Any Chance We Could Ch. 12

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This is work in progress, 20 chapters are complete and will be submitted in regular intervals. It’s in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn’t find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone so if you’re just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter. Enjoy, please comment, and vote. Love those red ‘H’s.

Saturday Evening October 6.

Ashley was now as bare as Katrina. She had on pantyhose and heels, and other than a bright smile that was it.

Veronica and Ashley walked over to us, Veronica sat on the lounger next to Katrina. Ashley stood behind me and began massaging my shoulders. “Any more today?” asked Veronica.

Claiming they were hungry both girls shook their head no.

“Change places with me Katrina,” requested Veronica. Katrina stood and then sat down on the end of the lounger. Veronica leaned back against me, took my right hand and put it on her breast saying, “My turn.” She moved my other hand to her crotch, pulled her thong aside and pushed my fingers into her slit. Taking the hint I began with my thumb on her clit and moved it around. I slid my fingers up and down her slit while maintaining pressure on her clit.

Katrina took the opportunity as I was masturbating Veronica to lean towards her and to kiss and suck her breasts and to deeply kiss her.

As her moans and breathing increased I put two fingers deeply into her vagina and moved them slowly in and out. She bucked her hips and came. She reached down and moved my thumb off her clit. “Too sensitive. Leave your fingers in me.”

“Stand up please sweetheart.” Veronica gently asked Katrina. “I need to do something for my man.” She turned on the lounger and moved down, and tugged my shorts down enough to expose my rather erect dick. Winking at the girls she then took it in her mouth and began bobbing up and down. Ashley continued to massage my shoulders then she leaned down and eagerly kissed me. That did it. I came in Veronica’s mouth. Katrina had knelt down beside us and had her hand on top of Veronica’s hand that was wrapped around my dick.

As Veronica sat up she put her arm around Katrina, pulled her to her, and kissed her, sharing the taste of my cum with her as Katrina moaned into her mouth. “Save some for me,” giggled Ashley as she moved to her Mom who began kissing her daughter after she broke the kiss with Katrina. As Ashley was kissing Veronica, Katrina leaned over and took my now flaccid dick in her mouth and briefly caressed it with her tongue.

“Umm, good stuff,” they both said.

“Thanks for the health lessons Mom and Scott,” Ashley smiled.

Katrina added, “Thanks for showing me things to try the next time I do it to Dad.”

“Katrina, I didn’t know you were into sucking your Dad,” said Ashley.

“I haven’t been doing it long, but long enough to know that we both enjoy it. I’m not as good as your Mom, but Dad doesn’t complain,” said Katrina.

Pouting, Ashley asked, “When do I get a turn?” And without waiting for a response she knelt down and sucked me into her mouth. She tentatively moved her tongue around my head, then sat back and said, “Wow, I’m going to have to get into that. When are you giving lessons Scott?”

Veronica winked at me and said, “You liked that huh? We’ll work on some classroom time.”

“Don’t I get a say?” I joked.

“Why, so you can say yes?” retorted Veronica.

“Well, yes,” I said. I was still amazed on my good fortune to have a lady I love encouraging her daughter and I to kiss, touch each other as well as hinting that we could go much further.

With that interchange I pulled back Veronica to me, kissed her before saying, “I’ll tell you what, let’s have some Mexican carryout, but first let’s try the hot tub.”

Veronica said, “I need to change.”

“Into what?” I asked. “Katrina and Ashley wear the pantyhose, I’ll take off my shirt and shoes and we’ll call it good.”

“Just your shirt and shoes?” asked Ashley.

“No, but I’m not going to pull my shorts back up,” I replied.

Veronica stood, pulled down her skirt and thong, kicked off her shoes as she extended a hand to Katrina, who stood and did the same. I stood and Ashley pulled my shirt up and off me, pushed my shorts down to my ankles and kicked off her shoes. I stepped out of my sandals and shorts. My dick pointed the way.

We all climbed into the tub, it was just a tad cool, but I fired up the jets and we all leaned back and enjoyed. Veronica was next to me, and curiously enough we soon had our hands in each other laps. In short order I felt a nylon-clad foot on each knee.

“Gee, Veronica does this mean that you’re always going to make love in front of us?” asked Katrina.

“Did you enjoy it?” asked Veronica.

“God, yes,” said Ashley.

“If it doesn’t bother you, probably yes but not always,” said Veronica.

“Why today?” asked Katrina.

