Blackmail Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


I had been married to Carol for nearly eight years and life was good, until I screwed things up. We had got together after both going through messy and difficult divorces. After falling for each other we were soon married and made a fresh start by moving in to a new house.

Carol had a daughter Tina who was eleven years old when we married. It took a year or so for Tina to except me as her Mum’s new partner but eventually we became fairly close and got on well.

As the years went by we all settled into a happy comfortable life together. Carol worked as a Carer, more of a vocation than a job, she loved it and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I had worked for an accountancy firm since leaving school and was quite content. Tina of course was at school and intended to go on to University when the time came.

Looking back now I can see the problem began when I was made redundant and lost my job. I wasn’t too worried at the time, I’d been toying with the idea of freelance work anyway so was looking as this as the push I needed. The problem was I was left with too much time to fill which led to my big mistake.

Tina was almost nineteen now and having her A levels under her belt was also left with time on her hands as she awaited her new life at University. This meant we were seeing a lot of each other. Carol was working long hours and never seemed to be home just lately.

We had a computer work station in the corner of the lounge which we all used from time to time, although Tina had her own Laptop she often used it because of the bigger screen. On the day that I now refer to as Black Monday, while I was sat in the lounge reading the paper Tina sat at the computer…

“OH, MY, GOD!” Tina suddenly cried.

Startled I looked up, “What’s up?” I asked.

“I Don’t Believe This…This is Me isn’t it!” she said.

“What’s You?” I asked wondering what she was talking about.

“This Story, It’s Me isn’t it?” she said.

My heart sank as I realised what she had found. Having so much time to fill I had began searching the internet more and more lately and I happened upon a sight that caught my eye. With Carol working so much our sex life had suffered and I have to admit I was looking at ways to satisfy myself. I’d found a rather good site that published erotic stories and after reading a few began to wonder!

The site was named ‘Literotica’ and I signed up as a member. I decided to see if I could write a story of my own, but what I could I write I wondered. After reading a story on the website about a stepdaughter my thoughts turned to Tina and I began seeing her as the sexy young woman she had become.

Tina was indeed a very desirable young woman. Standing about five feet two tall, black shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, she was far from a super model as she carried Ankara escort a little weight but she certainly wouldn’t have any problem attracting interest.

As my imagination ran riot I soon began fantasising more and more about Tina, and to my shame became very aroused at the thought. From then on whenever I was in her company I would study her body in more detail which fuelled my fantasy even more.

So that is how my story took shape and I ended up writing an erotic storyline involving Me and Tina in a sexual relationship, the story Tina had somehow found on the computer and was now reading…

“This Is Disgusting…You Are Disgusting!” Tina exclaimed with venom in her tone.

“I’m sorry T,” I wasn’t given the chance to finish as Tina interrupted.

“You Just Wait Till I Tell Mum…You Pervert!” she said but didn’t look up from the screen as she kept reading.

With my elbows on my knees I held my head in my hands and cursed myself for being so careless. I thought about making some kind of excuse to get me out of this nightmare but to coin a phrase I was ‘Banged to Rights’ and couldn’t think of anyway out.

Tina seemed intent on finishing reading the story to the end. Calling me all sorts of names as she read, she eventually finished. Standing up she stomped off muttering, “Disgusting man,” and ran upstairs, slamming her bedroom door behind her.

I sat there wondering what I could say to Carol when she found out. A sudden thought occurred to me and I saw a way out of this mess. Delete the story and deny anything Tina might tell her mother. At least I could save my relationship with my wife, Tina, I knew would never forgive or forget.

Rushing to the computer I quickly deleted the story and was busy destroying all traces of it when I heard Tina stomping back down the stairs. When she saw me at the computer and realising what I was doing she said smugly, “No good deleting it, it’s still online. You can’t delete it from there can you.”

As she walked away again calling me names, my heart sank again as I knew she was right. I sat quietly for some time, the whole scenario playing over and over in my mind. Resigned to except my fate, one thing I couldn’t understand was why, when she was so disgusted at what she was reading, why would she carry on reading it!

Sometime later Tina came back down and strolled in to the lounge, “I still think you’re perverted and I still might tell Mum but if you do something for me I might keep quiet…at least for now, depends on how good you are,” she said as she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips.

Here we go I thought to myself, she’s going to demand I buy her a car or something. But what could I do if that’s what she asks! I realised there was more to Tina than I ever imagined but what she said next took me totally by surprise.

“I promise not to tell Mum if you come upstairs Escort ankara with me now and please me however I choose. I still think you’re a disgusting pervert but that story made me horny and I think the least you can do is satisfy me. So what will it be? Shall I tell Mum or what?” she asked demanding an answer.

“I don’t seem to have much choice do I,” I said still in shock.

“”Not really, no. So come on then, come and see to my needs,” she said and rushed up to her room.

