Anything you can do I will do better Chapter 1

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I had laid there in the bathtub, allowing the warm water to rush over my body. My eyes were closed but the tears made their way down my cheeks. All I could think of was what he did. While I was away, the mouse played. I had gone to my mother’s to spend time with her and he made me feel guilty for it. He would tell me how much he missed me and everything. But come to find out, he would sneak off and go to another woman’s house and do the deed. He cheated on me. I dunked my head under the water and opened my eyes, looking at the blurriness of the objects around the tub. Why did I stay with him? Was I that naive? He was at work now so I didn’t have anyone to yell at. He had come and picked me up from my mother’s so we could possibly work things out. So far it seemed like I was doing all of the working and he just didn’t give a shit. I resurfaced my head, taking in a small breath of air and leaned back, looking up at the ceiling now.

But, I was going to get my revenge soon and I would get it hard – I just didn’t know how soon. I stayed in the tub, tracing my fingers over my wet body, thinking I needed to lose some weight. My height was only 5 feet but I had some chubby to me. Oh well. I brought my fingers up to my nipples and gave them a light squeeze, closing my eyes to the feeling. It felt nice and doing that always made my thoughts just disappear. I didn’t think about him anymore when I masturbated, I actually thought of random TV show characters like Sam from Supernatural. God I wanted HIM to just knock on my door one day but, that was and always would just be a fantasy. My left hand slowly made its way down until my fingers found my smooth womanhood. I always kept it smooth down there; it just felt better that way.

I used my index and ring finger to spread my lips apart and I started to use my middle finger to work my clit while right hand stayed upward to work my nipples, switching from nipple to nipple to make sure I kept the sensation up. I worked myself, feeling how wet I was getting even though I was in the water still. My breasts began to bounce slightly as I rocked my body, trying to pull myself into an orgasm. It was going so well too until I heard a knock at the door. I snapped back into reality, almost cursing out loud. But instead, I sighed and got out of the bath, stepping onto the rug that was on the floor. I wrapped a towel around my body and went to the front door. When I opened it, I looked around so that only my neck and head were seen – I mean, who would want a total stranger to see a person in just a towel?

It was just my friend Nick. I never realized how handsome he was. A true country boy – Tall, slightly muscular from working outside a lot, brown headed, green eyes, and a farmers tan. A smile swept over my lips and I stared up at him, “Hey.” I had texted him and told him what my fiancé had done while Sex hikayeleri I was out of town. He wasn’t too happy about it. He had always told me John was a bad guy.

“Hey Sweetie. Mind if I come in?” He had a southern accent, not too terribly thick though.

I frowned a little but laughed, “I am not decent, ya know?” He didn’t care, nor did I. We had known each other since we were kids and here we were in our 20s now.

He gave me a fake gasp and rolled his eyes, giving a chuckle of his own. I stepped back from the door, inviting him in. I asked him if he wanted a glass of tea but he declined. I gave a shrug and walked into the kitchen to get myself a drink. Even though my back was to him, I could feel his eyes on me. I had never felt that before but this time I did. I blushed a little.

I had begun to pour myself a glass of sweet ice tea, it always kept me cool from the heat. I felt those eyes again and turned around, jumping a little since he was behind me that time.

“You know what, I will have me a glass. You go get dressed.” He said as he reached up into the cabinet to pull down a glass. I gulped down my drink and left the room, smiling. I went into my bedroom and didn’t bother to close the door. My room was the last room down the hall so there would be no reason for him to come down here plus I would hear him.

I dropped my towel to the floor, admiring my body in the mirror. I was only 5 feet tall but I had size 36DD breasts which stayed perky oddly enough. I poked at the pudge on my belly, frowning a little. I wasn’t overly fat; I mean I could pull a bikini off no problem without feeling like a whale. I wanted to finish what I started but couldn’t since he was here. I gave my nipples a quick pinch, feeling my wetness drip down my inner thighs. I had closed my hazel eyes, giving off a silent moan to myself.

That was when I felt his hands on my shoulders; it had startled me. I opened my eyes and turned to look up at him, he was a clear foot taller than me, maybe even a foot and a half. His cheeks were blazed red and he gave his own bottom lip a nibble. His gaze was sucking in my figure, like he had never seen a naked woman before. Which I knew that wasn’t true because he and I would have best buddy talk all the time, tips for each other.

My revenge. My eyes stared up at him and I leaned up. He met me half way, pressing his firm lips onto mine. Even though they were firm, they still had a gentleness to them. As our lips stayed locked, he guided me to my bed behind us. Once there, I fell onto it into a sitting position but he stayed standing, keeping his lips locked onto my flesh. We broke the kissing after a minute or two but his lips kept glued to my body, working their way around my neck. Each kiss sent a chill down my spine, causing me to moan softly. Sure I had Sikiş hikayeleri sex with John since I got back, but it was just to keep him satisfied but this, oh man this felt so great.

