Boardgame with Friends

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The e-mail was brief.

Jackson, thank you for registering for the 2022 masters national swim meet. We have 329 entrants, less than in 2019 but it will still be a competitive meet. We are looking forward to the return of competition, and will update you with event details when available.

I read the email again surprised at the low number of participants. There were twice as many swimmers in 2019.

2020 was canceled due to Covid and 2021 was not even planned.

In 2019 we ( the local masters swim team ) had 40 swimmers at the national meet, this year we will only have 24.

My name is Jackson but everyone calls me Jack. I’ve been part of this team for 12 years, but 2019 was the first time I went to the national meet. Actually, it was my first swim meet since college, which was in the 1970’s.

I hadn’t planned on going in 2019, my competitive swimming days were over.

But my friends persuaded me to join them as it would be a 4 day guys get away without spouses. Each day the swim events concluded around 2:00. The afternoons were free and the evenings were filled with social gatherings.

It’s fair to say the evening parties were the reason many came to the meet.

The participants came from all over the country. Friendly competition during the day and partying at night. The last night promised to be the best party with live music and plenty of food and drinks.

But that flopped.

Many competitors headed home right after the meet ended. The food was sparse and the DJ’s music was limited. By 9:30 plans were being made to contact Uber and check out the bars downtown.

I decided to call it a night and stay at the hotel. I’m in my 60’s, most of my swimming friends are 15 or more years younger and wanted to check out the town.

I shared the elevator back to my room with 3 ladies from our team. They are close friends and come to this meet yearly without their husbands. They invited me back to their room to play cards or a board game they brought with them. I’ve never liked card games or board games so I declined their offer. But they insisted. The more I resisted the more they persisted since they needed a fourth person for their game.

Finally, I gave in and agreed to join them.

These three ladies are all very athletic and attractive. I’m not sure of their ages, but the age groups they compete in puts them close to my age.

The oldest is Elaine, she likes to be called “Lainey “, she swims in the 70-74 age group.

Lainey is 5’8″, thin, athletic build with shoulder length grey hair. Of the three she is the best swimmer. She competed in college before title 9 when women’s swimming was considered a club sport. Her stroke is smooth and streamlined, moving gracefully through the water with little effort.

Joan is the second oldest competing in my age group 65-69. She likes to be called “Jo”. She’s 5’6″ medium build and a fair swimmer. She is known as a elite runner having qualified for the Boston Marathon several times. In recent years she has been competing in triathlons. That’s when she took up swimming with the masters. She lacks the smooth streamlined stroke but makes up for it by her constant hard effort.

Melanie is the youngest, competing in the 60-64 age group. She likes to be called “Mel”.

Standing 5’10” she is the tallest and thinnest of the three. Her long legs are a treat to watch from under water as she swims past and her breasts are larger than expected on such a thin frame. When the water is cold her nipples stand firm and poke through her swimsuit. Impossible for me not to stare.

She doesn’t have a sports background but has really taken to masters swimming. She is at every practice, continually does stroke drills to improve in all 4 strokes. She likes to joke around at practice and has been known to break out in song between sets.

As a group the 3 are close friends, always seen together joking and poking fun at one another. They will give disapproving looks if you call them by their given name. They are Lainey, Jo and Mel period.

I enjoy swimming with their group, they enjoy making it fun. Since I’ve known them I’ve been the focus of their light hearted ribbing.

I’m 65, 6’2″ and have always stayed active and fit. I have the most extensive swimming background on the team being an All-American in college. These days I prefer to cruise through the practices enjoying the love I have for swimming and the camaraderie with the team. Everyone would describe me as quiet and shy, at least until I get to know you. That makes me an easy target for teasing by these ladies. I can’t hide my crimson face when the 3 of them embarrass me. I take their joking in stride, never offended and enjoy their attention.

When we left the elevator I promised to join them after a quick stop at my room. I took a few minutes to change and call my wife with an update on the days events.

Twenty minutes later I was knocking at their door. Hearing their laughter I entered the room. They were sitting on the floor around a square game board. In the middle was a bottle of bourbon with 1/4 already gaziantep jigolo gone. I sat between Lainey and Jo, Mel sat across from me.

