Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 04

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Chapter 1:

I can’t believe I’ve been in this clothing optional RV park for only 24 hours. I met two gorgeous older ladies in the trailer next to me, Madeline and Sandra, this morning. They teach in grade school, have a special bond while spending their summer months looking for hard cocks and wet pussies. They look like twins, each with the same beautiful big breasts capped with wide areola and rock hard nipples the size of my thumb. The only way I can tell them apart is that Madeline’s amazing pussy is shaved smooth and slick, while Sandra sports a generous growth of auburn curls. At least she did up until a few minutes ago.

I spent the day with these two hot ladies at the beach here in Pismo. We sunned in the secluded dunes where I received a gut wrenching hand job spraying my cum all over Madeline’s big tits, which she then shared with Sandra. Just before a wonderful steak dinner, Sandra gave me a stunning blow job, swallowing all that I could give her. And just now, I shaved Sandra’s overly hairy snatch. She is silky smooth except for a nice one and half inch runway leading down to her throbbing clit. (You can read all of this in parts 1 through 3)

Having coiffed Sandra’s very wet pussy, followed by a delicious snack eating her to an explosive orgasm, she was ready to catch forty winks. Madeline and I settled her in bed and pulled the sheet over her. Madeline suggested we let her sleep in peace and head over to my trailer. She grabbed a robe as we left.

“Hey Madeline, why the robe? We’re in a clothing optional park.”

“I’m not sure what time I’ll be leaving you. If it’s at 3:00 AM, I don’t want to freeze between here and there, even if it is clothing optional.”

Yikes, it’s only 8:00 PM now, what does this lady have planned for us!

We entered my travel trailer in space A18. I ‘lit’ several of my electric candles placed around the cabin. They provide a low, flickering glow that adds a cozy feeling, and I don’t have to worry about burning the place down.

Madeline went over to the kitchen counter and picked up my Fleshlight. It was drying, after getting a thorough work out this morning. She examined it carefully running her fingers around the top.

“Isn’t this cute. It has a labia around the opening, and a cute little clit right at the top. Do manufacturers really think this looks real?”

Madeline placed my toy on the night stand. She pulled down the covers on my bed.

“Come make love to me, Paul.”

I joined her in bed and cuddled up to my well-endowed neighbor. I lay down on my back and Madeline moved in close with her head on my chest and leg curved over mine. I could feel the heat between her legs against my thigh as she hugged me close. Her right hand massaged my chest before heading lower and finding my cock. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft as I began to come to life. Madeline’s leisurely touch showed that she was in no hurry. Her hand moved lower and she cupped my balls, rolling each between her fingers. For the next several minutes, she moved back and forth between lightly squeezing my balls and stroking my cock.

My right arm was tucked under this lovely lady and I was stroking her back.

“Mmmm, I love having my back rubbed. It gets me in the mood. Let’s enjoy this, I don’t want crazy acrobatic sex tonight, just gentle loving.”

Madeline’s hand was in perpetual motion, moving up to massage my chest and back down to my cock and balls. This was very nice. The candles provided just the right amount of flickering light and created this romantic moment. As Madeline continued stroking, she could feel my cock becoming very hard. “Your cock feels so hard right now, Paul.”

“It might be from the two Viagra I popped just before dinner. I’m not a young man and need a little extra help, especially when you consider five orgasms in one day. You two are going to wear me out.”

Madeline was surprised, “Five orgasms. Where was I when all of this took place?”

I related my day so far, as she continued stroking. “Well, the first time was right after I ‘fixed’ your refrigerator. When you showed up at my door and you were topless. I got an instant hard on. I was so worked up after meeting both of you and then you hugged me close, smashing your tits into me. I came right back here to masturbate and quickly shot a load of cum all over my chest.”

Madeline sighed, “You should have asked, we would have been overjoyed to take care of you. So that’s number one.”

“I thought it might be a bit forward, since I had just met you. Anyway, I had to go register and that’s when I met Pamela and her perfectly toned body. I think she was coming on to me. She told me how much she likes smooth, hard, circumcised cocks. Shaved balls are a must, since she loves sucking them so much. She had me so worked up, I came back here to use my Fleshlight. I had a real powerful orgasm. I just finished cleaning my love toy when you came over to take me to the beach.”