“Scott Casibom was loving and masturbating both of you, I was getting rather wet photographing you both so I took advantage of the situation and got and gave an orgasm. I didn’t think either of you would mind, and you didn’t, so that’s why.” Veronica said.

“I guess after dinner we’ll leave and go to my house,” I said to Veronica.

“Why not stay here,” suggested Ashley. “It’s not as if we don’t know what you do when you spend the night together. We just saw an example, remember? And maybe you’ll want company in bed.”

“Veronica?” I asked knowing she needed to set the parameters.

“Bed company is okay with me, but what about clothes for you?”

“We’ll go pick up dinner after we run a couple of errands and go by our house and get clothes for both of us,” said Katrina.

“Well, sounds like it’s settled. This tub needs to be warmer. Let’s order dinner and I’ll turn it up and maybe we’ll want to try it again later this evening,” I noted.

The tub cycle ended and as we all stood, three sets of eyes went to my semi-erect dick. As I stepped onto the deck, Veronica said, “Yum.”

Katrina added, “Very nice.”

Ashley offered, “I’d like that for an hour.”

I took a bow and said, “To the showers and then dinner. By the way ladies your sheer hose are even more sheer if that’s possible now that they’re wet. Nice asses and pussies on both of you.”

Katrina and Ashley peeled off their stockings and we all headed naked into the house. Someone, Ashley it turns out, kept one hand on the inside of my thigh against my balls all the way up the stairs.

Veronica and I went into her bathroom, warmed up the shower and made love again in the running water. We finally got around to washing and drying off. As we walked nude into the bedroom, Katrina was standing in the doorway in her bra and panties and said “I need to touch it.”

She walked over and wrapped her fingers around my flaccid dick and gently squeezed. “Feels nice,” she sniggered.

“Yes,” both Veronica and I answered simultaneously.

“Well so much for modesty. Do I have a pair of shorts or swim trunks around here?” I asked.

At that point Ashley dressed in just a bra walked in, “Ooh, an hour isn’t going to be long enough.”

“Ashley, for God’s sake don’t encourage him. When you get more clothes on run down to his car and see if there’s a pair of swim trunks in it somewhere.” gently commanded Veronica. “Oh, wait. You have a pair of briefs over there on the floor.”

“Better, than nothing,” I replied.

“I think the audience in the room might not agree with that.” Ashley laughed.

As I put the briefs on and asked, “Where’s the menu, everyone still hungry?”

“For food or your hard cock?” asked Ashley.

“Food now, cock later,” laughed Veronica.

Katrina made a list, called it in and we went into the kitchen to get something to drink. Then we all drifted into the living room, Veronica and I sat on the couch, cuddled at one end while the ladies sat on the rest of the couch with Katrina’s legs running along the cushion as she leaned against Ashley. Ashley had her hand in Katrina’s bra and was enjoying her nipple with her finger and thumb. All three of the ladies had on a lot more clothes than I did, shorts, knit tank tops, and low heels.

“Katrina, when you go by the house will you be sure to get me three or four pairs of khaki shorts, two pairs of long khakis, four woven short sleeve shirts, my other swim trunks if they’re not in the car, a pair of deck shoes, three pairs of socks and three changes of underwear. Please. Thanks, love you.” I said. “My wallet’s on the counter will you get out money for the carry-out. Thanks, Ashley.”

Before they left, we talked about tomorrow’s select try-outs. They were leaving at 8:00 and expected to be home at 4 or 4:30. I reminded them that Carol was coming early for pictures and would be here for dinner. ‘How do steaks and baked potatoes sound,” I asked.

“We’ll go to the store this evening after you get some clothes,” said Veronica. “And keep that hand under my shirt and on my breast until then, OK?”

Ashley and Katrina left, going by our house first then made two more stops before picking up the food.

As they left, Veronica turned to me, put her hand under my briefs and began caressing me as she kissed me. As she had turned my hand wound up on her back so I slid it down under her shorts to her eye catching ass. After breaking the kiss, Veronica asked as she sat up, “Scott, what’s our future?”

I replied, “Long, loving, something I want very much.”

“Marriage?” she asked.

“Yes, unequivocally, yes. I thought you’d never ask?”

“I haven’t. It’s just said a word,” as she kissed me with a smile.

“Oh.” I disagreed gently. “It’s a very key word that’s pregnant with meaning. I love you so much Veronica and I intend to spend a very long time with you. Can you see us married?”

“I can, handsome. Yes I can” she smiled warmly.

“Would Casibom Giriş you keep working, if we got married?” I asked.

