Beloved Sister

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I was going 18 at the time and my sister was almost 20. We are 18 months apart. She was the kind of sister that no brother would have dream of before all our relation changed. I was on a fitness training to take entrance examination into a military academy that involved physical test like fitness, swimming and interview. So I was on almost top physical condition besides I was the school’s soccer team. She was always picking up on my study. Something like peeking into my room to check whether I am studying or else. But that result at my good grade and it’s what I considered some years later. Well, talk about my sister, she was slim and about 5 cm. shorter with her hair hanging to her round shoulders. Her breast was about c-cup and poking out clearly that it always draws the boy’s attention everywhere she goes. Our dad were in some managing position in his career so he was often went out for a party, receptions or dinner of the sort and that meant our mom would have accompanied him, leaving us all alone in the house until late at night. Besides studying, we enjoy scrabbles too even if I have less chance to win over my sister.

The night that the whole world changed for us was in start of summer. I passed the educational entrance examination and waited for the PE test in the next 10 days. I’d just returned from jogging and swimming from a clubhouse nearby and found that the garage was empty.

“Hey, I’m home.” I yell.

“Yes, everybody in the neighbor knew that when you slammed the door.” She yelled back from the kitchen. She was wearing a bodysuit short and a tight T-shirt, cooking the dinner. The hot summer air and the work out made her sweat beading all over her and the sweat soaking T-shirt showed me she didn’t have a bra on.

“What’s for dinner?” I look over her shoulder. Her smell struck my nose. She smells like musk and so arousing my penis starts to tickle.

“Something sure you can eat.”

“Mom and Dad out, right?”

“As you can see. Don’t you know that his car are not in the garage?”

“Woah! Give me a break. What’s going on with you, sis” I tried to calm her down a bit.

“That rascals” She murmured. I suddenly knew she meant the boys from a family 2 blocks away that always whistling and yelling about her round breast.

“Oh! I see.”

“What did you see?” She bellowed. “You didn’t”

“I really seeing things that made those rascals go mad.” I answered with a smile. She turned to face me and eyeing like she was going to burn me to ash.

“You……” She flushed with anger. “Wait till Mom and Dad are back.” She said when she noticed what I was looking at.

“I give up, sis, sorry. I’m going to take a shower. See ya.” I said and run out from any trouble I might catch with her.

She didn’t say anything during dinner even I tried to talk about my coming PE test. She began talking at last, it was about I’d better get myself ready for the interview. I told her that there is not a thing to worry about the interview and ask her to play Scrabbles. So we went to her room after finished with the dishes and have her bed for the game. As the air was warm I just wore loose shorts and a round neck T-shirt with no underwear and my sister wore a white short nightgown that hung just a little above her knees. Her gown was thin and wide necked so every time she bend over to place the scrabbles tiles I can peek inside her gown. I was so amuse peeking for her full-grown breast and that caused my penis to come alive. She didn’t know her move made a live peep show to me. All she knew was I was playing below my standard and she started nagging on how was I pass the entrance exam with out noticing my tented shorts.

I enjoyed her breast so much I can’t catch up with the game. Every tiles I put on board was the first decision and the shortest word I could think off so I can come back and admire her nice breast swaying in her night gown. Her skin was in cremated color and smooth. Her nipples were partly hidden under the fabric but sometimes clearly visible as I tried to extend the word line toward my seat so she must lean further to me. As the game went on most words form on my side of the board and she must lean more that she almost topple on the board. I don’t have to tell that every time she lean to take her turn I could see most of her breast didn’t I. She murmured something about the way I play my turn and, suddenly, noticed my tented shorts.

“What’s in your pants?” Her burst alerts me from peeping into her gown.

“Er!.. nothing.” I replied and trying brazzers to turn my lap to hide the tented shorts.

“Don’t you try to make a fool out of me. What is that?” She put her rack down and look right into my eyes.

“I said nothing, can’t you understand?” I raised my voice.

