Birthday Spankings


Remember birthday spankings? Remember mom or dad or siblings playfully chasing you around to give you the 6 or 7 swats on your behind as you giggle and run away? Well, this is a story about those – kind of – but the spankings number closer to 18.

Amy is a red haired beauty. She’s about 5’3.” At age 18, she’s growing into a woman’s body and knocking men’s socks off. Her hair was wonderful, you could run your fingers through and get lost there for hours. She has a smile that, when it touched her eyes, melted men. Her fingers always moved across her lips or rested against her tongue in what can only be described as an oral fixation – one designed to drive men insane. She has these eyes that you should get lost in. Don’t get me started on her baby-soft skin. In short, she is beautiful. She is simply stunning.

And she loves her Daddy.

Her Daddy (David) is 6 foot even. Big shoulders Sporting a bit of a dad-bod. Wears a light beard. He runs a lot for exercise and teaches martial arts. (Amy tried a few classes out for a half a year and couldn’t get into it). He’s a Senior Finance Manager working in a tall building doing stuff with finance and numbers. All very boring. But Amy loves visiting Daddy in his office. He dresses well for work – doing the whole suit thing

And he loves his little girl.

It was Tuesday – the actual day of her birthday. She had celebrated her birthday on Saturday with friends and parents at the bowling alley. She wanted a car for her birthday. She ended up with some cash towards buying her own car – and a promise that Daddy would pay for her insurance until after college. When you add it up, it’s pretty generous, but it’s still not a shiny red car sitting in the driveway. And well, to be honest, it made Amy cranky, and frankly bratty.

She gets to stay home from school on her birthday – a family tradition. Not that she could do much today as she was a bit grounded. Apparently skipping school and having alcohol in her room still gets her grounded for a week. Even more reason to be cranky.

Her Daddy and mom recently divorced. David is actually Amy’s step-dad. But with only a few months of high school left, when mom and step-dad divorced, she stayed in the town she had grown up. Mom left with the boyfriend (aka, the reason for the divorce). David keeps busy with some light dating. Dad was “working from home” – code for taking a random day off. He’s kind of the boss in his little department and can get away with such things. He was sitting in his home office when Amy woke up, oh… about 11am.

“Good morning Daddy,” she said as she walked up behind Daddy and gave him a kiss on the back of his neck, then cheek as he worked. Then followed up with a hug that lingered with her head on his shoulder.

“Good morning Baby Princess Cuddle Butt,” he replied knowing for pretty certain Amy was going to ask for something – she’s not usually this sweet this early in the morning – especially when she’s grounded.

Hmmm… cute nicknames and not pushing her away as he worked, maybe Daddy’s in the mood to be a little lenient on her grounding… “Daddy, it’s my birthday and all, and Destany is going to the movies Friday and asked if I could go an…”

“You’re grounded,” David interrupted. “and it’s no longer your birthday on Friday.”

Instant pout. But plans to try harder later in the day for a Friday off grounding hatched in her mind. Daddy could be a bit of a push over since mom went away. Two huffs, then, “Okay,” was her response.

A little history about Amy and her Daddy. Amy was his little girl since she was 4 or 5. He spoiled her the only way he knew how – rotten. They had their own little relationship outside friends and relatives and even mom. Trips to the zoo, bedtime stories, late night ice cream runs on week nights, mini-vacations, and all kinds of things made their relationship a little different than most Daddies and daughters.

More history about Amy, she was a virgin. It wasn’t exactly from lack of trying. She loves guys. She’s had some oral sex in the past. But she simply hadn’t found the right guy. Hell, even “a right guy.” Her Daddy probably assumed she’d had sex though. She asked for birth control years ago. It was a “no questions asked” conversation. Sex isn’t a bad word at their house. And they’d discussed it. But the discussions didn’t dig into privacy.

The past few years have turned into more physical between Amy and her Daddy. No… not like you’re thinking. Since taking some karate class with her Daddy at age 14, she’d get into little grappling matches with him for fun at home. She’d wrap arms around his neck from behind and say, “Can you get out of this,” as he’d flip her legs all the way up over her head and lightly bring her to the ground. Tickle fights ended with takedowns and little ways to tie her arms up in his martial arts locks.. To be quite honest, she loved how little she felt when he pushed her around like that. And she also thought she was improving and getting better at fighting Ankara escort back.

