Bad Medicine Chronicles Ch. 03


Story description: An abducted family is coerced to perform in a live incestuous sex show. The story continues from chapter two.


The Director’s Gambit

…in the meantime, two continental states away and in a large chamber located at the top of a high-rise. A couple of unrelated yet familiarly linked events were taking place.

A man sluggishly awoke and wobbled his head to each side.

He opened his teary sleep crusted eyes.

It took several moments for blurry shapes with jumbled colors to materialize.

At the same instance, his thoughts were muddled like a person waking from an anesthetic dream.

He felt queasy as if he’d been fed stale mayonnaise mixed with uncooked beef hash. There was an urge to vomit, but an object obstructed his mouth and halted the attempt. That realization drove him to panic.

He barreled out a series of grunts and thrashed against his restraints. The surge of adrenalin awakened him into alertness.

He eventually ceased the futile struggle and focused his eyes upon his surroundings.

His immediate attention was upon himself.

He was naked and strapped to some type of awkward chair with adjustable levers and strange gadgets. Seeing an assortment of large phallic shaped devices attached to pivotal arms encourage a fearful scream. That vociferous cry was muffled by a black leather ball-gag.

Once again, he tested his restraints with vigor while casting his eyes outward. He noticed two men. He recognized them as the goons that abducted him and his family a couple of weeks ago. They sat a distance away, one on each side of him. Each man operated a studio-sized video camera that ran along a motorized track which was capable of filming 360 degrees.

Glancing to his left, his eyes widened.

There sat an audience of fourteen gawking men and six women dressed in business attire. Seated in comfortable theatre chairs, they whispered among themselves. To his right was a large mirror that covered the entire wall. It reflected his naked form.

For the past two weeks, he’d been confined to a well-furnished cell and kept isolated. The only contact with his captors were trays of healthy food and drink that were slid through a wide pivoting slot built into the door.

During that time, he’d been given time to think and agonize. Like then, he now experienced vague flashes of memory of being rushed by a group of men and being pricked with a needle. He remembered his dreary eyes opening once as he and his unconscious family were dumped into a van.

Why? Where was his family? He was horrified to know those answers.

Whatever malicious intent these people planned, he knew it was sexual in nature. He had only to look at himself and the various vulgar contraptions to know what they portended.

He jerked when the door opened ahead of him.

A rotund man wearing a grey business suit entered and confidently strode towards him. The man’s eyes showed intelligence, determination, and a glint of lunacy. The fat man smiled as he approached.

Without a word, the man crossed his arms to appraise him.

After several moments, the man gave greeting. “Hello George Pippin, I’m pleased you’ve awakened. I apologize, but I was overseeing preparations in the adjacent room. No doubt, you’re wondering about your predicament. Or should I say worrying…

“The answer’s simple. Retribution.

“You’re guilty of embezzling a huge sum of money from the company you worked for. The evidence was quite substantial and verified. You’ve spent it all on lavish family vacations, new cars, etc… This ill-gotten wealth was enjoyed by your family, so they’ve become conspirators in your crime.

“Unfortunately for you, I’m a silent partner in the company you embezzled from.

“Know that I’m all about justice. I’ve already reimbursed the money you stole. There are no flags of your crime. No investigation will be forthcoming. No one will question your disappearance and that of your family.

“For purpose of a monolog, I own you and your family until the debt is paid in full.

The bound man wailed and then made a frenzied attempt to break his restraints.

Ignoring the interruption, the amused man continued his prologue.

“We’ve emptied your home of all valuables. I do admit being surprised that you owned very little considering the exorbitant sum you stole. Apparently, you’ve masterfully hidden that ill-gotten wealth.

“Counting asset depreciation, operational and living expenses related to your stay here, it’ll be a number of years before your commitment is paid. However, you have my word, fulfill your obligation and you’ll be released. There are ways to shorten that time, but it’ll require intense dedication on your family’s part. In truth, this is your fault. I simply won’t accept responsibility for what’s about to happen.

“Now the big question. How will you pay me back? The answer—show-business, with emphasize on show. Pretend that you and your family have üvey kız kardeş porno joined a circus and are now performers for a discreet audience.

