Becoming Hers Ch. 06

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Karen was nervous at work. Clearly, Alex was going to expect her to punish him, but she had no idea what to do! Fun as their new arrangement was, it was a lot of work. The on-demand foot massages and orgasms were nice, but Alex always needed so much management. He clearly couldn’t be left uncaged or he’d fuck up, and if she let him cum too much he got lethargic and whiny. She needed to establish some ground rules so he could manage himself without being so damn needy. But first, she needed to fix his reluctance around eating cum — his hesitation was no longer cute.

When she got home, he was waiting for her at the door as always, looking appropriately contrite. “Follow,” she told him, and he did. They went into the living room where she had him strip and kneel while she sat on the sofa.

“I think you realize how disappointed I am.” She started. Alex nodded along. “You should also realize this means your cock can’t be free again.” Alex blushed and kept nodding. “But your cock gets stinky because of that cage, and I want it ready whenever I want.” Karen said as she produced the key to his cage.

“I’m giving you this, and putting my trust in you. I want you washing that thing every day and keeping it shaved. If you mess this up, our game is off.” Karen continued. Alex nodded along, hoping that maybe she wasn’t going to punish him.

“While you’re washing and shaving, I want you making sure you’re always ready for sex. I expect you to edge yourself in the shower every day,” she said, adding emphasis on every day. “And if you cum, I expect you to be a good boy and tell me about your accident. I also expect you to eat any dribbles that come out. Do you understand?”

“Yes dear,” Alex agreed. He couldn’t help his cock from swelling at the thought. He wasn’t sure why, but he liked this.

“Last thing, which I thought had been made clear already. Any time I’m kind enough to let you cum, you will be eating it without hesitation. Understood?”

“Yes dear,” Alex agreed again, relieved he wasn’t being punished.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be getting plenty of practice at that last part.” Karen said and had him stand up so his cage was eye-level. She could see his cock trying to grow, pushing the hot pink cage away from his body. “Oh, I see you like being told what to do. Don’t you, you little slut?”

Alex stared, unsure how to respond.

“I said, don’t you?” Karen said and squeezed his balls for emphasis. Alex flinched in pain and mumbled, “yes dear”.

Satisfied, Karen grabbed the key and unlocked Alex’s cock. It immediately grew erect and she took it in her mouth. No foreplay, no buildup, just her head and hand pumping his cock furiously. Alex let out a groan and put a hand on the back of her head.

“Hands behind your back.” She said. Alex did as he was told. In no time she could feel Alex tense and knew he was about to cum. Before he even asked she told him, “you may cum.”

Alex came quickly and without warning. Karen was surprised, expecting him to last a bit longer, but he was so turned on by their conversation that he couldn’t help it. She had him kneel in front of her and open his mouth. She slowly, slowly dribbled the semen out, enjoying his reaction as the smell and taste filled his senses. When she was done, she let him swallow.

“Mmmm. That’s so hot,” Karen cooed. “Open up again.”

Confused, Alex opened his mouth. Karen leaned over again and let a long strand of saliva fall from her mouth to his. Alex was alarmed, but kept his head still, catching her spit.

“Such a good little bitch.” Karen said as she let him swallow again. She slid off her pants so that Alex could feast on her sopping, aching pussy. She used his hair as a handhold while gave her a powerful orgasm. Afterwards, she let him worship her feet as she luxuriated in the afterglow.

The next morning, Alex used the key unlock his cage to wash his cock as he was instructed. He had no trouble edging himself a few times, but it took longer than he anticipated. When he got home, late, Karen was already there and had a good laugh at what happened.

“Awww.. poor guy. Looks like you’ll have to start getting up earlier if you want to play with yourself in the shower.” She mocked, making his cheeks flush.

“I want to watch you cum,” she told him as they were getting ready for bed that night.

“I’ve cum so much lately. I’m all set, hon.” He said back.

“Did that sound like a request?” She snapped as she reached to unlock his cock. Once free, she didn’t touch it, but started sucking and chewing on his sensitive nipples. Alex started stroking his hardening cock. Karen stopped teasing him and had him kneel on the bed facing her. She sat up so she could enjoy the show.

Faced with his beautiful, fully clothed wife, Alex was immediately embarrassed and started losing his erection. “Aww, what’s the matter? Can’t get it up?” she teased. She leaned back so she could lift her foot up to his face. He grabbed it with one hand and rubbed it against his face. He inhaled deeply, her plain tecavüz porno white sock soft against his skin. As he kissed and caressed her foot, he got hard again and could feel his orgasm building.