David loved it too. He figured teaching her how to handle herself would help with guys when she got older. He’d teach her the mean stuff he only taught other black belts. He kind of liked how she could fend off and get out of many holds – even though he was 140% her size. But to be fair, he was also 140% more gentle with her than a typical student.

Since age 14 or so though, Amy would get into more and more trouble. Some grades got a little bad (which she fixed her Junior and Senior year). Skipping school or “forgetting” to set an alarm to wake up in time. All kinds of “rebellious” things. It required more and more discipline. Grounding. Taking away her computer and no TV days. Once she got caught flirting with boys online – like teasing about showing her breasts in video chat (she only showed her bra). And for that, the punishment was she had to keep her bedroom door cracked for months.

It was a year or so ago she found a way to get back at Daddy for the groundings. It was teasing him. Amy caught Daddy looking at her at a pool one day in her bathing suit when it was just the two of them at a Disney resort. There was a lot of flesh at the hotel pool of women older than her, and in her opinion, with better bodies. But Daddy couldn’t stop looking at her.

“Does he look at me like… that?” she wondered.

And the concept bothered her – at first. A few hours later she grew to like it. Then the idea popped into her head that she’d not only like it, but she could use it to get back at all of the injustices – like groundings. For 3 days, Amy lived in her bikini. She even enjoyed dancing around in it most every night on the vacation.

Of course David noticed her growing into a woman. Hips, breasts, those fucking lips… Hell, he even got her a Victoria’s Secret credit card to keep her in bras and panties (without him having to be the awkward dad in the store helping to pick out panties). He knew she was growing. A bathing suit image of her stuck in his mind whenever they’d go on family vacations to the beach.

“I’d never do anything but admire, of course,” David thought, “but that body in the bathing suit was a sight to see.”

She found out after that teasing episode at the Disney condo dancing exposé that she could ask for things – and get them. Her Daddy was discombobulated that entire afternoon. She scored some serious Disney bling that he had, the day before, said no to. To be quite honest, she asked for things everytime she caught his peeking and it was surprisingly effective.

The drive home was nice. She wore a short summer dress with frilly panties. She laid her head on his shoulder, a hand on his leg. When she got really tired, she laid back in the seat – making sure to let a peek of underwear show.

“Is this how I’m thanking Daddy for the trip and gifts? I wonder what other ways I could thank him? No… he’s driving. Fuck, the thought is turning me on.” Amy went to sleep with such things on her mind – waking up still quite wet.

Since then, Amy had let glimpses of herself be seen by Daddy. She was quite sure Daddy made himself available to be teased too. On a couple of occasions, she used the “bedroom door has to remain open” for evil purposes. If you stand in the hallway, you can see through the bedroom door all of the way into her bathroom.

Later that morning/afternoon, Amy forgot to close her bedroom door all of the way. She kept the bathroom door open always because there was no fan and it got too steamy. Amy took her shower. She was a little disappointed to not catch a glimpse of Daddy looking at her before she got in. Maybe he didn’t hear the water? As she stepped out of the shower though, she thought she saw a light turn off in the hallway outside her bedroom door.

“Is my Daddy there. In the hallway. Looking at me now?” she thought.

For some reason, she didn’t pretend to concentrate on drying and just her toweling. Amy stared at the slightly open door 15 feet away. She ran fingers down her body. Wrung out her hair. Amy stood at the front of the tub for a full minute before reaching for the towel.

“This is fucking turning me on,” she said to herself as she honestly thought about masturbating – right there.

“That’s too much though…” but fingers lingered against her pussy for a few seconds too long anyhow.

She put on very loose short shorts and lacy panties. The bra was lacy without much support. The t-shirt… well it belonged to Daddy at one time. If she was going to be grounded, bored, and lazy in the house, she was going to do it comfortably.

She found Daddy in his office 10 minutes later. He was on a conference call. He motioned her to be silent when she walked in.

“When someone tells me they’re going to do something, I expect it to be DONE,” Daddy said into the phone. He was pissed.

“Then get the Marketing team to fire the research firm,” he went on, Escort ankara “I don’t fucking care.”

Oh shit, he’s cussing at coworkers. Daddy got up and paced some. He gave Amy a smile though and shook his head at the phone like he was talking to an idiot – which was probably true. Amy came in for a hug, and slipped under his arm and put her head against his chest; arms wrapped around for a hug. This was either going to make him mad, or he’ll smile and calm down.

