Brian Ch. 11

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“Anyone want more fish or fruit before I throw it away?” Brian asked holding out the spit with the fresh grouper on it. They were finishing up the last of dinner and it was a strange dinner. Everyone was looking at each other and not saying much. A round of “no thank you” came from everyone. Brian was eyeing the girls as they would eye each other and would not look much at him and wouldn’t look at Roger at all. When the girls would pass something to each other, they would touch hands and then look away or down at the ground or fire, anywhere but directly at each other. Brian could understand their actions after witnessing their torrid love making earlier on the shore by the water pool. In fact, he was looking at the girls differently.

Brian had the chance to watch the girls himself and was shamed at the fact that he stroked himself as he watched. The scene of the two girls was something to behold. He had seen plenty of porno movies before with girl-girl action and it always turned him on. He just didn’t know that watching his daughters doing would turn him on even more. He was even more turned on after he had a chance to read some of the pages from Beth’s diary she kept on the boat. He had no idea his youngest child felt like that about him. He found himself looking at her in a different light. He no longer saw the little girl who played with dolls in the living room or had her tea parties that he had an open invitation to when he was home. She wasn’t the girl who played her sports or cheered from the sidelines at the ball games. He was now looking at a hot, sexy woman, one that was hot for him. And, now she was having sex with women, most notably her sister. His little girl had grown up.

He looked over at Brooke and found the same thing. He knew she was grown or mostly grown and had done things with Roger. He had witnessed something going on on the boat. What he didn’t know was exactly how she felt about him. He only knew what Beth had written about him that Brooke had told her. But here was Brooke the brains of the kids, the one who always had her face in a book study. Now he found that wasn’t the only place she had her face; it was planted in between her sister’s legs. He couldn’t help but look at the girls now and see them as sexy wanton women and he found he wanted them.

“Come on girls, eat up. You know you like the taste of tuna and this is pretty close.” He didn’t realize the innuendos he just said until the girls turned red and started to laugh. He must have something funnier than he thought because even Roger was laughing.

“Come girls, eat up. I would like to see you eat THAT”. Roger was talking with a smirk. He was eyeing the girls and making lewd gestures at Brooke as he did.

The girls got nervous sitting around the fire and Brooke spoke up, “Dad, I have had my fill. I am going to go potty and then walk down the beach, okay?” She stood up and looked at Beth, “Bab…, uh, Beth you want to go to keep me company?”

“Ah, sure Book. I will go with you.” Beth stood up and moved away from the fire following behind Brooke down the path. Roger called out as they left, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

When they were out of site, Beth whispered, “What was that all about?”

“I don’t know. Roger is being his usual asshole self. Now come here and kiss me quick. I want to hold you. Baby, come to me.” Brooke opened her arms and Beth stepped into them. Their lips met quickly and they kissed passionately, their tongues again dueling in their mouths.

“You taste like fish, you know,” Beth stated after the kiss.

“You do too, girl. But I am surprised we don’t taste like pussy. I know I sure had my fill this afternoon but I still want more.” Brooke laughed and ran her fingers up the pants leg of Beth’s short and dipped into her naked pussy. Once she coated her fingers with Beth’s juice, she brought it to her mouth and sucked her fingers. “hmmmm, the best dessert there is, hair pie.” The girls laughed and walked toward the potty.

Brian was putting the left over in the fire to burn and then turned himself to getting ready for the night. He casually watched as the girls left and when they left the light of the fire, he slightly turned to where he could see Roger. Roger had his hands in his lap and was casually stroking his cock inside his shorts. He could tell that he had a hard on by the way his shorts bulged along the legs. The daddy hackles on his neck rose and he knew that Roger was up to no good. He would have to keep an eye on him. Brian rolled his eyes. “Something else I got to worry about now. Roger is scaring me they way he is looking at Brooke, or is he looking at Beth. I need to watch him. I hope he doesn’t do something stupid. Because I know I would hate to have to do something stupid to him. And to top it off, I got two sexy women, not children, not my daughters, but two very sexy women who have the hots for each other and the hots for me. Man, oh man, what am I going to do? We may be on this island for a long time. We bursa bayan eskort all have needs. How are we going to meet them,” he was thinking to himself.

