Alone at Work Ch.4

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The next night at work was quiet without Richard and went by quickly. When I got home that morning I tossed and turned in bed trying not to think about Richard, or what happened at the mall. I kept having flashbacks of begging him to make me cum and I shuddered at the memory.

After a while I must have fallen asleep from pure exhaustion, because the next thing I remember I was startled awake by my alarm letting me know I had to get up for work. Did I really sleep for 12 hours straight? It’s happened before and it probably won’t be the last time.

I stretched out in bed and try to will myself to get up but I just want to lay there a few more minutes. As I do I zone out and my hand starts to wander. My fingertips trace slow lazy lines across my soft alabaster skin and I give myself goosebumps.

I slowly trace the fingers of my left hand across my nipples then in slow circles around my ivory areolas while my right hand traces its way down my belly. I look over at my phone, I have just enough time. I slip my hand under the waistband of my panties and my fingers move directly onto my clit.

I start working it in steady slow circles and gasp at how sensitive I’m feeling. My fingers work my clit while I pinch and roll my nipples with my left hand. I’m working myself up and I can feel my pussy getting wet. I slide my fingers between my slit and back up to my clit I am getting very wet now. I moan and close my eyes as my fingers move faster on my clit then down to my slit again. I spread my legs wider and I slide one finger into my tight wet pussy. I moan out again as I slowly begin fingering my pussy building up speed with every push.

I can feel my orgasm building and I add another finger. I’m fingering myself faster and faster, I’m breathing hard and my hips are raising to meet my thrusting fingers. I can’t hold back any more.

“ahhhhh ooooh fuuuuck!” I moan as my orgasm hits me.

My body shuddering with pleasure my fingers continue moving in and out. I need more. My fingers move to my clit again quick circles with just the right amount of pressure has me gasping and twitching. My toes curl and I let out a whimper and a moan at the same time. I grit my teeth and raise my hips as I cum again harder than the first time.

I flopped back onto my bed panting and shuddering as the aftershocks of my orgasm move through me. My clit still throbbing a bit and I consider going for one more, but my phone goes off again my back up alarm letting me know if I don’t get up now I’ll be late.

“Fuck it.” I think to myself as I reach under my bed for my dildo.

I lick my lips before taking the thick dildo head into my mouth and sucking it a few times getting it nice and wet. I pressed the thick head against my clit rubbing it up and down before lowering it to my waiting pussy. I slowly push the cock into me and gasp as it’s forced past my tight lips. I pull back a bit before shoving it back in deeper this time as another gasp escapes my lips.

I start slowly and build a rhythm and I’m soon fucking myself deep and hard. My legs spread wide as I shove the thick cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy. My free hand reaches up and I pinch and twist my nipples hard making myself yelp and whimper. I need to cum again. I raise my hips and I can feel my pussy dripping down to my asshole.

I can feel my orgasm building and I shove the dildo deep into my pussy holding it there while I rub my clit with my other hand. I’m so close and desperate to cum my fingers are a blur on my clit. My mind is racing and then suddenly the memory of Richard pumping his cum into my cunt while he plows me over the hood of my car and I cum hard!

“Fuuuuuck me Richard!!” I scream as I pump the thick dildo in and out of my cunt a few times.

My body tenses and I shudder hard before finally collapsing back on to my Porno hikayeleri bed breathing heavy and covered in sweat. My pussy still contracting around the dildo buried deep inside me. I take a deep breath a bit disgusting with myself and shiver as I pull the dildo from my pussy with a sloppy wet sound. I jump out of bed even though my legs are a bit wobbly and rush to get ready for work.

I make it to work late and as I pull into the parking lot my stomach drops as I see Richard’s car and realized I was working alone with him. I knew he’d be in today but seeing his car still filled me with dread. My stomach sank a little more when I realized the only open spot available was right next to his car. I park and sit in my car a few minutes before getting out and clocking in for shift. I made small talk with a few of the people still hanging around before leaving for the night before making eye contact with Richard. I quickly looked away and sat at my desk and got to work.

After an hour or two Richard walked over to me and sat on the corner of my desk. He looked down at me and grinned. I look up at him and shuddered. I knew what was coming and hoped he would just walk away.

“How’s it going?” He asked with a smirk.

“Ok, I guess” I responded with a nervous squeak.

“You guess?” He replied, “You sound a bit stressed, you should try to relax.”

