Aunt’s Plan Ch. 05


Aunt Penny left to shower. I have no idea how long it took her to get ready again since I fell asleep. I had lost any kind of sense of time. She talked to me before leaving.

“I think you better wake up.” I opened my eyes to see her work ready. “That was great John. Better than I imagined it would be. “

“You are amazing Aunt Penny.”

“It’s time to get up though, your mom will be back in a few hours and there’s a lot of cleaning for you to do.”

I sat up and looked around. Thankfully the plastic would be easy to dispose of but there was oil spilled in other parts of the room, probably the hallway’s floor, and damn this pillow was ruined.

“I’ll get to it don’t worry.”

“Oh I’m not worried. You did great you just need to keep this up. I don’t want to drain you too much but after all you’re my fuck boy.”

It felt strange to be called that. We made eye contact and decided that it was in fact really hot to hear her say that.

“I’ll do as you please Aunt Penny.”

“That’s what I want to hear.” She turned around and started walking away until she stopped under the door frame. She turned her head and smiled at me before leisurely pulling her pants down. All to show me that her butt plug was still there, buried in her butthole. I felt my cock slightly stirring and she was gone.


I cleaned everything. The plastic cover I supposed was disposable so I carefully folded it so none of the lube spilled out. Then I took it out to the trash bin. The rest was easy, the lube wasn’t hard to clean up from the floor since there wasn’t too much of it. It would be a different story if we had carpet. The pillow was a problem. It had sucked in some lube and there was no use in cleaning it. I went to our back yard, looked over the fence, saw no one, and threw it away.

I’m sure Mom would notice but what the heck? How would I know where her pillow was? The cloudy day didn’t match my mood.

Surprisingly the thoughts and fantasies were gone. I think I was just satisfied as Aunt Penny called it. I felt relaxed. I hadn’t been so relaxed in my life.

I waited for her to come back. Mom showed up at her usual time before Aunt Penny. We had dinner and she commented on my extra happy mood.

However, It was a dangerous feeling. I felt quite confident, like nothing could go wrong. After dinner Mom changed into comfy sweatpants and we decided we’d be watching a movie. I went to my room and when I came back she was on the sofa with her feet resting on top as well.. Oddly, I sat next to her.

I rested my head on her arm while crossing my arm around her shoulders. Just a nice gesture.

“It’s so nice to have you around John.” Her hand pressed my other arm.

“Mom, have you ever thought about marrying again? I mean, don’t you want to date people again?” I asked as softly as I could.

“You’ve never asked me anything like that.”

“I was just thinking about that.”

“I have, I’ve thought about it but I’ve never felt the need. I dated a couple of time actually but I never told you.”

“I just don’t want to you get lonely you know, since I’m not around much anymore.”

“Oh don’t worry about me. We all have needs for sure but I take good care of myself.”

“Well anything you need I’m here for you.”

“Oh that’s so sweet John!” But the sweetness ended there.

We watched the movie and I was very aware of her bent leg on the sofa. It created this arch in which her thigh was easy access. I shouldn’t be calling it easy access but well that’s where my head went.

I was high on how well things were going for me and without much thought I put my hand on the back side of her thigh. Then I pressed a little more to feel her actual leg not just the fabric of her sweatpants gently massaging the area. It was nice just feeling her. And she didn’t stop me or showed any signs of noticing.

Then because one can’t have enough I started going lower and lower. As I said her leg was raised letting me access the lower part of her butt. I massaged her up and down until I squeezed the lower part of her butt a little.

She reacted to this and she couldn’t keep pretending not to notice. I was abruptly scared of what was going to come out of her mouth.

“Oh I’m sorry.” Sorry? What is she saying? “I’m so tense from work I do really appreciate the massage.”

“So, it is helping?” I followed her lead.

“Yea, yea, it is.” Then she faced the movie again and my hand descended on her. And now I was applying more force and not stopping at the underside.

After ten minutes. “How’s your left side Mom?”

“Ha, well it probably needs some attention too honey.”

Before she did anything I took her by the hips and guided her over me to the other side of me. Obviously I didn’t just lift her, more like I dragged her across my lap and crotch. I wanted her to feel my cock, to make sure she knew it was there. I wanted my cock to know her too. My cock, which was hard tecavüz porno at this point, was not energetic. It could get bigger but the workout from earlier had taken its toll.

