Bad Girl Sonya Ch. 02

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Slowly she sat back, started untying his limbs muttering.

“Hmmm, I’ve been a bad girl.”

His cock needed no further encouragement to stand at rigid attention. She would need to be punished and he knew exactly how this would be metered out.

Once freed from his bonds, he positioned himself at the foot of the bed and extended his arms towards her in a beckoning gesture. Sonya reached out taking his hands as she moved to a sitting position. Slowly, gently he lifted her off the bed onto her feet. She wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The slap on her buttocks wasn’t hard, but loud, waking her from her floating consciousness. He pushed her face first against the wall, right forearm across the back of her neck whist his left hand reached down to spread her legs. Two fingers penetrated her ass, loosening her sphincter.

As she relaxed, he replaced the fingers with baby maker, the first penetration being slow and deliberate and she could hear him moan as he entered her. The steady rhythmically fucking of her ass began. His right arm changed position as he used an overhand grip to grab the mane of her blonde hair, tugging downwards.

The breathing from her now extended neck became raspy. He heard her moan “Oh God” just before her knees collapsed. He felt the fluid rush down her thighs, not sure whether she had huge climax or whether she had squirted.

She was floating and limp as he placed her back on the bed on her back. There were droplets of fluid glistening on her thighs and knees. He was pleased, or was that proud. It didn’t really matter, he was happy.

“Please masturbate for me” he asked. Only too willing to please lest she be punished but secretly enjoying the thought of him watching her masturbate while she thought about him despite the fact that he stood in front of her.

She squatted on the bed; ankles crossed and took her favorite vibrator, inserting it slowly. She next reached across and took a small block. Tony wasn’t sure whether it was plastic or Kartal Escort timber, but it was triangular shape with the tip cut off. The blunt tip was about 40mm, the base about 100mm and the overall length about 200mm. She placed the blunted tip against the base of the vibrator, her heels made contact with the base. By flexing her knees, the vibrator was pushed deep into her vagina.

The pressure within her vagina would force the vibrator out. Sonya was therefore able to masturbate herself using one or both her heels against the vibrator leaving her hands free. As she set her rhythm, her hands toyed with her clitoris, rubbing and tugging until the early vestiges of an orgasm began to erupt.

One hand left her groin and began tweaking and pulling at her nipples and breasts. Through squinted eyes, her last vision before collapsing on the bed was the sight of Tony masturbating in front of her.

As Sonya regained her senses, she realised their positions had been reversed. Her wrists were now bound by he same restraints that she had used on him, but he ankles were also now tethered. She was tied spread-eagle on the bed. Whatever shyness she may have previously felt about exposing her mischief had long since evaporated; her only current emotion was anticipation. She was totally at his mercy but she trusted him so there was no trepidation.

He climbed on the bed beside her, reaching down to lift and kiss her face longingly. As he did so, he slipped on her blind fold … her sense of anticipation heightened as did all her other senses to compensate for the loss of her sight.

She could feel him leave the bed, she felt a rush air. She concentrated hard, trying to determine what was happening.

She felt what she surmised was a finger running slowly from her left foot, up the front of her leg up to her groin but stopping short of her erogenous zone. This was repeated on her right leg. She began to squirm. Two fingers ran up the inside of her leg, again stopping Tuzla Escort short, repeated on her right side.

Firm hands then rubbed up her legs slowly, thumbs to the inside of her leg, firm fingers, massage like, moving up to her groin. The sound of disappointment from her lips as the hands stopped short of her groin testified to her desire.

All movement and contact suddenly stopped. She concentrated hard trying to determine what was happening. She felt something cool at her groin, He was blowing cool air over her labia. It was a new sensation for Sonya – not sure whether it was ticklish or erotic before she came to the realisation that it was both.

As soon as it started, it ceased. There was another delay – she wasn’t sure whether this was deliberate to heighten anticipation or whether it took time for the next contact. The moment she relaxed again, she felt a very cold sensation on her clitoris and labia. It took a few moments to identify what was happening, an ice block, maybe a few ice blocks were being rubbed on her clitoris and then inserted into her vagina and left.

There was a sudden slap and sting. She knew that sensation, the riding crop was out and lightly stinging slaps were being administered to the inside of her legs, inside her thighs and then directly on her clitoris. The punishment didn’t stop there. The slaps continued up her abdomen and both breasts. The slaps to the nipples brought them to a level of erection that almost hurt. The facial slaps were lighter, but still had a sting.

The bed moved – she sensed breathing between her thighs. Lips lightly touched her inner legs and made their way up to her groin and were repeated on the other leg. Sonya was now at a heightened level of arousal – all she wanted was to be penetrated. She felt more breathing between her thighs followed by a tongue licking her from low near her ass all the way up to her clitoris. She couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

She felt more movement on the bed, Anadolu Yakası Escort a penis probing her groin, searching for her vagina. She arched her back to allow easier access and was rewarded by a shaft entering her and pushing in deep. She gasped. Mentally relieved that she was finally being screwed, she relaxed to enjoy a penis being thrust into her.

Her knees were bent up, a pillow shoved under her ass and she felt his knees under her thighs. The position allowed very deep penetrated and she was enjoying being ploughed when she felt more movement. She was confused as the movement was either side of her. She felt a body squat on her chest, hands grabbed her breasts and she knew she was being tit fucked.

She was confused and even further compounded by a groin squatting on her face. She tasted the nectar of another woman and began to lap eagerly. Whilst supping at a very tasty female groin, she tried to take stock of what was happening. There was a penis in her vagina, another between her breasts and there was a woman on her face whom she was orally satisfying despite the fact that her limbs were still restrained.

When the blindfold was removed, there was little more information Sonya could glean save for a pair of breasts bouncing above her. There was a groan from the male whose penis was between her breasts and the woman above her lent forward. Sonya continued with her oral satisfaction but the masturbation between her breasts ceased and she watched a penis entering the ass of the woman above her.

Following multiple thrusts, she sensed that the lady now had a load in her dark tunnel which was followed by an immediate rush of fluid as the woman ejaculated on Sonya’s face. The two bodies above her collapsed on the bed beside her revealing Tony between her thighs. He smiled and all her pent up lust exploded in orgasm. If she had been able, she would have dug her heels into his ass to keep his rod deep inside her as she spasmed but there was no need as Tony could sense her impending explosion and held himself deep inside her with an almighty thrust.

She woke sometime later, mixture of seminal fluid and her own orgasm still dribbling from her. Tony sat in the chair beside the bed. stroking hiss still erect. She was going to fix that quick smart…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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