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The birth of a child brings great joy to the parents. Along with great responsibilities.

Adra’s parents were no different. Raising her with traditional values. Values of the old country. Her parents were from Syria, but she was born here in the states. Her parents raised her in the ways of Islam. Keeping her protected and pure from the western world and its depravity.

Adra was now eighteen years and a graduate of High school. She had graduated at the top of her class with accolades in math and science. She had been awarded a free ride at MIT in Boston.

Boston was a few hours north of her home on Staten Island so if she went she would have to stay in the student housing dorms.

Her father, Mohamad is very proud of his only child and very protective as well as traditional. He had arranged Adra’s marriage to a young man from the old country. They were to be married on her twenty-first birthday. She must remain pure, virgin. In fact Adra’s name in Arabic means virgin.

Adra pleaded and convinced both her father and mother that nothing in her life would change. That she would meet with the local Islamic youth group and continue her worship and dedication to the lord through the mosque.

Her parents talked to the elders of the mosque and were satisfied that she would be looked after.

Adra is a pretty young woman with all of the facial features of the ancestral family tree. Many young men found her attractive and mysterious. The most mysterious attribute being what was hidden under the long loose clothing. Men tend to lust over the thought of her carnal hidden treasures.

Adra was not naive; her mother taught her the ways of men. Under her clothes, she possessed silky smooth olive skin with ample breasts of thirty four inches, a small twenty eight inch waist and thirty four inch hips.

Adra has dark enchanting eyes and very dark jet black natural hair that hangs down to her tiny waist and a thick patch of coarse curly, untrimmed hair that adorned her Mons and vagina.

Adra was paired up with Mica, a fourth generation Syrian-American family who has broken from the traditions of Islam. Mica would be her dorm mate for this semester. She would also be Adra’s undoing. Mica was bi-sexual and loved to eat pussy. Especially when getting her always horny cunt stuffed. Yes, stuffed, cocks, dildos, even fists. The bigger the better.

Mica also had dark black very straight hair that she kept cut shoulder length. She bleached her hair and added color to highlight.

The girls met in the dorm while getting settled in and talked at length about their home life, likes, dislikes and goals. They actually had a few things in common.

After getting settled in, Mica announced she was going to shower before going to the student cafeteria for dinner. The dorms were like small efficiency apartments with private baths consisting of a double vanity, shower and toilet. A small kitchenette with open wall shelves, countertop, microwave and under counter fridge.

Mica gets up and strips with no thought of her new roomie and heads into the shower.

Adra is shocked, Mica has no body hair, none, not even between her legs. She has not seen another bare vagina in her life. Adra can’t get this image out of her head. She lays back on the bed and keeps thinking about Mica’s hairless vagina in contrast to her own very hairy untrimmed vaginal hair.

About ten minutes later Mica emerges from the shower drying herself, standing naked and brushing her hair while blow drying.

Adra is mesmerized; she can’t help but stare at Mica’s hairless vagina.

Mica sees Adra looking and asks “you taking a shower”

Adra gets up, grabs a towel and starts walking to the bathroom.

Mica says “there really isn’t room in there for undressing”

Adra looks and agrees, turning her back to Mica she disrobes, wrapping her towel around her and hurries into the shower, hiding behind the curtain and under the Porno warm water.

Stepping out ten minutes later and starts drying off realizing Mica is looking at her hairy Mons and vagina. Adra feels the heat of shame and embarrassment and covers her nakedness.

Mica looks at Adra sensing her uncomfortableness. Mica says “girl you ain’t got nothing I don’t have except the black forest covering your cunt.”

Adra blushes and mica said “you know we are going to see a lot of each other over the next six months, might as well get over the embarrassment, we’re both girls here.

Adra said “you called it a cunt “Why is yours free of all hair?”

Mica replies “simple, when you get your period, you can keep yourself cleaner, not have the smell of dried blood or your pad getting stuck to your cunt hair.

Adra says “there, again, you called our vaginas a cunt stampering out the “c” word.” It sounds vulgar and nasty.

Mica laughs, this is the second millennium, get with the times.

Adra thinks about the hairless look and all the time she has had to shower two to three times a day to keep from stinking up the room with her menstruation blood. Mica was right, it hurt like hell ripping out her cunt hair when changing a pad.

She looks at Mica and says “I’m afraid I’d cut my self shaving myself there.

Mica uses this moment to gain Adra’s trust. I can help you, in fact if you would like, I’d shave you the first time, adding free of course, giggling to set the mood.

Adra looks and says “you would be willing to do that?”