I kept at it, feeling her legs and some butt. Things naturally progressed and my hand found its way to her inner thighs. I felt her soft flesh and her breathing increase. I could feel her legs getting weaker, letting go, this was really turning her on.

I got so close to her crotch when the door swung open. Mom stood up rapidly.

“Hey sis.”

Aunt Penny stared at us for a second. “Hey, what are you guys up to?… you okay?”

“Oh, we’re just watching a movie as usual. Are you hungry? I’ll get you something.” Mom started walking to the kitchen.

“Sure, I’ll go change first though.”


I wasn’t mad for the interruption. We were getting somewhere and it wasn’t all horniness. I wasn’t acting like a horny teen. I liked the playfulness, I felt satisfied. I enjoyed feeling her, watching her breathing faster than normal, just feeling her close and giving in.

Aunt Penny came back with tiny tiny shorts. She smiled as she passed by the living room. The bottom of her ass cheeks exposed because her shorts were so short.

A fantasy crossed my mind. It would be so nice to just stay there, live there in that house again. Enjoy that view every day.

At least I had a long summer vacation ahead of me.

I watched the rest of the movie as Aunt Penny and Mom had a conversation in the kitchen. Aunt Penny came into the living room and sat right next to me.

I put my hand on her thigh. Aunt Penny used her fingertips and rolled them over my crotch. My cock stirred at this simple touch over my shorts.

Then Mom walk into the living room and I pulled my hand. Aunt Penny moved her hand to my thigh. I saw Mom’s eyes notice this. My dick wasn’t doing a good job at hiding. It was enlarged but there was nothing I could do about it.

“I need a drink.” Aunt Penny said. “Would you guys like anything?” She stood up and headed towards the kitchen.

“What are you having?” Mom asked.

“A glass of wine.”

“I’ll take one to then.” Mom responded.

“I’ll have one too.” I said this and looked at Mom. She just smiled in approval. It was the first time she would see me drink.

Aunt Penny came back with three empty glasses in one hand and a wine bottle on the other.

She handed us the glasses and poured.

We watched TV while Aunt Penny patted my leg up and down careful not to touch to far high. Yet Mom seem to be on edge at this touch. She constantly stole glances at us. I acted like I didn’t notice her hand and did my best to keep my dick calm.

It wasn’t my aunt’s touch, it was Mom’s careful watch that had me on edge that turned me on. Aunt Penny on the other hand was having fun, laughing too much at anything she saw on the TV.

“I need some sleep.” Aunt Penny moved to stand at the moment I was taking a sip drink. Her elbow hit the bottom of the glass and out of my hand. The wine spilled all over me. “Oh shit. I’m sorry, I’m so careless!” She exclaimed.

I didn’t say anything and both women were on their feet quick.

“Are you okay honey?” Mom asked while Aunt Penny brought a towel. The accident took another direction fast.

“Let me.” Aunt Penny patted my shirt with the towel. “It spilled mostly on your shirt. Take it off.” She grabbed my shirt and helped me off of it.

Mom stood as Aunt Penny patted me naked torso moving down. Her hands reached my crotch. She patted my crotch a couple times. Mom didn’t seem to like this.

“Let me see.” She snatched the towel away from Aunt Penny’s hands. “Take the shirt to the washer.” She didn’t need any more explaining so Aunt Penny took the shirt and walked away.

Mom crouched down in front of me. She didn’t move for two seconds contemplating the manner in which she would proceed. I believed in that moment she realized that all this was unnecessary. She looked up at me. I could very easily go to my room and change. I knew this and when she looked at me she knew it too.

The door to the garage and where our washing machine was closed behind Aunt Penny. At the sound of the door closing Mom extended her hands with the towel and started patting my shorts

She didn’t pay extra attention to any part in particular, she went evenly about her business. I felt her hands pushing against my legs, my balls, finally cock.

She didn’t look at me any more. Instead she focused on my shorts. I couldn’t help my dick rising to the touch of Mom’s hands. She patted me and my dick responded by pushing at her hand.

When the door opened again Mom snapped out of the trance she had been in and finished patting my legs.

“Well, it’s getting late.” She said. Aunt Penny agreed and we picked up our glasses and each headed our own way.