“George, I see your horrid expression, you’re a rather smart man to deduce where this is going.”

The large man then pushed an odd metallic dildo attached to a rotary arm. It squeaked as it swiveled to the side. He leaned in, stared into George’s widened eyes, and continued by saying, “Seems obvious doesn’t it, but you’re probably wrong in your analysis. You’re not a one-man show. These gadgets aren’t for you. I’m only using the chair. What I have in mind is far more perverse than imagined. After all, my clients have tastes for specific types of entertainment.

“From this point onward, I’m to be addressed as the Director. I’m the man in charge. I enjoy a hands-on approach, so I often choreograph performances myself.”

The Director then pulled back and casually pointed a finger at George’s limp dick and said, “We should fix that shouldn’t we.”

After flipping a lever, the man swiveled George around to face the wall-sized mirror. With a click, he readjusted it into a seated position. Next, the Director flicked a switch that lit the chamber on the other side. He then said, “Perhaps watching this performance will elevate you.”


Chamber Two

In a large plexiglass framed chamber, a naked middle-aged woman squatted beside her 25-year old son. She worked frantically on the metal bindings that secured him to a plush narrow mattress in the center of the room. Unsuccessful and flustered from the effort, she stood and yelled at the people seated on the periphery of the clear wall.

That audience was comprised of both men and women dressed in business attire. They sat gawking at her discomfiture with expressions of anticipation and appalling smiles. They were unmoved by her outrage and laughed when she thumped her fists repeatedly against the barrier.

After a time, the bottom of her feet ached from the wire mesh that covered the entirety of the cement floor. It was like thick chicken wire and it added to the feeling that they were caged animals.

It took the anxious voice from her son to calm her. She collapsed beside him and wept.

Janice cried over their current predicament and over the memories of what she’d endured for the past two weeks. Although she hadn’t been touched, she’d been tormented just the same. She hadn’t yet defined the reason for her abductor’s methods other than it led to sexual deviancy. The experience had left her shaken and ashamed.

The first week, while confined to a small room, she’d been forced to watch a varied mix of disgusting porn videos. They streamed in an incessant loop on all four walls and the ceiling. Even closing her eyes gave no solace. Hearing the lustful yelps, slurping, sucking, and fucking caused her to visualize the scenes. There was no escape from those relentless acts of debauchery. She couldn’t comprehend the purpose other than it was meant to drive her mad. She’d do anything to make it stop.

When given the option to masturbate to dick pics every three hours, she agreed. It provided a reprieve from the persistent insanity.

What had started with a variety of all shapes and sizes, ended with her orgasming to a set of just one. By the end of that week, it was only that one.

To her dismay, she touched herself anytime she viewed or visualized that cock. It had gradually become a conditional response that gave pleasure. Her dreams were now filled with it.

Her question as to why they did this was left unanswered.


Hot to Perform

The Director’s voice boomed from the speakers, “Susan, it’s time for you and your son-in-law to perform. You have an impatient audience waiting.”

Janice yelled, “Quit calling me, Susan. I’m not her and he’s my son! What’s wrong with you people?”

“Ah…still in denial. As you wish, Janice is your new stage name. I like it. Since you enjoy games so much, I’ve designed this one for you. It should get you hot enough to commit.”

She stood defiantly and screamed.

Ignoring her outburst, he continued by saying, “Surrounding you is an ocean of lava. In the center is an island sanctuary. On that landmass is an elongated volcano. Your purpose is to make it erupt by any means necessary. Don’t dally, you have 15 minutes. Failure to comply will have consequences.”

She yelped as the wire began to burn the bottom of her feet.

To avoid pain there was no choice. She stepped upon the mattress.

Towering above her son with a foot on either side of his waist, she shouted, “I’m not playing this perverse game. You can’t make me do this.”

Her son gave a distressful groan.

That agonizing sound caused her to stare down.

She saw his grimace but was more concerned about his immobile stare.

She immediately covered her pussy with both hands and yelled, “What have you done to xnxx porno him?”

Joey then turned his head to the side to avert his eyes and replied, “My balls hurt. They injected me with something. The pressure—argh…”

She shifted her eyes to his genitals.

Her gaze fixated on his huge angry-red cock and hefty balls.