It took me a moment to gather myself together before making my way upstairs. Walking in to Tina’s room I found her laying on her bed. She was wearing an old baggy t-shirt which stretched half way down her bare thighs and some fluffy pink socks covered her small feet. I was used to seeing her dressed like this around the house.

“Now, you’re going to do exactly as I say. You can start my massaging my feet, go on,” she demanded.

Sitting on the end of the bed I took one sock covered foot in my hands at a time and massaged her warm little feet. She laid back with her eyes closed enjoying the sensation.

“Now take my socks off and kiss my toes,” she said opening her eyes to watch.

Slipping her socks off I couldn’t help feeling a little aroused at her perfect little feet with red painted toenails. I kissed each toe.

“Now lick in-between them and suck each toe until I tell you to stop,” she commanded.

I knelt down on the floor at the end of the bed and followed my instructions. Sucking on her toes i looked up along the smooth skin of her lower leg, her thick thighs and right up between her legs at the top, could just see her pink panties. Tina must of seen where I was looking.

“Yes that’s where you’re heading next. Lick all the way up my legs and kiss my thighs,” was her next instruction.

I couldn’t help but enjoy the experience, putting our relationship to one side, this girl was hot. Working my way up her legs past her knees she parted them to allow my lips to kiss her inner thighs. I could now see a small wet patch on her pink cotton knickers. Lifting her bum off the bed she pulled her shirt up out of the way. Bending her legs she pulled them up and held them before issuing her next instruction.

“This is where Daddy smells his naughty Daughters pussy. Pull my knickers up and please me and don’t forget my arse,” she said enjoying the control she had over me.

Before removing her panties I kissed the wet spot above her pussy and smelt her fragrance. She straightened her legs as I pulled her panties up and off exposing her freshly shaved pussy. The lips of her labia were curled up together hiding her hole until I teased them apart with my tongue.

“Oh yes Daddy, eat my pussy, fuck me with your tongue,” she said as she breathed heavier.

Her juices coated my face as my tongue explored deeper, “Make me cum Daddy,” she said in-between Ankara escort Kızlar her moans of pleasure.

Moving my tongue to her clit and teasing her arsehole with a finger she began to writhe around unable to control herself as her orgasm approached. My fingertip entered her arse and as I sucked her clit between my lips she tensed and held her breath. With a few thrusts of her hips she began panting for air, her body went limp as her orgasm passed.

When she had regained her senses she pulled herself up and sat against the headboard, “Well you’ve pleased me enough to keep me quiet for now but I may need you again. But for now you may go,” she said enjoying her power.

Being dismissed I returned downstairs. I was amazed at this new side to Tina that I would never of imagined. I’d experienced moody behaviour with her before but this was very different.

I couldn’t deny that I had enjoyed the experience. Touching and playing with her in such an intimate way had turned me on more than I wanted to admit but now it was over, the guilt took over my thoughts. I just hoped I had done enough so she wouldn’t tell her mother…

It was barely an hour later when I knew she hadn’t finished with me. She called from upstairs, “Come On, I Need You Again, Quickly.”

Entering her bedroom Tina was laying flat on her bed totally naked. Despite my guilt I couldn’t help but be aroused. Her hands hid her nipples but couldn’t hide all of her large breasts.

“Now you can suck my tits, and make sure I enjoy it,” she said taking her hands away and laying her arms down beside her.

Her huge dark areolae highlighted her big stiff nipples, inviting my mouth to explore them. I could smell her delicate perfume on her soft warm skin as I licked and sucked on her nipples. Placing my head between her tits, kissing and licking, I pressed her fleshy mounds against my cheeks.

“Get your cock out and rub it on my tits, Come on, quickly,” she demanded.

Dropping my trousers and pants my semi erect penis was greeted by her approving eyes. Her tongue licked her soft lips. Lowering my cock to the nipple nearest to me I stroked my knob across her stiff bud. My cock grew harder.

Tina opened her legs, “Finger my pussy,” she again demanded.

While still rubbing my knob on her tit I placed my other hand between her legs and slipped a finger inside her hole. Still wet from earlier it found little resistance and slid deep inside.

“Now Daddy’s going to rub his hand on my clit while he finger fucks me,” she said.

She was soon writhing around under my touch. Pre cum smeared around her nipple and areola as I continued running my helmet over her tit. Holding my finger deep inside her sopping wet cunt I wiggled it around. With my hand rubbing firmly on her clit she was soon coming.

“Oh…Ye…s…Da…ddy,” she cried before falling silent as her orgasm enveloped her.

I was so close to shooting my load until Tina spoke, “OK, that’s enough for now. Put that thing away. You may go now.”

Although I so needed to cum I did as I was told. This girl certainly knew what she wanted and now she had found a way of getting it whenever she desired…

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