Amar Akbar Antony and Wives Pt. 06

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This is a fictional story. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

My stories are a bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story.

In the previous part we saw how Amar and his Wife Arthi plan their honeymoon to Maldives. Amar met Akbar and Antony in Maldives. Amar learns about amazing sex life of Antony and Ashley and wants to join them. Then, Amar convinces Arthi to wife swapping and he convinces Alia to enjoy sex. Then, he helps Alia have the best sex of her life. Then, Ashley helps Amar have the wildest sex of his life. Then, the three couples enjoy one wild orgy together. Then, Amar convinces his dad for incest sex.

As planned, he walked in to our room in the middle of the night. Mom was sound asleep. I asked him to sit on the bed. I sat next to him on the bed. Arthi went and closed the door. She was wearing a semi-transparent knee length nightgown.

I could see he was sweating. Arthi started dancing slowly and removed her clothes one by one. In a few seconds, she was totally naked. Looking at her completely naked, dad’s eyes popped out. He stared at her like he saw an alien. She walked to him, licked his sweat and whispered in his ears, seductively.

Arthi: “Amar told me that you like my body very much. Is it?”

He was lost for words. He nodded yes.

Arthi: “Then what are you waiting for? Feel these tits. They are waiting for you.”

He looked at me. I signalled to go ahead. He pounced on her and grabbed her tits in both his hands and fondled them. Caressed them. Squeezed them. It was like a child getting a new toy for the first time. He played with her tits for a few minutes.

Arthi: “Now it is time to show your bad boy.”

He looked confused. She asked him to stand up. He did. Then, Arthi pulled his lungi and briefs. His erect cock popped out. It wasn’t as big as mine but big enough to make a woman happy.

Then, Arthi kneeled in front of him and took his cock in her hands and stroked it. Then, she felt his balls. Then, with one gulp she took his cock in her mouth and sucked it. He was feeling very happy. Watching my dad get a blowjob by my wife felt erotic. I stood up and got rid of my clothes as well.

Ajit: “Wow. That feels so good. I begged Asha to suck my cock but she never did. I am so glad I agreed for this.”

Me: “It is only the beginning dad. It will get better.”

I went and stood next to them. Arthi took my cock in her hands and started stroking it. She alternated between sucking my cock and dad’s cock while stroking the other. She even tried taking both of them together.

After sucking both of them for a good few minutes, dad cummed in Arthi’s mouth. She swallowed all of it and licked his cock clean. I asked him to sit in the chair.

Me: “How was it?”

Ajit: “It was amazing. I loved it. Thanks for an amazing blowjob Arthi.”

Arthi: “My pleasure dad.”

Me: “Imagine, how much more fun we can have if mom joins us. We don’t have to worry about getting caught and we can do this every day. So, you will have to convince mom to join us. I will tell you the plan and you will go accordingly. Once mom joins us, you can do anything you want with Arthi. Until then, sit and enjoy the show and learn.”

I pulled Arthi on to me and kissed her on the lips. She replied by sucking on my lips. I ran my hands all over her back and squeezed her ass. Dad’s eyes were staring at her ass. After kissing her for a few minutes, I pushed her on to the bed and licked all over her face and neck and tits.

I made circles around her nipples with my tongue and licked and bit them in between. Then, I sucked on her nipples for a few minutes. Then, I kissed and licked all over her waist and belly. Then, I placed my face over her pussy and pushed my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her.

I tongue fucked her until she orgasmed and licked all her juices. Then, I kissed her again to share her juices with her. Then, I licked all over her sexy thighs and bit them. Then, I pushed my cock into her pussy and fucked her rough.

After a few minutes of fucking in that position, she rolled me on to the bed and she got into cowgirl position over me and fucked me. As she was jumping up and down, her boobs were jiggling. I fondled them. Dad’s eyes popped looking at all the action in front of him. He was jerking off his cock. He wanted to join and suck on her tits but I signalled no and told him that only after mom joins us.

After a few more minutes, I rolled her on to the bed, got her into doggy position and fucked her in the asshole. His eyes popped again and his jaw dropped in astonishment. After fucking her for good few minutes, I cummed in her asshole.

Then, I licked her asshole clean of my cum. Then, Arthi licked my cock clean. Then, we both kissed each other exchanging our cum. He was shocked to see that his son and daughter-in-law are such wild animals and travesti gaziantep was eager to join us. I told him that he could visit us and watch us have sex. But he can have sex with Arthi only after mom joins us.