“Stop that bellowing!” She yelled. “Are you trying to cheat me, aren’t you?”

“No, nonsense. I going to bed now.” I put my rack down and stand up and face the door away from my sister.

“Stop there, or I’ll tell Mom about this.” Her words made me stand still. I feel chilling run all over as my thought of her telling this to Mom. “Face me. …. Now.”

I turned back to face her. My organ began to soften but still tented my pants. The liquid that oozed from my penis damp my pants to a round wet circle. She moved to sit on the rim of her bed, feet hanging down to the floor. Looking up and down between my face and my pant.

“You were peeping into my gown, don’t you?” She asked.

“Errr.. Yes.” I mumbled

“What did you see?” She continued.

“Er.. You know sis.” I still mumbled.

“My breasts?” She waited for my answer but only quietness. “I’m going to tell mom.”

“No, don’t. Please don’t.” I beg because, if mom knows about this, I can’t really think of punishment that I’ll get from mom.

“Why should I keep my mouth shut?” She asked as if she was so bored with my behavior.

“Please don’t. I’ll do anything but don’t tell mom” I went on begging.

She paused. and her face showed me she was thinking. “Anything? Sure?”

“Yes, anything, sure.”

“I want to see the thing in your pant.” She demanded and I went numb.

“Bu..but .. There’s nothing.” I bumbled. She eyed at me sharply.

“It’s up to you.” She concluded. “You decide.” She said in her cold voice that I knew if I deny her demand I’m surely put into trouble.

I swallowed hard. My head was spinning as she just sit there, looking right at me. It was something I unwilling to do but the thought of showing my penis to her made my organ grew to it’s full size.

“Please, give me some way out.” I tried to urge her to something else but

“I already give my word” Her voice let me know I had no more other choice.

I, then, held my breath as I tugged my pant down to my hip. The rim of my pubic hair expose to her eyes. She flushed red and breath a little harder but kept her eyes at my crotch. I push my pant all the way down to my thigh and let go. It hung there a little while and dropped to my ankles. My organ expose clearly to her eyes. It was at full length and full size. The knob head was dark red, almost purple. The smooth head skin was wet from the fluid oozing out while I was peeping in her gown. The thing was throbbing before her eyes. She was still flush but kept staring at my expanding penis in amazement.

“Come closer.” She said faintly. I felt like everything in the whole was gone as my penis expose to my sister. So I soullessly step forward and stopped before my sister eyes. She just took a quick glance at my face then turn to my full-grown penis. I was hopelessly trying hard to keep it limp to my shyness. She licked her lips and raised her hand to my organ. The feeling of my sister’s finger that first touch my penis head was like an electric shock sweep from it’s tip and ran all over me. She is the first girl that touches my penis. My organ sprang to her touch, pointing it’s mushroom head toward my sister’s eyes. I felt my legs shaking as if all my strength flows out through her finger. But her next move was still more than I expected.

She wrapped her hand around my full-grown penis. I felt the warmth of her hand encircled my organ and flow through my body. The feeling made me bend my waist back. Then, she started to stroke my organ slowly. The feeling of my sister hand stroking my penis made me wheeze. I look at my sister’s hand stroking my penis. Now she put both hands around it as she was looking at it’s head bobbing in her hand. I was just in my teen and never have even kiss a girl. All I am up to is studying for I intended to attend the military academy. And her next move is more than I could stand. She bends to my penis and kiss it’s tip with her beautiful lips.

There I go without any warning at all. I felt my organ grew even bigger and shivering ran through from my organ to my spine and to my head. I sent my first cum out at it’s all force. My penis sent a white trail of cum straight out and the first shot landed on her upper lip. The second one shot right cuckold porno into her open mouth, which she accidentally gulped it down her throat. More of the shots splashed her neck and the top of her nice breast, also on her gown and made it soak with white cream of cum. She grabbed and squeezed my penis like it would shut the spurting but, once she let loose her hand, more of cum spurt more on her gown. I was high on the sense of my first ejaculation with real girl; yet, she’s my sister. I spurted all my load of cum but my penis was still hard in my sister’s hands.

