Aunt Anjali Ch. 03

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For the reading pleasure of Adults. © Prahaar 2003. All rights reserved.

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This is a true story with the names changed.

Enjoy this continuation!

For continuity, please read Aunt Anjali – Chapters 1 and 2

I fell asleep and woke up very late next morning to find every one gone. My cousins were playing, my uncle had left for work and my aunt was cooking in the kitchen. My pajama strings had been tied and there was no sign of my semen anywhere.

My interactions with my aunt were unnatural, to say the least. We behaved as if nothing had happened. However, a lot had actually gone on between us. She was my first sexual partner and if you have fingered a woman to orgasm and she has jerked you off, any ‘normal’ interaction can only be a pretense.

Well, we did not get a chance to be alone again for the next three days. Their guests stayed only the one night and so the next night, I was banished to the other room.

Three days later, my cousins went off for a previously scheduled picnic and my uncle was away on a business trip. When my aunt and I walked back after dropping off my cousins, it started raining heavily. Since we were not carrying umbrellas, we got completely drenched. We walked fast but were wet to the skin within moments.

I looked upon my wet aunt with interest. Her clothes were plastered to her skin as if they had been sprayed on. Every curve of her large, voluptuous body was visible. The most prominent feature was her large bottom. It swayed and wiggled and every rounded inch was visible. Each fleshy cheek rose up and came down and although I knew nothing about intercourse, I suddenly felt the need to place my cock between those lovely large buttocks! She might as well have been naked! She saw me looking at her body and looked at my crotch where my wet clothes had outlined my penis. We reached home and were alone for the first time since that fateful night when our special relationship began.

She carefully shut and locked the door and looking at me quizzically, said, ‘We are going to catch a cold, unless we remove these wet clothes quickly. Let us not catch the flu.’ I nodded my head. I was willing to do whatever she wanted me to! She started removing her sari and was soon standing there in her blouse and petticoat. ‘Take off your clothes. What are you waiting for?’ she said. I had been busy looking at her boobs, barely held back by her blouse and bra. I smiled my embarrassment.

Seeing my hesitation, 1080 porno she came up to me and started unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled out the part tucked into my trouser and unbuttoned the last two buttons at the bottom, her hand brushing my penis which was fat erecting at the possibilities in the unfolding situation. Her boobs were inches from my chest and I could see the ample upper slopes. She had me out of my shirt and undershirt in moments and while removing them, she playfully pinched my nipples. They erected a little and I was startled at the violent lurch I felt in my penis. My aunt then asked me if I had a girl friend. I sheepishly responded in the negative. She asked me if I had ever seen a naked woman before. I said that I had not. She asked me if I wanted to. I remained tongue-tied.

By this time, she had removed my belt and was unzipping my trousers. She bent and holding the trousers, she asked me to step out of them. I did, embarrassed by the huge erection that my briefs could barely contain. She put all my clothes aside and then started pulling my briefs down. Suddenly, I started feeling shy. Putting my hands on hers, I restrained her. ‘What’s wrong? Why are you stopping me?’ she asked. I confessed my shyness to her.

She said that she had seen me naked very often as a child. I told her that I was no longer a child. She said that she would always be my aunt and I, her nephew and that an aunt had rights on her nephews. Seeing that I remained unconvinced, she said that she would take off her clothes too, if I would agree to keep it our secret, and then we would both be on an equal footing. I agreed to keep it a secret. She closed her eyes and asked me to take off whichever of her clothes that I wanted and look at whatever I wanted to see!

I needed no second invitation and I started clumsily unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her large voluptuous breasts encased in a sheer bra, the nipples indenting the cups. I looked upon those treasures for the first time in the light of day and feasted my eyes on them. Aunt Anjali opened her eyes, looked at me, and asked me gently why I had stopped. I put my arms around her back and groped for the fastening of her bra. Being the large woman that she was, in so doing, our chests touched and she let out a sigh. She hugged me to her ample bosom and ground her boobs into my chest. After a small struggle, I managed to open her bra and coming out of the hug, I slid the straps off her shoulders.

What an erotic sight! Large conical breasts, the size of cantaloupes with dark, 2-inch areolas and large half-inch nipples leapt into view, released from their confinement. The nipples were erect and slightly shriveled, being wet. My aunt covered her boobs with her palms and asked me not to stare at them. I said that this was not fair since I had not covered up anything. She smilingly said, ‘The main 2 k porno part is still covered!’ I was embarrassed by this reference to my penis but at the same time was tickled by my aunt’s uninhibited sexy talk.

