Bethann And The Pastor

Clit Rubbing

He was setting on the park bench waiting for his niece BethAnn, to get off work. She works at the adult store in the mini mall across from the park. “Hey Uncle Tom, been waiting long?” she ask. “A long time honey, a very long time, and you know what, I’m still waiting.” he told her. They walk in silence, about 2 blocks from the house she stops. “Uncle Tom do you think I’m pretty?” she ask him. “Wait till we get home BethAnn and I’ll tell.” he said.

Closing the front door. They went into the living room and sat down. “Now baby, I think your the most beautiful, sexy, lady. And if you weren’t my niece I’d be tempted to take your clothes off and show how beautiful I know you are.” he told her. “Now Go fix your old Uncle something to drink, please.” he ask her. She went into the kitchen and put supper in the oven, bring him a drink on her way out. “Here you go Uncle , I’m going up and changing into some thing more comfortable.” she told him.

She went thru her closet, looking for something she hope would get his attention. She found it in the back of the closet, pulling it out she put it up to her. Yes this should do the trick. Taking everything off, she put on the thread bare T-shirt, looking in the mirror she could see her tit’s, and her large, round, dark nipples really well. Not bothering to put on any underwear she went back down stairs to see about supper. He watch as she walk by him into the kitchen.

“Food’s done.” she called out. He walk in as she was bending over the oven, pulling out the dish. He stop and look at her ass and pussy, she wasn’t wearing any undies. He felt his cock stiffen, readjusting himself, he went and sat down. “Smells great Honey.” he said. He watch as she try to reach for the wine Casibom glasses. “Could you help me please?” she ask. He stood behind her, pressing against her and took down two glasses. Taking his time he slowly lower the glasses to the counter. He could feel her rubbing her ass against his cock.

“Honey if you keep doing that your going to get a wet ass.” he told her. Turning in his arms she stuck her tongue out and lick his lips. “OH, I think I’d rather have a wet pussy, or a wet asshole.” she said. Closing his eyes. “AAAAAGGGHHHH!!! Your killing me baby.” he said. “I’d rather have you fuck me.” she said. Just then the door bell rang. She said she’d get it. and left the room. That girl was going to get what she ask for, if she didn’t stop soon. He said to his self. “Uncle Tom it’s Pastor Bill, he needs something from you.” she call out. “Be right there BethAnn.” he call back.

“BethAnn, your turning into a beauty, At times like this I wish I wasn’t a Pastor.” he said. “Why is that?” she ask. “Because I could be enjoying you sucking on my cock.” he told her. “Why don’t I just do it right now.” she said, and kneel down, taking his pants down she took his cock into her mouth and was sucking on it when Uncle Tom came out of the kitchen. “BethAnn, your going to get your self in trouble if you keep this up.” he told her. Taking her mouth off, she turn to him. “What kind of trouble could I get into when you guys are the only ones who will know.” she said then went back to sucking his cock.

He sat down and watch her. Pastor Bill ease over to sit down to. “The reason I came over was to invite you and your niece to a cook out at my home tomorrow eve…evening at…oh god…6… God BethAnn your so good at this, my Casibom Giriş wife can’t even give me what your giving me…ooooooooooo…I’m cumming!!!” he groan. Sitting back on her heels, she lick her lips. “Who’s next?” she ask. Bending over Pastor Bill whisper in her ear. “Go suck your Uncle’s cock, I’d like to fuck your pussy if you want.” he said. Nodding yes she crawl over to her Uncle. Pulling his robe apart she saw his cock for the first time. “OH GOD YOUR SO HUGE.” she said. “MMMMMM, Yes I am, I’m about 6 inches around, and 12 inches long. Are you sure you can take me deep into your throat, because I love deep throat sucking.” he told her.

She knew she could because her boss was big to, maybe not as big as her Uncle but she had his cock in her mouth and ass, but he wouldn’t ever take her pussy, he said he didn’t like pussy’s. She plunge her mouth down on his cock, taking him deep into her throat. “Oh God Baby, Yes, Suck me Baby.” he cried out. She felt his cock swell, then she felt Bill’s cock pushing into her pussy. Tom watch as his niece’s head bobbing up and down fast. He wasn’t going to last long, he felt his balls tighten up and he lost it when she took deeper into her throat and he exploded.

They watch her laying there on the floor where they left her. Looking over at them, she saw that they still had hard cocks. Getting up she went over the her Uncle, pushing him down on the couch, she climb on top of him and ease her pussy down on his cock. Turning her head she saw Bill. “Fuck my ass, Bill” she told him. He got up and stood there watching them fucking. Easing behind them he got in place and push his cock into her asshole. “OH BABY YOUR SO FUCKING TIGHT.” he groan. He move his cock hard Casibom Yeni Giriş and fast in her ass, not wanting to stop till his cum was deep inside her asshole.

When Bill finish cumming he pull out and wipe his cock off on her shirt. “Sorry Tom, BethAnn I have to get home before the wife calls out the sheriff to find me. We’ll have to find a way to do this again and soon.” he told them. They watch him leave. “Now that he’s gone let’s finish fucking. She move, sliding back and forth on top of him. “Baby I want to get in real deep, let’s do doggy.” he said. She got on her hands and knees on the floor and he plunge his cock in her pussy, and kept pounding her pussy till his cum exploded deep in her.

Later that night he lay in is bed, wondering how he got to fuck his niece. Turning he saw the clock it was about 3 in the morning. Then he heard his door open. “Uncle Tom, Can I sleep with you?” she ask. “Yes baby come here.” he said, lifting the sheets up for her to join him. She climbs in beside him. He felt her bare skin. “Oh baby, your not wearing anything.” he said. “No I don’t wear anything to sleep with.” she said as she put her leg over his. Reaching over him she caress his chest and downward to find his already hard cock, stroking his cock she heard him moaning.

His hands found her tit’s, squeezing them, he lowers his mouth, and licks her nipple Sucking it deep in his mouth, he moves one hand down to her pussy, slipping a finger in. She move her hips against his finger. She brought his cock closer to her pussy, rubbing against her, and his finger. “Go ahead and slip my cock in.” he said. She did and he push himself in deeper. He took his hands and grab her ass pulling her to him hard, burying his cock deep inside her.

“From now on baby your staying in my bed, and by the way Bill call earlier, he’s going to be here every Friday night to play cards with me.” he told her. “Oh, you mean you guys will play, and I’m going to be the playground.” she said.

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