Ava Pt. 02

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On the drive back from work, couldn’t wait to get home, to find my darling Ava studying in the kitchen area “hi kiddo” I say cheerfully, kissing her head “working hard, I can see” I add as I pass by her on the way to my (our, as of yesterday) bedroom. Seems like forever since I’ve had a bounce in my step, feeling really good, head into the shower & later on relaxed & happy stroll back into the kitchen to fix us something to eat.

“How was your day baby-girl’ I ask, flipping on the radio humming along to the song that’s on.

“Was k” she mumbles, “You’re in a good mood, dad?” She states. I turn & smile, but don’t comment, turning back to keep cooking. When dinner is ready she clears the table of her studying material & we sit down to eat.

She can’t help herself, trying to quiz me about the reason for the bounce in my step, even going so far as to assume that I’ve got a new woman in my life. If only she knew. I smile to myself thinking “yeah baby, hot new woman. And I can’t wait for you to find out”.

After helping me clear-up we move into the living room, she stretches out on the sofa next to me & before long starts to doze-off, so I wake her up & send her off to bed.

I don’t know how I kept calm was so worked up I want to get started on her the sec I walked into to the house, but I had to take my time. My patience will be rewarded.

After about 10 mins I lock up the house and make my way to our bedroom and to the sleeping beauty awaiting me in bed. She was already out for the count, lying on her stomach, one hand above her head the other one under her pillow. Wearing a T-shirt and female boxer shorts.

I strip and remove the comforter off of her & the bed, slip in next to her. Took my time as I wanted her sleepy but not ‘dead to the world’ & that’s what would have happened if I took longer getting this night started.

Once in bed I get on my knees and straddle her hips, I pushed both my palm under her t-shirt up her back feeling her soft smooth hot skin, massaging her slowly. She hasn’t had time to fall into a deep sleep so before long she moans and starts to wake up, wondering what’s going on.

“You said that you were tired all day long & that your body aches. So thought I could help you relax a little baby.”

She doesn’t answer just lays there quietly, I take her silence as consent and keep massaging my hand all over her smooth back moving higher, making bigger circles with my palms covering more of her warm smooth skin, letting her get used to the feel of my touch, used to my fingers on her body. Her breathing is deeper and I know she is affected even if she isn’t saying anything.

I let my hand massage her shoulders and then drag them down her sides allowing my fingers to touch the sides of her full breasts, which are squashed under her. Her breath hitches but other then that she doesn’t make a sound. I can’t help but smile. I repeat the action again and again but slower each time I reach her side-boobs and her breathing exhilarates.

“I could do a better job without this obstacle” I whisper bending over, leaning close to her ear pulling at her T-shirt to indicate what I’m referring too, and smile when I hear her sharp intake of breath.

“Hmmm, I… ahh. it’s ok daddy. You don’t have to do this. I.. I’m not that tired and I bet you had a harder day at work” she mumbles into the bedding.

I smile to myself, “yeah I guess you are right. In that case how about you treat your old man to a massage?” I don’t wait for a reply and move off her, and lay on my back next to her waiting to see what she will do.

“Ok” she says and sits up, showing me a beautiful view of her erect nipples poking at her T-shirt. She turns around facing me and is shocked to find me butt-naked and erect, her eyes are wide in shock, staring at my raging boner, she pulls her eye away looking at me exclaiming “dad?!”

I smile “so are you going to massage your old-man’s aces away, baby-girl?”

She looks uncertain, trying not to stare at my hard-on, but failing and taking a peak from time to time. I move my hand that’s close to her, closer and start to rub my palm over her knee, moving higher massaging her & slowly moving higher. Her breath hitches again and her eyes dart to mine, and I smile waiting.

She bites her lip and moves facing me and moves higher on the bed, getting on her knees and leaning over me, putting her soft hands on my shoulders and starts to massage them moving towards my arms.

I smile and close my eyes telling her how nice that feels, but she’s stuck there and I want more, so I tell her to massage my chest as well, she does so slowly.

When her fingers rub against my erect man nipples my breath gets caught in my lungs and I hold it there, waiting to see what she will do. Guess she likes my reaction, as she does it again and then again slower, rubbing my small erect nipples with her fingers.

I lift my eye and look at her and her eyes are fixated on my face watching my reaction. She licks her lips and porno my dick throbs and jumps wanting that tongue on in.