I was sensitive. Mom’s touch had left my dick sensitive. üvey anne porno I needed an orgasm. I walked back and forth in my room. I made my decision, it was still early and Mom would certainly be awake but needed to pay a visit to Aunt Penny’s room.

A second after I walked into the hallway Aunt Penny opened her door. I followed her inside.

“This ought to be quick.” She said. I must have looked anxious. She was only wearing her panties. “Pull this down.” I reached out with my hand but she stopped it. “Use this.” She put her finger on my lips.

I got down on my knees and she turned around. I kissed them before biting them and pulling them down with my mouth.

My cock was hard and impatient. Once I pulled down her panties I saw her buttplug still there. I stood up.

“I need you.” I told her as I pulled my shorts and underwear down. I pushed her down on the bed face-down and pushed my faced between her legs.

I kissed her butt and pussy before rising to place my cock on her skin.

“Shh, you need to be more quite… my fucktoy.” She said this with glee. I press my cock between her ass cheeks. I pushed them together and pulled my cock in and out. I got my first assjob, her firm smooth skin was unbelievable. She giggled.

I could feel my urge getting the best of me. I spread her butt cheeks and tap the buttplug with my cock before sliding it down into her pussy.

I felt like an animal. I felt the sweat down my torso and I pushed in and out of her pussy. I grabbed her butt hard and fucked her with force.

Hard, in and out I wanted to go deeper and deeper. I had no intention to slow down. I tapped her buttplug with two fingers. To this she lifted her ass.

I went all out. My body hitting her body made unmistakable flesh against flesh sound. I couldnt’ stop. I kept moving, cumming in her, until I was drained.


I dropped down on top of Aunt Penny but she didn’t let me rest.

“You made more noise than you think, you gotta go back to your room.”

I grabbed my clothes on the floor and left to my room. I dropped to the bed.


Mom woke me the next morning with a l shriek.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t know you slept like this.”

I woke up surprised by the daylight and then saw my naked lower body under me. Mom was covering her eyes.

“I’m sorry Mom.” I got off the bed and grabbed the first shorts I saw.

“I should knock. You’re older now. I didn’t’ want to think about it but you have grown so much.”

I was about to let her uncover her eyes when I realized the shorts I put on were Aunt Penny’s.

“Wait, wait.” I pulled them off and grabbed the next piece of clothing. They were my briefs but I didn’t think about it much and just threw my Aunt’s shorts under the bed. “Okay it’s fine Mom.”

She uncovered her eyes and immediately eyed my package. The briefs were tight and defined my package quite proudly.

“You’ve grown.”

“Eh, I know.” I saw her eyes and felt a tingle on my member. “You on the other hand look younger every day.”

“Ha. You shouldn’t lie.”

“I would never.” I playfully responded.

“We’re going running before breakfast today. You should probably put something else on though.”

“Like a shirt? I think I’m in okay shape I could run shirtless.”

“Yea if you want the ladies in the neighborhood to ogle you.”

I laughed at that because of her playful tone but her eyes kept dancing on me.

“I’ll put on a shirt then.” I moved to my closet to start looking for a shirt.

“I’m telling you, you won’t like it when the neighbors stare at you.” She laughed at the thought of that. “But personally I wouldn’t mind.” Then I turned to see her leaving the room.

I looked in the mirror and saw the sack on my briefs. Indeed I had grown.

I met Mom outside. She had a gray sleeveless blouse that marked her slender body. Nice white shorts too.

Aunt Penny wasn’t there. She usually woke me up but I didn’t ask anything.

We ran right from home around the neighborhood. Mom was a good runner but I could run faster. I stayed with her either way. The streets were empty on an early Saturday morning.

When we got home I began to wonder where my aunt could be.

“That was good run. You’re a great runner Mom.”

“It’s what I’m best at. You’re in good shape too.”

We went inside the house.

“Mom. Isn’t it strange that Aunt Penny’s still in bed?” I supposed she just stayed in bed on Saturday mornings but I had to ask.

“Oh, you’re aunt is not home right now. Actually she’ll be gone the rest of the weekend.”

“Oh, she never mentioned that. Where did she go?”

“Um.” She thought it for a second. “It’s not something we should talk about. You shouldn’t worry though she’s fine.”

The whole üvey erkek kardeş porno weekend without my aunt. What a terrible thought. Where could she be? Why wouldn’t Mom tell me? I had to find out but clearly Mom didn’t want to talk about it.

