Anal Fun with Daddy Pt. 01


I was nervous about what was supposed to happen today. I finally decided to give you what you wanted so much. We have talked about it for a while, been messing around about it. You have been telling me multiple times about how badly you’d love to take me anal, knowing I only hesitated because I love to make you wait, because I wanted to have a look how eager you are. But things became serious the more time we spent and the more I became experimental. A finger here, a plug there. A step closer to the goal the more time passed by.

I was all excited for it, all tingly and worked up the entire day. I couldn’t sit still at work, didn’t know how to make time pass by faster, couldn’t wait until it’s time for you to show up at my door. I knew you’d make it good for me, and that we would have an amazing experience. You’d take your time; you’d warm me up, would comfort me. I’d be well cared for.

I hear the doorbell ring, and my panties are soaked instantly. As I open the door you grab my face softly and kiss me hello. You tease me, let your hands wander down my sides, down to my butt, squeezing it gently, a little smack on both cheeks. It works me up even more and makes me greedy for you, greedy for what I have planned. You take my hand and pull me with you, throwing your jacket onto the sofa as you walk up to my bedroom door, stopping in the middle of my hallway to kiss me deeply again. “I want you, Baby. I need you. Now.” you say, kissing me again before opening the bedroom door.

You undress me slowly, pulling the shirt over my head, unbuttoning my pants until I stand in front of you, wearing nothing görükle escort but a little thong. You gasp. Your glance wanders down my body, back up again while you throw your own clothes down to the ground. Every time you’re standing in front of me, like now wearing nothing but boxers, I’m stunned at how attractive you are, and it makes me so happy that you’re my person.

You ask me to place myself on the bed, fixating on me until I’m laying down. You walk up to me, slowly, carefully and place a hand between my thighs, on my soaked panties. You slide it to the side and begin to play with my dripping wet pussy. You notice the plug with the pretty stone that is inserted into my backdoor and your eyes glow as you give me a questioning look. I smirk but don’t say a word. You finger me slowly but deeply, warm me up… not that you’d have to because I’m already on fire, and every move drives me insane. You bring me to the edge a couple times, make sure I’m all needy and ready for you before you get rid of your underwear, free your cock and place yourself between my spread legs. I’m spread wide, wide open for you. I look up at you while you’re teasing me with the tip of your rock-hard cock. I whimper, silently beg for more. I feel so empty, and the need to be filled out by you is urgent.

Just as I feel like grabbing your cock and insert your hard length into my body, you give me what I wish for the most. One deep thrust and you’re all inside of my dripping center. You growl, feel how tight I clench around you. My eyes are closed, my hands grab the sheets firmly. You fuck me with deep, hard thrust, bursa merkez escort make sure that I’ll be able to still remember this tomorrow. I moan, whimper, beg for more but you keep your steady rhythm. I let you do your thing for a little while until I bring my mouth close to your ear “Would you like to switch holes, Daddy? I think I’m ready.” I say, and you gasp for air as you nod.

I take the little package with lube out of my nightstand and hand it over to you. You release yourself out of my tight grip and your fingers find the plug, pulling on it and pushing it back in. My head falls back onto the sheets, a loud moan leaves my mouth. You ask me a few times, reassure yourself and me, if I’m ready. You’d be ok to wait and don’t want to pressure me, but I tell you that I want it badly. You smirk at me as you pull the plug out of my hole and take some of the lube, cover your fingers with it and insert two of them into my tight backdoor. You let them slide in and out so slowly that it makes me squirm. “Turn around, lay down.” I beg you while your fingers are still inside of me, and you do me the favor, remove your fingers and place yourself on the bed.

I grab the lube, bring myself onto my knees and placed your cock in front of my backdoor. As I slowly move my hips down, I lock my eyes into yours. Your eyes are half closed; your jaw tightens from the moment your tip touches my hole. I can see how you press your teeth together; your hands grip my sides firmly. You slide in slowly, gently, but straight forward. It takes me some time to fully take you bursa escort bayan but once you are completely inside of my ass it feels so good. So full. It gives me a shiver and I beg you to start moving, to finally fuck me. You begin to thrust gently, and it makes me moan and whimper. You feel even bigger inside of that tight hole.

My head falls onto my chest and all I can do is moan. I love how you fuck me, how Daddy, fucks me, love to feel you inside me. You increase your tempo slowly, fuck me a little harder. I think I beg you to fuck me even harder than you already do, but you tell me to be patient. You give me what I want, but in your way.

My orgasm comes out of nowhere and before I know what’s happening, I am so close to the edge, that all I can do is begging you to let me cum. And you let me. You make me explode on your cock while fucking me hard and deep. I don’t even realize that you did nothing but thrusting into me, that I come just by the feeling of your cock inside of my ass, you haven’t touched my clit in any way. I feel my pussy throb and contract hard from cumming and that I am still ridiculously close. You begin to play with my clit while thrusting into me, hard and fast. You make me cum again and again until I beg you to stop, but you have no mercy and continue. My ass is sore, my clit is numb, and I am still so worked up. Every orgasm makes me greedier for more, even though cumming hurts already. I can’t get enough.

I can see on your face that you won’t be able to keep going like this for much longer. Your jaw is tight, your face red but your glance is loving. I can feel your cock pulsating inside of me and your orgasm shoots me over the edge one last time. We cum together as we howl out each others names. I break down on your chest and you wrap your arms around me. I’m very glad I made this decision and can’t wait to do it again.

To be continued…

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