When he got close, he asked, “pretty please may I cum”? Karen smiled that he remembered the right phrase and responded, “yes, you may cum into your hand.” Alex let go of her foot, and Karen watched as he pumped and pumped, letting out a groan as ropes of cum shot into his hand. It was a small load, but she was satisfied. Alex sagged back into the mattress to catch his breath.

“Well…?” Karen asked.

“Ugh, right.” Alex groaned as he brought up his hand. Karen enjoyed watching him lick the cum from his hand.

The next morning, Alex started early. His cock was uncooperative because of how much he’d been cumming, but eventually he got himself to the edge a couple times. He wasn’t even late for work!

The night, as they were going to bed, Karen reached over to unlock his cock.

“Really, hon, I’m good.” He pleaded.

“Quit whining, and maybe I’ll stop making you cum.” She said, a bit annoyed. “I don’t feel like dealing with you tonight anyway.” She handed him a condom. “Go fill this. Take your time and build up a nice one.”

Alex went to the study to watch some porn. It took a little while, but he edged himself a few times before putting the condom on. By the time he came, it was an intense orgasm that left a decent-sized bulb in the condom. He slipped it off and brought it back to Karen.

Karen had Alex kneel so she could drain the condom into his mouth. He didn’t hesitate, and she appreciated that. Afterwards, she let him kiss her feet and thank her before he was locked up for the night.

By Thursday, Alex’s body was starting to respond. It wasn’t as hard to edge himself that morning, which was good, but his cock was also constantly trying to get hard. This made for an uncomfortable day at work, and he was relieved when Karen unlocked him that evening. When she started rooting around in the closet for a sex toy, Alex got a little nervous.

“Ah, here we are,” she said as she walked over with Alex’s Fleshlight. He had bought it a few years ago out of curiosity. It was modeled after some famous actress’ asshole, and at the time Karen had joked that it was the closest he was ever getting to anal. In the end, he didn’t use it often because the sensation was too intense. He always came too quickly, before he could really enjoy it.

Karen handed Alex the bottle of lube and sat on the bed, holding the Fleshlight between her hands. “Well, what are you waiting for?” She asked. Alex started to put some lube on his fingers.

“No, no, you’ve got to warm her up first.” Karen mock scolded.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Give her a kiss. You can’t just stick your cock in someone’s ass like that!” She teased.

“You’re serious?,” he asked.

“Aww, I know you always want to rim me, but I never let you. Now’s your chance!” She teased.

Alex sighed. Rimming a fake asshole was was a new humiliation, and one that Karen clearly got a kick out of. As he started licking, Karen couldn’t help but laugh. She made him rim and finger the sex toy as she slipped a hand into her pants.

“I think she’s ready. You can fuck her now.” Karen said. Alex has always used the toy to jerk off, so fucking it was new. He felt pathetic, but aroused, as Karen watched him sink his cock into the sex toy. She tried to hold it steady as he worked his was past every ridge and nub in the canal.

Once he was completely in, Karen locked eyes with him and said, “Well? Fuck it.” Alex, eager to comply, began pumping his hips. Normally, the toy was too much for him, but the recent orgasms and the humiliating nature of the act kept his orgasm at bay. As he built up momentum, Karen started teasing him.

“How does it feel to finally fuck my ass?” She asked, laughing. “Come on, show me how you want to give it to me.” She kept the Fleshlight steady with one hand as she tickled his balls, feeling them bounce back and forth while he fucked the toy.

Karen was having fun, but not being too mean. His embarrassment started fading and he began to enjoy himself. He leaned over to kiss her and she wrapped her hand around his head to draw him in. They kissed deeply for a moment.

“That’s a good boy,” she whispered. “My good little slut.”

Alex fucked the toy, his earlier hesitation completely forgotten. Karen had to use both hands to steady it. “Fill my ass with your cum,” she told him.

When he was ready — and it still hadn’t taken all that long — he emptied his balls into the Fleshlight, letting out a long moan as he did so. Karen smiled and kissed him again, her tongue finding its way into his mouth.

When he was done, Alex let his cock fall from the Fleshlight and caught the expectant look in Karen’s eye. Before she could say anything, he was back on all fours, tonguing the fake asshole.

