Amy’s Vacation Ch. 04

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Chapter 4

Sunrise broke over the Oasis Resort & Spa. I awoke to the delicious smell coffee brewing… Daddy was obviously up. As I stirred in the soft linen sheets, I heard him walking up the stairs.

“Awake yet, babydoll,” he asked.

Long yawn and a good stretch, followed by a few blinks. Then a nod. Okay, so I wasn’t TOTALLY awake, but, I was on vacation… can you blame me?

Daddy was resplendent in an open, silk royal blue robe. I could see he was naked under it, and I especially focused in on his hanging cock that was dangling deliciously between his legs. He was carrying a tray with two steaming cups of coffee. He set the tray on the nightstand near me and sat down on the bed. I sat up a bit more and the covers fell off my breasts, revealing them. I didn’t seem to mind.

His hands went to my shoulders, and he leaned in, giving me a soft, lingering kiss. I kissed him back.

I don’t remember much after we came home last night. I think that Mario’s Mango Madness did quite the number on me. I don’t remember going to bed.

“Two creams and a sugar, right?” Daddy said with a smile as he offered me a cup.

I nodded and smiled back. I accepted the coffee and it’s smell matched it’s taste: one of the best coffees I’d ever had.

“You sure were the sleepyhead today. Mr. Jinxies was even up before you. He said he needed to get some gym time in… leg day, apparently.” Daddy broke into a grin and I laughed. I glanced over to the middle of the bed, where Mr. Jinxies was sitting, propped against Daddy’s pillow, near me, keeping his one good eye on me.

“Ready to get our day started? I was thinking we could try some snorkeling and just enjoy some beach time. What do you say?”

“That sounds great, Daddy.”

“I was thinking you could wear the yellow bikini… the one we bought at the airport…”

I blushed. “That one? Um, are you sure? I mean, it IS a bit on the tiny side, ya know…”

“Oh, angel, believe me… compared to several people on the beach today, you’ll be overdressed!”

I presumed he meant that people were going to go nude there. That’d be interesting. I’d never seen more than a few boyfriends and now Daddy nude, plus some of the girls in the locker room after we got finished with gym class. A beach full of adults naked would be an eye-opening experience.

I stood up and went over to put on my bikini. As I did, I heard a CLICK!. I turned around… Daddy had his resort phone aimed at me.

“What görükle escort are you doing?”

“Preserving the moment in pictures, of course!” he said with a grin. CLICK! Another picture, this time of me facing him. I blushed and put my arm over my breasts and my other hand at my Venus mound.

“Oh no. No, no, no. You do NOT cover up in front of me, baby. Remember what Janine said… these pictures stay here, between us. I want to savor this. You are the most beautiful girl a Father could ever hope for, and I love you endlessly. I never, ever want to forget any of this vacation, and I intend to take several photos throughout our vacation so we’ll always have these memories.”

That made me smile, I can’t lie. What a wonderful, sentimental thing for him to say to me. I knew every word of it to be true, as well.

Slowly, I lowered my arm and removed my hands. Daddy raised the cell phone and began snapping pictures. I even let my inner model come out and I posed a little… kicking my knee out to accentuate my curves, putting my hands on my hips, then up into my hair, and giving him a “kissy face”.


“Yes…. oh yes….” he murmured as he kept the cellphone camera clicking.

I got into it a bit; I surprisingly felt very confident modeling like this for him. I went over to the dresser and put my hands down upon it, giving him a view of my rear end, looking at him through the mirror. I could see a smile on his face, his eyes delighted, as he kept taking picture after picture. I jiggled my butt and that elicited a good-natured laugh out of him.

“What are you trying to do to me, Princess?”

“Trying to give you the best picture you’ve ever taken!”

“Oh, I think you’re giving me more than that.” He stood up, and I could see in the reflection of the mirror that his manhood had indeed gotten hard and was sticking up at an angle. He tossed the phone onto the bed and strode over to me at the dresser.

He shrugged off his robe and was naked, like me. His hands came up to my shoulders then worked down my arms. He was behind me, and I could feel his penis up against my butt crack. It felt like he was lightly rubbing it up and down against my butt cheeks, but maybe that was just the movement of his body as he held me and slid his hands down my arms, then under them, and around to my breasts.