“Arrrggg. Look what you’ve done?” she said, trying to wipe my remaining from her face. That was only spread my cum all over her mouth and cheek. Then she tried to wipe her throat and upper chest. That’s when I noticed that she didn’t have under wear on because the soaking gown that struck to her breast showed the dark circle of her aureole and her nipple poking. I glanced down her crotch and saw the dark shadow of her pubic hair just there. Fearing my sister would tell me to my mom, I tried to help wiping my cum of her. But wiping made the cum soaked patch spread wider.

“Yak. It’s all wet.” She murmured, turn sideways and pull her gown up. Once she realized I was in the room, She’d pull it to her waist and her pussy expose to my very eyes. Her pussy was covered with thin hair. Under that thin hair, lie the pink pussy’s lips with sparkling drops. That led to everything that turn our relation the other way around.

“Oh, my, sis, you are so beautiful.” That’s what all I said as I knelt before her. All I know about sex at the time was from the porno pictures from my friends’ house. But what was before me was my sister and she was so cute and was in my dream. I grabbed hold of her waist and buried my face to her crotch.

“No, don’t” She tried to push me off but her smell sent me out of my mind. I smell her pussy, it was nothing I ever smell in my life. Her pussy smell so warm and tender and it sent my penis to expand even more. I then lick all over her pussy mound and lips as much as I could. My sister’s hands were trying to push my head off her crotch. But before she could muster her force to push harder, my tongue slip between her pussy lips and landed on her clitoris. The felling sent her body to arch and went rigid. I buried my face down her pussy and working my tongue at the hot soaking clitoris, which sent her hips starts bouncing. “No, don’t. Oh! Oh!” Her voice softens and her hands weaken as I went on licking her pussy lips. Her juice started to flow out of her love tunnel, sending a sweet smell to my nose, so I drag my tongue to the opening and started licking and sucking her juice. It was so tense to me that I felt the aching of my penis. My sister’s hands turn from pushing to holding my head and playing her hands on my hair and her hips jerk up and down. “Oh! oh! shhhh.” She sighed and panted softly.

I licked and gulped her juice like a thirsty camel but it kept oozing and pouring out. So I lick all over her pussy, every inch of warm soaked flesh. She suddenly hump her hips up to meet my mouth and tongue and her heavenly pussy jerk, spurting warm sweet juice. I work with my mouth at her clitoris, which made her moaned like being tortured. Then she thrust her pussy harder and pushes my head tight to her pussy. I feel her wet pussy jerking and clenching swiftly, so I thrust my tongue into her hot opening as far as I can go. She thrust her hips even more and push my head tighter and moaning as she went on her first orgasm.

I ease my tongue from her slit and imitated what I’d seen from the porno clips. I kissed my way up from her pussy mound to her belly and pushing her gown up along the way. As I work my way higher, I push her gown to her shoulder and her nice firm breast appear to my eyes. It is round and plump with dark aureole and a bit of nipple rising on top. I grab her breasts with my hands and push it together, then buried my face to those nice boobs. She sighed again and arch her back, thus, raises her beautiful breasts to meet my face. I snapped her nipples with my lips and kiss her breast in ecstasy. And then I kiss her up to her neck till I ended on top, facing her.

“Jane..” I whispered. She opened her eyes to meet mine. But I lost all the words as I feel my knob touching her warm slit. All I’d done was kiss her lovingly and hold her tight. She returned the kiss shyly at first and then turn into a very passionate kiss. I felt the warmth of her breasts through my chest and czech porno the wetness of her slit at my knob. The feeling was like I was in fantasy. My penis grew even bigger, at least that’s what I feel. I began to thrust my hips and the knob head spread her slit, touching her heavenly entrance. I continued and it parted her open and the red knob tip slowly entered her heaven. She closed her eyes and her eyebrows encircled. She parted her legs as much as she could. I felt shiver running through my hard hot throbbing penis as it penetrated it’s way into my fantasy.

