Black Magick Ch. 11


“Oh, damn, you make me so hot!” Amber moaned as she rocked back and forth on Nick’s cock clutching her big brown breasts as though her life depended on it. “You make me so damn hot, it’s so unbelievable. I swear, I think I must be leaving a huge slime trail all along your bedspread.” Nick grunted and rolled one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Amber bent over and gave Nick a very passionate kiss on the lips, her tongue parting his lips seductively and digging deep into the warm darkness of his mouth. She seemed to be exploring the insides of her as thoroughly as his cock was exploring her pussy. Oh it felt so good.

“Hey, no fair!” Nick’s sister Elisabeth moaned. She was lying on the same bed as them, wearing only her tight-fitting uniform shirt, her legs spread far apart, frantically rubbing her clit. “You can’t just hog him like that! He’s my brother! It’s only fair that I get a piece of him too, you know!”

Amber giggled and slowly sat up so Nick’s cock slowly slipped out of her tender young pussy. She whimpered softly as it cleared her body. Her stretched pussy hung open, pulsing slightly with every breath she took, as though it had a life of its own and was struggling to preserve it.

A moment later, Nick was mounting Elisabeth sexy body, his cock in hand, ready to make the insertion. He moaned slightly in anticipation. He wanted this for so long, he felt like his never-softening boner was beginning to fossilize.

He pulled his sister’s pussy lips apart and began rubbing the head of his cock again her clit and the entrance to her soft pink vagina. He loved the little toxic shivers of longing that the action sent coursing through him. In a moment he would have her. The beautiful body of hers would be all his. It was so worth the wait. If anything, the incredible longing was going to make the moment even more potent.

It was almost too good to be true, like the time the bell rang the moment before he had to solve a difficult calculus problem on the blackboard a week ago, or like the time his mother decided to punish him for stealing her sex toys by making him into her walking dildo. Every nerve ending he had seemed to be activated. He felt everything so intensely it was unreal, the crisp white bedspread, his sister’s warm skin and wet pussy.

He moaned appreciatively.

Nick bent down and kissed Elisabeth passionately and roughly on the lips. Her mouth curled into a sinister smile that seemed to penetrate him like a cold draft of air. Nick got the sinking suspicion that things wouldn’t come so easily to him.

And he was right.

Elisabeth quickly pushed him over with a strength that was nearly supernatural. He fell backwards onto the bed. Amber grabbed him by the wrists as though she were arresting him, and together the two girls arranged him so that his butt was in the air and his hands and feet were tied to the posts at the end of the bed. Nick tried to struggle to free himself but it was no use. And now both his sister and her friend were equipped with humongous strap-ons! His life seemed to be flashing in front of his eyes. His cock, still rock-hard, began to shiver with nervousness.

Elisabeth grabbed the strap-on in her hand and rubbed the head against Nick’s anus. Nick moaned and tried to pull away, but there was no room for him to move and nowhere to go even if he had. The room had no windows and no doors, just four white walls and a white popcorn ceiling. Suddenly, without warning, his sister began to push, and the tip of the strap-on disappeared into his ass.

Nick awoke up with a start. He was covered in sweat and panting heavily, as though he just ran a mile. It took him a moment to get his bearings, and he had to stare though the window near his bed three times before he could convince himself that it actually existed. His mother was gone from his bed. She must have gotten up sometime in the middle of the night and returned to her own room, after they had sex again last night. Not that Nick was in the mood to remember last night. His heart was pounding as though he had been dreaming about being chased though the cemetery by blood-thirsty zombies, though in all honestly he couldn’t really tell if his dream had affected him that way.

“Oh good, you’re awake,” his newfound sister, Victoria, cried, turning on the lights and jumping on his bed.

Nick felt his white underwear being stripped off him. The morning air felt cold against his cock, but he tried not to pay any more attention. If he woke up, then he’d have to go to school, and he really wasn’t looking forward to that after skipping class for the last two days.

He felt Victoria’s warm mouth wrapping around his very hard morning erection and couldn’t help moaning like a slut. Disturbing as it was, his dream made him rather aroused, and his cock, as always, was aching for attention.

Why was he trying to stay asleep when he had his hot sister around? He pulled the pillow off his head and found that Victoria Escort bayan wasn’t sucking his cock at all. She was rubbing it along the slit of her pussy. The warm sensation had been her pussy juices!