“Would I need too?” Veronica asked.

“Not for household income, but for the challenge and personal satisfaction. Yes, work if you wish.”

“Then I think I would,” she said.

“If you would want to become an independent broker you could have an office in my building. We’re about to take over two more floors, so there would be plenty of room, plus being in the same building with you would be wonderful.”

“I think I might like that,” Veronica said. “On the other hand, maybe we could move the whole office, it is becoming rather cramped.”

“Where would we live, here or at my house?” I asked. For two days I had been thinking about this issue but wanted her to think through this important matter. We needed to have a sound and firm meeting of the minds. I was willing to be flexible.

“I like your house, the ranch style is nice, but I like this house better. The pool and the two stories have a lot of appeal to me. I like the view that we have across the valley, so here,” she said. “What would you like in a house for us, all four of us?”

“Outside, a heated pool, possibly with a comfortable hot tub and a four car garage with a studio over it. Inside, three or four bedrooms, with a full bath for each. In the master bath a whirlpool tub large enough for four and a large shower with multiple body water heads or a waterfall head. I would like separate living and dining rooms, an eat-in kitchen, a den or office, bath for the pool, a large entry hall. How’s that for a start?” I asked.

“Off hand, a good start, but you’re talking somewhere north of a million dollars. I don’t have much equity in this house, how about yours?”

“I have hundred percent equity, sweetheart. I could write a check for somewhere way north of a million dollars.”

“Whoa, wait a minute. I didn’t realize that you were that wealthy. I assumed that you were successful, but I clearly underrated your success. I’ll bet you’d want a pre-nup wouldn’t you?” Veronica asked.

“Not from you, I wouldn’t. You’d have to sign off on my buy-sell with Emerson but that’s all,” I said.

“You’ve known me for a little over two weeks, do you really trust me that much, handsome?” she asked.

“You’ve given me no reason not to and every reason to. I am deeply, very deeply in love with you, and am willing to share everything I have. With Ashley and Katrina as well. But enough talk for the moment, the ladies are back, let me give your ass one more caress and let’s go eat.”

“Hi Mom, Scott, Katrina’s bringing in the clothes and here’s dinner. Did you spend the whole time making out? I notice that Scott’s in his usual state?”

“Actually, no,” said Veronica. “We talked about the future a good bit.”

“Who’s future?” asked Ashley.

“Ours. The four of us,” Veronica answered.

“Really. Awesome. Do we have a future? Together, I mean?” asked Ashley.

“It appears that we probably do.”

“Are you getting married?” asked Ashley, the pitch of her voice rising.

“We’ve talked about it, but I haven’t decided,” said Veronica.

“Haven’t decided? Haven’t decided?” her voice rising even higher. “He’s the most amazing man you’ve ever met, I’ve ever met. I love Katrina.”

“Ashley, I haven’t said no, just listen for a minute, please. OK?” said Veronica.

“I don’t disagree with what you’ve said, but this is a life-changing decision for us, and I want to be sure that I know all the ramifications. Just cool it for a day or so, we’ll be sure to include both you and Katrina when it’s appropriate. So can you be a little patient with me, with us?” Veronica pleaded with her daughter.

“OK, Mom, but it sure is exciting!”

“What’s exciting?” asked Katrina as she came into the room.

“Oh, nothing much, just Scott and Mom talking about getting married.”

“Really! Cool! When Veronica?” asked Katrina.

“We don’t know if for sure, yet, Katrina.” I said.

“When are you going to decide?” asked Katrina.

“Probably in the next couple of days, sweetheart,” I said.

Well, if you decide to get married, when will you get married?” asked Katrina.

“Let’s get thru the decision and then we can decide when,” laughed Veronica at our excited daughters.

“I think you should. I love both Ashley and Veronica, and Dad, I’ve never seen you as relaxed and happy as you have been since meeting her.” said Katrina.

“Relaxed! Relaxed! Come on Katrina when have you seen him without a hard on in the last two weeks?” asked Ashley.

“Probably as often as I’ve seen you with soft nipples during the same time,” said Katrina as her hand danced lightly up Ashley’s arm.

We walked to the table and began passing around the food containers and as we sat I said, “Ladies, this isn’t about my dick or your nipples, well, maybe a small part of it is. It’s about the rest of our lives, your lives.” I paused to let that impact them. “I want us to make the Casibom Güncel Giriş right decision, Veronica and I.”

Our daughters nodded their understanding. “Now let’s eat.” I finished.

