An Older Woman

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I am not sure about this one. I’ll let you all decide as always. Should I continue?

* * * * *

My office overlooked the central yard of the trading estate and straight across to the warehouse opposite. The office suites were all upstairs so I could see right through the windows at the two girls that worked there. I worked mostly alone having casual labour in when needed to handle deliveries and collections and the company opposite seemed to work on similar lines.

Faced with bouts of boredom I took to studying the women through a pair of binoculars. Both were older than my 25 years but one caught my attention. She was perhaps in her early forties, about 5’2 and buxom. Not fat at all just shaped traditionally, very full breasts, a narrow waist leading to wide hips, a soft covering giving the impression of a warm pillow. Her hair was mid brown and shoulder length worn straight framing a pretty face, not a great beauty but a nice face. Her clothes were often simple, floral dresses or leggings with loose T-shirts. The thing which got my attention though was she clearly went braless.

Now normally my choice of woman would not have been as described but over a period of several weeks I became fixated with her. Her daily routine became almost a study course for me and I was fascinated with her body, the soft movements Maltepe Escort within the light cotton fabric of her clothes, the ample swell of her breasts and the tantalising glimpses of bare breast as she leant over. I became quite familiar with her through those lenses.

After a while I decided to meet her and feigned a reason for going over to her warehouse. Over the course of a couple of months we ended up friends, seeing each other almost daily. She began to confide secrets to me and we became quite close. She would sit in my office or I hers generally chatting as my mind eased its way under her clothes, slipped between her thighs, inside her wetness. I mentally caressed her breasts and soft belly, tasted her skin and felt it crush against me as we made love. I stared at her legs in their black pantyhose, her skirts as she shifted in the chair which would stretch tight across her hips. I found myself watching her lips as she spoke, the way they delicately moved, forming her words. I saw her pink tongue lick her lips, slide against her teeth and I would sit crossed legged hiding my erection.

After a while I sensed that she looked at me differently. An electric atmosphere began to form whenever we met. One eevening she was over with me in the warehouse making coffee when there was a power cut. İstanbul Escort We were alone as usual as sudden darkness fell and in that immediate inky blackness before your eyes adjust she stumbled, falling against me. I gasped as her soft body made contact. I swear I felt every curve and knew instantly that she had felt my erection, though she aid nothing, regaining her composure. We joked about the darkness and a playful attitude came over us. I showed her the little windows in the warehouse door, covered in cardboard. By lifting the corner you could see out directly into her warehouse opposite.

As I showed her she tittered. In the summer she was in the habit of sunbathing in her lunch break, sitting on a deck chair just inside the roll doors thinking she was out of all view. She had been except for my spy hole. She would usually lift her dress to the top of her thighs and drop the top revealing her glorious breasts, to me.

As she leant over to look through the window I realised that if anything was going to happen it was now. I stepped in and pressed my throbbing bulge into her buttocks. She stiffened slightly but immediately relaxed and pushed herself back to me. Straightening she pulled my hands to her breasts and turned her head so I could kiss her, a deep slow French kiss, tongues dancing Anadolu Yakası Escort together. I undid her dress letting it fall, she turned and stripped naked. I saw her only in the dim glow of a milky moon through the windows, shadowy curves and swells of soft warm flesh. I took my own clothes off. She pressed up against me wrapping her arms around my back my cock squashed in her belly. Standing there I felt her hand drop between her thighs and smelt her scent as she moaned deeply.

She clung naked to me as she masturbated, her body began to writhe, massaging me as she shuddered to an orgasm. I was painfully erect as she lifted her heavy breasts and buried my cock between them, stroking my shaft with the soft pillowy globes. Her tongue darted out, striking the head of my swollen cock as it rose from the sea of flesh. I felt my climax racing, as did she. She squeezed herself around me as I came, spurting deep between her large breasts.

She was aroused to a frantic state and pulled me to a corner thick with soft packing material and in moments my face was between her thighs, I had no time to recover from my orgasm, my legs still feeling weak as I lay down and sucked her pussy lips together squeezing her hard clitoris. I licked and sucked her urgently, hard, demanding her orgasm rushed to the surface. Her juices flowed as she broke, her body convulsed and her thighs clamped my head as she wailed her orgasm, echoing in the empty warehouse.

Before either of us could say anything we heard cars. Rushing and laughing we dressed.

The following evening I went across to her office.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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