Nick gasped as his cock twitched.

Victoria laughed. “I’m glad I came to wake you up. I was afraid you’ve had so much sex last night that you were in a coma from overuse.”

“Ha, ha,” Nick replied dryly. “My cock hasn’t fallen off yet, but not for a lack of trying.”

Victoria snickered, and then, catching herself, she put her hands on her hips and tried to get down to business, though it looked a little comical since she was still very nearly riding Nick’s morning erection.

“Mom left an hour ago,” Victoria said. She rubbed the head of her brother’s cock temptingly against her inner lips causing Nick to gasp. He was so incredibly horny that he was having trouble understanding her. “I think she went off to have brunch with Angela or something.”

Aunt Angela was their mother Susan’s younger sister, and in Victoria’s past life, her youngest daughter.

“I guess I’ll just get something out of the fridge then.” Nick said rubbing his eyes sleepily. “Is there coffee? Red Bull? I feel like I’m hung over.”

“That’s probably because of all the magick you were using last night. It can have on the body like alcohol. That’s part of the reason it’s so much fun,” Victoria said, a little twinge of superiority in her voice.

“Oh shit,” Victoria added, glancing at the clock over Nick’s bed. “Before I forget, Susan… I mean Mom, told me to tell you that breakfast is on the table if you want it, and there’s money for lunch, but we’re going to have to hurry if you’re going to make it in time. School starts in twenty minutes.”

“Shit!” Nick exclaimed, jumping out of bed and throwing on his uniform pants. “Why didn’t you wake me earlier? And why aren’t you in your uniform?” he added, quickly taking in his new sister’s clothing for the first time that morning. She was wearing a black dress as dark as her hair, with frilly black stockings with large satin bows on the top. The hat that she held in her hand had a traditional black veil.

“I’m in mourning,” Victoria replied somberly. She shifted her shirt slightly in a manner that Nick found very attractive. “I’m going to skip school today and go to the cemetery.”

“That’s odd,” Nick said, halting his efforts to put on clothing just long enough to scratch his head. “I can’t think of anyone who died recently. Grandpa’s still alive and we don’t really have any more family besides him and aunt Angela’s family. Who are you in mourning for?”

“Me, of course,” Victoria said shacking her head at her brother’s insensitivity. “I died ten years ago today from breast cancer, you fool. Not that you or Elisabeth really remember! I’m surprised you two had been clever enough to raise me from the dead.”

“Right,” Nick said, putting on his tennis shoes. “And it’s completely normal for eighteen-year-old girls to skip class to go to the cemetery and mourn for themselves. I’m a real doofus for not figuring that one out.”

“Of course not!” Victoria stammered, a little cross.

Nick noticed in fascination that her erect nipples were pressing out against the fabric of her dress right above where her arms were crossed in irritation, and he found this intensely erotic.

“I have to go to school now,” Nick said, glancing at his sister hungrily and drooling slightly. It wasn’t just any boy who had his grandmother come back from the dead as his hot younger sister. “Do you have a bike, or will you need a ride to the cemetery?” he added gallantly.

“Oh, Elisabeth and Amber have their bikes, so the only one left is yours,” Victoria shrugged as if this was a trifling matter that didn’t bother her in the slightest. “I figured you could ride with me and I’d bike you to school and then head out. That doesn’t bother you at all, does it?”

Nick couldn’t help thinking that riding bitch on a bicycle with Victoria steering would be a lot of fun. He could sit really close to her and wrap his arms around her waist and maybe, just maybe, he could get away with letting his ever hard cock rest gently against his sister’s butt cheeks as she pedaled onwards. Would she rub her clit against the bike seat as they rode along? That thought alone was almost enough to make Nick come.

But he was a little afraid that it would be considered unmanly for him to let his sister do all the work. He tried to formulate a responsible protest. He thought he ought to tell his sister that he’d bike them both to school that he didn’t want her working so hard for him, but Victoria but her finger to his lips and he found that he was powerless to say anything.

“Come on. We’d better go,” Victoria said, opening the door out of Nick’s bedroom. She turned and looked at her brother with an enormous and not overly chaste smile. Nick felt his heat begin to race, and his cock hardened even more, just in Escort case it was needed.