The board had 4 stacks of colored cards: vanilla, pink, red and black. Small circles on the board followed a winding path matching the colors of the cards. The path started with vanilla and moved to pink, red and lastly black. Each circle had instructions.

One die was placed on the board with 4 plastic tokens of different colors, one for each player.

“What game is this?”

Mel answered, “It’s a social game, a get to know your friends better game.”

“Ok, what are the rules? How do you play? How do you win or lose?

All three laughed, “There are no losers, just follow directions and have fun.”quipped Mel.

By their laughter and giggling I knew they were already buzzed from the bourbon.

Setting a shot glass in front of me, Lainey filled it,”You have some catching up to do.”

I downed my first shot.

Jo rolled first and moved her token. The instructions on that spot was to take a vanilla card and drink a shot.

She filled her glass, downed the shot and picked up the top vanilla card.

She read ” Share a sexual experience you had in public that no one knows about”

I was taken by surprise by the question, it was now obvious to me that the topic of this game was sexual. I felt uneasy, could this be a prank and I’m the target to embarrass!

With a deep breath Jo started, “I masturbated in the club’s hot tub while others were in the tub.”

” What! Who! When!” shrieked Lainey.

“After practice that really cold day when we were all in the hot tub getting warm.” Nodding at me she added “Jack, you were there.”

“I was, and missed it!”

Jo continued ” The water was so hot and the jet of water was hitting me just right. It felt wonderful and when I slid my finger under my suit and rubbed I started shivering and climaxed.”

The thought of being next to her as she climaxed was erotic and I felt my cock twitch.

” And I thought you were shivering from the cold.” As I gave her a devilish smile.

Mel rolled next.

She moved her token, picked the top card, downed a shot and read ” What sexual act do you wish you experienced more?”

Without hesitation she said,” Oral, giving and receiving.”

The three of us enthusiastically agreed, and laughed together.

Lainey rolled next.

Moving her token she picked the next card and read.

“Would you ever have an affair?”

She downed her shot, winked toward me and said, “Yes.”

I swallowed hard as my face turned red and my cock twitched at the thought of fucking her.

I’ve played out that fantasy many times.

Did she know!

Or, is she teasing me.

The three of them laughed at my embarrassment.

I rolled the die, moved my token and picked a card.

I read, ” What activity did you do that you’d describe as being an exhibitionist?”

I downed a full shot.

“I’ve played volleyball nude.”

“What! More details, ” all 3 chimed together.

” I spent a day at a nudist camp and the group played volleyball. Everyone was nude and very casual and at ease.” “Is that considered exhibition if everyone is nude?”

Dumbfounded they stared at me with their mouths open.

Mel broke the silence,”We’re shocked, you are so quiet and shy, what a surprise!” “This is going to be fun!”

Jo rolled the die to start the next round.

She landed on the first pink spot. The instructions were to pick up the pink card labeled “ONE”

After reading the card silently she shared the instructions.

“Whew! There are several instructions.”

“First, all players join me on the pink spot.”

“Second, every player drinks a shot”

“Third,each player removes an article of clothing.”

Jo filled the glasses, we all downed the shot quickly.

Without hesitation they pulled off their shirts.

I hesitated, surely this group of respected older ladies, all in long term marriages, grown children and grandchildren had a boundary. I thought we had reached the point where they would say no.

They stared at me, I removed my shirt.

All 3 were wearing sports bras which revealed nothing, their swimsuits were more revealing when wet.

A quick calculation, I wore fewer pieces of clothes.

Mel rolled the die.

Moving her token, the instructions were to drink a shot and pick up the second pink card.

She read, “Fondle another player.”

Without hesitation she reached for Lainey, squeezing her tit.

Lainey shrieked with laughter.

Mel didn’t stop, slipping her hand under Lainey’s bra she massaged her tit.

Lainey’s shriek changed to a gasp and moan.

Lainey’s nipples harden, my cock twitched.

Mel stopped and returned to her seat.

Lainey composed herself and rolled the die.

Moving her token, she was instructed to leap over pink, go to red and pick the first red card.

She read the card ” each player drink and remove a second article of clothing.

We jigolo gaziantep drank in unison.

Looking at each other, they stood and removed their shorts.

I removed mine.

A quick reality check, I’m sitting with 3 ladies dressed only in their bra and panties and me in my boxer briefs.

