Bert Bridges

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My name’s Calbert Bridges — Bert to everyone but a certain inflexible fifth-grade teacher. I parked my car in the driveway of Janice Dumont’s off-campus house and turned to look at her. Wavy blond hair down below her shoulders, blue eyes, deep tan, bright red lipstick, enticing cleavage, light green mid-thigh dress, matching green pumps, nude hose covering long, sexy legs, she was more than easy on the eyes.

I’m generally comfortable around women. I’m comfortable around good-looking women. I am, in fact, comfortable around drop-dead gorgeous women, which is a good thing, because I always seem to be surrounded by women and there’s usually a DDG or two (like Janice) in the crowd.

Probably has to do with my family. My kid sister Daisy is a bouncy blond guy-magnet. My sister Bess, fifteen years older than me, (half-sister, actually, but no one in the family makes that distinction) is a tall, dark-haired beauty. And my mother? Now 54, Mom can still stop traffic just strolling along the sidewalk. I grew up surrounded by female beauty.

I’m not tall or muscular; at 5’8, I barely topped Dad by an inch but couldn’t catch Bess at 5’9. Her father Cal (deceased), from whom my full name was derived, had been quite tall. Many of the women I’ve dated could look down on me with heels on, and a few could do so wearing flats. That never mattered to them or me — I inherited Mom’s face and that’s been enough.

Janice scooted over and our lips met for a kiss. I went for soft; she opted for hard, with tongue. My cock took notice. She rubbed a finger along one of my ears. My cock came to full attention. I broke the kiss to say “Should we…”

“Yes, let’s!”

I opened my door and she scooted out behind, keeping hold of my hand. She pulled my arm around herself and we made our way to the front porch. She unlocked the door, pulled me in, kissed again, locked the door and led me to the bedroom. She closed the door behind us and sat on the edge of the bed.

I approached and we kissed some more while she unbuttoned my shirt and I unzipped her dress. I pulled that off over her head, revealing a lacy bra supporting two luscious cantaloupe-sized globes. I sank my face into her cleavage while she unbuckled my belt, dropped my trousers and pulled down my briefs, freeing my cock. “Nice!” she exclaimed as she gave it a few quick strokes. I kicked off my shoes and she removed my socks.

Now she kicked off her heels and lifted her hips. I pulled her panty hose down and then rolled it off each foot. Only her bra remained. I kissed the exposed flesh on her tits, then began kissing my way down toward her hairy, unshaven snatch.

“Ewww! Stop that. Up here!” She unhooked her bra and pulled my face into her lovely mounds. While I fondled and sucked on those she took a condom out of a night stand and rolled it down my throbbing erection. She lay back on the bed, opened her legs wide, then began closing and opening them while wriggling her hips; “Give it to me Bert! I want you now!”

I obligingly climbed on top and she guided my stiff cock into her pussy. “Oh, yes! Fuck me Bert! Fuck me now!” I began stroking rapidly while she thrashed and moaned. Was she really getting off on a straight missionary fuck or was it just an act? My cock couldn’t care less, I slammed her harder and faster. She screamed and thrashed and I went over the edge, filling the condom with spurt after spurt of jism.

We lay together for a time, breathing heavily; my limp cock fell out and she removed the condom. “Excuse me a minute,” she got up to dispose of the condom and came back with a damp washcloth to clean us both up and a towel to cover the wet spot and absorb anything that leaked out of her snatch.

We cuddled for a long while; I got up to pee. Returning to the bedroom I began “I guess I’d better…”

“Spend the night? Please?”

I crawled back in beside her and she snuggled up. I heard the front door open, someone getting something in the kitchen, then the TV coming on softly in the living room. Must be the roommate.

Morning light crept around the edges of the blinds; I realized Janice had left the room. I heard the shower. It was Saturday; I felt lazy and had no particular plans. I’d need to hit the books for a few hours, of course, but that could wait.

Janice came in, head wrapped in one towel, body in another; she kissed me, sat in a chair in front of the large mirror on her dresser, and spent some time brushing out her lovely hair. “If you’re hungry Leia fixed coffee and bagels, go help yourself.”

I got up, gave her a hug and a kiss, took the brush and worked on her hair. My stomach, however, gave a loud growl. She laughed and took the brush back; “I can take care of this, you’d better feed that beast! I promised some friends we’d go shopping today.”

