An Older Woman Ch. 01

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Jack, sat at his usual table for his morning coffee, he was a creature of habit, last week he had reserved the table for eleven, every morning, Monday to Friday. He was glad that he had booked it this morning as the place was bustling. Jack enjoyed his morning coffee here as the coffee was excellent, and the staff were attentive.

The cafe was in a town, three miles from where Jack’s parent’s house was. Both of his parents were dead, Jack had inherited the house but hadn’t sold it as it held so many memories for him. Jack’s apartment was at the coast, a thirty-minute drive away. His wife had died suddenly, nine months ago. He had a son, who was an airline pilot and now lived in London. Jack, didn’t want to sell his apartment as the sea views were fantastic. Jack was in his late forties; he was financially secure; he had sold his software company for serious money, two years ago. He was receiving a seven-figure consultancy fee for fifteen years, as Jack’s wife had said, ‘His sheep were in the dry’.

Jack was doing a crossword on his smartphone; he was using a Bic pen which had a rubber dimple on it, which made hitting the small keyboard of his smartphone very easy. Four ladies were sitting at a table beside Jack, one of the ladies said, “That looks very interesting, may I try it on my phone?”

Jack smiled and handed the lady his pen. She tried it on her mobile, a minute later she said, as she handed it back, “It’s amazing, my fingers are big and strong from all the tennis I played when I was younger, this makes it so much easier to type with. May I ask where you got it as I’d love to get one?”

Jack replied, “They’re excellent, please keep that one, I bought it at Staples, they are not expensive, they write well too.”

Jack noticed that the lady had a beautiful smile, she also had very honest eyes, the lady said, “Thank you so much, may I buy you your coffee in return?”

Jack replied, “You don’t need to bother; I can see that you have a use for it, please have it.”

The lady thanked him then Jack left. Two weeks later, Jack saw the lady again; this time, she was alone. They acknowledged each other with a nod but didn’t speak. Jack noticed this time that the lady was tall, had a voluptuous figure; Jack loved her beautiful smile. Every morning that Jack went to the cafe, he hoped that he would see the lady. There was nothing regular about her attendance; it could be two or three weeks between visits, there was also no regularity about what day of the week it was.

One day, the cafe was full, the lady came in, there wasn’t a table available, their eyes met, Jack stood up and indicated that the lady shares Jack’s table, she smiled and sat down beside him. Jack shook her hand, then said, “I’m Jack.”

“I’m Edith but call me Edi.”

Jack ordered a coffee for her. They chatted about general things then Edi asked, “Where do you live?”

Jack told her then Edi said, “You only live six miles north of me. I’m not in town much as there are two towns close to me which I use for general shopping, I only come here if there’s something I can’t get locally.”

Jack asked, “What’s your profession?”

“I’m retired, I sold up nine years ago. My husband wasn’t well; sadly, he died eight years ago, that was a hard time for me.”

Jack thought this is unbelievable; we are so alike, both in business and now both retired. Jack was taken aback with her next sentence, “I was sixty-five when I retired, I’m now seventy-four, but I still enjoy life and try and keep active.”

She didn’t look seventy-four, I’m a little younger than you, we’re quite similar, I sold my business a couple of years ago, looking forward to a stress-free retirement then my wife died a year later. I was alone; now I’m trying to get Göztepe Escort my life sorted out. Do you have any children?”

“I’m sorry to hear that, yes, I have a son and daughter, my son is fifty-two and my daughter’s forty-eight, I’ve only one grandchild, Paul, he’s sixteen, I do a lot for him as both my son and his wife still work. Do you have children?”

“Yes, I have a son, he’s twenty-four, he is a pilot and now lives outside of London. I’m the same age as your daughter.”

Edi didn’t respond to this but said, “I treasure that pen you gave me, I use it every day, I think of you every day when I use it.”

Jack didn’t say anything but brought another pen from his pocket and gave it to Edi, he said, “There’s a spare for you, Edi, you’re a beautiful woman, I’m surprised that you are still single, have you had a boyfriend?”

Edi squeezed Jack’s hand after he had given her the pen then said, “Thank you for the spare pen, yes, there was a widower from my village, he was older than me, but he wanted to control my life, he wanted to know my every move, that wasn’t for me, I have my family. After my husband died, my mother died, my father has dementia, he is in an folks home. My life was looking after my garden, attending to my mother’s grave and visiting my father. I still visit him twice a day.”

Jack replied, “I love those pens too if you need more, then let me know. Edi, would you like to go out for lunch one day?”