Victoria looked down at her brother’s cock and laughed.

“No time for that, you’re going to be late!” she exclaimed. “Come on, we’ve got to run.”

Nick took off after his sister. She was rather fast for a girl, and Nick had a hard time keeping up.

Victoria ran into the garage and mounted the bike way up close to the handle bars so Nick would have room to ride behind her. The bar was inches from her tight little pussy and Nick gasped, imagining what it would look like to have the cold metal spit his sister’s pussy lips apart. He moaned, completely enchanted with the vision.

“Come on!” Victoria ordered. “I promised Mom that I’d make sure you got to school on time. I don’t want my daughter to be displeased with me.”

“I think I’ll just run,” Nick replied sheepishly. He was beginning to feel a little embarrassed for getting so hard over his little sister.

“Oh, come off it!” Victoria snapped. “You’ll be late for school if you run, plus you’ll get your uniform all sweaty. You shouldn’t be so prissy about your manhood, it leads to erectile dysfunction!”

Nick mounted the bike behind Victoria and his cock instantly sprung into action, pressing against her butt cheeks just like he had imagined. Victoria didn’t mind at all. Maybe she was just thinking about something and didn’t notice, or maybe she really was just as easygoing as Nick had imagined. That thought made his cock ache.

He barely noticed the ride to school, though the wind was cold against his skin and it reminded him vaguely of the sensation of his hard cock being exposed to the air. The scenery sped past without ever once registering in his brain. His mind was on his cock that pressed against Victoria’s buttocks and on his hands that were wrapped right underneath her breasts, from time to time running a finger against her hard nipples.

He was reluctant to get off the bike when they got to school. He wanted to be near Victoria. Maybe he could fuck her on one of the gravestones at the cemetery! It would be fun to do something so naughty in front of so many graves, even if the dead weren’t really around to notice. He imagined his cock sliding into Victoria from behind as she leaned against a giant granite headstone. Would she perhaps let him eat her pussy as she sat on top of someone’s gravestone? That would be so damn hot!

Nick felt a squeezing sensation in his testicles that meant he was close to orgasm. He blushed and tried to think of something else. It wouldn’t do to have a humungous bulge in his pants when he walked into his class, much less put a load of sperm into his clean underwear. He couldn’t really go with Victoria anyway. He’d missed so much class recently that his grades would begin to slip if he didn’t pay more attention to his studies, and Nick wanted to get into a good college as much as Elisabeth did.

It was sort of a tasteless fantasy anyway, all considering, and so Nick tried really hard not to feel bad about abandoning it. Victoria was in mourning and it was disrespectful to the dead. And after all, there would be other opportunities to do something kinky with Victoria. Strictly speaking, Nick didn’t need to get laid several times a day, did he?

“Bye,” said Victoria with a little wave and biked off. Nick stared after her longingly. Maybe he should have stood his ground and gone to fuck her in the cemetery, but she was gone now and he had no choice but to head to class. The bell was about to ring.

On the plus side, his homeroom teacher, the one with the big tits, was wearing a shirt with a really low neckline and Nick began to drool. He waited with bated breath for his teacher to lean over just a little more and her plump nipples to topple out over the edge of her shirt.

Oh, fuck, he was so hard.

The whole thing sent images of his cock thrusting into his sister’s cleavage racing through his head almost against his will, and he moaned in satisfaction, forgetting where he was entirely. The girl next to him snickered.

Nick reddened and gave her an evil look. He was imagining all sorts of kinky things he would like to do for vengeance, which amounted to tying her up and fucking her up the ass while she had a huge candle in her pussy. He was pleased when she turned her head in embarrassment and began paying more than usual attention to what the teacher was talking about. He didn’t realize that all the black magick he had been practicing had given his eyes a bit of a sinister glint that normal people found intimidating.

When the bell rang for the morning break, Nick picked up his books quietly and went to the door. Despite his minor victory over the girl who had caught him having the kinky daydream, he was feeling rather embarrassed and subdued. He couldn’t help it. It was his nature!

He was keeping his head down and planning to sneak into one of the bathroom stalls to jack off before his next class. Bayan escort But he didn’t get the chance.