Now, he was determined to convince mom. I explained the plan to Dad and Arthi. Dad’s role was to have amazing sex with mom and get her excited about sex. Arthi’s role was to drop hints about our amazing sex life and how good I was in the bed in front of mom.

As planned, everyone started playing their part. Under my guidance, dad got really good at sex. He started having sex with mom regularly. I taught him how to last much longer and how to make a woman happier. I even taught him about cunnilingus and how to give a woman orgasm by tongue fucking.

By having good sex with her and making her a happy woman, he even convinced her to give a blowjob and also watch porn with him. I could also see changes in her. The woman who would wear only kurtas and fully covered blouses started wearing low neck and bare back, sleeveless blouses in order to seduce her husband. But what she dint know was, even I was getting restless looking at her.

Even I was playing my part. I would give her long hugs. Especially with an erect cock which would poke her. I dropped my towel a few of times in front of her, showing her my big and thick erect cock. I would kiss or squeeze Arthi’s tits in front of her. I would act as if I was doing it without her noticing but I would make sure she noticed it.

In couple of months, with my help, dad changed mom a lot. Now, they even started watching group sex videos and occasional incest videos. Then, he convinced her to read incest erotica as well. She was hesitant in the beginning but she started reading eventually. It was finally time to go onto the next step.

One day, as planned, dad had taken mom out. As they were about to reach home in 5 mins, dad texted me. I and Arthi got naked immediately and started having sex on the couch. When they opened the door, Arthi was lying on the couch and I was stroking my cock in her pussy in missionary position.

As soon as they saw us, they yelled in shock. We stood up and intentionally stood naked in front of them, acting as if we were shocked, showing our sexy bodies and cock to them.

Me: “Sorry guys. We dint expect you would be back so soon. We just got into the heat of moment and started doing it right here.”

Asha: “It’s alright. You guys carry on. We will go into the bedroom.”

Me: “No no. It’s ok. We will go into the bedroom.”

We intentionally picked up our clothes very slowly and walked into the bedroom. I continued fucking Arthi imagining mom. After good few minutes, I cummed in her pussy.

I lied on the bed next to her.

Arthi: “Do you think it will work?”

Me: “I hope it will. Let’s see how it goes.”

We acted as if we were embarrassed at the dinner. After dinner, all of us got back into our room. Dad called me so that I could hear their conversation and guide him. He had earbud in his ear.

Ajit: “Boy oh boy! Amar and Arthi are one lucky couple. They are perfect for each other.”

Asha: “Haha. I think so too.”

Ajit: “Did you see the passion they have for each other? And their bodies. They both look stunning. I never thought my son would have such a big cock.”

Asha: “Umm.. I don’t know. You are talking about your own son’s cock, you weird guy.”

Ajit: “Ah come on! Don’t tell me you dint see it. It was big like in the porn.”

Asha: “Ok. I have seen it. I have seen it earlier too. I never realized when my boy had grown such big. He was always a small kid for me.”

Ajit: “Time flies by. He is a full grown man now, who has passionate and amazing sex. I am jealous of him actually.”

Asha: “Why? You have been very passionate lately. Are you not happy with me?”

Ajit: “It’s not that. You are a beautiful and amazing woman and If only I had a chance, I would fuck you every day. It’s just that I can’t do that at this age. But I am jealous about their colourful life.”

Asha: “What do you mean?”

Ajit: “I happened to read Amar’s diary and I found somethings in there which shocked me.”

Asha: “Don’t you know it’s wrong to read other’s dairy. But I am curious what did you find in there?”

Ajit: “Remember they showed us pictures of Maldives with a white couple and Pakistani couple?”

Asha: “Yes”

Ajit: “They swapped their partners with those couples and then ended up having group sex together.”

Asha: “What the fuck? You mean our kids had sex with other couples like in those videos we saw?”

Ajit: “Yes. And apparently it was the best experience of their life.”

Asha: “What! I can’t believe that our kids would do something like that.”

Ajit: “Yes. They are a lot crazier than we know. They are into a lot of wild stuff.”

Asha: “What do you mean?”

Ajit: “I was going through Amar’s laptop one day and I came across an incest story he wrote. He wrote about how he wants to fuck you, in all gaziantep travesti the different places and positions he wants to fuck and etc.. To be honest, that’s how I started reading incest erotica.”

Asha: “What the fuck! And you are telling me this now? What if Arthi finds out about it?”