Daddy hugged back, and smiled. He got a little nicer on the phone. Amy felt like she did a good deed making Daddy smile so he didn’t get quite so pissed off on the phone. He hugged her like this for the last minute or two of the call. Then hung up.

Seconds after he hung up, “Sweet hugs aren’t changing my mind about you being grounded,” Daddy said before she could get a word in. He leaned down and gave her a peck on the lips.

“Damn. He’s onto me…,” Amy thought. “Well maybe I’ll beat you up until you give me everything I want,” Amy said and she grabbed him by the legs with two hands in an attempted takedown. With a giggle she pushed her weight against him. David actually stumbled, but didn’t go down.

“A sneak attack I see,” David said as he broke the hold and swept her feet from under her. But this time Amy grabbed his shirt on the way down taking him with her. She heard the shirt rip, a few buttons came off, and he landed on top of her. For a second she thought he was going to be mad…

Instead he said, “Tickle punishments for sneak attacks,” pinned his Amy down and tickled her with fingers and kisses on her cheek and neck. The neck kisses tickled the most. His shirt was hanging loosely.

“All kitten attacks are sneak attacks,” Amy said and somehow got away some after some wrestling, then jumped on his back.

David stood up and walked around some with Amy hanging on his back. “Is that the best you got,” as he walked around with Amy clinging like a monkey.

Daddy was tired and out of breath. But there was no way she was going to let him pretend like carrying her around was easy. She tightened her grip with her legs around Daddy’s back and dug in. He stumbled around.

“I give up,” Daddy resigned after a few minutes. He collapsed with Amy still on his back onto the leather couch in his office – the one no one ever uses. She held on with arms around the back of his neck and legs tight. Letting go was a 1 inch drop onto the leather.

“Then I can go out on Friday?” Amy asked already knowing the answer.

“Nope,” David peeled her off his back and he helped her to her feet, “you’re going to do house work to earn what it’s going to cost to buy me a new shirt,” he said with a joking smile as he took off his shirt.

“In your dreams she said. And you tore my shirt too.” Amy adjusted her shirt that had twisted 45 degrees. The shirt was about an inch away from boobage showing out the side of the sleeve by the tear. Also, her panties and shorts had ridden up – lots. “Sorry, you tore YOUR shirt,” she giggled as she realized it was Daddy’s t-shirt. That made her smile.

David shook his head. Amy admired her Daddy’s chest and back. He sweats a lot when he wrestles. She wasn’t quite sure how she felt about that.

David changed his shirt. Amy did not. They made lunch. It was homemade pizza. Daddy sucks at cooking. Amy took the lead. David ate most of it and cleaned up (e.g. threw things in the dishwasher). They ate on the couch in the living room.

The conversation at lunch:

“Can I go out on Friday?”


“Can I go out on Friday?”


“Can I go out on Friday?”

“No, and if you ask again I’m going to ground you.”

“I’m already grounded,” Amy pouted.

“Then I’m going to spank you,” Daddy retorted jokingly.

“You wouldn’t spank me, it’s my birthday.”

“We’d call them birthday spankings then. That’s 18. I think you’d be sore,” David said.

“Your spankings never hurt anyhow,” Amy said as she stood up to take her plate into the kitchen.

A SLAP to her ass as she walked by Daddy snuck out. She looked down at her Daddy who had a big smile on his face. It fucking hurt.

“OUCH”! She yelled.

Daddy taught me to defend herself – even against him. She reached out and delivered a slight slap to the side of Daddy’s face in defense and to be funny. But… it was maybe more than a slight slap. It connected hard and almost hit his eye. She saw anger on his face. But she wasn’t in the mood to back down.

Daddy tried another slap to Amy’s ass. She danced away and tried a light face slap again. He caught her wrists before this one landed. He tried to let go of one wrist and deliver another spank. She moved again, got her hands free and tried to slap him – lightly connecting.

“You do NOT hit in the face,” Daddy said as he advanced on her. Amy skipped around the couch teasing him. It took him 2 laps before he caught her. She giggled and struggled when he grabbed Ankara escort Kızlar her wrists. This was fun.

But Daddy’s face wasn’t quite so smiling. Was his eye a little scratched from where she hit him? Was he pissed?

Daddy grabbed her and sat on the couch and pulled Amy down with him – on top of his lap. He quickly pulled her sideways. The next thing Amy knew, she was across his lap with an arm pulled behind her back. Her wrist was in his left hand and he was pulling HARD. Plus he had a handful of her hair for control too in that hand. Her ass was up. Loose fitting gym shorts were riding up. Her right leg was just over Daddy’s knee with her pussy pushed against it. And most of her right butt cheek was showing.

