Cam Connection Pt. 02

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By now the reality of what we’d just done was kicking in, not to mention the thoughts of where things could be headed so I somewhat blurted out, “but mom, do you think…”

She cut me off before I could finish saying, “what’s the one thing I said over and over as the two of you grew up when anything odd or surprising happened?”

“Yes, I know ‘Things happen for a reason, so you may as well just go with it.’ but I’m not sure what we just did is in quite the same category as forgetting something on a vacation or the car not starting when we wanted to go out somewhere.”

“I know, but the odds are so far against us being on the same cam site, you watching my cam instead of hundreds of others, thinking it’s your sister and trying to embarrass her and then meeting here are incredibly high. I haven’t had an orgasm like that since your dad died and I certainly try on a regular basis. You already said you don’t usually cum that hard and both of us are legal age. I know ‘society’ would think it’s wrong but if I was just a slightly overweight, decent looking, middle age woman who wasn’t related would what we did be ok?”


“And do you think that pretty much any horny, single woman who has the chance to have some fun with a younger guy who’s in great shape and has a great cock would love to make it happen?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“There ya go…then this happened for a reason so let’s just go with it.”

With that said, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t argue logic like that and in reality I was hoping she’d want to do more but wanted to make sure she was cool with everything.

I’d already softened but I’m not sure if it was the feeling of her mouth on my cock or the fact that I was looking down and watching my cock go in and out of her mouth but I was hard again almost instantly causing mom to stop and look up at me, “damn…even at his best your dad never got hard this fast after cumming.”

Now I’d gotten a blowjob or two (ok…a lot more than that) but mom was better than any of them. She seemed to know just how much suction to use, how much pressure to put around my cock and what speed I enjoyed the most. Usually after cumming once I can last a long time before cumming again so I was totally surprised when the feelings of an impending orgasm started shooting through me.

I know some women don’t like a surprise mouthful so I gave her a quick warning, “Mom, I’m gonna cum soon!”

I was half expecting her to stop or at least slow down but if anything her suction and speed increased until there was no holding back. Just as I started cumming, she took me as far into her throat as she could and I was able to feel her swallowing as my cum shot from my cock.

“Wow!” was about all I could say as she licked the remaining traces of cum from my cock and swallowed them as well.

Almost as if she knew what I was thinking (it’s a mom thing) she looked up and said, “I’d love to feel your tongue on my pussy until I cum but Janet’s going to be home soon and I’ve got to get supper started.”

“Ok” I said smiling, “we can chat online and hopefully find a way to get together again soon – I’d love to taste you too!”

As she started getting dressed she said, “Oh, I’ll certainly do my best – it’s been a few years since I’ve cum from being licked and I’d really like that to change!” With that she gave me a very hot kiss with just a bit of tongue. When we were almost back to the parking lot, she looked at me and said, “I know you know but unless we’re alone we have to make sure that we don’t do or say anything that might tip someone off.”

I didn’t need to say anything, I just nodded as we got into our cars. I waited until mom had pulled out then ran back to grab the trail cams.

When I got home, I dumped the images and video off the trail cams to my computer and even though there was no sound, it was hot to watch the different angles which gave me some great jack-off material as I was able to watch my mom as she got there, undressed and started playing with herself. It got even better when I watched both of us getting off for each other and the one cam was on the right angle to pick up her blowing me – I’d obviously never seen myself getting blowjob from that angle. Her head bobbing on and off my cock, her tits swaying back and forth and even caught what must have been me cumming when she just held me as deep as she could and I thought I could even see her swallowing. I’m not sure how many times I came over the next few days – I pretty much lost count.

We certainly did chat and watch each other online, Escort Kız masturbate and talk about what we’d like to do when we were able to get together again. Now that there was no need for secrecy, we were both fine including our faces on the private video and the ‘taboo’ of knowing it was my mom made things even hotter for me and she said several times she felt the same way now that she knew it was me. We tried a few times to work out a way to get together but the timing never worked out.

The next Thursday night the phone rang and it showed mom’s number. I answered quickly expecting mom but it was Janet. Apparently mom was getting some new furniture including a fridge on Friday and wanted Janet to help move/re-arrange things but she already had plans to go away with a girlfriend for the weekend and was hoping I could come down and do it.

I asked if mom knew she was calling and she said no, when she’d told mom she had plans to go out mom told her either she was helping or to find someone who could. I knew this could be perfect but also knew I couldn’t give in easily. At first I told her ‘no’, we argued for a bit and I kept saying no until she finally said, “Ok, I really want to get away this weekend, Gina’s moving and it’ll be the last chance for all of us to get together before she goes – what will it cost me for you to say yes?”

I had a few thoughts right away but knew I couldn’t tell Janet any of them. It wasn’t like when we were teenagers and wanted a CD or something that the other had but even though I had a job, money was always good so I said well, you need to cover my gas which would be about $50 plus $100 for my time. I figured she’d try to go for a lower amount and was totally surprised when she said, “ok…deal” but you need to be there Friday right after work because it’s being delivered just after supper. If I’m gone, I’ll leave the money under the pillow in your old room.”