Ajit: “Don’t worry about it. I think she already knows about it. In fact she might even helped in writing it. He wrote in his dairy that they both are into incest.”

Asha: “No. I cannot believe that. I cannot believe that my son looks at me in a sexual way. There must be some misunderstanding.”

Ajit: “I thought so too. But then I observed him. I could clearly see the lust for you in his eyes. The way he would look at your ass and tits, waist and cleavage. He would look like a tiger waiting for a prey. Try to remember, there must be incidents when you must have felt something.”

Asha: “Now when I think of it, I guess so. I would feel something poking when he would hug me. I guess his erect cock. He would give me long and tight hugs. I thought it was out of love but not lust. I don’t know what to do now or how to react? My own son lusting after and doing such things to me.”

Ajit: “If you promise to not get angry, I have a suggestion.”

Asha: “What is it?”

Ajit: “Why don’t you have sex with him? That way, everything will be solved. His dream and desire of fucking you will be fulfilled. And your desires will also be fulfilled. I know that I am not so great at sex and I have not given you a happy sex life. We hardly used to have sex. But Amar is amazing at sex and he makes Arthi go crazy. I am sure he will see to it that you have the best sex of your life.”

Asha: “What are you saying? Are you out of your mind? You are asking me to fuck my own son? How can I do that?”

Ajit: “Come on Asha. You have been reading all those stories. It is lot more common than we think. A lot of families do that. It is just that no one talks about it openly. There is nothing wrong in it. Everything is fair in sex and war. Relations come later.”

Asha: “I don’t know. I don’t think I can do it.”

Ajit: “Alright. I will leave it to you. Either you can make this family stronger or break this family.”

I understood that mom needed some more pushing but she can be convinced. That excited me. It was then time to implement the last step. A few hours later, I texted dad that everything was ready and it was time to get mom.

He went and woke her up and asked her to follow him silently. She did as she was asked. He gave a secret signal indicating that they were at the door. I and Arthi were naked. I was sucking on Arthi’s boobs.

Me: “I love you mama. You are the best. The best mom one can ever have.”

Arthi: “Thanks beta. You are the best son one can have. You satisfy all your mom’s needs. You fuck me hard. You lick my pussy. You lick my asshole as well. What more can a mom ask from a son.”

Me: “I will do anything for you mama. I will fight with everyone in the world to keep fucking you.”

Arthi: “I know beta. But why do you like to fuck me so much?”

Me: “You have amazing tits. The best tits I have ever seen. And your pussy, the hole which bought me into this world is the most divine thing of all. It is the most beautiful I have ever seen. And most of all, I love you like anything. The woman I love the most. More than my wife.”

It is at this time, dad barged in to the room. Mom was shocked seeing him enter into the room.

Ajit: “What is happening here?”

Me: “Nothing dad. We were just talking about something.”

Ajit: “Don’t lie. I and your mom heard everything. You were calling her mom while sucking her tits. You were talking as if you were mom and son.”

Me: “Umm.. I am sorry dad. It’s just that we are very much into incest. So, we were roleplaying as mom and son.”

Ajit: “Were you imagining your own mom in her?”

Me: “Umm..”

Ajit: “So that means a yes? How can you?”

Me: “I am sorry dad. I love mom very much. I have been lusting after her for many years. I think she is the most beautiful woman I know. I can’t stop fantasizing about her. But I can’t force her either. It is killing me. So, I am trying to vent it out in this way. I will do anything to have sex with mom.”

Ajit: “Anything?”

Me: “Yes. Anything. Just ask. I will even kill myself if need be.”

Ajit: “You don’t need to do that. You will have to fuck your mom and make her a very happy woman. I know you are good at sex and I am not that great. If you can convince your mom to have sex, I am ok with it. I want my wife to have a wonderful sex life like your wife.”

Mom was stunned at this. She looked at us in shock. I walked to her still naked.

Me: “Mom. I love you mom. I love you more than anything. I will make you the happiest woman on this earth. I am crazy about you. Now, you decide. We can have sex and enjoy life as a family in an amazing way or, after all this, I and Arthi will go far away from here and never show you our face again.”

She gaziantep travestileri was lost for words. She thought for a while. After a few minutes, she replied.

Asha: “Alright. What the hell. If it has come this far, let us do it.”

That is all I had to hear. I pounced on her and kissed her on the lips. I dint let her finish the sentence. I sucked on her lips for a good few minutes.