Madeline was whispering to me, “So that explains why it was on your counter. I thought maybe you were trying to shock us. It takes a lot more than Escort bayan that to turn our heads. So that’s number two. Number three was in the dunes. I remember that one, because it was my hand wrapped around your throbbing cock, just like it is now.” With that comment, Madeline squeezed really hard.

“By the way, your cum tastes good, sweeter than most other’s. As for Pamela, you be careful. She can get a little kinky. Be wary if she tries to lure you into the back room. The last time I was with her, she used nipple clamps on me. I’m not much into pain. Although I must admit, after a little while I was extremely wet.”

I wondered,”Maddy, if you are not into pain, why didn’t you just pull them off.”

Madeline continued, “Well because my hands were above my head clasp in handcuffs.”

“You are such a tart. I bet those clamps stayed in place, because your nipples are BIG, just the kind I love to wrap my lips around. Well you know about my fourth orgasm, because Sandra blurted out at dinner about the blow job. Number five, well that’s the one I am about to experience with you.”

I told Madeline it was time to switch positions. I was very close to shooting a major load of cum and needed a break. Madeline shifted to her back and I was now on my side pressing into her. Her hand latched onto my seven inches again. I now had my left hand free to stroke and massage her body.

Madeline’s big boobs were spread out, but her nipples were rock hard. From this position I was able to move my hand all around her incredible body. I ran my palms over her soft flesh and hard nips. She really responded to my stroking. Her areola were visibly darker and her breathing became shallow. My hand moved slowly around her tummy. I cupped her breasts and my fingers massaged the mounds. I dipped my wandering hand lower landing on her smooth, hairless mound. I felt the puffy outer lips of her pussy. My fingers pinched and rubbed each lip, alternating back and forth.

Madeline spread her legs wider giving me more access. I continued massaging her hot gash, my fingers feeling the increased heat and wetness. She was dripping. I spread her juice all around her pussy as if it was massage oil.

Madeline again whispered, “I think I am ready now. Will you use your hand and some lube to make me cum? I orgasm so much easier being stroked and having my clit rubbed, rather than straight fucking. Sandra is so fortunate; she can cum buckets with a hard cock deep inside her cunt. I need my clit played with for my ejaculation.”

I’m not one to turn down a request like that. I grabbed my bottle of warming lube and poured some into my palm. I moved it directly between Madeline’s spread legs and rubbed her inner labia, spreading her outer lips in the process. The warm liquid quickly heated up. I repeated with another handful of lube directly on her lips and clit, letting the overflow drip down between her ass cheeks. I wanted her ass nice and wet as well. Her slit was properly prepared for me to slide my hand up and down and finger her gash. I rubbed between her lips, spreading them to give my fingers more access. I dipped two fingers deep into her pussy. She was remarkably tight. I sawed my fingers back and forth feeling Madeline spasm deep within her inner core. I withdrew my fingers and moved lower to feel her rosebud. I moved my fingers back and forth over her tight ring. I felt her loosen her a bit and pushed my index finger inside her hole.

Madeline was breathing harder now. Her large breasts were moving up and down with each breath. Her nipples spiked out further as her arousal increased. I could feel her getting wetter as her fluids mixed with the lube.

I was able to slide my hand faster and faster, dipping fingers into her two holes with each pass. I pushed two fingers into her pussy at the same time my little finger invaded her ass. The classic shocker move. Madeline’s sexual gratification was growing by the minute. I withdrew my fingers and concentrated on her clitoris. Her little nubbin was now very hard and fully extended from beneath its hood. I used two fingers to slide up and down the sides of her clit. Madeline was gritting her teeth and lifting her ass of the bed.

She moved her hand down to her pussy to join mine. She grabbed the top of her vagina with two fingers and pulled up. Her clit came into view, looking like the pink eraser on top of a pencil. I concentrated my effort on the bulge and rubbed quickly with added pressure. Madeline’s juices flowed as she rode the crest to a wild climax. I bent over and grabbed her left nipple with my lips. I sucked hard, using my tongue to massage the tip. I licked all around her puffy areola.

One of her hands reached around my head and pressed my face hard against against her breast. Her other hand grabbed my hand, pressing it hard to her pussy as her climax ripped through her body. Her thighs quivered with involuntary spasms. Her whole body shook for several seconds as electric volts shot from womanhood through her total being.

It took several minutes to regain her composure. She was flushed. Her breathing was Escort ragged. Her legs separated and she released her tight grip on my head and hand. She was satiated. Her clit was ultra sensitive and she pushed my hand away.

“No more! No more!”

