft and hung there—a shell of the thick beast it had been moments ago. I stood up, bent down so my breasts hung just in front of Mr. Martin’s face, and kissed him. He was gentler this time as he prodded my mouth with his tongue. I sucked him in, biting his lip just a bit as I pulled away.

“I still need you to explain what you were talking about in class today,” I said, tucking my breasts away and pulling my shirt back into place. I picked up a paper from his desk and wrote down my cell number. “Give me a call when you have some free time and maybe you could tutor me. And if you need ANYTHING,” I gave his cock a light squeeze, “Just give me a call.”

I walked out of the classroom, leaving a winded and completely spent Mr. Martin behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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