Daddy slapped the exposed ass cheek. Hard.

“Ouch”! Amy said. A little pissed.

He slapped it again, and said, “two.”

“FUCKING STOP,” Amy said.

“Three.” Slap. “Four.” Slap. “Five.” Slap.

You remember that time Amy said, “your spankings never hurt anyhow?” Well, Amy regretted saying that.

“Six.” Slap. Slap. All to the same spot on her ass exposed cheek.

“Stop it”! Amy yelled.

Her panties were pulled up. They rubbed against her pussy. When she struggled, they pulled and rubbed. Daddy’s knee was hard against her pussy mound. Amy was breathing very heavily. And her Daddy was very very fucking serious. Her arm and hair hurt from being held. Her ass cheek was on fire, and he wasn’t even halfway done with her 18 birthday spankings.

On about the 9th spank, Amy realized why she was breathing so heavy. She realized why she was struggling too much. She realized why wiggling felt good. –She was fucking turned on.

Spank. “Ten.” Spank “Eleven.” Then Daddy paused before number twelve. She felt her ass move up TOWARDS the hand she expected. She realized she fucking wanted it. Her body was aching for more slaps.

Daddy paused. Looking down at his red-haired princess. Her ass was red. She had tears running down her face. Her leg was draped partially over his knee. Her breathing was heavy. She was in a hold she couldn’t get out of. She was his.

During this maybe 5 second pause, Amy felt herself spread her legs some. She felt herself spread her right leg over Daddy’s knee more. She felt herself surrender to Daddy’s big hands.

SLAP. Number 12 felt… nice. The motion of the strike allowed her to run her pussy up higher against Daddy’s knee. She felt her Daddy’s cock grown against her chest.

SLAP. Amy heard herself whisper something…

“What?” Daddy asked during another 5 second pause.

“Hurt me,” Amy whimpered, She couldn’t fucking believe she said that. She couldn’t believe she wanted it.

Number 14 was harder than the others. She moaned, “hurt your little girl Daddy”… maybe in a whisper her Daddy didn’t hear. Her wet pussy strained against Daddy’s knee. She blushed more realizing how wrong it was to do this.

SLAP. Number 15 to the same spot. Everything hurt. Daddy wasn’t letting go of her arm being twisted as she was held down.

David said, “My princess”… as he slapped the 16th time. “My baby. My good girl.” Then a 17th.

Amy felt herself almost ready to cum. Then number 18. SLAP! Harder than the rest. It rocked her entire body. Amy was so close to orgasm. She couldn’t believe it. Her body did something bad… it started to slide up and down her Daddy’s leg.

David continued to hold his little girl by the wrist and hair. His hand was sore. He felt so much better after taking anger out on this perfect (and now red) ass. He felt in control. Amy started to fucking dry hump his good suit pants. He couldn’t believe it. His cock was rock hard. He could feel how wet she was through his pants. Her shorts had slid over. It was just panties and pussy against his pants. He knew her panties were inside her pussy lips – so wet they were soaking through. She was a fucking slave to her hormones. She pushed her pussy against his leg, harder and harder.

He watched this for about 20 seconds. She was an animal. And he felt like one too. David grabbed Amy’s shorts and panties, and in one long stroke, tore/slid them down to her middle thigh. Her hips raised up for a second so the shorts/panties could come down in the front. They slid all of the way off over the next few minutes. Her wonderful bare ass was exposed and naked over Daddy’s lap.

On the way up after pulling her shorts and panties down, his hand slapped against her pussy. Gently. Compared to the other strikes. The slap was painfully wonderful to Amy. He brought his hand back down against Amy’s pussy lips.

And he kept his hand there for a second. Just holding her wet pussy in his entire hand – kind of cupping it with a lot of pressure. It was denying her orgasm. Amy lasted about 4 seconds before she pushed her hips back… and Daddy’s fingers spread her pussy lips apart. Big hands slid up and down her slit. Big fingers stroked on both sides of her clit. His whole hand fingered her on all over the inside of her pussy lips. Her pussy strained against his hand to be touched harder. Fingers went from up and down to roughly side to side against her clit – against her entire pussy.

Amy was fingered for 3 or 4 minutes before she felt herself almost there.

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