I gave her a squeeze, then looked at my clothes. I hadn’t planned on spending the night, of course; hell, until we parked, I hadn’t been sure I was getting lucky. Not every college girl gorukle escort puts out on the first date.

“There’s a robe in the closet, Bert.” I found it; it was white, but only a bit short for me. I put it on and headed for the kitchen.

Sprawled out on the living room couch watching cartoons was a short redhead wearing an oversized V-necked T-shirt and, as far as I could tell, nothing else. She sat up and leaned forward a bit, which called attention to her tits. “Hi, I’m Leia, the roommate.” She had a dazzling smile, hazel eyes, a cute nose and pretty pink lips. Freckles lay scattered over her face, neck, arms, legs and what was visible of her chest; I wondered about the areas covered by the shirt.

“Hi Leia, I’m Bert.” My stomach growled again. “Did I hear a rumor about breakfast?”

She laughed, low and musical. “Coffee and bagels, help yourself!” She yawned and stretched, her tits straining against the shirt, then settled back on the couch with her head propped and the shirt hugging and barely covering her ass. I quickly turned toward the kitchen to hide the tent in my robe. Leia was quite a practiced teaser!

As I lingered over breakfast Janice emerged, looking sharp as always. She gave me a quick kiss; “See you tonight? Pizza and movie night here at 8?”

“Umm, sure, that sounds great.”

“I doubt Leia will leave before you but if she does you can just lock the door and pull it to. See you later!” She left, and left me wondering about her dashing off and leaving me here with her flirtatious roomie.

Right on cue Leia wondered into the kitchen, stretched to retrieve a particular cup from the top shelf of a cabinet (exposing her ass cheeks in the process, of course), poured herself a cup, added cream and sugar and joined me at the table. “So how did you guys meet?”

“She stumbled crossing the plaza and scattered some papers so I helped her retrieve them.”

“Tried and true!”

I laughed. “I didn’t mind playing along.”

“No, I imagine not. So what’s your major?”

“Computer engineering. What’s hers?”

She chuckled. “Didn’t spend much time on small talk, I see. Sociology. Mine is English Lit.”

We chatted a while longer. I was glad she didn’t make an obvious pass; my cock was ready but I really needed to put in some serious study time and besides wasn’t in the habit of actually sleeping with more than one woman at a time, let alone roommates!

I went back to the bedroom, put yesterday’s clothes back on, said bye to Leia and drove back to my place. My roommate was out so I had several hours of uninterrupted study time before returning to Janice’s for the evening.

Another car was parked in the driveway; I parked on the street. A guy left the house with Leia following. “Hi Bert, meet Jerry, Jerry, Bert. Go on in!”

Janice popped out; “Wait!” She handed Leia her phone, leaned in close and put my arm around herself; Leia said “Smile”, clicked two shots and handed the phone back. Leia and Jerry drove off while Janice led me to the living room.

She pulled up a Hallmark Christmas romance and we snuggled together on the couch. The pizza arrived around 8:40 so she paused the movie while we ate.

“So is Jerry new?” I asked.

“No, they’ve been going steady for about a year.” I arched an eyebrow.

“Well, as steady as Leia goes, anyway.” We both laughed.

Interesting. Janice was under no illusions about her roomie’s sexual proclivities, yet had not hesitated to leave me alone with her this morning. Could there be a three-way in the offing? My cock popped up and took notice. But then Janice seemed averse to anything but straight sex. What a puzzle!

While we ate Janice fiddled with her phone; before returning to the movie she showed me her latest Facebook entry, the pictures Leia had taken with the caption New Boyfriend! Isn’t he dreamy? I was a bit taken aback; we’d met less than 36 hours ago and now we’re boyfriend/girlfriend? How soon before she started picking out china and silver patterns?

It’s not that I was a love-em-and-leave-em type; I hungered for more than just sex, and had turned down far more offers (overt or implied) than I’d ever accepted. Well, Janice seemed smitten; I decided to see how things developed. Perhaps she was the one. Or was that one-plus-one, counting Leia?

We returned to the movie, then to the bedroom. “Ever try it doggie-style?”

“Ewww! I’m not a dog, just fuck me human-style, please.” Once again she moaned and thrashed and then we spent the night together. I woke up hard at one point and tried to wake her; she moved my hands firmly off her hips, back to her waist. I had trouble sleeping, of course, horny and in bed with a sexy, scantily-clad woman, but finally drifted back to sleep around dawn.