Edi’s head nodded in agreement, then said, then said, “Let me check my diary.”

She then got out her smartphone, using the new pen Jack had given her, she was checking her Calendar, she said, “How is a week on Friday at twelve for you, there’s a new Italian restaurant opened on the High Street which I hear is good, we could try there?”

That was agreed then Edi said, “I’m kept busy at the moment, I go to evening classes for computer training. I also go one evening per week to yoga and another to callanetics; I bought tickets for myself and my daughter for the theatre, there’s a different show every week. During the day, if I’m not at the graveyard, visiting my father then I’m doing some charity work, to tell you the truth, I love having an evening in watching television sipping a glass of wine.”

The Friday arrived, Jack was looking forward to seeing Edi again, on the way to the Italian restaurant, he stopped at a farm where he bought free-range eggs, the eggs were so fresh, guaranteed to be no more than one day old. He bought two boxes of extra-large eggs, one for himself and one as a gift for Edi. He parked across the road from the restaurant in a public car park.

At five to twelve, he saw Edi walking towards the restaurant; she gave him a big wave and a big smile. They shook hands then went inside the restaurant. At their table Jack gave Edi her eggs, she was surprised, after looking at them, she said, “This is the first time in my life that someone has given me a present of eggs, they’re so big, I love eggs, and I bake a lot, thank you.”

Over lunch Edi, told Jack that her father hadn’t been well, he had a fever, but now he was back to normal. She had been busy with her garden. She also told him that she enjoyed painting then showed him several pictures of paintings that she had painted. They were outstanding, Jack was not artistic at all, but over the years he had bought a lot of paintings. He had also inherited a lot from his parents; he could appreciate a good picture.

They chatted for over two hours, Edi had parked in a car park a half-mile from the restaurant. Jack offered to give her a lift to her car. In the restaurant, they exchanged phone numbers then walked to Jack’s car. In the car, Edi said, “I’ve enjoyed my lunch; I haven’t been out for a meal for İstanbul Escort so long.”

Jack leaned forward, their lips met, they kissed. It wasn’t a French kiss, Edi’s mouth was not open, as the kiss continued, Edi’s lips relaxed, Jack slipped his tongue inside her mouth.

The kiss became more relaxed then, both their mouths were now open, Edi’s tongue was buried in Jack’s mouth. Edi said, “That’s the first time I’ve tongue kissed anyone in fourteen years, my husband had dementia at the end, all his life he wasn’t very affectionate, I’m the opposite, I love to kiss and cuddle.”

Jack asked, “What about your friend, did he not want to kiss and cuddle?”

“I had no relationship with him, to be honest, I was in no way attracted to him. He would come to my house and tell me what he wanted to do that day. In the beginning, I would go shopping with him or go for a coffee, but then during the school holidays, he wouldn’t let me see Paul, that was the end, I told him that I didn’t want to see him again.”

They kissed again, Edi’s lips and tongue were very active, then Jack asked, “Do you enjoy sex?”

“Fifteen years ago, it was good; then he developed diabetes, he went downhill quickly, that was the end of my sex life.”

Jack then drove to Edi’s car park. They kissed again then Edi left, as she got out of the car she said, “Thank you for a lovely lunch. I’ve enjoyed being with you; you’re an interesting man.”

Jack watched her as she walked away, she didn’t look seventy-four, she was tall and agile, she was vivacious. Jack liked what he saw. The next day he got a message from Edi which read, “Dear Jack, those eggs are wonderful, I had two for breakfast. Could you tell me where to get those eggs, I’ve to bake two cakes for a church coffee morning tomorrow? I’d love to use those eggs. I can still taste your kisses from yesterday! I will be at the cafe on Saturday morning at eleven, it would be nice to see you again. Love, Edi x.”

Jack messaged her back with the address and told her that he was looking forward to seeing her on Saturday. Saturday morning came, Edi was in the cafe when he arrived, she looked stunning, her hair was a little shorter. They cheek kissed, Jack complimented her on her hair. They sat and chatted for ages, Edi, showed Jack pictures of her son, daughter, brother and father, her father didn’t look well.

Edi’s son was a little plump, he was a sales manager of a company and spent most of his time driving, he didn’t take enough exercise. Her daughter was similar to Edi; she had dark hair, Edi was blond, it suited her. Her daughter also had a similar body to Edi, she had no children, but her boyfriend lived with her.