He knew how to touch me, that’s for sure. His hands cupped my full breasts, easily finding my nipples. Expert karacabey escort fingers began to delicately touch them, then more and more determinedly play with them. I felt sharp tinges of pain and pleasure as he worked my nipples, his breath on my neck. Daddy began kissing my neck and then nibbling it. I felt his erection starting to be pressed against me as his belly met the small of my back.

“Part your legs, baby,” came a whisper in my ear.

I parted them, and I felt Daddy bend down a little behind me. His hands released my breasts and one went to one of my butt cheeks, cupping it and pulling it a bit. I felt a cool tinge of air on my anus. Then I felt Daddy’s cock head sliding up and down between my butt cheeks. It came to rest at my labia and with a soft moan, I felt him push inside of me.

Both of Daddy’s hands were on my hips as he began to fuck me from behind. I was looking over my shoulder, but couldn’t see much. That’s when I decided to look in the mirror.

I have never, ever seen myself have sex before.

I watched as Daddy worked his magic… his cock rocking in and out of my body. With every thrust, my breasts jiggled and my tummy created small waves. I could see his balls swinging to and fro with each entrance and exit. That’s when I felt him reach down and lift one of my legs up.

“Here, honey, put you leg up on the dresser.” He assisted me, and my knee was suddenly up higher. I felt Daddy’s dick sliding further up into me with each thrust and it made me moan.

I could see a determined look on his face. My Father was hungry for sex and I was to be his meal.

“Oh baby… oh honey,” he began to moan. His thrusts got more rapid and I could feel his engorgement getting ever larger inside of me with each thrust, stretching me just a little bit more with each passing moment.

After a few minutes of ecstasy, he whispered, “I’m gonna cum, Amy!”

I steadied myself… it felt so good, him doing this to me. I loved it. But suddenly, he pulled himself out of me, without going back in.

“Quick, baby… turn around… on your knees.”

I did, wondering what was going on. I got down and I could see his cock, large and purple in front of my face. His hand was on it and he was jacking it. HIs foreskin was rapidly working back and forth over his purple knob. His dick was wet with my juices.

I watched with fascination, when suddenly, without warning, a thick white rope of his cum shot out, hitting mudanya escort my nose and forehead, and even some of my hair. My Father moaned with pleasure and grabbed my head, holding me there. I gasped in both shock and delight, my mouth going wide in my exasperation. His next cumshot actually hit me in the mouth, and for the first time, I tasted my Daddy’s semen. It shot so fast that it went down my throat and on the insides of my mouth. I swallowed some without even thinking, or having a choice. It was hot and salty and thick. I started to spit his cum back out when more came flowing from his dick.

“Keep your mouth open, baby… swallow all of Daddy’s cum,” he commanded.

I kept my mouth open and he spilled more and more cream into my mouth. It felt like it was unending. I started to swallow and swallow again. It was a salty, hot flavor and felt like swallowing snot.

I honestly didn’t like the taste, but looking back on it, I have a feeling that this was one of those things girls had to learn to like.

Daddy’s cock passed my lips and into my mouth. “Suck me dry, baby.” I obeyed, sucking and licking our juices off of his cock. The sweetness of mine, mixed with the saltiness of his surprisingly made for a rather pleasant taste. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

I could feel the carpet starting to rub my knees a little raw when he finally extracted his manhood from my mouth. A long, thin trail of my spit hung off the end of his cock, attached to my lips, before the link was broken and it dripped down onto my breasts. I opened my eyes, still fearful that his cum might seep into them.

Daddy was looking down at me.

“God, baby, that felt amazing. Don’t move a muscle.”

He turned and retrieved the camera phone.


“There now, babygirl: you look so grown up with my cum all over your face. How did you like it?”

I nodded, “It was good, Daddy.” I lied… a little.

He offered me his hand and I took it. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

We went into the bathroom and he ran warm water for me. Carefully, he wiped away his cumshot from my nose, eyebrows, and forehead. Daintily, he picked out a few gobs from my hair as well.

“There, all better. Now, let’s see about you getting into that bikini, and us getting down to the beach.”

Daddy smacked my ass playfully and left the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I had given a few boyfriends blowjobs in the past, but never done anything like that. I felt more mature, despite my age. I started to see myself in a new light. Was I still a little girl, or was I transitioning into a woman?

I pulled back my hair and put it into a ponytail. Enormous life questions would have to wait for another day. Now, it was time to head to the beach!

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