Just stared at him. Richard just grinned down at me before returning to his desk and getting back to work. When I heard his fingers tapping his keyboard I felt my shoulders relax, and I got back to my own work.

Things were quiet and I was into my work when I heard Richard’s chair move away from his desk. I tensed as he walked past me and went into the break room. He just looked over his shoulder and smirked at me before disappearing behind the door.

Richard came out of the break room with a cup of coffee and walked over to me and sat on my desk. That grin still in his face.

“Doing anything on your days off?” He asked casually.

I blushed and looked up at him again. I wiggled in my chair and I could feel I was getting wet in anticipation of the inevitable.

“Not yet,” I said after a long moment of silence.

“No plans at all?” he grinned, “Not even a bit of shopping or anything?”

I felt my face go even redder and I looked away from him. Richard just walked away and laughed. He was torturing me, I knew he was going to do something but he was just toying with me like a cat with a mouse.

I couldn’t focus on my work anymore and say in my chair wiggling, I was breathing heavy and I was hot. My shoulders were tense and I was on edge. I got up and went to the break room for some water and a chance to be alone. I sighed as the door closed behind me. I filled a cup with water and began to relax.

The door opened behind me and I instantly tensed again. Richard walked behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“You are way too tense” He said as he began to squeeze and rub my shoulders.

I began to unconsciously relax and I felt Richard move closer to me. I sighed and my head dropped forward a bit. Richard continued massaging my shoulders and I relaxed a bit more. I felt him move behind me again and this time I could feel him press his hard cock against my ass. I started to tense again.

“Just relax,” He whispered into my ear from behind making me shiver, “You don’t have to keep your guard up around me all the time.”

My shoulders slumped a bit as I relaxed again and he continued rubbing.

“I am not going to hurt you” He whispered.

I turned to face him he released my shoulder long enough to let me turn but placed his hands back as soon as we made eye contact. He didn’t say a word but I felt him increase the pressure on my shoulders and I slowly lowered to my knees.

My Sex hikayeleri eyes were watering as I settled onto my knees. I looked up at Richard not saying a word but pleading with him not to do this with my eyes.

“Pull my cock out and suck it slut!” He ordered.

I flinched at his words but did as I was told

I slowly lowered his fly and reached into his pants fishing his cock out. He wasn’t fully hard yet but he was already dripping precum. I stared at his thick cock and hesitated. Richard pressed the head of his cock against my lips.

“Don’t make me tell you again.” He said.

I closed my eyes and slid my tongue around the head of his cock before letting it slide between my lips. I started slowly bobbing back and forth on his shaft taking more of him into my mouth each time. Richard grunted and I could feel his cock getting harder in my mouth. I reached up with one hand to grab the base of his cock and stroke him while I suck his head before taking him into my mouth again. I moaned around his shaft and realized that my other hand has found its way into my jeans and between my legs. I was rubbing my cunt while I sucked Richard off.

“You’re such a good cocksucking slut,” Richard moaned, “It’s like you were made to suck cock.”

I couldn’t help but blush at his comment and continued bobbing on his cock, my fingers moved back and forth against my clit sending waves of pleasure through my body. I was moaning and sloppily sucking Richard’s hard cock when he grabbed a handful of my hair and stopped me. He started thrusting his cock into my mouth. My fingers worked my clit faster.

“You love when I fuck your mouth don’t you?” Richard grunted.

I just moaned in response, Richard increased his tempo and I gagged a bit but stopped. I forced my hand deeper into my jeans and shoved two fingers into my dripping cunt. I was furiously fingering my cunt when I heard Richard grunt I felt his cock throbbing.

“swallow it all cunt!” He moaned as he filled my mouth with his hot cum.

The first spurt hit the back of my throat, and I swallowed it right away. Richard kept pumping and I did my best to swallow it all. A few drops leaked from the side of my mouth as I let out another moan and I started cumming on my fingers.

Richard kept his grip on my hair as he pulled his cock out of my mouth then shoved his balls in my face.

“Suck my balls slut!” He barked.

I did as I was told taking one of his balls into my mouth. His cock was starting to soften and I felt his wet shaft slowly droop against my forehead. Richard held me in place so I kept sucking and licking his balls as he looked down at me with that grin.

“That feels so good slut” Richard said, “Don’t stop I want you to get me hard again.”