Edi also showed Jack pictures of her house and garden; everything was neat and tidy. They had been chatting for over two hours then Edi said, “Jack, I’ve parked in a school’s playground, it’s a great place to park at the weekend, could you drive me to my car?”

As they walked to Jack’s car, Jack said, “Edi, I would love to take you out for dinner one evening, when’s good for you?”

Edi smiled then said, “Monday evening is good for me. I like to eat early, do you want to pick me up at seven?”

Jack had opened the passenger door of his car for Edi, he then got into the driving seat, leaned over and kissed Edi, both their tongues were very active, Jack said, “I’ll be at your house at ten to seven.”

They kissed again, this time Jack’s hand was exploring Edi’s massive breasts. Jack had big hands; they were more than a handful. He squeezed and teased the hard nipple of her left breast, they kissed and touched for several minutes then Edi said, “It’s very exposed here, anyone walking past can see what we’re doing, let’s get out of here.”

Jack Anadolu Yakası Escort drove out of the car park then followed Edi’s instructions to the school playground; it was deserted, Edi’s car was parked in a very secluded place, Jack parked beside her car, Edi said, “It is more private here, I was worried in the car park in case someone saw and recognised us.”

They kissed again, Jack’s hand went under Edi’s top, across her flat stomach, her skin was so soft and warm. He felt her massive left breast; he popped it out of the cup then with his thumb and index finger he squeezed and played with her hard nipple. Jack’s cock was rock hard, just touching Edi’s massive tits had made him hard, Edi said, “That feels so good, I love how you are sucking my ear lobe and playing with my tit, you’re making me very hot.”

Jack continued to suck her ear lobe and tease her hard nipple, Edi’s hand moved south, she found the outline of Jack’s huge cock, she stroked the length of it then squeezed it gently, Edi said, “Jack, have I made you so hard? Your cock feels amazing; it’s so long and thick.”

Jack purred as she stroked his cock, then said, “Edi, you’re a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body, just kissing and touching you arouses me.”

“Thank you for the compliment; I’m older than you, I’m surprised that I’ve made your cock so hard, but I’m happy that I’ve aroused you.”

Jack replied, “Edi, you arouse me, don’t worry about the age difference, that’s good for you, let’s be both be happy that we’re comfortable with each other.”

Edi then kissed Jack; it was a long tender kiss with lots of affection, Edi then said, “I’ve made you so hard, let me give you some relief, please sit and relax, I want you to enjoy what I’m going to do to you.”

Edi then unbuckled Jack’s trousers, within seconds she had his magnificent cock free of his pants, Edi said, “It is so big, I haven’t much experience, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

There was a little precum on the slit of Jack’s cock, with a flick of Edi’s tongue it was gone, Edi said, “Your cum is so sweet, it’s so long since I’ve tasted cum. Jack, I’ve to meet Sue, my daughter, in two hours to go shopping with her. I don’t need to rush this as I want you to enjoy it, I would love it if you came in my mouth.”

Edi then went down on Jack; her tongue was all over his cock. She quickly took his full length. Edi was now kneeling on the passenger seat, her head bobbing up and down in a very controlled rhythm. Jack had unfastened Edi’s belt; he unzipped her trousers, Edi spread her legs to give him easier access. He slipped his hand between legs. He ran his finger down the length of her very long sex slit, she was very wet. He felt her trimmed bush, the hair felt quite long, Edi said, “Jack, I haven’t shaved down there, Sue tells me that it’s better to be smooth down there, I’ll shave it if you want?”

Jack now had two fingers inside Edi’s hot pussy; she was gripping it as he finger fucked her, Jack said, “Edi, I love to give my partner oral, it’s better if you’re smooth as my tongue works better on smooth.”

“I’ve never had a man go down on me; my husband never did it, he preferred to finger fuck me, I’ll shave for you.”

Edi then went back down on Jack; her head was bobbing now then Jack felt her cum on his fingers, she had cum giving him a blow job. A minute later, Jack said, “Edi, I’m cuming.”

Edi’s head kept bobbing as he shot his load inside her mouth and throat. She didn’t stop; she kept going, she licked and sucked his cock clean. When she came off him, his cock was clean. She then cum kissed him, both their tongues were sharing his cum. Jack then said, “Edi, that was amazing, thank you, it was beautiful how you did that. I will make Monday night very special for us.”

They kissed again then Edi said, “Jack, when I go out in the evening, I like to wear mini-skirts, is that ok with you? I still have the legs and figure to wear them.”

Jack replied, “I’m looking forward to Monday now.”

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