“Oh! Wait. It hurts. Stop. Joe” She panted.

I stopped, the feeling of my penis half headed in her heaven cavern was nothing to describe. She was throbbing and shaking from both the lust and the pain. And that made me shaking with shivering that run through my length. Her juice was flowing and baths my penis and the pulsating send me in heaven. If I didn’t just come a while ago, I’d probably come right there. As her wailing faded and she started to hug me, I go on thrusting my hip forward sending my penis moving into her flesh. She got hold of my hips, pushed faintly and wailing as in agony. She gritted and grasped my arms, her flesh clenched my penis. I just can’t stand the feeling I had to pull out and thrust my hips, the stiff penis of mine plunked half way into heaven. She let out a high pitch scream, her pussy clenching hard and her fingers dig into my arms.

“Joe! oh!” She cried in stiffness of her body. Her heavenly slot clenching my rod so tight it felt like a small hand grasping and squeezing it. I withdrew my rod a little and thrust in again. Her love juice made my penis penetrated more easily but the feeling was so tight still.

“Geezzz! Jane! I can’t hold on” I cried in her ear.

“No! Not now! I can’t!” She struggled to her word as I drew my penis slowly out. The feeling of my throbbing rod dragging out made her raise her hips. I gritted and put it all the way till our mound meet tight, grinding our hair and my rod was throbbing in the warm sacred heaven. “Ohhhhhhhh!”

We were all halted to perceive the feeling. I lay on her and hold her to my body. She was tender, warm, charming and so lovely as she lay under me with my penis buried to the hilt. Her pussy’s muscle pulsating my penis pleasantly that I start to begin my rhythm. Even it’s my first time making love but all the porno pictures had taught me well about doing this heavenly action. It was not in rhythm at the first hand but, after some strokes, we found our rhythm that my penis and her pussy meet to our pleasure.

“Jane! You’re so lovely.” I whispered. “I .. I don’t know what to say.”

“Oh! You don’t have to, really.” She replied holding her body to meet my pace. “Shhh oh! It feels good”

“Yes, so good” I whisper in her ear, nibbling her ear. “You’re my first time, Jane.”

“Really! Oh! Joe. I’m glad to. ohhhhhh” She murmured as my penis drag along her clitoris. “You’re my first too. Brother”

I put more pressure thrusting my penis into her, as my feeling grew higher. I feel her pussy throbbing and clenching my penis as she mourning in pleasure. Her beautiful breast press against my chest. I can feel the warmth and the smoothness of her skin and feel her flesh moving under me. She mourned louder as her feeling grows high. This is what I dream and dream of at night, having my lovely sister under me and fucking her. I put force into my hips and my rhythms quicken as the feeling of her pussy engulfing my penis sent me higher and higher. Waves of pleasures flush from my organ through my body. I feel my penis grew bigger and bigger in her tight pussy.

And my world collapsed.

I shoot my load of pleasuring cum into her with all my might. My hips thrust and grind and have my mound grinding her mound. She jerked as my first load of cum burst inside. The warm fluid splashed in her, sending waves of orgasm busted. Her pussy clenched tight as I shot my second followed the first within a bit of time. We both were mourning in pleasure as we feel to sense of loving spread all over our body. Her body went rigid and shaking. I was almost black out as I rammed my penis at every splash. Her pussy was clenching and milking my penis to the last drop of cum. After few minutes, we eased to normal, breathing as we both ran a whole mile in 3 minutes. My penis still buried in her pussy.

“Jane!” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes, brother?”

“I didn’t really mean to do this.” I whispered.

“Oh!” She sighed and lifted her eyes to meet mine and smile. “You didn’t?”

“I meant I love to but I didn’t mean to seduce you.”

“Well! Alright.” She replied, still smiling. “If you didn’t then. Do now.” She said as she thrusting her hip to make her pussy meet my penis, yet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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