Rotating her head side to side, she repeatedly said, “No, no, no…it can’t be.”

The shaft didn’t lie against his stomach, it was so hard that it pointed skyward like a flagpole.

The sight of it caused her to experience flashbacks of the numerous rigid pricks that had been displayed in a continuous slideshow. Every dick had been pointed towards her like the one below.

She easily recognized its broad inviting tip.

“Oh God,” she exclaimed.

That revelation made her unsuspectingly graze her fingers repetitively against her clitoris.

Moments passed.

Shaken by her action, Joey barked, “Mom!”

She shuddered and awoke from some fantasy.

It was then that she understood what had been done to her.

Turning her head towards the audience, she screamed, “You bastards!”

For a whole week, she’d been coerced into masturbating to pictures of dicks. Through speakers, they used words to motivate desire and generate arousal. At the end, she no longer diddled herself for their amusement, she had grown to truly lust for the cock displayed upon the wall.

Tremendous shame overcame her. She felt dirty knowing that her son’s dick and the pictures she’d pleasured herself with were all one in the same.

How many depraved fantasies had she concocted to get herself off to it? It was demoralizing to admit that her son’s huge meaty member now made her wet.

Joey whined and then pleaded, “It hurts…please help me!”

She trembled and shook her head. “No, no, no…so wrong—”

Terrified, she stepped from the mattress and rushed to the door.

The speakers blared, “11 minutes remaining.”

She pounded on the steel framed door. “You sick perverts, let me out!” she cried.

A moment later, she squealed in pain from the heated wire.

She ran back to the haven of the mattress.

This time she stood facing away from him but looking down at his engorged penis. Like the images on the wall, it beckoned for attention.

“So wrong—perverse. I can’t—” she muttered and shook.

Her bottom lip folded under the top, her brow crinkled.

The speakers boomed, “10 minutes remaining.”

The words, “Mom, help me!” reverberated in her head.

She watched his dick wobble and twitch from the building pressure only he could feel.

A sweaty wetness trickled down her inner thigh.

“My balls are throbbing,” he screeched.

A chill ran along her spine and her loins tingled.

Her mouth watered and she wet her lips.

Her son gave a long agonizing groan.

She then sobbed and rationalized that her next action was only to save him.

With a sigh, she dropped down on all fours with her rear facing him.

She positioned herself in a sixty-nine to avoid his stare.

Under duress, her thoughts rambled. All I have to do is make the volcano spew. Entice him to come and this nightmare is over. If I let him look at my vagina, it might give him the incentive to ejaculate.

As soon as her lips touched the bulbous tip, her nervousness receded. It was replaced by an awkward warmth that urged her onward. At that moment, she gave in, opened her mouth, and committed herself to the task.

In thought, she gave multiple reasons for conceding. First, she was given no choice. Second, he was in pain and needed a release. Third, she truly desired to put his cock in her mouth. Later she’d admit that the first two were only excuses.


Balls Full of Cum

Joey was stunned when his mother went down on him. It wasn’t what he had in mind when he screamed for help. Jerking him off probably would have been sufficient. Surprisingly, she chose to devour him with her warm pleasurable mouth.

Other than a series of grunts, he remained verbally silent.

What his mother was doing was an abominable act that surged a thrilling charge down his spine. Although awkward, it was so enjoyable that he didn’t want her to stop.

He could feel the fiery heat of his prick cooled by her working mouth. Although the pressure continued to build, it had become bearable with her manipulations.

He should’ve been terrified of having his mom fellatio his dick. Instead, that fact alone intensified the passion.

The sensation produced by her voracious mouth showed how fully committed she’d become. In this, he was extremely grateful. He desperately needed a release and he would have under normal circumstances, but the drug kept him from ejaculating. No matter how dedicated she performed, the only result was an escalation of his libido.

He was amiss as to why she chose this position. He would zenci porno have preferred to watch her work. Instead, he was forced to stare at her pussy. It was as if she intentionally meant to display it.