Mica said yes but you have to shave your own pits. Both girls laugh, Adra laughs nervously. She looks at Adra and says hey, it will grow back. It’s not permanent, you know. Put your towel under your ass and I’ll get one of my disposable razors, shaving cream and warm wash cloth.

Adra laid back on her towel opening the front to completely expose the black forest of cunt hair.

Mica took scissors and started trimming all of the very thick coarse cunt hair exclaiming how she has never seen such a hairy cunt. Adra blushed. Mica then lathered up Adra’s cunt and proceeded to shave all of the trimmed stubble off.

She then wiped off all of the remaining shaving cream and whistled saying wow that is a very smooth cunt, while grabbing a hand held mirror and showing Adra.

Adra tentatively reached down, running her hinges over her Mons and said “yes, smooth” while blushing.

Mica said may I, as she reached out and ran her hand over Adra’s mound and virginal cunt lips, allowing a finger to dip in and brush her clit.

Adra jumped, never having been touched by another person and said please, im a virgin.

Mica laughed and replied “I’m not going to fuck you” as she pushed Adra’s legs apart and lowered her head to sniff and lick her cunt.

Adra is in shock, in a few hours she has allowed another woman to see her naked, shave her cunt and now she is licking and sucking her cunt causing a lot of strange new feelings.

She feels a heat building up with an electric style tingling between her legs and into the pit of her stomach. Unknown to her she is about to experience an earth shattering climax which will change her forever.

Mica gets a jush of sweet girl cream squirted into her suckling mouth and quickly pivots around presenting her own steamy cunt to Adra for some girl on girl loving.

Adra looks up into Mica’s dripping wet cunt thinking I’ve never seen another female cunt up close before let alone suck one. She tentatively sticks her tongue out and makes contact with the bump just above the hole.

Mica hisses yes, tongue my clit, suck my cunt, that’s it. Feels so good.

Adra wants to pleasure Mica as she has done to her. Afterall, it’s just two girls, what could be so terrible. She notices that Mica’s cunt lips appear to be very big and thin, reminding her of the pink lunch meat she has seen in the delis at home. Mica’s cunt had Altyazılı Porno a light delicate clean smell.

All of a sudden, Mica pushes her wet cunt into Adra’s face, almost smothering her while she gushes a full load of girl cum down into Adra’s open mouth. Adra had to keep swallowing and still got soaked by the overflow.

Mica rolls off and both girls fall into a light sleep. An hour later Mica wakes up, shaking Adra saying let’s go, the cafeteria closes in an hour.

Mica is getting dressed, pulling jeans and a sweater on without undergarments, looking at Adra and saying forget them, just pull something on and let’s go.

Adra says “it’s not right to be dressed without my underwear”

Mica says “girl, your not at home, you’re an adult and the only ones that will know your little secret are you and me”

Adra pulls her dress over her head and says “I kinda feel naked.”

Mica laughs saying “yeah, I know, right?”

Adra follows Mica to the cafeteria feeling devilish in her new found freedom. Walking across campus with the cool evening air wisping up under her dress and across her now shaved cunt.

The girls get their food and sit at a table. Shortly thereafter a young man comes over and sits down talking to Mica. When the girls are done eating the three of them walk back to their dorm. Mica and the guy sit on Mica’s bed and Adra slays down on hers. They have the TV on and Adra is watching a sitcom.

Mica and the guy are making out. Mica’s sweater is off and the guy is fondling her tits while sucking face with her. Adra continues to watch the sitcom.

Next time Adra looks over, Mica is totally naked as is the guy and Mica is on top of the guy with his hard cock embedded into her wet cunt which is making suction noises as she is happily bouncing on the guy’s cock.

Mica sees Adra looking and smiles mischievously. Adra is quietly angry, how could Mica do this with her in the room? Adra can smell the sex in the air, and at the same time as is discusses her it’s turning her on.

Adra, rolls over facing the wall and cautiously, quietly, slips her hand down to the juncture of her legs. Feeling the smoothness of her pubis and begins to gently rub her helf to quell the itch between her legs.

Adra hears Mica stifle a moan and rolls over to see Mica dismount the guys cock and roll over onto her back. The guy gets up and goes into the bathroom, cock standing erect and proudly dripping Micas love juices mixed with his own.

Adra hears the guy pissing and then walking back into the room. He dresses and leaves the room. Now there is silence. Adra breaks the silence softly saying “how could you? How could you bring him in here and have sex with me lying here in the next bed?”

Mica replies, “Seriously? I’ll do what I want, I’d suggest you lighten up. You’re an adult, act like one.”