“Roger, I am going to the beach to check the boat. You got the first watch. I will take the last. Go on up there and start. I will be up to relieve you in a few hours.”

“Ok, sir. I am on my way.” Roger looked over at Brian as he spoke. “What I would like to do is go and watch the girls fuck each other again. I wish it was just me and the girls on the island. Then I could have them both. But mister high and mighty, you might have an accident or something, so you had better be nice to me. I can take care of the girls. I am the only one that can, daddies don’t do that to their daughters no matter how sexy they are. I will fuck them both before we get off this island, just you see,” he thought as he began to head to the look out.

The girls came walking back into the camp hand in hand. Brian was just finishing putting his spears away and was stoking the fire for the evening. He was bent over facing away from the girls when they entered the firelight. Brian was between the girls and the fire when he turned to look at them. Beth stopped in her tracks and Brooke ran into her.

“Why did you stop,” Brooke started to say, “I ran, oopps.” Brooke saw the same thing Beth had her eyes on. The girls could see the outline of Brian’s cock hanging down his leg as they were shadowed from the fire. Both girls stared at their father’s crotch as he moved and his cock swung inside the loose shorts. When he was out from in front of the fire, his cock was no longer visible. The girls just stammered. “Noth…nothing, dad. Just seeing you by the fire kind of shocked us. We did expect to see you like that.” Brooke’s hand tightened in her sister’s as she realized they got a pretty good look at their dad’s cock.

“Where is Roger, dad?” Brooke was looking around the camp to see if he was there.

“I told him to go on up to be on watch. He can handle it by himself tonight. You two can go on in and go get in the bed if you want.” Brian was talking as he continued to straighten the camp before turning in himself before he had to go on shift.

Beth gripped Brooke’s hand when her dad mention for them to go to bed. Without a word, they moved off toward the cave still holding hands. A few minutes later, Brian joined them in the cave. He could see what they were doing other than they were lying next to each other with Beth lying on Brooke’s arms with her back to her. Had he been able to see under the thin cover over them, he would have seen Brooke’s other hand was between Beth’s thighs with two fingers moving slowly in and out of her pussy.

A few hours later Brian rose from his bedding and stretched. He looked over and saw his daughters sleeping soundly. She stretched again, stood and walked out of the cave toward the look out.

Brian walked up to the lookout point and approached Roger from behind. “Roger, see anything tonight?”

“Uhh, what! Brian you scared me. I didn’t hear you coming up,” Roger stated sleepily.

Brian looked at Roger thinking, “You didn’t hear me dumb ass because you were asleep.” Brian shook his head, “I said, did you see anything out there, on the water, you know.”

“Oh, I thought I saw a light on in the distance but I couldn’t tell if it was just the reflection on the water from the stars. I looked with the binos but could not see anything. It was over there,” he said pointing.

“Okay, I got it now. I will keep a watch. Head on down and get some sleep. See you in the morning.”

“Ok, Brian, see you in the morning.” Roger stood up and moved down the trail toward the cave. Now that he was rested from his little nap, he figured that he might knock a piece of ass with Brooke. He knew she had gotten some from her sister but he bet she would want some real man now. Eating pussy was one thing, but he had what she wanted. As he moved toward the cave he started to rub his swelling cock.

When Brian woke, his movements around the cave woke the girls up. They snuggled closer to each other as they watched their dad move around. When they saw him leave, Brooke kissed the exposed neck of Beth and heard her moan. They continued to snuggle together for a few more moments until Brooke spoke quietly in Beth’s ear. “As much as I would love to lay here with you, baby, I need to move over to my bed so when asshole, I mean Roger, comes back he won’t think anything is wrong. I don’t want to leave you but I must.”

“I know, Book, I don’t want you to leave but I know.” Beth rolled over and looked at her sister. She gently leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips. “We might have to go swimming tomorrow ya know.” She smiled and kissed her again.