“Wow… you really want it, don’t you? üvey anne porno You are such a dirty slut.” She laughed as she watched him try to get his cum out of the toy. He still didn’t want to, at all, but he didn’t want to disappoint her. Instead, he tried not to gag as the taste of lube, cum, and cock invaded his mouth.

When she was satisfied, Karen took the toy from him and slid off her pants so Alex could satisfy her. The whole thing had her turned on, and Alex took his time, relishing every taste of her wonderful, hairy pussy.

Friday night, Alex was ready and waiting for whatever Karen had in store for him. She didn’t disappoint as she had him strip and lie spread eagle on the bed so she could tie him up and blindfold him. When all the restraints were tightened and Alex completely helpless, she stripped to her panties and straddled him in a sixty-nine position. He could feel her above him as she started kissing his upper thighs and crotch. She hadn’t unlocked him, so he squirmed and struggled as his cock fought the cage.

Karen took the pink cage into her mouth and started sucking it like a cock as she lowered her pantied ass onto his face. Alex felt the satiny material, and knew better than to lick. Instead, he breathed deeply, taking in the scent of her nethers. He kissed lightly as she ground her pelvis into his face. His cock was eager to get hard after the week he’d been having, and it was more painful than usual as she teased hm. Karen moaned into the cage, making it vibrate a little as she pretended to suck his cock and fondle his balls.

Karen sat up so she could reach over and grab the chastity key, putting all her weight on Alex’s face and cutting off his air for a moment. As she did, she shimmied a little, working Alex’s nose between her panty-clad ass cheeks. She was never a fan of him rimming her, but it turned out that rubbing his nose in it was fun. When she leaned down to unlock him, she kept her weight on, using his face to stimulate herself. She sucked his cock until she knew he was about to cum and then got off the bed, giving him one more noseful of her ass on the way. She stuffed her panties in his mouth for good measure.

Karen let Alex sit there a few minutes bound, blindfolded, gagged, and hard as a rock. Whenever she thought he was about to get soft, she jerked him again to the edge, and again walked away. Finally coming back to the bed, she unlocked his legs and lifted them up, exposing his ass. Alex was pretty sure he knew what was coming next, and not being able to move his arms left him feeling very, very vulnerable. Alex felt the cool gel of the lube on his asshole followed by the gentle pressure of Karen’s finger.

“You’ve been such a good little slut this week,” she cooed. “Cumming every day for me and eating it,” she continued, pressing a little harder. “I wanted to reward you for last night, and I know this is something your slutty little ass likes,” she said as her finger slid into his asshole. Alex blushed as he was penetrated, just like he always did. Karen giggled at the sight.

“There we go. Just relax.” She said as she worked her finger back and forth slowly. With her other hand, she squirted some lube on his cock and started stroking it. Alex moaned with pleasure.

“Ohhh, you do like it, don’t you?” Karen asked. Alex agreed, mumbling through the panties in his mouth. Karen started stroking him faster as he started humping her hand. When she knew he was close, she stopped, laughing at his desperate whimpers.

“Now, now, I can’t make it that easy.” She said as Alex felt a second finger at the entrance to his ass.

“Oh my, you’ve gotten looser,” she said, sliding the finger in. “Have been playing with yourself in the shower, you naughty little slut?” She asked, smiling. When Alex was silent, she grabbed his balls and squeezed until he made a pained “mm hmm” sound through the gag. She slapped his balls for good measure and went back to jerking him off until he was ready to cum. Again she stopped just shy, but kept finger fucking him while he came down.

Karen started jerking him again, and again Alex started moaning and bucking his hips. She took her time, letting his need build. But, before long Alex was about to cum again and mumbling incoherently into the gag. In response, she sped up both her hands and told him he could cum.

Alex shouted into the gag as he came, feeling the fingers deep in his ass rubbing his prostate. Karen could feel his ass tighten around her fingers as he came and she kept fucking him, not stopping until well after the last spurts of cum were out.

After she had washed her hands, Karen took the panties out of Alex’s mouth. She scooped up his cum and fed it to him, bit by bit, letting him suck her finger clean after every dollop. She the untied him and let him return the favor of the orgasm she had just given him, telling him what a dirty slut he was the whole time.

Saturday night, Karen was tired from a long day of taking care of things üvey erkek kardeş porno around the house. When he came time for bed, Alex looked at her expectantly but she rolled her eyes on sighed.