Adra gets up and sits on the edge of Mica’s bed looking down in the dim light at her naked wet sweaty skin. Adra ‘s eyes travel downward to Mica’s cunt mound.

Mica sees Adra glance and spreads her legs and tells Adra to look at her cunt, look at the way her cunt hole is gaping and leaking a river of cum.

Adara moves between Mica’s legs and stares at the first cunt full of cum she has ever seen. Indeed it was leaking a river of cum.

Mica encourages Adra to taste it, suck her freshly fucked cunt. Taste a man’s sperm, do it before it soaks the bed. As if in a trance Adra ‘s head drops down to Mica’s sloppy cunt, smelling the aroma of the mixed sexual juices and touching Mica’s cunt with her tongue to sample the flavor.

Mica hisses saying yes, lick it, tase it, suck his spunk out of my cunt.

Adra clutches Mica’s hips and sucks her cunt as if to devour her completely. Reaching down she starts rubbing her clit as she eats Mica’s sloppy cunt.

A few minutes later Mica grabs Adra’s head, crushing her mouth into her cunt as she reaches her climax. Adra moans Brazzers as her cunt explodes in a small climax.

Over the next three months, Adra and Mica become very close friends with no secrets between them. Both girls enjoy their relationship as it serves both of them well. Mica gets sexual attention from both Adra and various men. Adra has become quite an accomplished cunt lapper and has secretly enjoyed sucking mens sperm out of Mica’s wet well fucked cunt.

Three months after starting classes at MIT Adra now spends most of her time going commando and has opted to remain shaven at all times. She loves the feeling of her smooth cunt and the breeze blowing over her naked ass.

Mica has been trying to get Adra to let a classmate John have anal intercourse telling Adra that it would not violate her promise to be a virgin on her wedding night. Adar is very reluctant as her anus and cunt are right next to each other. After some various talks about it Mica told Adra that she would be there to keep him from fucking her pussy.

That night after Mica and John fucked, Mica convienced Adra to eat her out with John looking on. Adra had a tee shirt and shorts on and thought nothing of the request. After all, she had done this a few times.

Adra got between Mica’s legs and proceeded to eat her pussy. After a little while Jon got on his knees behind Adra and tugged at her shorts. Adra started to fuss but Mica calmed her down saying John knew the rules and it would be okay.

Adra allowed John to remove her shorts. John put K-Y gel on his finger, inserting it into her ass and moving it in and out like a penis. Then john proceeded to put the K-Y gel on his cock and gently push it past her sphincter and into her ass balls deep letting Adra become accustomed to is length and girth before gently proceeding with a fucking motion.

John fucked Adra’s hot tight ass and emptied his nuts into her fucked asshole.

Adra loved getting fuckerd in her ass while eating Mica’s cunt. The double action always got her to climax. Adra, Mica and John were now doing this a few nights a month with Adra’s ass getting a hot load of cum dumped into it.

One night in particular on a weekend they were druinking wine and providing pleasure for one another when John greased up his cock and was ramming Adra’s ass. John was pounding Adara’s ass hard and fast when he popped out of her as, plunging forward and spearing her shaved wet cunt.

John plunged through Adra’s hymen, tearing it to shreds and sinking in to the root of his cock. His balls swing wildly as Adra tries in vain to dislodge John’s swollen cock from her impossibly stuffed cunt. The realization and hot action sending John over the edge releasing spurt after spurt of hot potent sperm into Adra’s unprotected womb.

The action also sent Adra into a mind blowing climax that had her squirting her cunt juices all over herself, John and the bed.

Mica looked on in awe as she realized John had unintentionally deflowered Adra.

Adra fell on top of Mica crying hysterically that she was ruined. Her father would kill her and she is not protected from pregnancy.

Mica looked down at her and said you can get a morning after pill from the student health center in the morning. We will get you on birth control then.

Adra looked up with an uncertain smile and said I’ve changed so much, I have been a harlot.

Mica put her finger on Adra lips and whispered sush, do not do that to yourself. This is a new millennium, you’re a smart woman and free, free of the old ways.

Adra looks at Mica and says “but my father is from the old country and he doesn’t understand.

Mica looks down and says sleep little one, sleep.

Next morning Adra is woken up by John’s cock plunging in and out of her sore stuffed cunt. She feels very wet and realizes he has been fucking her all night. Filling her with numerous loads of his potent sperm. She is now totally naked and Mica is sucking on her tit. John rolled off, his cock slipping out of her used cum filled cunt hole. Adra feels the sperm running out of her.

Mica goes down on Adra bringing her to another climax. The two girls embrace. Mica looks at Adra and says you will be okay, I promise.

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