I smile and lick my lips copying her; her eyes widened staring at my mouth. I smile and cover her hands with mine moving them slowly over my chest and lower to my stomach then back up again. When her hands rub against my erect man nipples I moan aloud and hold her gaze letting her know how turned on I am “that feels so good baby-girl” I whisper “soooo good”. I’m not that verbal during sex but I want to turn her on & this is a good way, so I try verbalizing every little thing.

I lead her hands lower to my stomach and then lower still watching her reaction; there is not trepidation there but only fascination. My darling little girl is all grown up and ready for all the lessons I’ve got in mind.

When I reach my groin area I let go of her hands and wait to see what she will do, she hesitates and look up at me, “rap your hand around me baby-girl” I say. And she does just that, one finger at a time and it feels so good. “Yeah baby-girl, like that, just like that. Good girl, such a good little girl now massage daddy. Good baby mmmm” I moan.

She licks her lips again and then starts to move her fist up and down the length of my rock hard cock. “Ohh yeahhhhh, baby-girl. Just like that. Soooo good baby”. I chant lost in the feeling of her fingers.

Her hands are busy on my shaft and suddenly without instruction from me on my balls too. Fingers sliding over my cock in a delicate dance and then suddenly switching from a soft caressing brush, to a fist pumping, her thumb sliding over the large sensitive head to smear the leaking pre-cum around the throbbing head.

Whoa I was so shocked, how could me sweet shy inexperienced little baby-girl know how to do that? I rise-up resting on my elbows “Ava! You’re full of surprises aren’t you, you naughty little girl. Who taught you to do that?” I ask astonished, and a little worried that some perverted stranger has gotten to the prize before me, talk about irony.

She blushes and smile “I hear girls talking about this in the locker-room, and I just…” She mumbles into silence.

I laugh out loud in relief she is as virginal as I though and only be mine “You were always the diligent student. And a very good little girl.

I’m happy that you didn’t learn this for some horny kid” I laugh again relieved. “Well, what else did you overhear baby. You’ve made daddy curious” I ask.

Her face gets redder a blush creeping up her neck, “there’s nothing to be ashamed of baby. This is natural and healthy, and if you can’t talk to your own father who can you talk and share with?” I encourage, hopping there’s more.

When she starts to get even more embarrassed I stroke her arm and face lovingly and say “its ok baby you don’t have to tell me… show me”.

Her head snaps up and her eyes are wide looking at me shocked. I smile again and lay back down waiting.

She moves again facing my cock full-on, which is still hard and oozing per-cum. She turns her head & looks at me still unsure. So I close my eyes hopping it will help her overcome her shyness & get her started.

The first thing I feel is her hair that falls in a pool into my lap, teasing my hard cock, adding to the chaos in me. The sensation of living silk sliding around and over my already sensitive dick, and then thank god her tongue and hands were almost too much to take.

I have to keep my hips from bucking and my hands from fisting in her hair and dragging her mouth to my cock, scarring her in the processes, it wasn’t easy.

“I dream of you sucking me dry baby. That beautiful mouth of yours wrapped tightly around me, so tight like a hot fist. Your mouth so beautiful and tempting.” I grunt out unable to keep this confession inside me any longer.

Ava looks up into my eyes still leaning over my hard cock, just inches from her hot young mouth. I can’t help myself and cock in hand smear droplets along the seam of her mouth. Waiting for her reaction and she blows my mind when it comes, as her tongue darted out and catches my offering.

She licks at every last drop and then closes her hot mouth around my cock. I push into her mouth, sliding deep, groaning with bliss. She rewards me by stroking my cock with her tongue and then teasing at the sensitive spot beneath the flared head.

I close my eyes briefly, unable to believe that she’s so talented – hot & mine at long last – mine to play with, mine to love however I see fit.

This revelation and the feel of her hot mouth drive me mad I push into her hot wet mouth again. Immediately her lips close around the sensitive head and I fling back my head and groan aloud. Fire consumes me, a tight fist surrounding and drawing deeper and deeper. Her tongue sucks and licks at my hard cock and the edges of my vision goes blurry.

I hold her head with both hands and push deeper into her hot moist mouth, taking complete control of the rhythm and speed. I try to be careful, but japon porno the sight of her, so beautiful, her face flushed, breasts bouncing with every thrust, my hard cock disappearing in my baby-girl’s mouth was almost too much.