As he continued to kiss me, I placed my hands on his chest and worked my way down until I found his belt, quickly undoing it. Once I pulled it off, I went for his button to his pants. I wondered if his ass looked as good as it did in his jeans? Either way, he gently pushed me back onto the bed, causing my breasts to bounce as he done so. I adjusted myself to look at him, smiling as cutely as I could. Nick kicked off his boots and took off his shirt and got onto the bed with me. He was almost straddling me. God I felt so wet. Neither of us said a word, our eyes did all of the talking. We both knew this is what we wanted.

Nick’s lips once again met mine and he kept kissing me for a moment until he started to trail down. First he started with my neck, then my shoulders, breasts, my navel. He stopped there and that felt like it was going to kill me. I peeked down to see what he was doing. He was working with his pants, he slid them down, revealing his blue boxers. His cock was stick out through the hole, saluting me almost. He was big. Even though I couldn’t see it all, I could tell he was big. Not monstrous sized but defiantly bigger than average sized. His lips resumed kissing me, working their way down until they finally met my private. He had begun to kiss the outer part, sending me through a frenzy. He knew how to tease a woman alright. I felt him working himself with one hand while the other one made it to my pussy lips. He traced his index finger along the outside, making me arch my back. It had been a little while since I had felt this type of sensation. I had been faithful to my fiancé but after what he did, I just felt numb toward him. But the feeling Nick was giving me, it could make a nun do sins.

His fingers slipped through, pushing deep into my walls. He could feel my pussy clamping down on his finger, almost suckling it. As he worked his one hand on his cock and his other inside of me, his tongue onto my clit. That is what sent me into what felt like a convulsion. My hands gripped the sheet on the bed and my pussy clamped down hard on his finger as I came. He lapped up my juices like a hungry dog, making sure he got every last drop.

Nick wasn’t done though; he made sure I knew because he worked his way up my body. My heart was racing. I had already stooped down to John’s level but I didn’t care. My heart was racing because of how good I felt. As he worked his way up, he managed to remove his boxers. I got a glimpse of his full erect cock. He must’ve been 8 inches! And thick too! I gulped and looked at him, adjusting myself once more and spreading my legs. He positioned himself, placing the tip of his member on my Erotik hikaye opening.

“Are you sure?” He ragged out, his own heart racing. Deep down this is something he wanted for a very long time and this was his chance.

“Yes… Please… Yes Nick…” My words were moaned and he seemed pleased with the answer. I clinched down on the sheets once more as I felt his cock enter inside of me. It felt like it was going to tear me apart. I gave a loud moan, begging for more. Once he pressed all he could into me, he stopped, allowing me to adjust to his size.

My hands left the sheets and I wrapped them around him, staring up at him. I gave him an approving nod, moaning softly. He took that key and started to pump his hips against him, giving his own moans. God he looked amazing. My eyes trailed down his body and then down to our meeting hips. The sight of his cock going in and out of me just made me moan louder. The sounds of my juices sent him into a moaning frenzy. His hips worked harder and he leaned down, sucking my left nipple into his mouth. His tongue traced it and his other hand started to play with my other nipple. His rocking started to get faster. He wanted to blow his seed badly but he didn’t want to seem like a minute man.

To distract himself he slowed down to a stop, switching his mouth to my other nipple and allowed his other hand to play with the other. After a moment of just his cock resting inside of me, he pulled completely out and patted my rump since my legs were still up. The universal signal for flip over. I gladly had done so, planting my knees and hands firmly onto the bed. He placed his hands on my hips, guiding himself to my upright rump. No he didn’t stick it into my ass but he almost did. After a second of adjusting, he shoved his cock deep into my pussy once more. I arched my back some, moaning loudly. He reached forward, grasping my short brown hair into one of his hands. As he fucked me hard, he pulled on my hair. My breasts bounced, swaying back and forth from the trusting. I rocked my hips too, meeting his to push his cock further in.

“Oh god… Kimberly…. I want to cum….Can I please cum…” He moaned, he begged – He sounded so desperate.

He wanted to cum in me?? My mind went blank at that for a moment but lust took over. I felt my own orgasm coming along. I closed my eyes, moaning, “Yes! Please!”

With a few more hard quick trusts, my body exploded. Just as I came, I felt him release my hair and hold onto my hips tightly, coming to a stop as he released his hot seed deep into my womb. We both panted and stayed in that position for a few minutes. He had pumped so much cum into me that I felt it starting to run out of me as he started to soften up. Finally, I collapsed, taking in deep breaths. He had lain down beside me, staring at me with his kind eyes.

I looked at him, smiling before I snuggled my naked body up against his.

It was from then on that I would have my revenge. Yes I still loved my fiancé but this revenge thing was fun too.

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