The girl, whose name he thought might be Jessica, pulled him aside in the hallway and pressed him against the lockers as though she was going to try to take his lunch money. Her long blond hair was hanging over her shoulders and she was panting slightly with the exertion, which have her a sort of ruffled appearance. This made Nick incredibly horny. The girl reached down and touched the crotch of Nick’s pants experimentally, though she missed his cock by several inches, something Nick was painfully aware of.

She stared up at Nick with a pouting expression on her face and perhaps just a glimmer of a tear in her eye. Nick’s breath caught in his throat. He couldn’t help finding the whole situation rather stimulating. He opened he mouth to invite her to kiss him but she didn’t move and continued to stare at him, her eyes shining.

Elisabeth called from down the hall and Jessica turned to look at her, a glimmer of fear in her eye.

“Later,” she whispered seductively and drew back. She glanced again at Elisabeth and walked away from Nick as though nothing had happened. Nick thought this was very odd and more than a little disappointing, and he stared after her ass longing for a couple more moments as Elisabeth and Amber approached.

“We need to talk to you about something important,” Amber said in a harsh whisper.

“Yeah, but it’s got to be someplace private. It’s about you know what,” Elisabeth added conspiratorially.

Nick didn’t quite know what they meant, but his cock sprang to attention at the thought of being somewhere private with Amber and Elisabeth. It felt like ages since he had time to do something kinky with them, and he was so anxious to get his hands on their lovely bodies that he was nearly drooling.

They opened a door to the janitor’s closet and squeezed in. There wasn’t any light and it was kind of creepy, but on the plus side they were all so squished together that Nick couldn’t help touching the girls’ breasts with his shoulders.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk about?” Nick asked, his voice slightly uncomfortable.

“Well, Amber and I have been talking and we’ve decided that we’re really serious about our magick,” Elisabeth offered into the darkness of the janitor’s closet. “We’ve summoned the dead, which is really impressive, but where do we go from there? We thought about making a homunculus out of our dead dog Happy, using his remains that are still in buried in Mom’s flower garden, but that’s not big enough, not now.”

“And I wanted to seduce my older brother when he came back from college, but we easily managed that yesterday night without any magick whatsoever,” Amber added.

“Men have a real thing for bisexual women,” Elisabeth explained. “He nearly soiled his pants when he saw me slide my entire hand into Amber’s pussy.”

Nick gasped. The image of Elisabeth’s smooth knuckles disappearing into Amber’s sopping wet hole was almost more than he could handle. He staggered, lost his footing and fell against one of the girls. His open mouth happened to land right over her breast, as though he had intended it.

Amber moaned like a slut and Elisabeth tried to pull Nick off her friend, but she couldn’t see where her hands were and she ended up grabbing Nick’s cock, which, of course, was rock-hard.

Nick squealed like a girl and fell backwards into Elisabeth, knocking her onto the floor and landing on top of her. Amber lost her footing too and landed with a bang on top her two friends.

Nick couldn’t help noticing that his hard cock was resting against the seat of her underwear. He moaned. Damn, he wanted to fuck her.

Amber, probably blushing, stood up and patted her skirt to straighten it.

“Anyway, he we need a bigger challenge than necromancy or plain seduction, so we’ve decided to summon an ancient god!” Amber said happily.

Nick stared in her direction blankly.

“You’re supposed to get all sorts of special powers from summoning one,” Amber added excitedly. Nick was tempted to reach down under her skirt and see just how wet she was from thinking about this.

“We’re supposed to start with something minor, like a lunar god or something,” Elisabeth explained. “But I figure we’re good enough that we can manage Tiamat, the Babylonian goddess of chaos and destruction, if Amber and I throw in our virginity. Oh, and if we can use you and Victoria as mediums. We’ll need your super-semen, and Vicky’s otherworldliness.”

“You can have all the sperm you want right now.” Nick said unzipping the fly of his pants. “I’m so fucking horny I feel like I could explode.”

Amber giggled. Elisabeth tried to swat him on the ass, but in the darkness, she ended up hitting him in the testicles. Nick doubled over in pain with an awful groan and Amber’s giggling got even louder.

“What’s the risk?” Nick asked, blinking back tears. He had a bit of experience being a medium already, and didn’t particularly like the idea of having to do it again. It was a tad too weird, watching from the inside as his dead grandmother fucked his sister’s friend up the ass using his cock.

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