The next week was the time to register for Spring classes. As a Junior in Engineering I had mostly technical classes, four out of six, with two electives. I got everything I wanted including preferred times; keeping the altıparmak eskort bayan GPA up sure helped!

I registered from one of the PC’s at Engineering Hall, since I always seemed to have trouble using my MacBook with the university software. I printed a copy of my schedule and retrieved it. As I returned to the PC Cheryl walked in and asked “How’d you do with registration?”

“Great! Got everything I asked for!” I handed her the printout.

“Looks like the same stuff I need to take. Hope I’m as lucky!” She handed the printout back to me and plopped down at another station. I had no doubt she’d get what she wanted — she maintained a full 4.0 grade point average.

We’d shared a math class our freshman year and had had one or two classes in common ever since. We frequently studied together. She reminded me in the smarts department of my big sister, who’d launched a web site in high school, had it go viral after she graduated, and eventually sold out for several million dollars.

Cheryl was medium height with short, wavy, mousy hair; large, gold-rimmed glasses that drew attention to her large, blue eyes; very white, clear-complexioned skin and light red lips, without a trace of makeup; grapefruit-sized tits and modestly flaring hips. At first glance my impression had been “Not bad”; a second glance yielded “Not bad at all!” Nothing outstanding in particular but the overall package qualified her as pretty.

The semester continued with my spending Friday and Saturday nights with Janice. I tried to engage her in conversation about her major and interests; those mostly seemed to be gossip about friends and celebrities. One Friday night when we got to her place she apologized “No sex tonight, I’m on the rag; but would you please stay anyway?”

I didn’t get a lot of sleep and was hard almost all night. She left as usual the next morning after making plans for the evening. I stepped bleary-eyed into the living room.

“Rough night?” Leia asked.

“Yeah, she, I mean we, uh…”

“She uses the regular pill so she gets that every month. I use the continuous one so I only have to deal with it every three months.”

I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation! I started to ask about breakfast. Leia got up, walked up to me, kissed me hard while mashing her tits into my chest, turned around, mashed my hands into her tits and ground her ass into my crotch. I was one, giant, throbbing hard on. She pushed me down onto a stuffed chair, opened my robe, stroked my cock, pulled her T-shirt off, grabbed a condom off a nearby table, rolled it over my erection, climbed in my lap, impaled herself on my rod and began fucking herself on it rapidly.

I thought I would explode in a matter of minutes but she slowed and varied her pace until she screamed and climaxed. At that point I grabbed her hips, slamming her up and down until I quickly reached my own release.

She pulled off of me and snuggled into my arms.


“No worries, Bert. We have a deal, I take care of her guy when she can’t.”

This was bizarre, unbelievable, very strange! “I don’t understand her.”

“She’s really not into sex all that much. She just uses it to snag a cute boyfriend. She lives her life mostly on Facebook.”

“And you?”

“I’m totally into sex! And I don’t get that from a damn smartphone.” She gave me that dazzling smile. “Unfortunately I can’t seem to get satisfied with just one partner.”

“Wow. Just freakin’ wow.” I really didn’t know what to make of any of this. But my cock thought it was all super-dooper-dandy!

The next week was Dead Week, with no major projects allowed in classes that had finals. I really needed to hit the books; I spent Friday night with Janice but begged off for Saturday. Cheryl and I had a good, two-hour study session that afternoon at my place for the one class we had in common for the semester.

Janice dropped by just as we wrapped that up. “I won’t take up too much of your time, I just need a kiss!”

“Sure, honey.” I kissed her and she used a selfie stick to take a picture of the two of us, then left.

“Rather attractive girlfriend you’ve got there, Bert.” I looked at Cheryl; was there a hint of jealousy in her voice? “Good luck with your finals!” She left me feeling somewhat confused.

Finals went well; I spent Thursday night with Janice, then flew home for the Christmas break. ‘Flew home’ meant in Bess’s favorite toy, her 1967 Cessna Skymaster, a twin engine airplane arranged in a propeller and fan configuration instead of the usual one engine per wing. When she’d taken up flying she researched the subject and learned that for most light twin-engine planes, the second engine served to ‘fly to the scene of the crash’ because landing with so much torque on one wing was nearly impossible (and far too dangerous to practice) But the ‘Mixmaster’ could take off and land with either engine, both lying along the central axis nilüfer eskort bayan of the plane so no torque issues.

