American Mom Ch. 05


Sunday morning, before the rest of the family awoke, Francine Smith went to the back side of the garage to see if she could discover what her son Steve was doing in the garden when he fell off the ladder the day before. Having already confirmed her son had been taking photos of her from his bedroom window while she tanned topless in the garden, she suspected he was up to something around the garage.

As she looked around she realized he must have had a reason to be up off the ground on the ladder, so she raised her focus up to ten feet or so off the ground. There was no indication of activity in the tree line. As she turned slowly in an arch, her curiosity was raised by a strange appearance on the garage exterior. About twelve feet off the ground was a perfectly drilled, golf ball sized hole. The cut looked fresh. Inside the hole was a dark covering.

Her curiosity leading her on, Francine went through the house and into the garage, climbing the ladder to the storage loft. In the back wall of the loft was a ledge wall about four feet tall. In the wall was a two foot by two foot door with a padlock.

‘I don’t remember ever seeing this door.’ Francine noted to herself. ‘But then again, I make Stan pull down all of the Christmas decorations from the storage loft. It seems like Steve volunteered to do that starting a couple of years ago.’

Francine tried the padlock, but it was secured. Understanding the way men think, Francine started feeling around the roof trusses for a key. Sure enough, it was in a wooden beam off and to the left about a foot. “Men, what simple creatures.” She said to no one.

Francine released the lock and opened the door. The area was totally in darkness. As she started to crawl into the opening she was startled and frightened to feel something thin stroke her face. “OH SHIT!” She loudly squealed, before quickly realizing it was just the string on a light fixture. She gathered her wits about her and pulled the string.

The light bulb illuminated a room behind the door that was eight feet long by five wide and four feet tall. It was tall enough to sit up in comfortably, but would be impossible to fully stand up in. There was ratty looking carpeting on the floor, and a tattered old rocking style gaming chair.

Against one of the short walls were an old TV and VCR / DVD burner combination sitting on top of a dorm sized refrigerator. Francine opened the refrigerator door and found five assorted soft drinks and one bottle of Mike’s Hsrd Lemonade. Opened bags of Doritos and Cheetos with chip clips holding them closed were piled in a box in one corner of the room. Empty cans, chip bags and a coule of discarded Mike’s bottles lay against the other corner. “Just a normal bachelor pad.” Francine laughed.

She followed the cables from the burner along the wall until they terminated at the family’s HD video camera, positioned at the hole in the back of the garage. Francine leaned over and turned everything on. As an image started to appear on the TV screen her breathing became much more shallow. Her heart began to beat harder as she saw the a close up, angled shot of her lounge chair behind the hedge. “That horny little perv! He’s not only taking pictures of me and Haley from his room, he’s been videotaping me tanning too.”

As if possessed and unable to control herself, the beautiful blonde mother leaned against one of the walls of the fort and rolled over onto her butt, spreading her knees wide. She had an overwhelming urge to rub her engorged pussy. Unzipping her tight jeans, she struggled to push them below her knees. As she began playfully teasing her puffed-up clit her mind ran wild. “I really must be one hot slut.” She whimpered. “Even my own son thinks I’m so hot that he has to have photos and videos of me.”

As the attack on her wet pussy intensified, her mind ran wild. “If I had known I was putting on a show for you Steve, I would have put a hell of a lot more effort into it.” She moaned before suddenly stopping her self-pleasuring. Her mind had become filled with obscene images as she fought to control her building climax. “Uhmmm. God Damn.” She moaned. “Could I really do what I am fantasizing about?” she asked herself as she weakly began to pull her panties and jeans bursa üniversiteli escort back up.

Rubbing herself briskly over her jeans several times before struggling to pull her pants back on, Francine turned the equipment off and put everything back the way she found it. As she was crawling out of the club house, rubbing her thighs together to stimulate her blood filled pussy, she decided to pursue her wicked thought. A huge grin formed on her face as she exited the room.

Later that afternoon, with the temperature in the mid-nineties and with Haley, Stan and Roger all gone for the day, Francine began preparing to head out to catch some rays. She instinctively knew that Steve would start looking in the garden as soon as he knew she was laying out soaking up some sun. She felt so lewd, lustful and naughty. “If he wants to spend his afternoon spying on dear old Mom, then I should at least give him a good show.” She decided as she tried on her new bikini.

“Steve,” She yelled a few minutes later through his closed door. “Is your leg doing any better this afternoon?”

“It’s a little better mom.” He replied. He wasn’t going to tell her it felt all better, fearing that she might want him to do some work around the house.

“Okay honey,” She replied. “I’m heading out to work on my tan. Just call my cell phone if you need anything.”

“Okay mom.” Francine could hear him moving around his room before she had even begun to head down the stairs.