With it exposed above him, he was given no choice but to fixate on it. He could smell a musky sweet scent and felt a moist heat radiate from it. There was no doubt she was aroused. Her inner lips had thickened and drooped downward like a wrinkled curtain. From his vantage point, it had gaped open into the shape of an upside-down raindrop. It gave him shivers watching the meaty tunnel palpitate as if gesturing to be filled. He refused to turn his head when the wide petals glistened with moisture which then beaded and dripped. Then his attention was drawn to an engorged rosy-colored protrusion at the top of her slit.

The sight of it gave him a strong natural urge that he had no intention to fight.

Lifting his head, he flicked a wet tongue forcefully against her sensitive clit.

Her reaction was an instant jolt and a lumbering moan.

She ceased her action and lifted her head. In utter panic, she cried, “Joey, no—you can’t—”

He ignored the plea and ran a heavy tongue up-and-down between the cleft. After nibbling her moist labia, he went back to licking her swollen nub.

She instantly voiced a loud protracted, “Ahhhhh!” that was followed with her thrusting her mound fully against him.

With her curvy box now pressing his face, Joey’s mouth opened wide to cup her sex. He then proceeded to repeatedly thrust his tongue into her fluttering love-hole.

Her pelvis undulated and rocked with increased action.

She easily gave up the fight. After licking the head, she dove her mouth back upon his dick.

With the couple committed to the sex act, Joey’s metal cuffs and leg restraints were mechanically unlocked from a remote location.

Now free, he instantly clutched his mother’s rounded buttocks and pulled her tightly against him. The sensation in his loins surged and drove him to wildly munch her snatch.

His mother was nearing an orgasm and it was at that pinnacle moment that she became conflicted.

She began whimpering and holding back. It became an inner struggle that had her screaming at herself. This is wrong! So wicked! Taboo! Not with my son—can’t come—don’t come—not with my boy—need to stop. Too good—pussy needs his big cock. No, no, no, it’s so wrong!

She had to end it before it was too late.

With reluctance, she popped his dick from her mouth.

It was then that the speakers roared, “6 minutes remaining.”

Whatever conflict she had abruptly ended with that announcement. Defeated, she sobbed over her loss and then silently resigned herself to fate.

Joey was rattled when she suddenly stood up and turned to face him.

Her hair was matted with sweat and her face was masked with saliva. Underpinning that was a troubled expression.

He was afraid she’d rush the door once again.

This couldn’t end, not now, not when he needed her most.

In desperation, he begged, “Please mom, I’m about to explode!”

She tilted her head down to look at his genitals. Her countenance shifted.

He watched a teardrop form at the corner of one eye.

She brushed it aside and sorrowfully said, “I’m sorry.”

Following that heartfelt pronouncement, she gave a reassuring smile and crouched down at his waist.

Without fanfare, she grasped the shaft of his thick cock and instantaneously plunged downward.

Joey’s immediate expression was one of pure astonishment. Being a 25-year old virgin, he could only imagine how it would feel. Never in his life had he experienced anything so wonderful.

From the moment the buttery moist lips of her pussy splayed across the large bulbous head of his cock, a thunderbolt of pleasure shot along his spine and wouldn’t stop.

As she continued to descend, he felt every inch of his meaty length glide effortlessly inside her fleshy wet tunnel. The warmth of that caress caused a rush of heat to flush throughout his body and limbs.

His eyes rolled back and then the lids fluttered the instant her muscular cavity crimped down and began oscillating along his shaft with a soft muffled thump.

He was at a loss for words to explain such ecstasy. If he were to define it, he would say, his mom’s pussy was like finding God. The whole world became brighter with him in it.

He quaked the moment she impaled herself fully upon his shank.

It was at that depth, when their pubic mounds touched, that both mother and son felt a mighty jolt.

Their wide eyes fixed upon each other and their mouths opened cavernously wide.

The sensation of their coupling had them both pleasurably stunned. They became transfixed in a state of indescribable bliss, their eyes locked and their bodies trembled.

In reality, both mother and son’s soulful connection lasted 5-tics on a clock, but to them, it became a frozen sliver of time equal to a cycle of the moon. Such an imbalance simply couldn’t sustain itself forever.

Their stasis of being suddenly spun forward and time corrected itself.

It was then that Janice realized they had less than six minutes to go. Under duress, she had no choice but to perform like an enthusiastic whore.

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