Brooke giggled and then got up and moved back toward the end of the cave and lay down on her mattress. It wasn’t long after that that Roger came into the cave and moved toward their sleeping bursa evi olan escort spot. When he found Brooke he dropped to his knees and moved behind her. He turned on his side and snuggled to her from the back and they were soon spooning together. Roger had a hard on and as he laid there he moved his hips into Brooke’s soft ass. Brooke’s response was not to move back against him but she moved away. She felt his hard on and knew what was coming. She really wasn’t in the mood for him right then, she was still thinking about the afternoon experience with Beth and the easy finger fucking she gave her when the went to bed. She moved her hand up under her head and she smelled the aroma of Beth coming off her fingers. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked of the last of the dried pussy cream from Beth. Her pussy began to heat up as her mind wandered back to the afternoon swim and the bedtime romp.

Even though she wanted nothing to do with Roger right then, her body reacted against her will. Her body felt the hardness of his cock in the crack of her asscheeks and she unconsciously began to push back against him without thinking. She loved the taste and feel of her sister’s pussy and ass but she also loved a big hard cock sliding into her own over sensitive pussy. Beth’s fingers were good, but a hard cock sliding is was just as nice. Her ass moved slightly as she felt the hardness poking into her rear and her pussy began to cream.

Roger took this as a sign that she wanted him. Her brought his arm around and rested it on her chest. He left it laying there for a few moments as he put pressure on her ass with his cock wedged into her asscheeks. His hands moved along her chest until he found her tits and he cupped them tenderly. His finger found her hard nipples and gently squeezed them getting a moan from her. The moan was another sign that he was turning her on. He was turning her on but she wished it wasn’t him that was doing it, her wish it was her father or Beth playing with her sensitive nipples.

Roger’s hand released her tit and moved down and then under her shirt. His hand soon returned to her bare tit and found her hard nipple again. He pinched her nipple and bit into her neck once again. She moaned again slightly louder this time. The moan echoed through the cave and found its way to another set of ears. Beth heard her sister moan and she felt a pang of jealousy.

Roger’s hands were moving back and forth between each breast as he cupped them and squeezed her nipples. She did not want Roger to touch her but the feeling was good, no matter who was doing. She just wished it was someone else. Roger continued to kiss and suck on her neck and play with her tits, causing her to forget who it was, just that it felt good. Her ass moved against his crotch and she felt the warmth of his cock and it slipped out the pants leg and against her thigh.

“Baby, take off your shorts and roll on your back. I am going to show you some real lovin’ now?” Roger whispered in her ear.

Brooke rolled over and began to push her shorts down. As her pants cleared her ass she thought, “What the fuck was that supposed to mean, ‘some real lovin’ now’?” Brooke pushed her shorts off her legs and she lay there now with only her top on and it was pushed up to just above her tits. Roger was gently licking her nipples and the sides of her exposed tits.

“Feel what my cock is doing. You are turning me on so much. I love to see you naked. I love to feel your hot pussy wrapped around my hard cock. I love to be deep inside you. I know you like my cock. I can tell. I know you are a hot babe, and sex is good, ‘wherever’ it comes from. But I got what you really want and need right here.” As he spoke he took her hand and placed it on his hard cock.

“Wherever and what I really want? What the fuck is that all about,” she thought as her hand touched his cock. “What a jerk, I ought to just let him get on me and get it over with. He is beginning to turn me off now.”

“Roger, just shut up and come here. Don’t talk just put it in and do it, would ya’?” she whispered to him not wanting the conversation to be heard.

But the conversation had been heard. Beth could hear everything that was being said. She was getting madder by the second and turned on at the same time. Her pussy was getting wet thinking about them about to fuck and she wished she could have a hard cock inside her also, just not Roger’s. “Anyone’s but his. She would like to have her dad’s, Dylan’s, or anyone’s but never would Roger put his inside her, even if the were one this island forever,” she thought.

When she heard the muffled moans from the pair, she got up and took her blanket in her arms. She walked out of the cave and looked around not knowing where to go. She really didn’t want to go to the fire and be alone. She also didn’t want to go back in the cave and listen to Brooke and the asshole fucking. She thought for a second and started bursa rus escort up the trail to where her dad was on watch. She saw him sitting there peering through the binos on the open ocean.