She was wearing a nightgown. I hugged her tight. My naked erect cock poked her in the belly. Then, I unzipped her nightgown and it fell on the floor. She was wearing a pink bra and black panty. The image of hers from the first time I saw her in bra and panty popped up in front of my eyes.

She was looking as beautiful as I remembered. I kissed all over her face and cheeks and neck. Then, I turned her around and kissed all over her back. I licked her back and with my teeth unhooked her bra. Her bra loosened popping out her tits.

I finally came across her amazing tits face to face. She had big, firm tits with brown nipples. Her nipples were erect. I took her tits into my hands and fondled them and squeezed them. I played with them for good few minutes and then, took them into my mouth and sucked on them till they turned red.

I licked all over her nipples and bit them. This excited her and bit her lips in excitement. Then, I pulled her panty down and came across her bushy pussy. It smelled sweet. I picked her up and placed her on the bed.

I turned around to see Arthi and dad in action already. Dad was already naked and he was sucking on Arthi’s tits, while fingering her pussy. Arthi was stroking his cock. I turned my attention on to mom again. I licked all over her bushy pussy and came across her brown pussy lips.

I licked her pussy lips and pushed my tongue into her pussy. I tongue fucked her while fondling her boobs. She moaned in excitement and told me that I was just like my dad. I chucked to myself that I was the one who taught my dad.

Then, I changed into 69 position and pushed my cock into her mouth while I tongue fucked her. I tongue fucked her until she had an orgasm and I licked all her juices. Then, it was finally time to fuck her. I placed my cock over her pussy and with one jerk, pushed it in. She shouted in pain as it was bigger than she was used to.

I fucked her fiercely for good few minutes and gave her another orgasm. Then, we changed our positions and I got her into doggy position and fucked her in the pussy again. By this time, dad had already cummed. So I pulled Arthi closer to me and finger fucked her. It was an amazing feeling. Fucking my mom next to my wife while fingering her.

After giving mom another orgasm, I let mom go as she was tired and jumped on to Arthi. I lied down on the bed and Arthi got over me and fucked in the cowgirl style. I pulled my mom and made her sit on my face. I was licking and eating her pussy while Arthi was fucking me. After good few minutes, I cummed in Arthi. Then, both mom and Arthi licked my cock clean.

Me: “Wow. That was amazing. Thanks mom. I love you.”

Asha: “I should thank you. I am glad I decided to have sex with you. It was amazing. I wish we did it much earlier.”

Me: “Don’t worry mom. We will make up for lost time. Will you do something for me mom?”

Asha: “What is it beta?”

Me: “I want to see you and Arthi have sex.”

Asha: “What? How can I do it with another woman?”

Me: “Don’t worry. Arthi will show you. She is experienced in it.”

I signalled Arthi to take over and she pulled mom on to her and kissed her on the lips. I and dad were enjoying the show. Then, they hugged and rolled on the bed while still kissing each other. After sucking on each other’s lips for a while, Arthi moved on to mom’s tits and sucked on them. Then, she licked and tongue fucked mom.

Then, she moved on to 69 position giving mom her pussy. Mom was hesitant in the beginning but as Arthi licked and sucked her pussy, mom got into the mood and started licking and eating Arthi’s pussy. They both tongue fucked each other for a while. Then, they got into scissors position and rubbed against each other’s pussy.

All this lead to mom having an orgasm. Then, she placed her face near Arthi’s pussy and tongue fucked her. This made me very horny and I went and joined them. Mom was licking Arthi’s pussy when I pushed my cock into her asshole. As she couldn’t yell in pain, she bit Arthi’s pussy. So Arthi yelled.

I asked dad to join us and fuck mom in the pussy. He got under her and pushed his cock into her pussy. It was amazing. Mom getting sandwiched between me and dad while licking Arthi’s pussy. After fucking for good few minutes in that position, all of us orgasmed one after another. Arthi and Asha licked our cocks clean and they licked each other clean of our cum.

It was the best night of my life. After that, all of us were tired and fell asleep naked on the same bed. From that day, everything changed in our life. We would hardly wear any clothes at home and all of us would sleep in the same room. Anyone would fuck anyone whenever and where ever they liked.

All four of us even went for another honeymoon to Thailand. We enjoyed amazing sex on the beaches. No one understood who was whose partner. We even hired male and female prostitutes. We hired a black man and a white man for mom and Arthi to enjoy their big cocks. I and dad hired Chinese and Russian prostitutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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