“Dad, assuming that you both make the right choice, where would we live?” asked Katrina.

“Probably here, or at least in this area,” said Veronica. “After we eat and while Scott and I go to the store for tomorrow’s dinner why don’t you both make a ‘wish list’ for what kind of house you’d like to live in. Scott and I discussed it, he’s told me some ideas, I’ve yet to articulate mine, and it’ll be interesting to see how similar are the four lists.”

“Would we stay in this city?” asked Ashley.

“Yes.” Veronica and I said together.

“By the way, ladies, who’s been thinking about four year colleges after you finish junior college next May?” I asked.

“Do I have a budget?” asked Katrina.

“Not yet, I want to know what you want, then we’ll talk about a budget.” I said.

“Me, Mom?” asked Kartina.

“Not yet, just like Scott said, tell me what you want first.”

“Ashley, after we finish eating and cleaning up the kitchen, let’s start our house list. Our college list after next weekend. OK?” said Katrina.

“Dad, can we look at the pictures from today, or do you need the TV at home?”

“They’d look better on the HD at home, but it’ll work on Veronica’s, and sure,” I said.

We finished eating. I got dressed in clean underwear, shorts and a polo shirt. Veronica put on a woven sleeveless blouse, knee length skirt, and mid heel slides and we left for the grocery store.

On the way Veronica said “I do love you Scott, more than anything. I hope you understand that I need to think about what’s best for my daughter too.”

“I know sweetheart, and I love you too,” I said.

Veronica was turned slightly in the seat so I began caressing her inner thigh. “You feel so nice,” I said.

“Have you always done that to ladies who sit next to you?” asked Veronica.

“Not all,” I said.

“What do you mean, not all! Well other than our daughters, who else?” she demanded.

“That’s it, just the three of you, you know that Veronica,”

“I know handsome, just giving you a hard time and I have haven’t I?”

“Well duh,” I said.

“Do you have a college budget in mind for Katrina?”

“I don’t,” I said. “Where ever she wants to go if she can get in scholastically, cost is not a factor.”

“I wish I could say that,” Veronica replied.

“Well sweetheart, if you play your cards right you could,” I said.

“You mean you would send your step-daughter to any college she could get into?”

“Two answers to you question. First, I would consider Ashley to be my, our, daughter the same as Katrina, and yes, anywhere,” I said.

“God, you really do love us, don’t you?”

“Absolutely!” I said.

“You know they’ll select the same college, don’t you?” Veronica said as her hand stroked my upper thigh.

Without thinking I replied, “You really think so?” The moment I saw her smile and nod her head I realized what she was implying.

As we passed through the liquor department I added a case of Mr. Busch’s finest to our cart and showed Veronica a bottle of $35.00 Chardonnay for her approval. “I like that, very much, but it’s just a bit out of my price category unless I’ve just made a big deal.”

“We’ll you’re just made a big deal, let me get a clerk and we’ll take home a case.” I said while picking up three bottles of their best Champagne.

Veronica kept her hand on my neck and I kept my hand on her thigh right against her warm, damp pussy all the way home.

The ladies helped carry groceries in and put them away. I put my already cold beer and a bottle of Chardonnay in the fridge. And for good measure a couple of twelves of diet pop.

I got a pad of paper and sat on the couch between Katrina and Veronica. Ashley sat on the coffee table in front of me. “OK, who wants what in our house. Veronica?”

She started to list one item after another. “Private deck, large yard, a great view, plenty of privacy, a deck off our bedroom to sit in the sun and drink coffee, large entry foyer, pool cabana with a bath, an eat-in kitchen, walk in closets in three of the bedrooms.”

I listed my original thoughts of: A heated private pool, a possible hot tub. Four car garage. A studio over the garage. Three or four bedrooms. A full bath for each bedroom. A whirlpool tub large enough for four in the master suite. Separate living and dining rooms. An eat-in kitchen. Den or office. Bath for the pool. A large entry hall. Game room/theater. “How’s that for a start?” I asked showing them my list.

“Add a large second bedroom for Katrina and I to share,” added Ashley.

There were no objections to any of the items, Katrina and Ashley discussed bedroom sizes, and closet sizes. The end result was to give this list to Veronica to run through the Multi-List on Monday and see what was feasible.

“Now pics?” asked Ashley.

I gathered all the memory cards, the laptop and the cables, hooked them all up and asked “Ready?”

“Handsome, why don’t you get drinks, and I have a suggestion,” said Veronica. “Are either of you expecting friends tonight?” she asked the ladies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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