I went for the drawstrings of her petticoat and pulled it loose, trying to slide it down her massive buttocks and thighs. I could not do it! She laughed at me and asked me to wait a moment. Pulling the skirt up, slowly revealing calves, knees, thighs and belly, she raised it over her head. As she was removing the garment, her face was covered and her boobs were swinging free. I playfully pinched her nipples and she shrieked.

There she stood, a pair of white panties her only garment. She then asked me if she could remove my briefs but I insisted on removing her panties first. I knelt in front of her. I looked at her prominent panty covered cunt mound. The expected black patch was missing! Instead, I could only see a large pink protuberance. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and started lowering it. Her navel and then the pelvis and finally her unusually prominent mons revealed themselves. I stopped, entranced by the sight of my first cunt!

Aunt Anjali decided that it was her turn to act shy and turning to face away from me, she raised her panties once again, giving me a momentary glimpse of her very large bottom before covering it up. For a moment, I felt like a child whose candy had been snatched away.

‘You are looking at everything before showing me anything,’ she complained. I did not know what to say or do so I got up and hugged her from the back, my painfully erect penis encountering her bulbous panty covered bottom. ‘I will show you everything you want to see, Aunt Anjali. I promise.’ I said as comfortingly as I could. My hands met her boobs and I pressed them into her chest. I pushed my cock into the crack of her ass, where it lodged itself comfortably. She did not protest but pushed back, allowing my cock better access. ‘And you will not talk to anyone about this?’ she asked. I assured her that my lips were sealed.

I once again knelt, this time behind her, and lowered her panties quickly. I did not linger this time. As she stepped out of them, she raised her legs one after the other providing me with exciting glimpses of her outsized cunt lips. Too soon though, she lowered her leg and I found myself looking at her large butt again. For the very first time in my life, I was in the presence of a completely naked woman!

She turned around very quickly and told me that it was my turn now. In a few short moments, my thick and long penis was swinging naked and pendulum-like in front of her. This was the first time that anyone had seen my penis like this, except for my unintentional exposure a few days earlier. ‘You are so large. You are larger than your uncle’, she said. ‘Does it often become like this’? 3 k porno She asked. I told her that of late, my penis was frequently and painfully swollen. ‘Do you do anything with it, then?’ she inquired. I said that I did not know what to do with it.

‘I can help you remove the swelling and the pain but you will have to keep your promise to never tell anyone that we ever did this. Otherwise, we will both lose our reputations,’ She said. I asked her to help me and she started to lead me into the bedroom. I followed. Aunt Anjali’s large and naked bottom swayed tantalizingly.

As we passed by the bathroom, she asked me to pee. She led me in and holding my erect cock asked me to go right ahead. I could not do it initially and after much effort, a small stream jetted out and fell into the gutter, there being no pot. My penis lost some of its erection. The pale yellow stream slowly gathered strength and I started peeing forcefully. She was watching all this with great interest and very lightly varying the pressure on my penis, causing the stream to reduce and spurt. Some of the drops fell on her fingers but she did not seem to mind. My penis was now menacingly erect. For the first time since I had brown up, someone had seen me pee.

As soon as I finished, she bent at the knees and squatted, facing me. I was finally going to see and hear what I had only heard before! She looked at me, transparent lust in her eyes and I realized that she wanted me to see her doing this! A sight was incredibly sexy. Her legs and knees were wide apart and her great cunt was in full view. With her fingers, she parted those thick lips and I could now see the pink interior of her cunt.

A forceful stream flowed out, arcing into the air and falling a good three feet away. She placed a finger inside her large lips, and started rubbing even as hew pee flowed, making a yellow pool between us. She moaned loudly. My cock jerked to erection in no time and she raised a hand to hold it tightly, frigging it as she peed and rubber herself, all the while looking into my eyes. Her moaning had reached a crescendo and the acrid smell of urine was in the air. My aunt must have had a full bladder because her pee stream continued unabated for a couple more minutes.

The foregoing sex play as we stripped, the sight of this adult woman intentionally showing herself to me as she urinated and rubbed herself, the moaning, the odor and the tight frigging of my virgin cock were too stimulating for me. I felt my vision blur and my muscles go weak. I started moaning loudly and before I could stop myself, ejaculated thick gobs of hot spunk all over her squatting body. The copious ejaculate landed on her hair, face, boobs, belly and even on her peeing cunt. As she watched the jets of semen fly, she rubbed herself harder and then her moans suddenly stopped. A look, almost of satisfaction, crossed her eyes and as her stream of pee reduced to a trickle and stopped, she let go of my cock, scooped up my come and licked it, never breaking her eye contact with me.

‘Thank you’, she said.

To be continued…

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