I’ve been married for 40 years and the only woman I’ve seen partially undressed is my wife.

No big deal to them they sat down to continue the game.

I stole glances of each ones panties and how revealing they were. Mel’s was the skimpiest revealing the outline of her shaved pussy and the separation between her labia.

It was my turn, with a deep breath I rolled the die and moved my token.

The instructions ” Drink a shot and pick 2 more cards.

I picked 2 red cards and downed my shot before reading.

The first card ” kiss the player across from you below the neck.

On my hands and knees I moved over the board to Mel, she leaned back and lifted her head to expose her neck down.

Her breasts pushed forward.

I kissed above her cleavage, hooking a finger over the edge of her bra, I pulled down to expose more of her breasts, kissing each one, a long slow kiss with my tongue pressed to her flesh.

Mel moaned with pleasure. “WOW” was the only word from her.

I moved back to my seat with a bigger bulge protruding from my briefs, which was noticed by all 3.

“Oh, you stopped so soon,”pouted Mel.

I responded with a sheepish grin.

I knew she was teasing me, I’d love to spend the night kissing and sucking her tits.

My second card, “Describe when, who and how you lost your virginity.”

I hesitated, I’ve never talked about this experience before.

“Ok, here goes, summer after high school graduation I worked as a life guard and swim coach.”

“I had an affair with a mom of one of the kids on the swim team.”

I stopped there.

“Whoa, Whoa,” protested Lainey,

“More details.”

“Ok, she was in her 30’s, her son was 10 years old and I taught him swim lessons. She asked if I would do the lesson at their house in their pool. I agreed, over a couple weeks we got to know each other. She flirted with me, at first I was shy having never been in that situation. As I became more comfortable she became more risqué. She would wear low cut tops without a bra and make sure I had an opportunity to look down her top. Her tits were the first real tits I’ve seen and felt. She would ask about my girlfriend and little by little wanted more intimate details. When I admitted to being a virgin she really ramped it up.

After one lesson she invited me to stay for lunch, her son went to play at a friends house. After lunch we sat and talked, she took my hand and placed it on her breast and what felt like a lesson showed me how women liked to be touched and caressed. I immediately had a raging boner which she noticed and complimented me on my size and begged me to let her see. I agreed. She pulled down my shorts and stroked my cock, In less than 30 seconds I shot my load all over her. She grinned and said she would teach me how to control myself which would be appreciated by my future girlfriends.

The group was quiet, staring at me while mulling over my story.

“Is that a true story,” questioned Lainey.

“Absolutely true.”

Jo added “What does ” she taught me everything ” mean.”

“Well, we spent a lot of time together. She gave me lessons on all aspects of sex, kissing, touching, every way to please a lady.”

” Remember how we agreed earlier we all wanted more oral sex?”

“FYI, I’m really good at it.”

There was a silent pause, they were either trying to decide if I was pulling their leg or they were fantasizing about my oral abilities.

Over the years I’ve quietly thanked my MILF affair many times for her invaluable lessons. In retrospect I wished I’d gone back to see her and tell her in person. Every 18 year old boy should have a 30 year old lady as a Sex Ed teacher.

Jo rolled the die next.

She moved her token to the next spot. The directions were give the next top card to the player on your left, that was me.

She handed me the card.

I read.

“Remove a article of clothing.”


I took a deep breath and downed a shot.

I read it again out loud.

Hoots and hollers erupted from all 3.

I stood and pulled off my briefs.

The bourbon had removed my inhibitions.

All 3 stared at my cock, it wasn’t erect but engorged enough to show off my thick 7 inches.

Finally, Lainey raised her hand and asked “Raise your hand if he’s bigger than your husband.

All hands went up.

Jo sat with her other hand over her mouth as if in disbelief.

I didn’t know Mel’s or Lainey’s husband but I know Jo’s. He is a friend, I work out with him at the gym and we run together. We’ve shared the locker room many times. He is a great guy but has the smallest dick I’ve seen on a guy, couldn’t be 3 inches.

Jo spoke next ” Wow! Wow! Wow! Can I touch gaziantep escort you? I’ve never seen a cock that big in real life.”

The bourbon had drowned all inhibitions.


Jo knelt in front of me, her hand reached for my shaft and encircled it.

“You’re so thick my fingers barely touch!”