“Showtime!” she announced with a flair as she strutted across the lawn in a pair of four inch heels towards the back of the garage. She felt beautiful and charged with eroticism.

The shoes and daring suit she was wearing were part of the clothing she had been gifted with by the owners of Happy Time Book and News and Lingerie Store. A shiny gold Brazilian style suit, the tiny bottom was a thong that exposed her entire ass. The tiny triangle in front was so small that she had to take a pair of scissors to her brunette pubes.

The top consisted of two triangles similar in size to the bottom that barely covered her nipples, leaving copious amounts of her bobbling tit flesh oozing out of the cups. She was wearing a sexy little gauzy wrap around her waist to somewhat cover her exposed ass cheeks.

Francine took extra care to swing her hips with a flurry. She opened the garden gate and laid her beach towel on her lounge chair. She then gracefully sat down and made a theatrical production out of smoking a fat doobie. “I’m not even sure Steve knows what pot is,” She giggled, “let alone knows what this Chronic can do to a horny woman’s mind and body.”

Slowly, dreamily she began pouring some oil in her palm. Reaching down to her ankles, she began rubbing it slowly up her legs. Francine’s 38DD breasts were trying their best to bust out of her tiny string bikini top as she moved forward and back, moving her oil soaked hands up her legs to rub her thighs. She cautiously looked up towards Steve’s bedroom window through her dark sunglasses. The telephoto lens of his camera could be seen comically peering through the blinds.

The sexy mother then poured a thick line of warm tanning oil along her arms, spreading it over her shoulders, and on to her breasts. Moving oil around her breasts, Francine pushed her oiled fingers deep into her cleavage before laying back and spreading oil on her stomach.

“I bet I look so sexy right now! Steve must be snapping a million photos.” she told herself without any shame. An occasional flash of light reflecting off his camera lens was the only sign that she was on display. “I wonder if he would have the balls to let some of his little friends see my pictures?” She wondered, already knowing she was ready to give him one hell of a display to photograph.

She continued to rub more oil down her stomach to the edge of her little string bikini. She spread her legs wide; very wide as she spread oil into the crease of her thigh. Moving the material of her bottoms to one side, she exposed her pussy lips under her muff as she coated them in oil before once more concealing her pussy.

“I feel so damn sexy and hot knowing that Steve is watching me.” She moaned escort bayan as she slowly moved over to lie on her front side, undoing the string holding her top. “I wonder if his little dick is getting hard yet?”

She carefully reached around and applied oil to her back. By reaching back she knew that her breasts were exposed to some degree. She then focused on her legs, applying the lotion on the back of her thighs, then down her calves, before moving her concentration right up to her fully exposed ass cheeks.

She rubbed and kneaded the oil into her ass, enjoying her own stimulating massage. “OHmmmm.” she moaned as she ran a finger into the crack of her ass. She parted her legs just slightly, and then moved her hands back to the inside of her thighs. As she rubbed her legs, getting more aroused, she reached up and deftly pulled the entire tiny top out from under her heavy boobs.

Francine lay still on her stomach, naked and shining in oil and thinking of her next move to tease her son, for nearly fifteen minutes, covered only by the string running between her ass cheeks. Eventually she leaned up on her elbows, partially lifting her boobs from the lounge chair as she drank a bottle of hard lemonade. Each lift of the bottle exposed massive side boob to her son at his vantage point.

Finally she could contain herself no longer. “Here you go little Steve.” She said dreamily. “It’s time to turn over.” The heat from the sun combining with the pot gave her an intoxicating rush as she struggled over onto her back, her fully exposed breasts bobbling seductively in the bright sunlight. Francine gazed through her dark sunglass lenses breathlessly at Steve, who now stood revealed in his window.

Maintaining her stare at his window behind her glasses, Francine settled in a new position, with the soles of both shoes flat on the ground on either side of the lounger. Grabbing the tanning oil, she poured until her hand was full. Leaning back in the lounge chair Francine poured the oil from her hand onto the tops of her exposed breasts. She began to rub and massage them, tugging on her nipples and twisting them. “Oh fuck. Uhmmmm. My breasts feel so fabulous; so full and firm. Such sexy, tight, hard nipples.” She whimpered out loud as she stroked them.

She spent several minutes covering and re-covering her voluptuous tits in the sensuous oil, using first one hand and then the other hand to lift or move the wobbly mounds while her other hand rubbed down her breasts like a baker making up loaves of bread.

She kneaded and caressed and rubbed them until they were slick with lotion, glistening in the sun. She enjoyed the feel of her soft skin wrapped around her firm abs that were just barely outlined. Not too defined, but enough to show just how fit she was. She rubbed oil into her naval playfully, before moving on.

