Brandy’s Family Reunion

Group Sex

Brandy sat up drowsily from the hammock beneath a few shady trees. She had taken shelter there on the bright summer afternoon. Best to not get too much sun, on her first day at the lake, she thought. She had arrived late last night at her family reunion. Scattered about the beach were various aunts, uncles and cousins, eating, sunbathing and playing. Brandy felt slightly out of place among them. Most of her relatives were older and kind of boring to her, the rest were too young to socialize with. They were all staying in a series of small red cottages along the edge of a lake. Currently Brandy had one to herself, since her father wasn’t going to arrive for several days because of work.

Feeling thirsty, she rose and began heading for the cottages.

At 19 years old, the former high school cheerleader had an amazing figure, petite, but curvy, and she enjoyed showing it off. Trudging through the hot sand made her perky 32B breasts bounce and her round bum to wiggle. Her bright red bikini barely concealing her luscious, little body. Brandy was used to turning heads and as she passed by, she even felt the eyes of some of her relatives on her. Especially, her cousin Bobby and his pal, what’s-his-name, who’s family rented a summer house nearby. They were only a year younger than her, but Brandy thought they were extremely immature. Couple of geeks, probably both still virgins she smiled to herself. As she walked she tied her sarong around her small waist, but not before she passed by the boys allowing them a quick peek at her tight bikini-clad ass. As it slid down and rested on her hips, she smiled to herself hearing them groaning under their breath.

In the glare of the sun, all the cottages looked the same to her. She opened the door and as she entered, rejoiced that she had remembered to leave the a.c. going. As she moved through the kitchen and saw the counter littered with beer cans, she quickly realized this wasn’t, in fact, her cabin. Before she could turn to go, she heard a raspy male voice say from one of the bedrooms, “hey, who’s there?” She moved to the doorway, poked her head in and saw her Uncle Brian, seated on his bed, with a beer in his hand.

“Oh, hi Uncle Brian, it’s me, Brandy. I thought this was my cabin, hee, hee. I didn’t know you were here at the lake already.” Brandy always thought of Brian as her cool uncle. Funny and a little rebellious. The truth was, that he wasn’t a real uncle, but her father’s step-brother. The other truth was, that seeing him now, she didn’t think he looked cool, but rather, a little sad. His receding hair and scruffy face framed a pair of tired eyes. He was tall and lanky, but still managed to have a bit of a gut. He sat, slumped on the bed, wearing an old pair of shorts and a tank top, with old tattered sandals.

“Brandy! Come in here and let your uncle get a look at you.” She shuffled into the room and stood before him. As he gulped down more beer, he drank in the vision before him. The way she was dressed made her look like a some sort of exotic belly-dancer. She blushed as it was clear that he liked what he saw. “Damn, you have really grown up. How long has it been?”

“Almost two years, I think,” she replied.

“You must be driving the boys crazy.”

“Maybe a little,” she giggled.

“Here, görükle escort have a beer with your ‘ol uncle Brian.” He reached into a cooler nearby and handed her one. Brandy took a sip. She wasn’t a big beer drinker, but she was thirsty and wanted to please him.

“Two years…that’s right, at your cousin’s pool party. That was the day you wore a that white bathing suit.”

Brandy giggled, “oh no, you remember that. I guess I put on quite a show that day.” They both laughed. “Dad wouldn’t let me wear a bikini back then, but the one-piece I wore was worse. Being white, it became completely see-through, once it got wet. I had no idea, until Aunt Vicki pulled me aside and told me to cover up.”

“That bitch,” he joked, “she ruined all our fun.”

“I guess I’ll never live that down,” she laughed.

Brandy finished her beer and was thinking it might be time to go back to her cabin. When her uncle got up and closed the bedroom door, which she found a little odd. On his way back to the bed he flipped on a radio and handed her another beer. “Go ahead, its just us.” The music and beer caused Brandy to start bobbing her head. “So, are you still cheerleading?”

“No, I graduated from high school uncle. Sometimes I miss it, but I still go out dancing with my friends.”

They both sipped silently at their beers until he broke the silence. “Are you gonna put on a show for me this year?”

“Wha-What do you mean?”

“Well, I can’t see as much as I did last time, that just doesn’t seem fair. Why don’t you dance for me?”

“Uncle Brian?” She stood staring at him blankly.

“Do as you’re told Brandy. I said I want a show. Now dance!”

Brandy thought this was an odd request, but her uncle didn’t seem like he would take no for an answer. “Ok, I can do a little.” Timidly she set the half-empty beer can down and slowly began swaying her hips back and forth. She felt unsure of exactly what to do, so she kept this up for a minute or so, hoping it would satisfy him. She was about to stop when he barked, “more!” So she kept swaying and raised her arms up over her head, which drew her perky breasts out, this pose seemed to please him as he sat staring with a wicked smile on his face and a slightly crazed look in his eye.

“Don’t stop,” he commanded. So Brandy clasped her hands together and teasingly shook her breasts back and forth. “Oh yeah, shake those money makers baby.” This comment made Brandy giggle and relax some. Time to do something else, she thought…so she slowly lowered her hands, running them through her short brown hair, across her lips, down her neck, then lightly over her breasts, down her flat tummy past her belly button and then out to her hips. With her hands resting there Brandy began slowly turning. With her back finally to him, she danced closer, looking at her uncle over her shoulder. She wanted to keep an eye on him while she wiggled her behind. Her big brown eyes half open beneath her long lashes. He seems to like this, I guess I can do a little more, she thought. She was beginning to lose herself in the music, as she moistened her lips and opened her mouth slightly, in a suggestive way.