She seemed mesmerized staring and stroking my cock, she didn’t react when I slid my hand under her sports bra and caressed her tit and rubbed her nipple.

Jo’s tits might be viewed as small by some but to me they were perfect with her body. Her tits were perky, no sagging. Her exercise routine has kept her entire body toned.

I caressed her breast, massaging the entire tit before zeroing on the nipple. When I squeezed her nipple she gasped but didn’t stop me.

Mel and Lainey had been watching, finally Lainey protested ” AHEM! Enough touchy feely, back to the game!”

Jo reluctantly let go of me and sat back. I tried to sit as nonchalantly with my cock half stiff and poking up.

Mel rolled the die, and downed a shot.

She picked the next card and read it silently.

When she looked up from the card she was staring at me with a devious grin. She looked to one side toward Jo and to the other side at Lainey. She looked back down at the card and at the bourbon bottle sitting in the middle of the game which was almost empty.

Looking back at me she read the card” Players choice, whatever the player fancies.

I held my breath.

But, she surprised me when she said ” it’s not fair to Jack that he is the only one naked, so, ladies take a drink and remove your tops.

All 3 downed a shot which emptied the bottle.

In unison they grabbed the edges of their sports bra and lifted it over their heads.

I gulped, seeing their breasts bare for the first time.

“Beautiful!” Was all I could manage to say.

Composing myself I added,”The three of you are stunning!”

I looked from one to the other taking in the shape and curve of each breast.

My cock throbbed, they noticed and giggled.

I have spent countless swim practices stealing glances at their chests, the way their wet suits outlined their tits and prominently displayed their nipples when the water was chilly. But, unwrapped each lady was indeed stunning.

Mel’s tits were spectacular! Large, round and firm with small nipples that stood firm. She truly had a body of a model. Tall, narrow shoulders and waist, long legs and a pair of tits that stood out like high beams.

Lainey’s were smaller but complimented her frame. Her broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist and her tits completed a toned athletic look.

Jo’s might have been smaller, it’s hard for me to tell how much was breast and how much was muscle. She has the strongest physique developed from years of her triathlon and strength training. But she doesn’t have a look of a body builder, having maintained a soft feminine appearance.

Yes, I stared wide eyed like a young boy’s first trip to a candy store not able to make a decision.

Lainey rolled the die.

She moved her token which landed on the first black spot. The instructions were to pick up the top black card.

She read it silently.

Finally, she shared ” there are several parts, I’ll share only the first part.”

” Pick a player and allow him or her to decide how to please you,”

“Jack, your up,” her grin couldn’t have been more devilish.

I was up to the challenge.

Kneeling in front of her I instructed her to stand. Facing her, I placed my hands on each butt cheek I steadied her hips as my lips kissed her soft skin below her navel. Lainey giggled as my touch tickled.

I moved lower,

My lips were at the edge of her panties, I moved my hands around to her sides and hooked a finger under the edge of her panties.

Slowly I lowered her panties.

She did not object.

With her panties on the floor she stepped out of them, first the right foot then the left. When she raised her left foot I hooked my arm under her thigh and raised her leg and rested her thigh on my right shoulder. I kissed her inner thigh. I continued to place soft kisses on her skin moving closer to her center. I gently grazed my lips along her vulva down one side up the other hesitating over her clitoris.

She gasped and pulled my head firmly against her.

I responded to her desire, pressing my tongue and licking over and around her clit. I extended my tongue and probed the length of her divide, back to her clit and repeat.

Her legs buckled, Oh! My! Don’t stop!

She momentarily lost her balance and grabbed my shoulder.

Between the bourbon and my oral teasing she was unsteady.

I had no intention of stopping.

Mel moved next to Lainey and held her. I continued to explore and tease with my tongue and lips. Sucking her in and softly exhaling my breath on her.

I became aware that Jo had moved close to me, reaching around me she found my cock, and started to stroke and squeeze me.

I moaned with pleasure.

I glanced up catching Mel and Lainey passionately kissing, Mel’s hand on Lainey’s breast.

“The bed,” Lainey gasped, “We need the bed.”

We were deviating from the game. But the game had brought us to this point. All our boundaries of vows and what’s right and wrong had disappeared with the bourbon. Lust and desire radiated between us like a scorching heat wave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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