Big Bull Daddy in Law Pt 1

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‘Knock, knock, knock’.

“Yes?” I called out as I lay in bed casually stroking my cock, like I did most mornings.

“Frank. I’m making breakfast,” My youngest son Robert’s wife asked, “Do you want some?”

“I’d love some!” I replied and rubbed even faster, “I’ll be ready in a minute.”

“It’ll be hot on the table in 10 minutes!” She laughed, as I immediately conjured up an image of her big tits bouncing and wobbling as she noisily went downstairs.

Robert and Marie had moved in with me two months after selling their flat and intending to buy a new house about 15 miles from my home. She is a real livewire; 22, short and chubby with big wobbly tits and an arse to match. She has a mouth on her too — swears like a Trooper. I like her a lot as she has a great (dirty) sense of humour. As Marie was made redundant at Christmas; she stays at home all day and wanders around in her PJ’s which are basically a baggy t-shirt and shorts. Some days she wears a bra — others not; just letting those puppies swing like nature intended.

I finished my wank as quickly as possible; alternating fantasies between Marie and a married woman called Crystal from my local pub that I’d been shagging a couple of months previously. Sadly her husband had become suspicious and I’d had to cool things which was a pity as she was a right dirty mare.

Robert is 27 and has an elder brother; Raymond who is 30 and married to Debra. They have 4 year old twins, Jeffrey and Michael.

Both sons take after their mother; slightly built and very bright; with both lads going to University. I’m just over 6ft tall and built to match. I worked down the mines for a few years after leaving school then as security on the doors of a couple of dodgy nightclubs before starting my own haulage company that I sold just after my divorce from their mother 5 years ago. I’ve always liked the ladies and my ex-wife finally got sick of my antics; divorcing me and getting half of the very profitable company.

Ray manages a DIY shop and lives with his family on the other side of town. How he got together with Debra I’ll never know. His wife is very sexy, slim and pretty with bright copper coloured hair and manages an Estate Agency. My ex never liked her as she thought that Debra was ruthlessly ambitious and dominates Raymond in each and every way; which is a trait that I actually liked. We had grown to be friends over the years; with me offering advice on a couple of household and career problems. Debra was always relaxed in my company and occasionally at family gatherings linked arms with me while walking to the car or whatever.

I’d always had my suspicions about her behaviour outside of her marriage and was pretty sure that she’d had at least two affairs in the last couple of years. A friend who owns a couple of bars in town told me that he’d seen her with a guy he knew a couple of times and I overheard one of my sons friends bragging at a Wedding that he had given ‘her a right good seeing to’ a couple of times and ‘she sucked harder than a vacuum cleaner’. I didn’t say anything at the time but gave him a couple of digs to the chin later in the evening and warned him about spreading such rumours.

Both of these events intrigued me and I found myself rummaging through her underwear drawer whenever I was babysitting. My discoveries impressed me and I made a mental note that my son was a lucky man.

Because of the husband’s suspicions and my son moving back home I hadn’t had sex in six weeks. At 52 and divorced I sometimes worry that ‘if I don’t use it, it will stop working’; hence my wanking once or twice every day. But not getting any real sex was driving me crazy. Marie wandering around the house in her skimpies until lunchtime then wearing loose t-shirts and short skirts wasn’t helping either.

As usual Robert had gone to work and Marie was only wearing a baggy blue sleeveless vest and loose pyjama shorts when I walked into the kitchen. I sat at the table fully aware that my dick was still semi-erect. Marie handed me a plate of bacon and eggs then turned to do some washing up. I couldn’t take my eyes off her luscious arse as she washed the pans in the sink.

We playfully chatted as I ate breakfast with my daughter in law stretching to put the dishes away giving me a great view of her ample arse then she bent over to put the pans away; tempting me to pull her pants down. But thankfully I resisted.

She was a real prick tease — I’d seen her behaving in a similar way when my son was around; especially in the pub when his friends from the football team were around. She always wore short skirts and tops that emphasised her cleavage and certainly wasn’t afraid to bend over letting his pals get a free view down her top or up her skirt.

When they first moved in I heard them fucking like bunnies every night — Marie was very vocal! But that had not been as noticeable in the last few weeks. Probably because Raymond was now working long hours; leaving at 6.30 in the morning and not arriving home until after 8 at night. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that she wasn’t getting any and was now as horny as me.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful apart from Marie not putting a bra on and her nipples sticking out like puppies’ noses through her sweatshirt. Even when I popped out to the pub in the afternoon my dick never got any smaller than semi status all day.

A couple of days went by in a similar vein then on the Thursday morning Marie knocked on the bedroom door as usual and called out that breakfast would be ready in 5 minutes.

“Okay,” I shouted back innocently enough, “I’ll just be a couple of minutes.”