“Ugh. I’m tired.” She said. “I hope you’re not getting used to this,” she said as she unlocked his limp cock and started kneading it. “I had something planned for tonight, but maybe tomorrow instead. Here, go take care of yourself.” She handed him a condom and the Fleshlight. Alex knew what to do and came back a bit later with a full condom and knelt by the bedside. Tired as she was, she delighted at his obedience and emptied the condom into his mouth. Alex swallowed it all dutifully, thanking her afterwards.

Finally, Sunday arrived. Alex managed to get his tired cock erect in the shower, but utterly failed at edging himself. A week of nightly orgasms had him completely spent, but he figured the effort was what counted. The day was uneventful. Alex knew something was coming, but had no idea what. He wasn’t horny, but his curiosity was piqued.

That night in bed, Karen started kissing him and running her hands over his body. She grabbed his cage and started kneading it with one hand as she kissed him.

“I need a fuck,” she said.

“Uh, sure.” Alex responded.

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Tonight’s the last time you’re going to cum for a long, long time, so don’t disappoint.” She started stripping his clothing off a piece at a time. “I’m sure that tired cock of yours needs a break, and I’ve got another two weeks of deciding when and if you cum.” Once he was naked, she took off his cage, but his cock stayed limp.

“Well that’s not good.” She said. She got down on her knees to suck his cock. It took a little bit, but he was soon erect and she could get what she wanted.

Karen had him fuck her in a variety of positions, and was pleased with his staying power. He had been so thoroughly drained that he had no problem holding back. She felt him going limp a couple times, but she’d kiss him aggressively, or call him a little bitch, and he’d get hard again like clockwork. Once, while she was riding him, she had him open his mouth so she could feed him some spit, which she could feel make him harder and her wetter — it was such a deliciously possessive act.

“Cum for me” She said when she was satisfied.

“I’ll try.” Alex responded.

“I didn’t say try, I said cum,” she responded sweetly. “This is the last time you’re going to for a while, so make it good.”

He was fucking her missionary, and he started pumping away, trying to will himself to cum. He knew his body, and he knew it probably wasn’t happening, but he was going to try. After a few minutes, Karen felt him start to go soft.

“I said cum, little bitch.” She said, with a little more edge to her voice. “Do you want the last time you cum to be you jerking off into that condom last night? Because after this, you’re not getting any release until our game is over.” As she berated him, she could feel his pace quicken a little.

“Oh, do you like being called a little bitch?” She said, laughing at him. She reached out to tweak his nipples. He kept fucking her, focusing on cumming. “I asked you a question,” she said, pinching his nipple much harder.

“I do.” He grunted.

“You do what?” She pinched again, harder.

“I like being called your little bitch.” He mumbled.

“That’s right, bitch, you do. I’m going to lock you up, but you’re going to edge yourself every morning. What do you think of that, little bitch? You think you’ll be crazy after two weeks? I think you’ll be crazy after one.” She said. Alex kept fucking her, pounding her pussy and feeling his orgasm approaching.

“I think you’ll be so crazy you’d agree to anything.” She continued, loving what it was doing to him. “I think you’ll be so crazy you agree to let me lock you up forever. I think you’d love that — to be my little bitch for good.”

As she teased him, Alex felt his overworked cock flood Karen’s pussy with cum as he grunted on top of her. She kissed him again, saying “yes, cum for me, my little bitch.” Alex kept pumping, emptying the last of his seed.

After he was finished, without her having to prompt him, Alex moved down Karen’s body until he was staring at her pussy. Her bushy mound was matted with their combined sweat and juices, and he could see a small trickle of ivory from between her parted lips. The smell of his own cum mixed with her scent was strong as he stuck out his tongue to clean her. By now, he was used to the taste of own cum, and the two mixed together was amazing.

“Ohhhh, yes. What a good little bitch.” Karen said as she ran her fingers through his hair. “I didn’t even have to tell you to clean up the mess you made. Such a good little cum eater.”

Alex took his time cleaning her. She was wetter and looser after being fucked, and the scent of their sex was unmistakable. He loved the slick feeling as he licked all around her, tonguing her labia and trying to go as deep into her vagina as possible. He greedily gobbled up his cum, but it wasn’t a lot since he had cum so much recently. When he was done, Karen kept her hands on his head. His efforts felt so good that she let him lick her to a wonderful orgasm, which he did with enthusiasm. When they were both spent, Karen handed Alex his hot pink cage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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