She hums softly as she sucks on me, the vibration traveling up my shaft to my oh so sensitive head. My thrusts grow more urgent. My hips bucking again and again, barely giving her a chance to breathe. But she doesn’t protest which only drives me wild. She strokes her tongue along my hard cock. She acts as if she loves the feel, shape and taste of me. As if she craves my taste.

She’s taking me deeper until she’s constricting and strangling my cock, and I’m gasping and burning with her.

My baby-girl’s mouth is red-hot. Her skin the same. Sometimes I have to just stop, holding myself deep inside her, my hands fisting in her hair while groans and soft curses leave my mouth “oh god baby-girl. Fuck yeah, you are the best. Your mouth-pussy is the best”.

And when I think it couldn’t get any better my cock swells more, she must have felt as if she had swallowed a burning torch. Then I’m gripping her even tighter while I groan loudly again, and seed starts spurting hard over and over into her mouth and down her throat and she drinks every single drop, milking everything I have.

I pull out of her, flopping boneless onto the mattress and she also exhausted breathing hard lays down next to me. When I can catch my breath after a while, still shaken by the experience and expertise of the amazing mouth on my virginal daughter.

Exclaim loudly “God damn baby-girl, you sucked me dry! Wow, what a ‘massage’. Never had anything even half as good, before.” I lean towards her and kiss her on her lips smelling and tasting myself on her.

Even though I’m drained, exhausted and worn out I can’t leave thing as is, I have to return the favor not to mention starting her initiation into her new roll means more then her amazing ability to give blow-jobs.

So I get up on my knees and pull her boxer-undies down her smooth tight legs, her head snaps up shocked, looking at me. “I’ve got to return the favor baby-girl. I’m not a selfish lover. So help daddy, there’s a good girl remove your top for me”.

She hesitates for a second and then pulls her t-shirt over her head letting it drop on the floor near the bed. Her young body is exquisite, all those soft full curves and the tucked-in waist. Her hair falls around her, framing her big heavy breasts and the nipples peaking hard already just waiting to be sucked.

I just know that if I push my hand between her legs she would be hot and wet for me. “You are so beautiful, Ava. So sexy baby-girl. For me, there is no other who can compare baby.”

I move closer widening her knees as I kneel between them and caress each knee massaging towards my goal. Until I get to her tight wet little cunt.

I want to take my time but I find that I’m so horny that I can’t seem to take it slow. My cocks hard and heavy ready for another go, even after the mind-blowing orgasm she just gave me. I spread her pussy lips and plunged two fingers into her tightness; trying to prepare her cause I know I would be penetrating her fast and hard, wild to start all over again. She cries out in ecstasy.

I part her thighs wider and move my hips forward so I can slide into her hot wet cunt in one fast forceful surge, burying myself deep. I get so deep I’m sure I feel her womb, that warm snug place created to be filled with her daddy seed.

My hands move over her, stroking and kneading her young tight body, feeling the answering response as her muscles clamped down around my cock tightly. The heat building and building I kiss her again and again, holding her still, my kiss demanding and forceful as I plunge my tongue deep into her hot moist mouth.

Her mouth submits to mine, but her tongue touching mine timidly, her nails digging into my skin unconscious as she melts into me.

Her back hits the mattress and I trap her there, using my heavier body, leaning on her, possessing her. I cup her breasts while I kiss and bit my way down to her nipples. She cries out, arching into my mouth, I draw her breast into my warm mouth, using my hands, teeth and tongue until she is panting with need, her breath coming in heaving gasps of desire.

I need to taste her so I pull out of her and lower my head to her burning center, and she screams with sheer pleasure as I lick my way up her thigh and straight into her hot dripping pussy, plunging my tongue deep like a weapon. I take her over, giving her no time to breathe, think or talk, devoured her, eating her out, drawing out that sweet honey I crave, using both teeth and tongue.

My fingers plunged into her and other times I hold her open to my hungry mouth while I lap at her ferociously.

Her body shudders again and again and she can’t stop the little mewling noises escaping as my tongue slides through her hot, slick cunt. I groan into her tight hot lezbiyen porno cunt, adding to the pleasure rocketing through her.