Suddenly her uncle reached out and pulled at the sarong, freeing it from karacabey escort her swaying hips. This startled her a bit, “I didn’t tell you to stop.” With his gaze focused on her bum she bent slightly at the waist, stuck it out and began to wiggle it back and forth. “Yeah, move that hot ass!” She smiled coyly and obediently complied, wigging her ass faster, almost causing it to come out of her small bikini bottom.

Brandy loved attention and she was quickly learning, she also liked being told what to do. Too much sun, beer and dancing was causing her to feel funny. She noticed the crotch of her bikini bottoms were getting slightly wet. Her audience of one was certainly getting turned on, his bathing suit was starting to tent up in front.

Seeing that made her think that she should probably end this performance and would slowly dance her way to the bedroom door. But before she could reach her sarong, she felt her uncle’s large hands lock onto her waist. He pulled her close and reaching behind her began to fondle her ass cheeks. “Uncle Brian!” Brandy was shocked and was trying to figure out what to do when he began squeezing it harder. He groaned, “so round, so firm…did you like shaking your little ass for me baby?” His beer breath was hot of her face. She was trying to push away, but was trapped, standing between his legs.

A slap on her ass brought her back to his question. Brandy decided it was best not to upset him and nervously replied, “yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I liked shaking my, uh, ass for you.”

She tried again to back away, but his hands were like a vice on her tiny frame and he easily raised her up onto his lap, facing him. She tried to wiggle off. “Uncle Brian, I think I should go now.”

“But we’re not done playing. Remember when you would sit on my lap and pretend to ride a horse?” She looked at him quizzically.

“That was long time ago, uncle Brian. I’m too old for that.”

“Maybe, but not too big.” He leaned back and said, “time to ride the horse baby. Ride the horsey baby. Bounce.”

There wasn’t much fabric between them and as he began bouncing her up and down on his lap she could feel his rock-hard erection pressing against her. Brandy’s head was spinning, how had she let this go so far? “P-please. Let me go. I don’t want to play anymore,” she panted.

Their playing caused her breasts to bounce in the tiny top, much to his delight. She tried to steady them by letting go of her captor and cupping her breasts. This only caused her uncle to fixate even more on them. “Oh yeah, play with your tits baby.” Feeling completely at his mercy, she looked down at them, they fit perfectly in her small hands and she began kneading her tender mounds. She could feel her nipples stiffen, as they poked through the meager bikini fabric. Brandy closed her eyes and started panting, despite her fear, she was getting aroused from the stimulation to her.

“Show them to me, take off that top,” he groaned. She slid the straps off her shoulders, then reached behind and unclasped it. Her breasts sprung free and seemed to be defying gravity as they sat proudly on her petite body.

He raised her up off his lap a bit in order to get his mouth on them. Brandy cringed as she mudanya escort felt his unshaven and rough face slobbering all over her breasts. He began sucking on her nipples which caused her whimper. “I know you like this baby.”

He turned and plopped her down on the bed and quickly removed his trunks. Brandy looked for an escape route, but all she could see was his huge throbbing erection, which made her gasp. It was huge! He straddled her and with his cock only inches from her face, Brandy felt as if she was being held at gunpoint.

With one hand wrapped around his thick cock, he placed the other one under her head. “Now open that pretty mouth Brandy and show me what a naughty girl you are,” he ordered. With no other options, she slowly parted her lips, allowing him to feed it to her. Her uncle groaned loudly as he began sliding it in and out of her mouth. “Ugh, oh yeah. That’s it baby, suck it, suck it good.” Brandy’s mouth was warm and wet and when she let out a little whimper, it only turned her uncle on more. He slid it out, but held it on her lips. Use your tongue, lick it. She obeyed by running her tongue along the underside of of it, much to her uncles delight. Feeling like he might cum soon, he quickly moved away from her face and slid himself down the bed.

She gasped as he pulled her bikini bottoms down and slid his cock head along her wet pussy. “No, don’t! We can’t,” she pleaded. Despite her last attempts to stop him, her uncle lifted her legs and began to snake his considerable cock into her. He groaned at the feeling of her tight young pussy slowly giving way. His cock was longer than any Brandy had felt before and seemed to fill her completely. The old bed creaked loudly as Brandy was assaulted with quick, desperate thrusts. Despite her disgust, Brandy began to moan loudly in rhythm to the sounds of the bed. Her uncle began to taunt her, “yeah, you like it don’t you baby? Such a naughty little girl. Strutting around in your bikini, teasing me.”

“Uh, uh, uh, yes,” she whispered.

“Louder! Tell me what a naughty little girl you are.”

“Yes! Oh yes! I’m naughty! I wore my bikini just for you. I’m a naughty little girl.” As she said these words Brandy arched her back and tossed her head from side to side, as a powerful orgasm gripped her tiny body.

As she came back to the moment she had to look away from her uncle who was breathing and grunting, like an animal on top of her. She could feel his balls tightening as they slapped against her bum and finally erupting. “Oh yeah, ugh!” He continued to thrust, pumping a massive load of cum into Brandy, filling her with shame.

As he slowed down and began to rest on top of her, Brandy’s averted gaze to the nearby window. Outside she could see her young cousins playing, her aunts and uncles talking. The reality of the situation hit her hard. How she now longed to be out there now, engaged in a boring conversation with one of the adults or playing in the sand with one of the kids. She felt humiliated. She squirmed out from under her uncle and began collecting her clothes. He didn’t say a word, he simply laid on the bed breathing loudly. A small amount of cum trickled down Brandy’s leg as she fled from the room, dressing in the kitchen she attempted to regain some composure for a quick dash to her cabin. No one really noticed as she made her way outside and to the next cabin, the one she was actually staying in. Brandy closed and locked the door, hoping to put the events of the afternoon behind her.

Little did she know, her wild family reunion, was only just beginning.

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