Mom wasn’t online that night but I got a message that was nothing but a smiley face so I had a feeling she knew that Janet had called me!

I got there Friday and was really hoping Janet would be gone when I got there but she wasn’t – so much for any fun right away. I quietly asked for the money and she grudgingly gave it to me – likely hoping that I’d either forgotten or would tell her she could keep it (not a chance). We had supper and I found it was a lot harder than I thought to not be able to say or do anything that I wouldn’t normally have done. Once the dishes were cleaned up, Janet said she was heading out.

It wasn’t long after she left that the delivery truck came and they unloaded everything into the garage. When we were finally alone, I thought things would be easier but I could feel the tension – not bad tension but tension with neither of us really knowing what to do next.

It was mom that finally broke the tension by saying “I’m pretty sure I remember you promising me a licking – does that still stand?”

Whew…suddenly the tension blew away and I said, “for sure!”

“Mmmm…I’ve been thinking of that all day. I had a nice shower earlier…and remembered you’d said you liked a woman nice and smooth so I shaved too! Why don’t you grab a quick shower then join me in my bedroom?”

Before I could reply she went upstairs so into the shower I went. A few minutes later, all nice and clean I crossed the hall naked to her bedroom and when I looked in she was naked and kneeling on the edge bed with her ass toward the door – the same way she’d been kneeling in the woods a few weeks ago with the same toy in her newly shaved pussy. I flashed back to one of our chats where I’d told her that if I’d been meeting a girlfriend in the woods, I’d have pulled the toy out and replaced it with my tongue.

As much as I would have liked to just slide my cock into her, I LOVE giving oral to a woman – the taste, the feel, the scent and her reactions are a huge turn on. When I got close enough, I started kissing random spots on her ass as I took over sliding the toy in and out. After a few minutes I just had to taste her so I slid the toy out, ran my tongue all the way from her clit to her pucker and then slid the toy back in again. That got a very satisfying gasp from her so I did it once more in the opposite direction then gave her a few thrusts with the toy before pulling it out and laying it beside her (just in case I wanted it again).

She was already wetter than she’d been the last time but I wanted to tease her a bit more so I just enjoyed the view for a few seconds before placing a nice long kiss right on her pussy. When I did, her whole body quivered and later she said it had been a small orgasm.

I couldn’t hold back any more so I started kissing and licking her – sometimes just sliding my tongue in and out, sometimes long strokes like I started with and randomly sucking on her clit and flicking my tongue back and forth over the tip until I could feel her tensing and ready to cum then I’d stop and go back to kissing her thighs and ass.

I quickly realized that her clit was very sensitive and she could likely cum from nothing more than the tip of my tongue teasing it. I’d been with a few other ladies who were that sensitive but what surprised me was the sharp intake of breath and a bit of a moan whenever my tongue got close to her asshole – I’d never been with a woman who reacted that way to just a quick touch there.

I’ve never backed away from a little bit of kink so I thought I’d see whether it was a reaction of surprise or pleasure so the next time I did a long lick from her clit toward her ass, I made sure I slowed down as I went over her asshole and then circled it a few times with my tongue while I slid a finger not into but just along her slit. I got the same initial gasp but as I kept teasing her pucker I could feel her getting wetter and both her pussy and ass quivered.

I stopped for a sec to ask “you like?”

“oh fuck ya…I’ve always wondered what a tongue back there would feel like…and I love it!”

By now I knew she wanted to cum and I certainly wanted to feel and see her cum so I resumed circling her pucker with my tongue – each time getting closer and closer to the center. When I finally got to the middle, everything was nice and slick with saliva so the tip of my tongue easily slid inside her then bit by bit I worked as much in as I could, then I grabbed the vibrator and slid it back into her pussy and turned it on.

The combination of the two was all it took for her to clench, moan and cum. Not just a little cum either, it was a huge one that took over her whole body. Just as she started cumming, I pulled the vibrator out and put it right on her clit and wiggled my tongue as much as I could inside her ass. As soon as she felt the vibrator on her clit she exploded and for the first time in person, I saw a woman squirt. Of course I’d seen it in movies but to actually see squirt after squirt come from her pussy was amazing – my hand, arm and the sheets were quickly wet and just after the last squirt, she pretty much collapsed onto the bed and curled up on her side.

As a totally horny young guy I was hoping to keep going so I curled up behind her reached around to touch and play with her nipples (they were rock hard) and slid my cock up against her slit from behind. Just as I could feel her lips parting around my head, she pulled away.

At first I thought I’d gone too far and she didn’t want to actually have sex but she rolled over facing me, gave me a long, hot kiss and said, “don’t worry – I definitely want to feel you in me but after an orgasm like that, I’m just too sensitive for a while.” Then she wrapped her arms around me and gave me another, even hotter kiss. We lay there kissing and touching for a while, still enjoying the taboo feeling of mother and son intimacy. She said if I didn’t want to wait, she’d get me off with her mouth but I told her I wanted my first load of the night to be in her which got a huge smile and a “me too!”