“You’ll Sex hikayeleri wear that bloody thing out if you’re not careful!” My daughter in law laughed out loud.

“Cheeky bugger!” I called back as I threw the sheets off to admire my big cock. I keep myself trim for a man my age and have a cock any man would be proud of — just over 8 inches long and quite thick. It’s seen a lot of action over the years and had been the cause of my divorce as I never could keep it in its holster.

With her comment still fresh in my mind I didn’t finish the job off and decided to keep it for later. I pulled on a pair of jogging pants and grabbed a t-shirt before going to the bathroom for a quick pee and a wash.

My dick was still swinging uncomfortably in the loose joggers when I walked into the kitchen.

“Well, well, well!” I whistled when I saw that my young daughter in law was only wearing a black ribbed vest that was only just keeping her puppies in place and a pair of red lacy French knickers or boy-shorts as the young people call them were peaking out at the bottom.

“What?” She giggled as she turned to face me with my plate in her hands.

“I was just admiring the view.” I grinned and sat down; adjusting the old fella under the table.

Marie put the plate in front of me then walked to the fridge to get some milk for my coffee. Her black vest allowed a clear view of her massive tits from all directions and as she bent over at the fridge the vest rode up at the back giving me a perfect view of her lace covered arse and I swear I could see some fur in the gap between her legs; but it could have been a shadow.

When she turned with the milk the vest had hitched a bit at the front too exposing a couple of inches of see-thru lace and through it I could definitely see her dark bush.

“Shit!” The chubby hotty grinned when she saw me staring and pulled the vest down to cover her pants but it meant that even more cleavage was now on show.

“If only I wasn’t your father in law.” I beamed as one of her tits nearly fell out of the arm hole.

“What’s that got to do with anything?” The plump minx grinned as she placed her hands on her hips and jiggled her big tits, “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

I arched my eyebrow in a quizzical fashion and didn’t say a word.

Marie shrugged her shoulders and smiled again.

“He’s never here to take care of me and I know you’re always knocking hell out of that thing, so why not?” She nonchalantly said as she slipped her hand inside her pants.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked as I swung my legs from under the table so she could see the bulge in my pants.

“If that’s as big as I think it is…then yes.” She beamed, “Definitely!”

I stroked my stiffening cock as she lifted her t-shirt up and over her head .

“What a pair of beauties!” I whistled as she dropped the vest on the floor.

“Do you think so?” Marie giggled as she squeezed them and lifted one to her mouth to suck the nipple while sliding her other hand back down the front of her red knickers.

“In for a penny — in for a pound!” I thought and pulled my dick out of the joggers. Marie’s eyes widened and immediately twinkled.

“What are you going to do with this then?” I asked as I waved it from side to side.

“Jesus Frank!” Marie chuckled as she stepped closer; “where was Robbie when they were handing those out?”

Without asking she quickly dropped to her knees and bent forward to take hold of my dick. I playfully grabbed her hair and slapped her face with it; making her giggle. My young daughter in law then shuffled forward and opened her mouth. I tugged her hair forcing her head back a little and her mouth opened as she squeaked.

I guided a couple of inches past her lips then let her do the rest. She was very good. She gobbled and sucked my stiffening rod like the cock hungry tart she was.

It was an image I’ll never forget as I looked down to see my 22 year old daughter in law greedily sucking on 3 or 4 inches of my big swollen cock.

My balls were soon swelling up and she sensed that I wouldn’t last much longer so she began squeezing my balls very tightly then popped my cock out her mouth and smothered it with her tits. I must have been around old women too long as I’d forgotten how firm young tits could be.

After a couple of good shakes with her mammories I clung onto my chair and was soon spurting cum all over. Some splashed on her chin and the rest slopped across her lily white tits.

“Oooh, Frank!” The minx grinned, “There’s ever such a lot! Have you been saving it up just for little old me?”

I didn’t answer and just sat still getting my breath back as she made the last few drops ooze out by pressing her tits together with her forearms and moving up and down. Content that there was no juice left she let go of her grip and began rubbing the spunk into her skin making it shine in the morning light.

“Now then; you naughty man.” Marie giggled as she stood up, “What are you going to do for me?”

“This’ll not be hard again for a while.” I replied, slightly disappointed at the thought of not being able to fuck my pretty daughter in law.

“Can’t you think of anything else you can do to pleasure me?” The young girl smiled as she pulled her pants down her fat legs then walked. Naked into the living room.

I pulled my joggers and t-shirt off and followed; with my dick swinging. Marie was already lying on the sofa with one ankle on the back and her legs wide apart showing me her glistening pink gash in among all of her dark pubic hair.

“It won’t lick itself!” My daughter in law chuckled Sikiş hikayeleri as she licked her spunk covered fingers.

I a second my face was between her legs and my tongue running along her slit. Marie purred her pleasure. I was soon lapping her juices up and flicking my tongue across her protruding clit.

