An Adventure to Remember

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Sue dropped back from the group, stepped off the path and disappeared into the undergrowth. She unzipped the front of her walking trousers, pulled down the front of her knickers and positioned her woman’s urinary device. Relaxing her muscles she started the flow. A golden stream emerged from the spout and steamed down onto the frosty ground. The tension released as her bladder slowly emptied, bringing an almost sensual relief. Slickly reversing the process, she was soon back on the path and accelerating her pace to rejoin the group.

‘Hi John, haven’t seen you for a few weeks!’

‘No, we’ve been away escaping the winter.’

‘Half your luck, my husband hates walking and won’t go away anywhere at this time of year.’

‘Ann’s not a walker either, but I managed to persuade her that we needed some sunshine.’

‘Do you remember our conversation about how ageing is changing so rapidly – people living longer, being more affluent, more active and adventurous?’

‘Yes, we live in interesting times. I was reading the other day that solid exercise enhances the libido, particularly in older people, so perhaps there is hope for us oldies yet!’

‘Perhaps, but you need an active partner to enjoy those benefits.’

‘Yes, worse luck!’ John grinned.

‘I feel much the same. Married at twenty as most girls were in those days, I’ve only ever had one man, and he seems to be fading fast after 45 years!’

‘Yes, time’s slipping away, and in a few years we’ll all be past it, walking or no walking!’

A pregnant silence ensued. Sue took a deep breath.

‘John, we’ve known each other for a long time, worked together for years, and at the risk of spoiling a long friendship I wonder whether you’re up for a bit of adventure in your old age?’

‘Are you propositioning me?’ John laughed.

‘No, I’m serious, it’s too late to contemplate changing horses now, I’m too set in my ways. But I’d like to sit back in a few years time and think about a sweet moment when I did something completely out of character that I’d wanted to do for years.’

‘What exactly did you have in mind?’

‘Well, a one off sexual liaison, just a one off, then no more. And then back to just friends – with perhaps the odd knowing smile! Do you think you might manage that?’

‘You are propositioning me! I’m amazed – it’s never happened to me before! No, I don’t feel threatened or disappointed in you. Indeed, I’m very flattered that you should choose me!’

‘Is that a yes then?’ Sue grinned.

‘How could I refuse such escort bayan a wonderful offer? But of course it has to be strictly a one off and a forever secret between us, no telling anyone, and I mean anyone.’

‘I absolutely agree. We’ve known each other a long while and I know we can trust each other fully.’

‘How do you see this working?’

‘Well, Brian is away playing bridge for a couple of days at the time of the group’s next walk. It’s a short walk and will finish early. So you could come to the apartment afterwards. It’s quiet during the day and you can come up in the lift. Nobody will see you. ‘

‘Well, you are a quiet one – you’ve got it all worked out! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it – I’ve always had a bit of a thing for you, you’re still a very attractive woman you know!’

‘Well thank you, the feeling’s mutual, which is one of the reasons I asked you! You won’t change your mind will you?’

‘Certainly not, I can barely wait!’

The next couple of weeks passed slowly for both Sue and John, punctuated by excited expectation and a degree of self doubt. Was this wise? It seemed so out of character, but then that was what adventure was all about, and if all went well it would certainly be a memorable occasion to be stored away and looked back on fondly. Good memories assume more importance with age, latterly becoming all we have.

As usual, on the next walk the walkers chatted in pairs and small groups as they walked, dropped back for a view, or to look at a bird or a plant, and then picked up conversation with someone else. So it was that Sue and John came together, both trying to look normal despite their mutual anticipation.

‘Still OK?’

‘Can’t wait!’

‘Just park around the corner and ring the bell – I’ll open the front door remotely and you can come up in the lift. The place is like a morgue during the day.’

Everything proceeded smoothly and John found himself in Sue’s apartment.

‘Would you like a shower after your walk?’

‘That would be wonderful!’

‘There’s a towel in the bathroom, I’ll shower in the en suite and see you in there’. Sue indicated the guest bedroom, a thoughtful choice.

John had included a change of clothes in his pack and soon appeared, washed and dressed, at the appointed place. Sue was already in bed.

‘I wasn’t sure how to start, I couldn’t face showering together – too exposed for me. So I thought if we got into bed and perhaps had a friendly hug, and start from there’.

‘Perfect, altıparmak escort bayan just what I would feel most comfortable with.’

