An Unscheduled Overnight


My nineteen-year-old son Johnny and I were driving home from State College. He had just completed his first year there. We had driven longer than we should and it would soon be dark. Between traffic congestion, a wrong turn, and finding our way back to the correct route, we were now almost three hours behind schedule.

“It’s time we found a cabin for the night,” I suggested.

“Let me drive for an hour, please, Mom,” he said. “Then we can stop.”

“Okay,” I told him.

An hour later when we looked for a motel in which to stay the night, we found none that had a vacancy. We decided to drive through the night.

We were in a remote part of upstate New York when we spotted a sign that read “Cabins Vacancy.”

I told my over enthusiastic son to pull into their driveway and we would stay the night. He responded, “Aw, Mom, I wanted to drive all night.”

“Sorry, son,” I told him. “I am tired. I want to sleep. We can finish the trip in the morning.”

To make a long story short, there was only one cabin still available. It cost only fifty dollars for the night, it had only one double bed, and no couch. We would have to sleep together. And for toilet privacy, it only had a curtain. I “had to go” desperately. We took it.

John sat outdoors while I used the toilet. I returned the favor. We changed into our nightclothes, each on his/my side of the bed, our backs to one another. I’m sure he saw nothing he shouldn’t see. I saw nothing of him that I shouldn’t see. We got under the blankets, said goodnight, and, each in a fetal position, and back-to-back, went to sleep.

At Casibom two in the morning, I awoke to a rhythmic movement of the mattress. John was masturbating gently on his pillow. Well, I know John masturbates regularly. I’ve washed his semen off his pillow cases so often I cannot count the times. I didn’t want him staining the cabin’s pillow case so I spoke to him. “John, don’t come on the pillow.”

“Where should I put it, Mom?”

I thought a moment and then said, “Oh, put it on my stomach and go to sleep.”

“Are you sure, Mom?”

“It’s okay, Johnny. I’m your mother. I take care of your Dad and I can take care of you,” I told him.

He threw his leg over me, pressed his hard-on into my stomach, and started to masturbate.

“Wait up Johnny, I don’t want to have you come on my nightgown.” I pulled my nightgown up, safely away from his ejaculation.

He pressed down on me again. Again, I said, “Wait up Johnny. Take my panties down so that you don’t wet them.”

Johnny removed my panties entirely, just like an experienced pro.

“Johnny, how many panties have you taken off how many girls,” I asked.

“You don’t want to know, Mom. Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” I said softly and kissed him.

Johnny pressed his hard-on against my stomach and started to pump. His hand sidled up to my tit. I was about to complain when I decided, “Oh what the Hell. It won’t be the first tit he ever squeezed. Let him enjoy himself.”

With a loud, “Ahhnn” Johnny deposited a load of cum on my stomach.

“Thank you, Mom,” he whispered in my ear as he rolled Casibom Giriş off me.

Part Two

I dozed off a while. When I rolled over, my hand brushed against his penis. It was hard again. “The poor kid,” I thought. “He needs a girl he can fuck regularly.” Then I kept thinking. “Well I’m here. He can’t knock me up because I’m lactating for his baby brother. Why don’t I relax him and let him fuck me? I could use a good fuck and it’s his weekend, too.”

I pumped his dick a few times waking him up.

“Mom, what are you doing,” he asked.

“It’s okay Johnny. I think you may need to fuck me. I’m a little horny and that’s a magnificent horn you have in your PJs”

He rolled over and kissed me. Not the kind of kiss you give your mother but the kind of kiss you give your sweetheart. I reciprocated. His hands found my tits. He pinched the nipples. He sucked some milk out of them.

“You can explore the rest of my body it you want to,” I told him while he chewed on my ear and kissed my neck.

Without a word, he felt my belly-button before his hand slipped into my pubic hair, He ruffled it.

“All the girls I’ve been with in college shave their pussy hair. How come you don’t?” he asked quietly.

“Your dad likes my pussy with hair. He gets first choice.”

He wet his fingers in my vagina, spread my labia, and used his thumb to rub my clit. I moaned softly just to let him know I was pleased.

He kissed me hard on my mouth so I couldn’t speak. Two of his fingers slid in and out of my vagina. His thumb rubbed my clitoris. All by my son whom I thought Casibom Güncel Giriş was so innocent. My hips lifted off the bed, my back arched, and I freed my mouth enough to give a loud “arrgh.”

How he did it, I don’t know. When my hips landed back on the bed, he was licking my pussy, and his dick was in my mouth. In a moment, I was gagging on a load of cum that would have made Johnny’s father proud, but it was my nineteen-year-old son’s cum and it was in my throat.

“Swallow it all, Mom. Don’t lose a drop.”

I was no longer his mother; I was his obedient sex partner.

Part Three

Sunlight was sneaking through the Venetian blinds when Johnny awoke me. He was lying beside me with one hand feeling my tits and the fingers of his other hand in my pussy looking for my clit. He found it quickly. I did not resist.

“I need to take my morning pee,” I said.

“You can wait,”

“Johnny, I need to go.”

“We can pee together in the shower.”

I agreed.

We peed together in the shower. I pissed straight down. He waggled his cock so that he pissed all over me. At first I was annoyed with him for doing that but when it dawned on me that we were in the shower and I could wash immediately, I kind of enjoyed watching him waggling his cock and having a good time.

He enjoyed washing my pussy and fingering me in the meantime. Then he stuck his finger right up my ass and wouldn’t take it out until I kissed him. We finished washing. I must give the cabin owner credit for at least one thing; plenty of hot water. We must have played in the shower for almost an hour.

Johnny wanted to give me a quickie before we started home but I didn’t want to have to shower again. I gave him a hand job. He came quickly and then we started the final leg of our trip home.

You know? We never did have intercourse that night.

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