I sound like a hungry animal devouring his dinner as I draw more and more of my baby-girls sweet hot honey into my mouth. Her head thrashes’ and her hips buck against my mouth, but I simply hold her down with my weight, my hands hard, framing her tight little cunt & the treasure I found there. I focused wholly on my meal, on driving her up that cliff and holding her there, knowing she was wide awake only added fuel to the fire burning in me, didn’t want her to come wanted to hold her right at the edge, not going over.

I was bursting with need, my shaft swollen and throbbing. My hand already had begun to circle the girth as I looked at her. I sank back and turned my finger to indicate for her to get to her hands and knees and turn around. She went to her knees obediently; my hand circled my bursting hard cock. I pulled her head back, using her hair.

Without warning, I pushed her head down to the mattress and caught her hips with my free hand, pulling her back into me as I drove forward, entering her fast, almost brutally. Her body, already so sensitive and needy, caught fire, she screamed “Daddy!! Don’t stop. Never stop. Please daddy.” She pleaded, gasping pleas.

My dream comes true. I smile to myself and controlled her hips, holding her absolutely still so she can’t move. I thrust into her over and over, banging into her hot tight cunt, clenching my teeth against the fire streaking up my shaft and down to my balls. Even my thighs and belly are a part of the rising inferno.

Each time I feel her close to coming I back off, just enough to keep her from tipping over the edge. Her cries are music, my own personal symphony, adding to the madness building in my own body. I want her mindless with pleasure, stretched to the breaking point and maybe a little bit more, so that in the future each time we fuck, I can take her to the next level.

I want her to know who her lover is; her father, capable of great love, but also intense fucking and lust.

She chants “Daddy” over and over, begging me to take out my fury on her tight young body, wanting more, wanting to burn up in flames, desperate to give herself to that ecstasy just out of her reach.

I drive into her wildly, pushing her further. Her body hot to the touch, but nothing compares to the scorching heat surrounding my cock. I felt the tension in her growing, coiling tighter and tighter. There is the beginning of desperation, my relentless pounding pushing her higher and higher until I bet she fears she would fly apart, without ever feeling the fiery explosion she so urgently desires.

I take pity on my little baby-girl and slide my hand around her, reaching for her love-button, start to finger her hard little clit that was so starved for attention. I keep fucking, slamming deep, the volcano erupts, explodes, threatens to rip us apart as wave after fiery wave tore through her young body, her cunt clamping down hard around my flesh, scorching hot, dragging me with her into the sky.

I keep her from collapsing forward, rolling her over into my arms, holding her close. I can feel her heart pounding, matching the rhythm of mine. Our breaths come together in ragged gasps. I rock her, brushing kisses over the top of her head, like I used to do when she was younger, my arms strong around her, my chest a solid wall for her to lean into always. God what a gift I have in her, what a mind blowing first.

“I love you, daddy,” she confess on a breathless sight.

God!! I think to myself, I’m blessed!

“Love you to baby-girl” I hug her closer still, kissing her again on the top of her head and can’t seem to help myself, so keep scattering kisses all over her face, stopping at her now bruised plump red lips. My tongue penetrating her hot mouth with a deep long loving kiss. “I love you my dear baby-girl. I’m the luckiest man alive, to have such a sex-kitten for a daughter.

No one has ever come close to blowing my mind like you did; given it was your first time, just… mind-blowing. You were made for me. Like a puzzle we fight just right”.

She smiles, doesn’t answer but cuddles closer her head on my shoulder, her nose in the crook of my neck, her legs entwined with mine, hugging me close and sighing deeply. After a few mins I hear her heavy even breathing, she’s fallen asleep.

I’m very tired as well given the night and two mind-blowing orgasms I’ve had, but can’t sleep. The thoughts, the reality is just blowing me away. How lucky am I that all my deepest darkest dreams have come true & and in such an easy way. Everything just followed right into place & I got my every wish.

Am I dreaming? Did the last few hours really take place?

But the proof is snuggled up right next to me, so I guess I’m one lucky mother-fucker, or daughter fucker as the case maybe. Thinking this I drift off with a smile upon my face.


Don’t know how much time had passed, I wake I was cuddled up into him absorbing his body heat. Did all that really happen? We both are naked, so I guess it wasn’t a figment of my imagination, but still. I had sex with my father! Hot raunchy, mind-blowing, earth shattering sex WITH! MY! FATHER!?!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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