He pushed my head lower a bit and my tongue slipped along his taint before I took his balls in my mouth again. He shuddered as it happened and I felt his cock begin to stir. Richard pulled me away from his balls and forced his cock back into my mouth. I felt him growing in my mouth. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and forced me to my feet.

He turned me around tore my jeans down along with my panties and forced me over a counter. He shoved his face into my ass and started licking at my tight asshole. I gasped at sudden invasion and fought back a moan. Richard was tongue fucking my asshole and it was making my knees week. I was reaching out for anything to grasp and found the edge of the counter. I gripped it tight and held on with all my strength.

“Oh my God!” I moaned, “Oh fuck oh god!”

He pulled away and stood up behind me. He placed his hand on my back between my shoulders keeping me pinned to the counter.

“Did you know that it’s my birthday today?” He asked.

I shook my head in reply.

“I guess that means you didn’t get me Sikiş hikayeleri anything did you?” He asked.

I shook my head again. Richard slapped my ass and I jumped and whimpered.

“After everything I’ve done for you and this is the gratitude I get,” He said with a laugh, “It looks like I’m going to have to take my birthday present.”

As he said it he pressed his thumb against my asshole and slowly slipped it into me. I grunted and wanted to pull away but I couldn’t move. Richard reached down and spread my ass open, I heard him spit and felt it hit my asshole and drip down. Richard’s thumb was there again rubbing the spit into my asshole. I put my head down against the counter and whimpered.

Richard shifted behind me and I felt the tip of his cock press against my asshole. I did my best to relax knowing it would only hurt more if I struggled. I was still tense and I felt Richard rub my back. I was surprised at his gentleness but was shocked back into reality when I felt his cock press past my tight hole. I grunted and whimpered again as Richard moaned. He held himself there just the tip of his cock inside my ass.

After a few breaths he pulled out rubbed the head of his cock against my wet cunt then pushed the head of his cock back into my asshole. He repeated this a few times then when he was satisfied I was lubed up enough he pushed a bit deeper it still hurt and I yelped.

“Please no,” I whimpered, “You’re too thick I can’t take it.”

Richard rubbed my back again and said “Shhh just relax and take it slut, and trust me you’re gonna love it.”

I lowered my head again and as I did Richard forced more of his cock into my ass. I try not to jump but the pain takes over and my legs kick back a bit. Richard growls and forces my legs apart again then suddenly shoves the rest of his cock into me.

“Oh my fucking God!” I scream at the sudden sharp pain, “Please no…”

Richard ignores me and just stays buried balls deep in my ass groaning with pleasure as my asshole spasms trying to force out his intruding cock, but only making it more pleasurable for him.

“Your asshole is so fucking tight,” Richard grunts, “Have you been fucked in the ass before slut?”

I just nod once as tears stream down my face. Richard reaches between my thighs and finds my clit. His fingers work it back and forth sending shivers of pleasure through my body along with the pain from my ass.

“Ugghnn ooh no please” I moan as my body shudders.

As he does this he starts to pull out a bit and then pushes forward.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” I moan at the mix of pleasure and pain.

Richard starts slowly sliding in and out of my ass and grunts with each thrust. I’m whimpering at the pain but as he fucks my ass the pain slowly fades, Richard’s fingers are still working my clit and it hits me hard and sudden.

“Uuuuuuuungh fuck!” I moan through gritted teeth, “Uuuuuugn I’m cumming”

I’m cumming and I can’t hold back. I start panting and whimpering. Richard sees this as a sign to speed up and the pain returns for a second. I whimper over and over as Richard finds his rhythm.

“I knew you’d love this slut!” He grunts, “I fucking love your ass!”

He continues pumping away faster and faster the slapping sound of our bodies echos in the break room. He continues for a while with a steady tempo, his cock slides in and out of my ass as I try to relax and let him just take me. Suddenly his pace increases and his grunting is louder.

“Here it cums slut!” Richard bellows as I feel his cock swell and he floods my asshole with cum.

This sets me off and I cum again clenching my ass on his cock milking him with my ass.

Richard slows then stops, he slowly pulls out of my ass with an obscene pop and I feel like I’m gaping open. He wipes his cock against may ass and pulls his pants up.

“Happy birthday to me,” He says as he walks away, “You might want to clean yourself up.”

I pick up my pants and limp to the restroom. I know I’m going to be sore.

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