I let Madeline come back down to earth before saying anything. She was the first to talk,”Geez, that was amazing. I was on the edge of coming when you applied the extra pressure to my clit. And when you bent down and sucked my nipple into your mouth, I just exploded. I swear my nipples are hard wired into my clit. You didn’t know, but I have cum many times with just my nipples being sucked and licked. I am so lucky that way. I like my sensitive tits and I love you playing with them.”

“So what’s your pleasure Maddy?”

“I want you on top. Old fashion missionary.”

That sounded good to me. Madeline spread her legs and I moved over on top of her, using my elbows for support. Madeline grabbed my cock and moved it up and down her slit gathering wetness on my tip. She directed my hard shaft right into her sweet spot. I pushed my hips and entered her. I drilled my seven inches deep into her pussy, feeling her warmth and tightness all at once. Such a sublime feeling.

I withdrew my manhood slowly and deliberately until just the tip was between Madeline’s thick lips. I pushed in again, slowly feeling the same sensation. I knew I wouldn’t last very long. These guys that say they ‘pounded her pussy for 45 minutes’ really meant ‘four to five’ minutes. Ha. If I could last fives minutes gripped by Madeline’s tight twat I would be king of the world.

I increased the tempo of my thrusts, some deep and others short and swift. The pressure on my glans was building with every movement. I love this feeling, the building of yet another incredible climax. I looked deep into Madeline’s eyes, looking into her soul. Here smile was inviting and I lowered my lips to hers. Our first kiss was sweet and loving. This was not casual fucking, this was a shared passion between two new found friends. We continued kissing with open mouths, our tongues playing against each other. I intensified my thrusting, delving deeper into her heated sheath. She was so wet with the combination of her juices and the lube. I didn’t stand a chance.

Madeline’g giant tits were mashed between our bodies. I could feel her nipples harden against me. Her mammary flesh provided a soft cushion for me. I lust for her big boobs.

I picked up the pace and that familiar feeling emerged. It starts at the tip of your cock, runs up through your shaft and all along your spine. The road to final ejaculation. I’m not usually this aggressive, but Madeline brought it out of me. My thrusting was now fast, hard and deep. My balls slapped against her ass. The bed was shaking with our movement. Maddy was now fucking me back as hard as I was fucking her.

The four to five minute mark was achieved and I blasted a load of thick cum into the depths of her waiting pussy. My head swirled as I pumped more seed into Madeline. The intense feeling up and down my cock made my head spin. I continued to move in and out, in and out. My feelings turned to total satisfaction and I felt our combined juices lubricate my cock and her inner walls. We smiled at one another listening to the splashing sounds made by our mutual contact and the frothy mixture of semen and girl juice.

I slowed my movements as my cock deflated within her womb. Madeline squeezed down hard on me trying to keep hold. Finally the pressure of her legs relaxed, I slipped out completely and rolled over on my back. I took deep shallow breaths as the head spinning stopped and I was able to appreciate what just happened. The union of body and soul, cock and pussy, man and woman, lovers!

Madeline sighed and rolled toward me, once again cradled in my arms. Our legs intertwined. Her breathing was also quick and shallow.

“Whew, that was something, eh?”

“Only the greatest with you, Madeline! You are incredible.”

With that we drifted off to sleep on one another’s arms.

Chapter 2:

I awoke sometime in the middle of the night with a strange feeling on my cock. I came to my senses and realized Madeline’s hand had a tight grip around my shaft. She was awake and looking at me.

“Hey, what time is it?”

Madeline whispered, “Around two in the morning.”

“Why is your hand around my cock?”

She replied,”I just woke up and was about to turn on my side to go back to sleep. I looked over and you have this massive hard on. Well there is something fun to play with. I figured I’d worn you out earlier. But no, look at you now, you stud.”

She gripped me tighter. Obviously, I was not going back to sleep anytime soon.

“I’m sure it’s just my VR. I often wake up with a nice rod after taking Viagra the day before.”


“Yep, Viagra Reflex. Viagra Redundancy. Viagra Response. Viagra Redux.”

Madeline again whispered,”You are so goofy. Let’s take care of this at once. I can”t go to sleep knowing I have a hard object I can play with. Let’s see, what shall Bayan escort we do?”

Madeline was not going to let this go, so to speak. I resigned myself to another round of hot sex with my camp neighbor. Darn. She was already up and straddling me, her legs on either side of my hips. Her pussy was still damp and wet against my skin.