Without looking at her, Brian said, “Hello, Baby. What is wrong, couldn’t sleep?”

“Naw, couldn’t get to sleep. Too much noise.” She left the last sentence open but they both knew what she meant. “Daddy, could I lie down beside you, I just need someone to hold me for a while. I am so mixed up and lonely right now.”

“Sure, baby, snuggle to me and go to sleep. I will hold you, I will always want to hold you.” Brian dropped the binos from his eyes and looked at his beautiful daughter. He thought, “You just don’t know how much I want to hold you baby.” He patted the ground next to him and she lay down beside him and snuggled close. Brian slightly jumped when he felt her warm hand slide across this thigh and come to rest with her finger tips just under the pants legs of his shorts. His cock hardened just a few centimeters from her fingers as she instantly began to drift off to sleep. Brian started going through mental drills of what he would do if they were attached on the island, the way to field strip and M-60 machine gun, how to lay in a daisy chain of Claymore mines, anything to take his mind of the warm hand on his thigh, just barely a fingertip away from his cock.

Back in the cave things were also heating up. Roger was now between Brooke’s legs as his cock slowly moved in and out of her pussy. She was still slightly wet from Beth’s fingers, but the wetness was disappearing as she listened to Roger’s smart assed comments. But things started moving better as he was slipping his cock deeper into her hot box.

After she had touched his cock, he had slipped his shorts down and rolled on top of her. Usually she was always willing and wanting for him to pound into her. But here recently she had started to change the way she reacted around him. He felt he had to show her that he was the one for her. His cock would be all she would ever need from him. Once they were married he would really be giving it to her and she would love it. Of course, they would still be in school and he would have to be around other women. But she would be his main squeeze. The blonde with the big tits would have to work out a way to pay him for his tutoring her but he would always be there to pound Brooke. He could think of millions of things to do to Brooke and they were all in the bank.

He sank his cock into her again and she moaned. He was not sure if it was a moan of pleasure, of pain, or just the breath exiting her body. To him it really didn’t matter, just the fact that she was moaning was turning him on and he drove into her a little harder. Occasionally we would change up his stroke speed from slow and easy to hard and fast. Each time she would moan more. Then he would move back into a slow and steady fucking.

Brooke was not enjoying the fucking. And this was just what it was fucking, no love, just a fuck. Usually she did but her mind was elsewhere tonight. She would moan occasionally but they were mostly moans of discomfort. Usually Roger made her feel good but not tonight. She just wished he would hurry and cum to get it over with and get off her. Most of her moans were due to his weight on her body. When he would thrust in, he would put more weight on her body and she would make an “Oomph” sound. She thought that Roger was thinking it was a moan of pleasure as he would increase his power after each one, only causing her to “ummmpphhfff” more.

They both heard the rustling of covers and turned over their shoulders to watch Beth get up and leave with her blanket. Roger looked back down at Brooke and saw that she was watching her leave. Roger leaned down and began to kiss her neck. This almost always got her hot.

He started to whisper in her ear. “You know I saw you and Beth today at the water pool. That was so hot. I had a hard on that could have cut diamonds. I had no idea you liked to eat pussy.”

Brooke quickly turned to look at Roger as he continued to whisper. “I bet her pussy tasted good. I bet it runs in the family. I know your pussy tastes good, I know I have eaten you plenty and you liked it. I don’t mind if you like to eat your sister and have her eat you as long as your remember I get first dibbs on you.”

Brooke was staring at him with an open mouth. She was getting madder with every syllable that came out of his mouth. “Maybe one day I can get to watch up close. I would like to watch you to fuck and then I can join in. You could watch me slip my cock in Beth’s tight pussy and you could eat her at the same time. I would fuck her until she screamed and then you could eat my cum out of her pussy. I would like to cum on her fantastic tits too and let you eat my cum off them. Once we are married, I want you to get a boob job too so you will have big knockers like hers.


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