“Oh yes, yes, yes Frank!” She gasped as I slid a long finger into her twat and sucked on her flaps. Every time my finger was pressing against the back of her fanny she growled and pressed even harder against my face.

“You dirty old man!” Marie grunted at one stage, “I hope you’ve been thinking about me when you’re wanking!” I carried on chewing her flaps and clit while finger fucking her.

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me ever since I moved.”

I couldn’t say anything as I had a mouthful of sweaty young pussy. My fingers were soon working overtime; especially pressing on the membrane separating her pussy from her arse which seemed to really turn her on.

“I’ve been fucking waiting fucking weeks for you to fuck me rigid with that big fucking cock!”

As best I could, I twisted my hand so my little finger touched her arsehole while the middle finger went in her pussy as deep as possible. My tongue was a blur as I licked her clit.

“You dirty fucker!” Marie panted as my finger eased into her dirt box, “Leave my fucking arse alone!” I hoped she didn’t mean it and pushed harder until both knuckles of the finger were in her shit hole.

“Aaaaaggghhh you bastard……Ooooohhhh….aaaaaggghhhh… bastard I’m ……cumming!” She screamed as she grabbed my ears and her pussy began squirting onto my face as my fingers pummelled her two holes.

Marie took quite a few seconds to calm down and regain her breathing; keeping me jammed between her legs all the time. She eventually relaxed her grip and let me free. I stood up and my cock immediately sprang to attention; making her grin from ear to ear.

“Which way?” I asked as I scratched my bollocks.

“Which way?” She repeated as she stretched and pulled her fanny flaps apart to show me her bright pink gash.

“Which way do you want to get fucked?” I beamed.

“Doggy?” The dirty minx laughed as she rolled onto her knees until she was gripping the back of the sofa and her plump arse was waving in the air.

I placed a hand on her hip and guided my cock between the flabby cheeks until it touched dampness. Guessing she liked it hard and rough; I jammed it all in with one hard push making her shriek out.

“You BASTARD!” She howled. “That fucking hurts!”

I grabbed a swinging tit with my free hand and began banging away like a rabid dog. Marie was in her element — screaming and swearing as I pounded her hot snatch with my fat 8 inches.

“Harder Frank! Fuck me harder you horny old bastard!” She screeched as my cock bottomed out, “Harder you bastard….harder!”

I obliged as best I could; eventually letting go of her tit so I could get a better purchase by grabbing her hips. My cock was gliding in and out with more venom than I’d used in a long time. As she swore louder and dirtier I began slapping her flabby arse on each inward stroke making he scream even louder!

After a couple of minutes I had to slow down or I could have had a heart attack! I slowly plunged my cock in as deep as possible and began stroking her arsehole.

“You dirty fucker!” Marie panted and chuckled as I pushed an inch or so of my middle finger past her sphincter, “You don’t think I’m going to let you fuck my arse, do you?”

“Yep,” I told her as I pushed it in even deeper making her giggle, “It looks well used already.”

“It is; but you’ll split it in two with that fucking thing!” She grinned as she peeped over her shoulder. “So; NO!”

I nodded as I got my second wind and began thrusting as hard and fast as possible; replacing my finger with my thumb in her arsehole. The sofa was now rocking and rolling while I began spanking her again.

Her arse cheeks were soon red raw and I couldn’t hold back any longer……one deep hard thrust and I spewed my spunk deep inside my daughter in law’s pussy. I clung on for dear life as my balls emptied for the second time in an hour. Pleased with my work I slowly pulled my cock out; leaving her young cunt slightly stretched; so much so my spunk seeped out as she vigorously rubbed her clit until she came with a loud gasp.

We collapsed into each others arms for a few minutes until Marie got up to go to make a cup of tea on her way to the bathroom.

She was in her element with all of the attention as I spent the rest of the day fondling her tits and grabbing her luscious arse through her jeans.

The next two weeks were taken up with pretty much the same scenario — Robert would go leave for work at about 7 am then Marie would come to my bed at about 7.15. We were fucking and sucking like love struck teenagers; occasionally with me jamming her dildo up her arse while I fucked her pussy… she loved that. More often than not we’d fuck in the afternoon too — usually in the living room or kitchen.

It was about that time they finally completed the purchase of the house near his workplace so Marie and I decorated it before they moved in.

On her last morning living in my home; Marie climbed into my bed as soon as my son left for work. We kissed and fondled for ages; with me managing to get four fingers up her soaking snatch while she sucked my cock.

“Wait there.” She panted after about half an hour, “I’ve got to get something.”

Tits bouncing she skipped back to her bedroom; quickly returning with a pot of Vaseline and a big dildo.

“You’ve Erotik hikaye waited long enough!” My daughter in law giggled as she took the top off the jar and handed it to me before getting onto her hands and knees.