Back home with family was always a treat. There were Mom and Dad and my little sister (18, attending community college) at our house, Bess and Travis and their four kids living right next door. Bess did most of the cooking, Daisy baked wonderful pies, tarts and cakes, Dad and Travis grilled out one warm day and we all shared meals at our house with its expanded, extra-large dining room.

One thing I’d always been aware of but that really caught my attention this trip home: the way Mom and Dad, and Bess and Travis, looked at each other even after years of marriage. Mom had been married to Cal for six years, then widowed for eight before marrying Dad, who had lived next door. They’d celebrated their twenty-first anniversary earlier this year.

Bess never dated anyone but Travis; she’d been nineteen and he thirty-seven when they met, fell in love and married in the course of just a few weeks.

I, meanwhile, had dated eight different women just since college; wait, should I count Leia? Nine? Anyway, I’d never seen a woman look at me the way Mom looked at Dad or Bess looked at Travis. It struck me that I wasn’t going to find that with Janice.

Back on campus after the new year, I bumped into Cheryl at my first two classes. The next afternoon, we arrived at the same time at yet another class; we both burst out laughing and she said “OK, now I know you’re stalking me!”

I played along. “Busted!”


What was I thinking? When Bert handed me his schedule, I quickly memorized it and registered for the same classes, at least those in our major. Three of them had only one section; the fourth had multiple sections but the same professor so we could still get together to study.

And then I saw his movie star girlfriend. No wonder he’d never asked me out! How could I ever compete with her? I found it hard to breathe when I was with Bert and now we were going to spend more time than ever together and I’d find it hard to see his beautiful face through the tears in my eyes and the blazing torch I was carrying. Fool!

The semester crawled along. I suffered a major pang of jealousy, no, that would be envy, when his girlfriend met him after one of our classes a few weeks along. It was odd, though, Bert never spoke of her. I bit my tongue to avoid asking if they’d broken up; why set myself up for even more heartache? If not her, he’d surely be dating someone equally gorgeous.

At least I didn’t have to slap on a phony smile — I was always upbeat when I was with Bert. It was when he left that I crashed and burned.

Somehow I made it through the second round of midterms. Four more weeks of classes, then finals, then the misery would end. Or would it? Would I really prefer never to see him again?

My cellphone dinged for a text message. It was from Father: Emergency! Call me ASAP! I did so immediately.

“Father! What’s wrong?”

“Baby girl, it’s your mother. She’s been in a terrible wreck, she’s in the hospital. Her condition is stable but she’s seriously injured, can’t walk or use her right arm.”

“Oh my God! I’ll have to come home!”

“I’m afraid so. My wife isn’t going to let me look after my ex and there just isn’t anyone else.”

“Don’t worry, Father, I just need to make some arrangements, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Of course, baby girl. Sorry about your mother. Bye for now.”

Mother and Father divorced when I was five; she had no relatives or close friends, it had been just the two of us forever. No question I had to go home; what was the university policy on family emergencies?

I quickly checked for information online and was relieved to learn this sort of situation was explicitly covered, I wouldn’t fail any of my classes. But essentially I’d have to retake them. That would throw me a semester behind, which would mean taking out a student loan — Mother’s savings and what I could earn wouldn’t cover another semester, and then there would be her medical deductibles and such. Could I even afford to return in the fall?

I needed to contact the registrar’s office and also make travel arrangements, but my first call was to Bert. He answered with a cheery “Hi Cheryl, what’s up?”

“Oh, Bert, something terrible has happened. My mother was in a wreck and I have to go home to take care of her and I’m going to lose a whole semester!”

“Hang on Cheryl, where are you?”

“In my dorm room.”

“Be right there!” He broke the connection and I broke into sobs.

Twelve minutes later he came to my room and folded me in his arms. I just clung to him and sobbed.

“Let’s talk about what you have to do,” he said gently.

“I’ve got to talk to the registrar’s office to apply for a family emergency exemption. Then at least I won’t fail my classes.”

“OK, what else?”

“I’ve got to make travel arrangements to get home. I suppose I’ll need to take the bus, there isn’t an airport close and no one to pick me up anyway.”

“Let me handle that. What else?”

“Tell my roommate and the dorm manager.”

“OK. But let’s think. All you have left basically is finals, right?

“I’ve got a paper due in one of my electives but otherwise, yes.”

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