John was soon under the covers and embraced Sue.

‘This all seems a bit strange doesn’t it?’

‘Yes, when you’ve done the monogamy thing for so long it is a bit of a leap to say the least.’

‘Are you sure you want to go ahead?’

‘Yes, I’ve made up my mind and my body’s already telling me it’s a good idea!’

‘Mine too!’

John kissed her softly on the cheek, then on the mouth, receiving a warm response.

‘What would you like?’ he asked.

‘Slow and gentle, at least to start with, what about you?’

‘Fine by me, I want to savour every moment.’

John slowly began to unbutton Sue’s blouse and kissed her on the neck. Sue followed, unbuttoning his shirt and feeling his chest. His body was firm and well toned from years of walking. John kissed her breasts, still shielded by her bra, felt her stiffly erect nipples through the fabric, and moved to remove it. Sue sighed appreciatively while John enjoyed his first sight of her ample breasts and large dark areolae.

‘Wow, you certainly are as lovely underneath your clothes as from the outside! It’s amazing how the well looked after human body can still look great after nearly 70 years!’

John buried his head in her breasts and very softly began to lick and suck. Sue began to squirm and sigh with pleasure, and moved to undo and remove John’s trousers. She could not help noticing that his underpants already contained a very firm erection. John responded by removing her trousers and caressing her stomach and thighs. Sue’s breathing became heavier, matching John’s.

She wriggled her hand into his underpants and grasped his engorged and throbbing member, deftly removing the garment with the other hand. John groaned with pleasure, fighting to stop himself coming there and then.

‘Oh that’s lovely’ she gasped, as his hand began to explore her pubic area. Her knickers were wet with excitement, and sliding a hand slowly into them, he soon felt her equally wet labia which thrust appreciatively towards his hand.

‘Oh, John, I’m so excited. I wanted this to be slow but I really can’t wait much longer’

‘Would you like me to stimulate you to orgasm first before I come into you – assuming you’d manage another one once I do?’

‘That would be wonderful, I’m sure I’m going to have more than one, I’m just so charged up!’

Slowly and carefully John nilüfer eskort removed her knickers. He was rock hard now and seriously wondering whether he could contain himself. He began to feel her womanly bush and wet outer labia. Exploring between them, he soon encountering the engorged knob of her clit which he began to gently stroke. Sue was now moaning with pleasure and thrust her hips eagerly as he moved to insert first one finger, then two, into her juicy and eager vagina.

The tension built and her excitement was now beyond anything she remembered. With a shout, she came violently, her vagina contracting wildly as she pushed against John’s hand. It was with some effort, and the promise of what was to come, that John stopped himself from coming too.

‘Oh, oh, oh, that was wonderful! Now I want you to come into me and to feel and hear you enjoying me.’

John could hardly wait and knew that, despite his age, he would not last long once he had entered her.

‘I haven’t been so excited in years!’ he said.

‘Me neither!’

‘I’m really worried I’m not going to last very long when I come into you.’

‘Don’t worry about that. I’m so excited too that a few vigorous thrusts will have me screaming!’

John moved to position himself between her splayed legs, and to introduce his distended member into her warm, welcoming and slippery vagina. Slowly he inserted the engorged head, drawing a gasp from Sue.

‘Oh, I really want you, I think I’m going to come again!’

John thrust slowly into her soft warmth, to be met by a more urgent thrust from Sue. Then, as he filled her, gentleness went out the window. Both of them thrust wildly in passionate abandon and were soon engulfed by a simultaneous, long and thunderous release.

Sue screamed, gasped as she contracted wildly, great waves of pleasure washing over her. At the same moment she felt John, with a great roar and writhing thrusts of ecstasy, spill his seed violently into her. John felt his balls convulsing as if he was being turned inside out with pleasure.

They embraced warmly and savoured the sleepy comfort and intimacy which follows such full and pleasurable release. It also took both of them a while to recover from the unexpected shock of the occasion.

‘Oh, that was far more than I expected it to be – we really seemed to be in synch for two strangers to the experience. Thank you, it was just amazing and I’ll remember it to the end of my days.’

‘I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you choosing me for this adventure, and I really can’t remember being so excited or enjoying it quite as much. Thank you – I’ll never forget it either.’

A long pause followed. Then John grinned, ‘I was just wondering if you might be up for a bit of adventure in your old age?’

Sue smiled dreamily and kissed him fondly.

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