I figured I’d let her set the pace and sure enough eventually she started stroking me more and whispered “I think I’m ready again. We’ve already done things we likely shouldn’t but are you sure you want to go all the way?”

I could have said ‘yes’ but instead I gently rolled her onto her back, eased her legs apart and slowly slid into her – I’m not one of the giant cocks you see in movies – just under 7″ and what I would say is a ‘normal’ thickness but she felt both tighter and yet more slippery than any of the women my age I’d had sex with before. Once I was all the way in, I just held myself there – totally enjoying both the physical feeling and the thought that I was deep inside my mother and eventually I’d be cumming inside her.

She must have read my mind because just as I started moving again she looked at me and whispered, “Does it feel as good being inside your mother as it does for me to have my son fucking me? Start nice and slow, it’s been a while but don’t be afraid to give it to me harder once I get used to a real cock again.”

“Your pussy wrapped around me feels amazing and being able to see you enjoy it is even better. If we’d done this years ago, I might not have moved out.”

It didn’t take long for us to get into a nice easy rhythm – as I slid in, she’d raise her hips to push against me, we’d pull back and repeat. As we fucked we kissed some more – our tongues teasing each other’s and I also found she really liked to have her nipples played with and sucked while having sex and I certainly enjoyed it too. I’d like to say we fucked for hours like this but I was so horny from giving her oral and now sliding in and out of my mom’s pussy for the first time that it was only about 10 minutes before I knew I’d be cumming. When I told her I was going to be cumming in her pussy soon, she really started bucking against me so I increased my thrusts until we were literally slapping against each other and all too soon I was exploding into her. After I’d finished cumming, I looked down and enjoyed the sight of my cum oozing out around my cock.

“Remember how you needed a bit of a break after cumming? I asked her.

“Yes and we’ve got all night so no problem.”

“Oh it’s no problem at all – I just wanted you to know that I don’t need that break.”

To prove it I kept on driving in and out of her. I don’t think she was expecting that but from the look on her face she certainly was enjoying it. Now that I’d cum, I knew I’d be good for a while so I slowed down a bit and went back to sucking and kissing her nipples. Whenever I’d suck on one then pull back with it between my lips she’d moan and if I sucked on one and squeezed the other, she’d moan even louder. I’d already noticed how she’d start to tremble and clench when she was close to cumming so I’d slow down or stop until she calmed down a bit and then pick it up again. Finally when I started to slow down again, she said, “no, no please don’t, I need to cum!”

With the look on her face and the way she asked, I really couldn’t say no so I kept driving into her and this time when I felt her tense I grabbed both nipples and squeezed/pulled on them. The added stimulation was all it took to put her over the edge and it was amazing! Her pussy clamped down on my cock, held tight and then I swear I could feel it pulsating and while not as big, several small squirts of her juices hit my stomach. Her moan turned into a loud “Oh fuck yes!” and she had a handful of bedsheet with each hand that would likely have left marks if it had been me she grabbed.

Eventually I felt her relax and murmur, “holy shit…that was amazing! I thought I came hard playing for you in the woods but that was intense.”

I leaned down and gave her a long, hot kiss to let her know I felt exactly the same and then rolled to the side so I could relax as well. I looked down at her pussy and it was matted with my cum from my earlier orgasm, wet from her squirts and red/puffy from the sex – definitely looked well fucked.

“I guess I should shower,” she said when she saw me looking, “but I don’t think I could get up or stand that long.”

“Then how about I run you a bath, you can soak and I’ll join you in a bit?”

“That would be awesome…but first it looks like you still need to cum again.”

I looked down and was certainly still nice and hard.

With a smile mom rolled me over onto my back and started kissing and licking her way toward my crotch – cleaning up any remnants of our cum that she found along the way. Finally she got to my cock and took the whole thing in on one stroke then backed off and did it again. It soon became a bit of a game – me trying to hold off and her trying to make me cum. Having cum once I was doing really well at holding back until I was surprised by her saliva lubed finger teasing my asshole.

I must have gasped because she looked up and whispered, “just relax and enjoy – let’s see if enjoying some ass play runs in the family.”

She did and it did! Bit by bit her finger worked its way past the tight ring of muscle and into my ass. Once I realized it wasn’t going to hurt I relaxed and it was even easier for her to slide in and out. A few minutes later with a bit more saliva I had 2 fingers up my ass and her mouth and tongue doing wonderful things to my cock. I quickly realized just how good it felt and also realized I was going to cum again very soon.

“Keep sucking mom, your fingers up my ass is going to make me cum!” and before she could do or say anything else I erupted into her mouth. If I hadn’t known better I’d have thought I hadn’t cum for a week. I felt spurt after spurt shoot up my cock and pulse out into her mouth. I think she was slightly surprised too but she kept sucking then when I was done and going limp she looked up at me, opened her mouth (damn there was a lot of cum in there) and with a big smile she swallowed it all.

“Now…how about that bath you’d mentioned?” she asked quietly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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