“Are you ready for this, Steve?” She asked softly as she looked up and saw that he was in his window as she reached for the delicate string holding her bottoms. Purposefully she lifted her hips and pushed the bottom of her swimsuit to her knees, before gracefully pushing them down her legs, coming to rest in a puddle around her left ankle. Pouring the tanning oil directly on her skin, she ran lines from her left knee, up her thigh, across her dark haired pussy, and back down her other leg.

Francine gently raised her hips as she ran her left hand through the hair at the top of her pubic mound, slowly delving down into the small patch of her thick brown bush. She casually rubbed the oil into her inner thighs with her right hand while her left hand had the pleasure of coating her clit and pussy lips. She studied her exposed clit closely, thinking of it as a raw, exposed nerve, touching it gently, rubbing lotion on it, squirming, just this slight touch was bringing unbearable pleasure to her.

Francine parted her legs just a little wider, making sure Steve had access to photograph her clit and pussy, which she was meticulously covering in lotion. She remained silent, except for an occasional moan, lost in her own thoughts, enjoying this most sensual routine.

She stroked her sleek thighs, working her way down to her slender ankles. She undid the straps of her escort bursa shoes on her ankles and slid her shoes and panties off long enough to rub her feet, taking note of her toes before putting her sexy four inch heels back on, wrapping the straps back around her ankles before placing her bikini bottoms on the ground next to her.

After rubbing the tanning oil in for several minutes, Francine gazed over to Steve’s window to see if he was still watching. “Oh shit!” she said under her breath. Steve was standing and looking though the opening between the window frame and his curtains. She could not see below his waist, but because of the way he was standing Francine could see through the opening that he must have had his cock out and was stroking it.

This confirmation that he found her desirable and beautiful only made her more determined to tease him harder. Her pussy went to dripping mode. It was time to turn up the heat. “Act Two” she sang out softly.

An evil thought quickly entered Francine Smith’s lust clouded brain. She reached over and grabbed her cell phone and quickly called someone from her “favorites” list. The phone rang several times before going to voice mail. Francine rubbed her hard nipples with one hand while she redialed the number. She noticed that Steve had left his spot in the window. For a second time her call went to voice mail. On the third try the other line answered. “Uh…hello?” came Steve Smith’s meek voice from the other line. “Hi Steve. Watching anything good…on TV?” Francine casually asked her son, as though she was out shopping or getting gas. “Uh…on TV? Yes…on TV…watching an old movie.” He replied nervously. “Well don’t get over stimulated.” She snickered, unable to help herself in her current stoned and horny condition.

“I thought I ought to check up on you. Leg still doing ok?” she asked as her hand moved down to her clit. “Uh, yeah…” he said with a little more conviction. “OK Sweetie. Let me know if you have any requests. You know…if I can do anything for you. Bye.” She smiled a lecherous grin as she inserted a finger in her wet cunt. “Uh…OK.” came Steve’s response as she hung her phone up with a laugh.

Francine settled herself back down and lay back so that when Steve worked up the nerve to look back out the window he could take in the view of her tits as a backdrop to her spreading her legs to show him her wet pussy.

Her tummy was rising and falling as she saw the curtain open in Steve’s window once more. She pulled her knees up slightly and slid a finger slowly down her tummy. She dug her fingers into her oil slick skin, inching slowly toward her little pussy. She slid her fingers around her oil soaked pussy hair and her slick lips. Soon she was aggressively fingering herself in full view of her own son.

Her heart pounded and the excitement spread all the more quickly. The more excited she became the harder she pumped her fingers in and out of her wet hot pussy. She could see he was looking right at her through his camera lens, at her pussy and her finger going inside it!

She wanted desperately to give him a hot show. She pulled her fingers out of her dripping pussy and quickly moved them up to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked up the fresh wetness of her pussy juices. It smelled and tasted wonderful. She began to think she would go crazy if she didn’t get off.

Francine moved her ass toward him a little to the right, facing more towards the window, so that he could get a perfectly straight view of her open pussy lips. As she moved her ass, she spread her knees out as wide as she could. Francine reached down and spread her pussy lips with her fingers, plunging her middle finger inside again.

She wasn’t even being subtle now. She was showing off for her own son…having sex with herself for his camera! She dizzily stood up so that he could see her ass as she bent over and opened up her pussy. She looked back as if he was behind her, ready to fuck her doggy style. She wiggled her ass as she spread her lips with her left hand. Francine grabbed a rock hard nipple and lifted it up so she could kiss, suck and bite her own nipple.

Oh how it felt so good to just let go like that…to let Steve watch…to let it show…to play openly with her pussy and tits. She wanted him to see and photograph it all! “Unnnghhhhhhhhhhh” she cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm shook her to her toes.

Exhaustedly, Francine slowly drifted off to sleep on her lounge chair under the baking sun as she formulated the next step in her sexual awakening.

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