Brotherly Love Ch. 02

Big Tits

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The following evening after the episode with my brother and friend. My brother became very dominate in his behavior toward me. His girlfriend was supposed to pick him up after his soccer game but never showed. He called home and told my mother to put me on the phone.

“Hey, what going on?” I asked.

“Get moms car, the bitch never showed and now I need you to pick me up!”

I informed my brother I had plans to go over my friend’s house.

He shouted in the phone “Fuck him, I am your brother, now get the car and pick me up”.

My mother asked what the problem was as she could tell I was irritated. I told her what my brother wanted, and she agreed with him that I should go pick him up. Of course, I did as I was told. When I arrived at the field the lights were off, and I did not see my brother anywhere. I parked the car and went into the campus gym to look for him.

The gym was empty, so I walked into the locker room thinking my brother might have gone in there to take a piss. One of my brother’s team mates, Brian was at one of the sinks washing his hands. Brian had kept himself in shape by playing varies sports like my brother. Both Brian and my brother were your typical jocks, clean cut, tight bodies. Brian had brown hair, brown eyes and a great smile.

“Uh, what are you doing in here?” Brian asked.

“Looking for my brother, he called asking me to pick him up as Tina did not show, I thought he might be here taking a piss?” I replied.

“Check the showers, bursa escort I thought I heard someone in there.” as he turned his back to me and walked out of the locker room.

I walked over to the showers and sure enough there was my brother taking a shower. I stood there and watched him lathering himself up, his back was to me and he had such a sculpted ass from all the sports he played. I was getting a hard on watching him. He turned around and was startled to see me standing there. His cock was semi hard, he smiled at me and told me he will finish in minute to wait by his locker. He did not take long before coming out with his towel wrapped around his waist.

“Does this look familiar!” hinting about what happened the night before at my friend’s house.

“Yes, it does bring back memories of the other night, but in this light with water glistening off you hard body, you look even better!” he had me where he wanted me.

“Showers get me relaxed and horny” he said as he walked over to me and dropped his towel. His semi hard cock was right where he wanted it in front of my lips.

“Go ahead, open those lips and suck my cock!” he ordered, grabbing my head and pushing his cock in my open mouth. As quick as he shoved his cock in my mouth, he withdrew and looked down at me.

“Go wait in the car and let me get dressed” I could not believe how my younger brother was treating me. Did I let this caged beast out after the episode with my friend? I must admit I was enjoying his authority over me.

I waited about ten minutes before my brother came out and got in bursa escort the car. On the drive back home, he went over how much he enjoyed our night at my friend’s house and asked if Rich and I played with each other often. I informed him we did. He said he had seen the outline of my bulge while I was watching him in the shower, which had not gone down. He reached over and grab my hard cock between my legs.

“Yeah, I knew you were hard, you liked sucking my cock back there in the locker room, wait till we get home, you are going to suck my cock and get it good and wet. I was going to give it to Tina but now it is going to be yours!” he said as he continued to fondle my cock.

When we arrived at home, my mother greeted us. My brother said we were going to hang out downstairs before going to bed. My mother did not think anything unusual as this was a routine at our home. Our basement was set up to have friends over and chill. This was a hangout for my friend Rich and I to play with each other and now it was my brother.

When we got downstairs my brother throw me on the sofa, laid on top of me and tongue kissed me. Damn, I was not expecting that. He had reached down between my legs and started massaging my cock which did not take long to get hard! He pulled both jeans and underwear off me and my hard cock hit my abs. He stood up and undressed himself as I watched in amazement, he had a beautiful body. He surprised me by kneeling between my spread legs and grabbing my hard cock and just looking at it, admiring it.

“You have a big cock, nice and strong” as he bursa eskort slowly gripped it in his fist, spit on it and began stroking it.

“Johnny that feels so good!” I said as I was enjoying his jerking me off.

“This is the way I like to jerk off” he had his hard cock in his other fist stroking it when he brought it up to mine and spit on both and jerk them together.

I could not believe what was happening in such a short amount of time since my friend and I played with him the other night. I wondered what Tina would think if she knew what we were up to. Didn’t matter really, I was enjoying my brother.

My brother stopped stroking us and stood up and told me he wanted me to suck his cock and get it good and wet. I got up from the couch and knelt in front of him, grabbing his hard cock and wrapping my lips around the head, he shoved his cock din my mouth began fucking my mouth.

“You like that bitch, take my cock” as he forced his cock down my throat, choking me.

I thought this is how he must treat Tina when they are having sex. He kept up the pace bouncing his balls off my chin as I stroked my cock. I was enjoying his face fuck when suddenly, he sighed and told me he was going to cum!

“Yeah, swallow your brothers cum, you little cocksucker” he emptied his cum in mouth some of it dripping down my chin, I swiped some up in my hand to use as lotion to jerk my own cock with.

My brother had pulled his cock out and stepped back to see me stroking my cock.

“You like using my load of cum to stroke your cock, don’t you bro. You are such a horny little pig, cum for me.”

I did as he said, I was lost in my own horny state of mind that I shot cum all over his leg and foot.

He went into the bathroom washed up and went up to his room not saying another word to me.

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