I duly obliged and smeared the stuff onto her tight brown hole then along my straining cock.

“Does Robbie like a bit of backdoor action?” I asked as I easily slid two fingers into her tight hole.

“Fuck no!” She panted as my fingers got up to the second knuckle; “he won’t go near it…..says it’s dirty.”

“My last boyfriend loved it though; but he wasn’t half as big as you!” She chuckled as I pulled my fingers out.

I laughed and pulled her arse cheeks apart then carefully lined my knob up against the twinkling hole.

“Have you done this before?” She nervously asked as the knob stretched the sphincter.

“Oh yes.” I confirmed as I kept pushing forward, “I love sending married women home with an arse of spunk!”

“Oh my God!” Marie began panting as my cock began to feel some resistance.

“Just relax baby.” I whispered as I withdrew a couple of inches; then pushed again until about six inches was up her chute. “Is that better?”

My daughter in law was silent but nodded her head as she clung onto the head board.

I was slow and forceful for a minute or two then; as she relaxed began fucking her arse faster and faster making my sons wife scream and squeal with painful pleasure.

Bumming my pretty daughter in law was the horniest thing I’d done in years and made my balls ache. I knew that I wasn’t going to last very long so made the best of it by puling her up by her huge tits and began thrusting like a Jack Russell — short and sharp until my balls tightened and my spunk shot out like a silver bullet.

I rolled off her and lay flat on my back gasping for air as Marie curled into a ball with her hands stuffed between her legs.

As I regained my breath Marie picked up the dildo; “Do you want to do this for me?” She asked and slid it up her glistening cunt until it was fully buried..

“I’ll just watch the show if you don’t mind.” I grinned.

“Lazy twat!” She giggled as she began fucking herself and rubbing her clit for what seemed an age. I helped by kneading and sucking her tits until she came with a huge gasp.

With Robert and Marie now living on the other side of town and my daughter in law finally getting a job; the house seemed empty with just me rattling about; but it also meant that I could start inviting married lady friends around again; which was a treat after being ‘loyal’ to my daughter in law for the last few months.

After bumming Marie I was desperate to do it again and so was she judging from the text messages she was sending every day. It took some organising but we arranged to meet at my house on a Saturday afternoon while my son was fishing with some friends about 100 miles away.

She was hardly over the threshold when her knickers were off and I was soon licking her freshly shaved pussy on the sofa. After I’d made her cum twice she returned the compliment by sucking my dick and swallowing the whole lumpy lot. Still naked we went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Marie was drinking hers as I fingered her bald cunt when I heard the front door open.



Our clothes were still in the living room so I grabbed a tea towel to cover my embarrassment and poked my head around the kitchen door when my other daughter in law called out.
“Frank! It’s only me.”

“Oh, hi Debra.” I nervously replied as our eyes met. Debra smiled then her face contorted as she realised that I was nervously poking my head and shoulders around the door.

“Frank?” The copper haired beauty asked, “Have I….called at a…..bad time?”

“Sort of.” I replied; flustered and raised my eyebrows.

“Oh.” She playfully grimaced as the scenario in the kitchen dawned on her. “I’ll, Ehm…leave you to….ahem….get on with it.” Her face was a picture as she grinned and winked at me.

“Ok, I’ll….ahem (cough)….ring you later.” I gulped as Marie cupped my bollocks from behind.

Still grinning Debra gave me a little wave then turned to leave.

As she turned the handle she stopped dead in her tracks.

“But…..Marie’s car is on the drive.” She slowly exhaled as she turned to face me; her face suddenly breaking into a mischievous grin.

Not knowing what to say I pulled a face like a naughty schoolboy who’d forgotten his homework.

“Frank!” She hissed as she marched towards me, “Marie! Are you in there?”

“Debra, sweetheart.” I stepped out to stop her with one arm outstretched and the other manfully hiding my stiff dick with the tea towel. “It’s not what it looks like….I can explain.”

My daughter in law was now standing next to me and trying to open the kitchen door but my foot and shoulder were holding it closed.

Debra was now face was so close to mine as she shoved the door with her shoulder I could smell the nicotine on her breath.

“You….you….you haven’t heard the last of this!” She laughed and poked me in my hairy chest with her bright pink manicured fingernail; leaving a red mark.

Debra then turned on her spike heels and clomped down the passageway only stopping to point her finger at me again; a twinkle in her eyes as she clashed the door closed.

When I was sure Debra wasn’t coming back I turned to see Marie sitting at the table breaking her heart. Obviously the mood was no longer conducive to anal sex with my youngest daughter in law!

We got dressed in silence and I assured her that I would sort things out with Debra and no one would get hurt.

Debra didn’t reply to any of the messages or texts that I sent over the next two days, leaving me a little bit worried and Marie paranoid.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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