Bess Ch. 02


A heat wave baked the upper Midwest and the humidity that hung over the city caused Bess’s short sleeve blouse to stick to her back. She walked up the front steps and rang the bell.

“Come on in,” Bonnie yelled from inside. “It’s open.”

Bess walked into the foyer and heard, “Lock it behind you, will you? Then come into the kitchen.”

“Sure,” Bess called, throwing the latch.

Bess walked to the back and into the large, airy kitchen. Bonnie already had lunch laid out on the table: a green salad, a bowl of crab salad, and cold pasta with basil. Crisp rolls nestled in a napkin-covered basket and a bottle of white wine stood opened beside two crystal glasses.

“Oh, Bess,” Bonnie said, hugging her, “I’ve missed you!”

“Me too,” Bess replied.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I have a gift for you.” She picked up a small package wrapped in silver paper.

Bess tore off the paper and opened the small box. Inside was a pewter figurine of a dragon with his wings spread, his head thrown back as if roaring. He was perched on a faceted crystal globe, his talons buried in the transparent ball.

Bonnie watched Bess lift the four-inch high dragon so the light turned into rainbows within the crystal. “The dragon is for fantasy,” Bonnie said, “And for dreams that can be made to come true.”

“You knew that I was going to join you in your business, didn’t you?”

“I knew a week ago when I watched your eyes light up as I showed you the album. Actually I knew when we met at your Aunt’s. After all, we were teammates and I knew you very well then.” She poured wine into the two glasses and raised hers in toast. “To fantasy. And to making fantasies come true for everyone involved.”

After lunch, Bonnie said, “I think it’s time for you to have a look around upstairs.”

The two girls put the dishes in the dishwasher, and then climbed the lushly carpeted stairs to the master bedroom. It was softer and Escort Kız more romantic than the downstairs, done in pastel pinks and warm, spring greens. The lounge chair was upholstered in a pink and green floral with green piping to match the bedspread and drapes. The oriental carpet contained the same shades of green and together with a half of dozen plants, gave the entire room a warm and comfortable feeling.

“This is a wonderful room,” Bess said, “soft and loving somehow.”

“That’s exactly the way I want it. We’ll need to coordinate, but you’re free to use it whenever you want, for whatever you want.”

“Are you sure about me using your place?”

“Yes.” Bonnie opened the door to a huge walk-in closet. “On this side, are everyday clothes, the usual suits, dresses, blouses, things like that. The shoes are underneath.”

She looked Bess over. “I guess we still wear the same size, so take your pick.”

“Bonnie, I couldn’t.”

With a smile, Bonnie said, “I love clothes and now I can indulge myself. You will be surprised how many men want a well-dressed, well educated companion to decorate their arm at a luncheon or business dinner.”

“You mean like in ‘Pretty Woman’?”

“Exactly. Sometimes without any sex.” She turned and pointed to the other side of the closet. “This is the evening stuff.”

Bess was stunned at the number of designer dresses: chiffon, lace, sequins, and satin in a variety of colors and textures. Her fingers touched each one and she wanted to pull each from its hanger and try it on. “You are ready for anything, aren’t you?”

Bonnie crossed the room and opened the door to a second closet. “Play clothes.” Inside hung an assortment of costumes. Bess recognized some of them from Bonnie’s album. The pink little girl dress and the leather and chain outfit hung with a leopard patterned leotard, three leather dresses with multiple zippers, and several see-through lace bodysuits.

“On each hanger,” Bonnie explained, “are all the items necessary for that persona. Besides the clothes and underwear, I have coordinated jewelry, perfume, extra make-up, whatever’s needed, all in a plastic bag on the hanger. With some of them, there is a wig, should you care to wear one. I love wigs: They make me feel like a different person. Again feel free to use anything, just put it back in its place. Sometimes I need to dash into the bathroom and change quickly.”

Bess could only shake her head.

On the far side of the closet were outfits for men; a Robin Hood-style green vest and tights, a black outfit that looked like it was designed for a second story man, and a white shirt and short pants combination. “For the naughty little boy,” Bonnie explained.

Bonnie opened the drawers of a wide dresser and showed Bess dozens of slips, bras both with and without cutouts so nipples could show through, satin and lace panties, silk teddies in a dozen colors, and garter belts with stockings.

“Try anything on and wear whatever fits your mood. Or you might want to wear nothing at all under your evening clothes. There are few things more arousing than telling a man that you’re not wearing underwear, and then going out for the evening. But everything’s replaceable so if anything gets torn or whatever,” she winked, “we’ll get new ones.”

When Bess looked as though she didn’t understand, Bonnie said, “Sometimes a man wants to tear your clothes off or cut them off slowly and dramatically.”

As Bess gazed into the drawer, Bonnie took her hand. “There is one more room to show you.”

Bonnie opened the door to the other bedroom and let Bess precede her. As she entered the room she gasped. Almost cave-like, it was darkened with wood-paneled walls and heavy velvet drapes. As Bess looked around she saw the room resembled a dungeon with eyelets, chains, and bondage equipment proudly displayed on every wall. There were three differently shaped wooden benches with hooks and straps attached and two cabinets filled with items Bess didn’t recognize. A big brass bed dominated one end of the room. As shocked as she was, Bess also realized that she could hardly breathe.

Bonnie walked in behind her and placed her hand on Bess’s shoulder. “Exciting, isn’t it?”

Bess nodded her head. She was picturing herself held down or chained, restrained and helpless with a man standing over her enjoying her vulnerability. “This isn’t in the album.”

“No,” Bonnie said, “This is for special ‘friends’.”

“Like the one you told me about last week. The $1000 one.”

“Yes, Bess, that one. And others.” With that Bonnie led Bess out of the room.

Eventually they returned to the living room. Sipping wine, the topic turned to Bess’s new career.

“I want you to go slowly,” Bonnie said, “But first there are a few things. My ‘friends’ are all types. Most are older and yes, there are one or two women. Second, they may have different tastes, so we say, so don’t judge them. I have one who likes to wear women’s underwear.”

Bess tried not to look shocked. She had read about transvestites but she never thought she meet one. “Women’s underwear?”

“Several men I know like to wear satin undies under their business suits and they are not transvestites.” Bonnie replied. “The slippery fabric feels good against their skin, and it’s their sexy little secret. Remember there’s nothing wrong with an activity that consenting adults enjoy in private, or, for that matter, in selected public locations.”

“You’re right. I’m not being judgmental, just naïve.”

Bonnie leaned forward. “Most important, if it makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. I don’t like to be tied up, in any way, so I do have my limits. Understand?”

“Yes,” Bess said, nodding her head.

“Good. I’d like to see you build your sexual and sensual awareness little by little. And I have just the place to start.”

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