She reached over for my Fleshlight sitting on the night stand. “Let’s see how this thing works, shall we?”

“Maddy, you know how it works?”

“Madeline whispered,”Well I’m not sure, I’ve never had one. All of my toys are different and go inside of me. Let’s see, I have my vibrators, my dildos, my vibrating egg, my butt plugs, and my magic rabbit. Oh, and I must not forget the double headed dildo that Sandra and I share!”

“You’re killing me, Maddy!”

My cock was standing up straight. Madeline grabbed the bottle of warming lube also on the night stand. She poured some directly on my shaft and used her hand to slather it around. Then she poured some into the opening of my silicone sheath. She moved her hand to her mouth, first inhaling the fragrance and then licking lube from her fingers.

“Mmm, cherry flavor. I love it. Now, let’s get to work.”

With that, Madeline grabbed the base of my cock with one hand holding me upright, and proceeded to push the Fleshlight all the way down my shaft. She had this evil smile as she looked directly into my eyes and shoved.

The lube did its job. My cock was completely enveloped. Madeline used both hands to pull our toy all the way up. As she pulled, she remarked,”That is some crazy suction. I don’t think my pussy can squeeze this hard. I see why you like this contraption.”

She pushed down slowly, watching my shaft disappear inch by inch. When I was completely engulfed, she twisted the Fleshlight quickly. The sudden movement was both erotic and scary. “Bet you didn’t see that coming?”

Madeline seems to be full of surprises. She twisted the sheath back and forth several times slowly. This change of pace had my cock throbbing. She started the up and down motion again adding a little more lube to my shaft. The Fleshlight moved a little freer now. Madeline began a smooth movement up and down with a slight rotation, almost like she was giving a double fisted hand job. A nice benefit of her hand motion was her huge breasts jiggling back and forth. The quicker she masturbated me, the more her tits shook. Watching her boobs and feeling the silicone on my cock was enough to put me over the edge once again. My balls tightened as I felt a surge of sperm move through my cock and shoot out. The sticky splurge covered the inside of my Fleshlight and lubricated my shaft. The sheath moved freely now that it was full of my cum.

Madeline pulled the device off my cock. “Ooops, I think you made a mess. Too bad you have to clean it up once again. Darn.” This is one time I won’t mind that chore.

She placed the Fleshlight on the table, grabbed my shaft at the bottom and sucked me all the way into her mouth. I wasn’t expecting this bit of cleanup. Madeline licked up and down my dick, collecting all of my jism on her tongue and swallowing. Once she was satisfied that I was clean again, she smacked lips and smiled.


“Oh, Maddy, I’m so happy you woke me up. You are amazing. Now it’s time for me to return the favor.”

“I really should get to my place. I don’t want Sandra worried about where I am.”

“Oh no you don’t”, I demanded. “I want to eat your pussy and taste you. I owe you an orgasm. I had a taste at the beach, but I want the real thing right now right from the source.”

“OK, OK, I get it. You want to eat my pussy! Haven’t you had enough. For goodness sake, we have all week.”

Madeline was easily swayed. She moved up onto my chest, leaving a trail of her wet fluids. With one more shift, her pussy was square on my face. Pussy heaven. I inhaled her womanly scent and tasted her essences. She used her fingers to spread her lips giving me access to her inner labia. My tongue had full access to inner genitalia. I used my tongue and lips to full advantage. I licked and tasted Madeline over and over. I tasted her juice, the cherry flavored lube and even a bit of my own cum. It was a very tasty cocktail.

Madeline squirmed on my face. She ground her quim onto my tongue and lips. My tongue darted into her gash, licking and sucking all around. I located her clitoris, now starting to emerge from its hood. Madeline was coming alive and becoming wetter and wetter. I was licking from the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit. I twirled my tongue around her clit over and over until she let go a torrent of cum once again.

Madeline’s thighs quivered, her hands moved down to my chest to support her body while her orgasm spurred through her body. She moved her pussy back and forth over my lips. I stuck out my tongue to gather her honey. Her body spasms continued as I licked relentlessly intent on spurring her onto a second climax. I grabbed her legs and pulled her pussy into my face for one last volley. I caught hold of her inner lips with my open mouth and sucked them in. My tongue was fiercely licking my captive target. My licking and sucking took hold and Madeline came again. More female liquid dripped down covering my cheeks and neck. Her whole body nearly suffocating me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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