We both went to shower. Getting out of the shower I ran into Mom in the hallway.

“Wow, I guess we’re staying in today ha?” She was wearing a long t-shirt. A saggy oversized t-shirt that left me wondering whether she was wearing anything underneath? Shorts? Panties?

“Well it’s just you and me so why not be lazy today?”

“I like your thinking.” I said and smiled.

“You should try it.” She said and continued down the hallway to the living room.

I went into my room and wondered. Should I go with my usual shorts and t-shirt since they’re pretty comfortable? Or was Mom hinting at something and I should try changing it up a bit? No shirt?

Then I pulled my shorts down and looked at myself in just briefs again. They looked too tight and this turned me on because this was how she had seen me that morning.

I put on a normal shirt and went down to the kitchen.

Mom was cooking breakfast with one arm on her hips. The arm pulled on her shirt which allowed me to see more skin. Very close to the start of her ass there was no hint of anything but flesh. I sat on the table (a chair by the table), and didn’t say anything.

She smiled at me before continuing her work.

“I see you’re following my lead.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I replied.

She set the table and sat across from me. It was a long shot but I saw an opportunity after a few minutes. I dropped my spoon and dived right under the table to look for it looking across the table.

She had her legs crossed, her right over her left. Her right thigh was in full display though which I appreciated.

“Did you find it?” She asked with a playful tone.

“Eh, not yet, oh here it is.”

I started moving from under the table when the gate started opening. Her right leg moved off her left and I could see what I wanted to see. She wasn’t wearing panties.

The shadow created by the shirt didn’t allow for a clear view but in that darkness I could see hints of that bare pinkish flesh.

I remained there for a few second taking in the scenery before sitting back in my chair again. Breakfast as usual after that.

This inspired me for what was to come. She had shown me something, she had moved those legs for a reason. At least that was what I wanted to believe. So it was my turn.

I had an erection. Which I thought I shouldn’t hide.

I stood up. “Leave it Mom I’ll pick up the plates. You work hard enough.”

I picked up my plate and walked around the table. I put my plate on top of hers and lifted them together. Those few seconds were pleasant, my noticeable erection very close to her eye line. I couldn’t tell if she had seen it or her reaction but the closeness of it was enough. For now.

Our day went on as normal. Just talking and being lazy around the house. I didn’t mind spending time with Mom. It was especially pleasant too since she didn’t seem to have plans to change that outfit. We played board games. My favorite being Taboo. A word guessing game in which you have to make people guess the word on the card without saying it yourself. It was fun to see Mom making gestures, jumping, and laughing as I watched her and tried to guess.

It turned out to be a nice day and I didn’t miss Aunt Penny much during that time. Even less so when it was late in the day. Mom poured some wine and said she didn’t like me drinking when I asked for some but nonetheless she poured me a glass. Then we sat in the living room and talked. After a while I had to ask.

“I don’t want to insist too much Mom, but why are you so secretive about where Aunt Penny is?”

She thought about it for a while.

“Okay, I’ll tell you because I suppose it’s better that you’re aware of it. But you have to promise me you won’t mention it to anyone.”

“I promise.” Okay she was scaring me now.

“Your aunt has an addiction problem. She went to rehab for a while and she got better. But weekends used to be the hardest for her so right now she’s in the process of a normal life on weekdays and then on weekends she leaves to rehab.”

This was news to me I didn’t expect. Aunt Penny an addict? “Wow. I didn’t know she was going through that.”

“She’s done great so far. She still needs to take some big steps but that’s what we’re here for. I’ve been helping her through this but I must admit it made me a little nervous when you moved in.”

“Why would you be nervous about that? Mom, you know I wouldn’t do anything to, um, hurt her or anything like that.”

“I know, I know. It’s silly really but I keep thinking something like that could happen. After all you barely know her.”

“She’s still my aunt though. I still don’t understand why you didn’t tell me before.”

“It’s sort of embarrassing to talk about you know.”

“Why? I don’t think you should be embarrassed about that. Anyone could get addicted.”

“Oh honey. You still don’t quite understand.”

“After all, now I can help you and keep her away from…” I realized I didn’t know her addiction. “what is it? Alcohol?” Mom subtly started shaking her head. “Drugs?” And I started to realize what she would say.

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